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The weekend passed by in a blur, leading to a very awkward Monday morning with the Uchiha family.

Not because of the silence that fell over the dining table (God forbid Uchihas fall under the habit of socializing). It was mostly due to the fact that mother dearest released sorrowful sighs every minute while preparing breakfast.

Eventually, Sasuke made an attempt at consoling Mikoto.

"Is something bothering you mother?"

"….(sigh) It's nothing Sasuke."

What bullshit. Sasuke turned to his brother sitting across from him and mouthed, "I thought you said she'd get over it."

Itachi simply shrugged.

Mikoto turned off the stove and then walked to set down the plates on the table.

"Here you go boys, I made you both an omelet. Yours has tomato in it Sasuke."

Both brothers gave their thanks and proceeded to dig in.

Mikoto took a seat and started eating her breakfast as well.

Fugaku was eyeing the empty space before him, "Mikoto, I think you forgot-"

"What was that? Oh! Sorry honey, my mistake. I know you must be hungry, but I'm sure you'll get over it." She smiled sweetly.

Apparently his mom was going to turn all her anger towards Fugaku. He guessed it was because she was upset Fugaku wasn't even fazed by their youngest son's upcoming departure and wasn't trying to convince him into staying like she'd been 'subtly' doing the entirety of the last two days. For example, the fact that she was even attempting to make breakfast; something they usually left up to the housekeeper. Apparently the lady had come down with a terrible flu or something, and it had broken Mikoto's heart so much she'd decided to give her the week off.

Yeah right, he bet she didn't even know her name, and he didn't think it was a coincidence that it also happened to be the final week he planned on staying here.

Itachi had sort of been receiving the cold shoulder from her since he'd been the one to propose the idea. If he hadn't been absent for five years, Sasuke was sure he would've been deprived of eating along with Fugaku.

Oh well, as long as she didn't take anything out on him he was fine.

Mikoto dove in a forkful of egg into her mouth. She seemed to wince at the first chew, but then acted as if it hadn't happened by moaning appreciatively after swallowing (somewhat forcefully).

"This is so good, don't' you agree Sasuke?"

He noticed Fugaku sporting a frown of displeasure he was certain was due to the taunting and the fact that his wife had just neglected him of the most important meal of the day. Really, he wasn't missing out on much.

He didn't know how Itachi could eat with a straight face because to be honest it tasted way too salty, too burnt, and had a sour aftertaste ( sadly, tomatoes did not make it taste any better), but he wasn't an idiot either. He replied deliberately, "Very delectable mother, I couldn't have asked for a better meal to start off the day."

Mikoto apparently saw this as a chance to try and induce him, "You know, it wouldn't just be today. I've been trying new recipes these last few days to show you that every day you could have a scrumptious surprise if you wanted."

He suppressed a grimace.

If this was another 'subtle' method she was using to try and tempt him, he'd pass. He'd need to buy a stomach pump first, plus this just gave him the greater motivation to leave as soon as possible.

"I wouldn't want you to go through the trouble of learning how to cook something new (foreign especially) every day. I appreciate the offer though."



Sasuke sent his brother and father an insistent look that said 'Fix this'.

Fugaku stood up and opened his mouth to say what Sasuke thought was going to be the solution to the tense atmosphere, "How unsightly, it seems I'm late for work. I'll be heading off then. Have a pleasant day everyone."

Then he left. That coward, Sasuke hoped he starved.

It was quiet once more.


Itachi cleared his throat, " Mother, would you like to help us pick out the furniture we'll be using for the condo?"

Oh no. He didn't.

Even though he loved hearing that melodic voice, this was probably the first time he wished his brother had kept to his usual quiet self. Itachi didn't know what he was asking for. Shopping with his mom was (besides tutoring nitwits) the most frustrating thing he ever had to put up with. Even the housekeeper got frustrated with the outrageous grocery lists Mikoto left her with; making her waste her gas to drive around all of Tokyo in search of the rare foreign ingredients she had to check off of the list. He was surprised she hadn't quit already: needless to say, they've had a lot of housekeepers.

Mikoto stopped stabbing the deformed omelet to look at her oldest with wide eyes and then let out a beaming smile.

"Really?! I love shopping! Of course I'll help you. Maybe I should even invite Kushina over since interior decorating is her specialty. Though I do know a quite enough about it myself. Sasuke, what do you think of (1)chartreuse for your room sweetie? Or maybe (2)terracotta? "

See what he meant? He didn't even know how to respond to that. Was that a type of animal? If so, he was not having animal prints everywhere (dead fur made him look fat- he didn't need that reminder every time he walked into his room….not that he actually wanted to wear that kind of ridiculous fashion trend).


"I believe Otouto's favorite color is black Mother. Any dark furniture should suit his room quite nicely."

'You're right, I'll keep that in mind. Sasuke you don't have to finish that barf I made. Just eat some cereal for today. Hurry though, I don't want you to be like your father and be 'supposedly late' for school."

His mother stood up and walked out of the kitchen. "I'm going to phone Helga to come back in to work tomorrow. Hopefully she's recovered by now. "

The housekeeper's name was Heather actually, but he didn't bother telling her that.

Sasuke got up to obey his mother whole heartedly, inwardly grateful for his brother's nice save. Was there anything the man couldn't do?

He walked up and opened the pantry. While rummaging for cereal he heard his brother speak up. "I hope she doesn't try to use the house phone."

Even when he was five feet away, his brother's voice still managed to sound enthrallingly soothing- crap, where was that cereal. "Oh? Why's that?"

"I was going to give Shisui a call yesterday, but the telephone seems to have gone missing."

Damn. Hopefully his brother didn't know he was still susceptible to having temper tantrums. Sasuke thought about the also missing chair in the kitchen and hoped it would stay unnoticed. Itachi had a freaky way of connecting two and two together. Whatever, he didn't like that brother-snatching cousin anyways. Still, he tried to appear nonchalant. "Why didn't you just use your cell?"

"I did, but it seems his number no longer exists, so I'm guessing he changed it. I was going to look for it through the phone's caller ID."

Ha! Fat chance of finding that. When Itachi had left to study overseas, his cousin could've dropped off the face of the earth for all he knew. Maybe he didn't even change his number, maybe he just died of the strong depression that hit him when he no longer had the privilege to hump the floor his brother walked on. He obviously hadn't been interested in spending time with family if Itachi's ass wasn't around for him to kiss.

(Hmmm…Itachi's ass. Maybe there was a reason Shisui loved kissing it so mu-)

"You know what I'm not hungry really. I better head off to school now."

Sasuke then hastily made his way out of the house leaving behind his bemused brother by himself.

Had he said something wrong?

"You know, you didn't have to give me a ride. It only takes eighteen minutes to get there walking."

When Itachi remained silent, Sasuke assumed he wouldn't get a reply, but was then proved wrong.

"I've been meaning to ask you something Sasuke, but I've noticed that you've been avoiding me somewhat. Are you having doubts about moving in with me?"

Wow, he wasn't expecting his brother to notice that at all. But Itachi had always been observant, so it really shouldn't have surprised him (And he'd kind of made it obvious this morning).

He hadn't been avoiding him per say (they still spoke when given the chance), he'd just done his best to never get caught alone with him. Reason was because he was paranoid that a repeat resembling the kitchen incident might occur again. Also, it scared him that he didn't mind the thought as much as he should have. It was stupid, he knew, because eventually he would have to deal with it since they were going to be living together.

Hence why he'd accepted his brother's offer to drop him off at school.

Okay not true- it was because his idiotic self had left the headlights on for who knows how long causing his car's battery to die. He would've jump started the damn thing, but he didn't have any jumper cables, so when he reluctantly went back to ask his brother to lend him his, Itachi had merely suggested he drive him himself or he'd be late otherwise. He'd halfheartedly agreed; something he was starting to regret since the entire ride he'd been basically forcing himself not to linger on any part of Itachi's body. His brother wasn't helping the situation by donning a black wife beater that showcased his mouthwatering, pale yet slightly tanned muscled arms, and not to mention his protruding great collarbo-

Damnit he was lingering!

Okay focus.

What had Itachi asked him again? Oh right- his (what he thought had been sly) aversion to Mr. Collarbones (which he would've 'slyly' continued to do if some fucked up deity up there hadn't decided to screw him and his car over this morning.)

"I'm not having second thoughts," He was going to have to confess somewhat," It's just that it's been so long, that I don't quite know how to approach you without getting anxious. I'm still getting used to the idea of you actually being here."

Itachi stopped at a red light and then turned to him with a contemplative expression as if to see if he was being honest. Thankfully, he seemed to believe him, "I suppose that's reasonable. To be frank, I had expected to receive a more resentful rather than a pleasant reception from you. Although I'm not complaining, Sasuke, doesn't it bother you that by father letting me pursue my career as a lawyer, you're next in line to inherit the family business? I feel like I've let you down by being selfish and leaving you to deal with the stress of taking on such a resp-

"Stop it Itachi." His snappy tone seemed to catch his brother by surprise if the slightly widened eyes directed at him were anything to go by. It made him feel a bit discomfited because he never raised his voice to Itachi, but no way in hell would he let his brother slander himself like that.

Yes, did he forget to mention that? Well, as it turns out, the real reason Fugaku had decided to stop regarding him as if he was the result of a broken condom, was because his first born son had shown to have a more promising future in law rather than business (which Itachi had been forcibly taking after finishing undergraduate school).

The first time Itachi had brought up the subject to Father about giving him the consent to become a lawyer; his answer had been a flat out hell-to-the-no. Something about how being the heir implied having the responsibility of taking over after Fugaku because it would bring honor and blah blah blah- Itachi had had no fucks to give afterwards since he'd only asked out of having manners. But since dear old dad had been a quite a dick, Itachi had sent in a few (forty) applications anyways for different law schools. In return his brother had naturally received an acceptance letter for each one he'd sent; some even offering to pay for all his expenses to attend.

Itachi brought up the subject again with the letters as proof that this was definitely his calling. His answer this time had been a hell-to-the-fucking-no.

Then came the dreaded phone calls.

It started with just one or maybe two per week, but slowly it kept building up until everyday Fugaku was answering the phone only for it to be another college trying to convince him that Itachi should go study at their school because they were certainly more fancy pansy than Yale and were the best in blah blah blah- Fugaku had had no fucks to give afterwards since he'd only answered out of having manners. But they would just not stop and eventually he'd admitted defeat and went over to tell his son that he didn't even care if he wanted to go to clown school but that he had better become a damn well successful one. All this led to Itachi packing up and traveling on his merry way to Yale University to earn his master's degree and eventually taking up a job at a very successful firm. You didn't think his brother would actually listen to all that hoopla they'd been trying to sell him right?

I mean c'mon. It was Yale law school. The number one school in law.

He never bothered to find out why his brother was so against becoming Fugaku's successor, though he did wonder. Who would want to give up becoming their own boss? In the end, he was just dandy with it anyways, seeing as how he'd always wanted to get involved in the family industry, and now he was going to be the one taking after Fugaku and calling all the shots; something he would've never even dared to dream about.

The light turned green and Itachi slowly regained his focus on the road. His school was coming into view now.

Sasuke firmly spoke up," If anything, I'm grateful because thanks to you, I've gained the acknowledgement I've always wanted from Father. Becoming president of Uchiha Pharmaceuticals is a long way from now anyways. I still have to finish college. The only reason I should be upset is because you barely bothered to keep in touch with me, but I'm not. Your studies have always been important to you, so being preoccupied with so much work; it was obvious you couldn't have any distractions like me pestering you. I can understand why you left Aniki."

They were currently in front of the building's entrance. Itachi was looking at him with his usual stoic face, but something in his onyx eyes seemed sad somehow.

"Sasuke, that's not the only reason I left. First off, know that I never have and never will consider you a nuisance. Also, I went to America because they have programs that allow you to cut down a vast amount time you're expected to earn a degree. But it's law school, and you were right to assume that all the work had consumed the majority of my life, especially since I wanted to finish as quickly as I could. If I had stayed, I wouldn't have graduated as fast and I still wouldn't have been able to make time for us." He looked like he wanted to add something else, but decided against it.

Ignoring the look, Sasuke soaked in that knowledge and it made him realize something, "So, you're saying that I was partially the reason-"

Itachi's voice now sounded a little demanding and persistent, "No, not partially. The majority of the reason I do anything is for you Otouto. You need to realize that." The authoritative tone and words only served to make him feel that strange tingle within the pit of his stomach again.

He wasn't use to being seen as a priority to anyone. Fan girls didn't count because he didn't trust that they wanted him for more than just his looks and money. Naruto had tons of other cherished friends, so he doubted he deserved to be seen as more important than any of them. He would never admit it to the moron though.

Itachi was looking at him expectantly with his captivating black orbs so similar to his own. Hell, he didn't blame him. Even though he knew he was the closest to his brother, it was still unusual for Itachi to be so open.

Trying not to sound awkward, he finally responded, "I -thank you Itachi. I'll make sure not to forget that, and you also -er-…mean a lot to me."

Oh good lord, now he was blushing like an idiot! And his voice, god it had sounded so embarrassingly meek by the end. Expressing himself had always been an issue for him. But damnit this was not the time for him to get socially awkward! He faced downwards to hopefully cover his stupidly red-faced state.

Itachi had noticed anyways. "Alright then, I know this is getting a little too oversentimental for us, so I'll just let you go. "

Relieved, Sasuke was prepared to leave, but instead he jerked when he felt a hand on his jean clad thigh.

Itachi patted his hand there twice, pressed it, but didn't move it away. "Have a nice day, and remember I'll also be here to pick you up."

He knew this was his chance to leave, however he found he was frozen in his seat. The seemingly innocent act his brother had pulled had caused him to have an unwanted-erm,…reaction. When he'd felt that hand press against his thigh, it was as if a sudden jolt had ignited tiny electrical sparks to rush up his spine and it took all his will power not to gasp in astonishment. He could feel the heat on his face rise up even more and start to spread throughout his body like a wildfire. Thankfully his tight jeans prevented his boner from becoming visible. His eyes strayed to Itachi's hand.

His brother had such long elegant fingers. His hand looked so smooth and gentle, yet at the same time it held this deadly mysteriousness his brother always seemed to carry (though he took pleasure in the fact that Itachi was more open about himself around him- even if it was only by a little), as if capable of committing devious crimes, yet still able to get away innocent with its seeming fragileness.

He wondered…what else could that deviant looking hand be capable of? Perhaps it could slide up a little more to relieve his cro-

Whoa. Those thoughts were bad. And wrong. And not right. Completely vile and impure. Just- they were really bad thoughts.

He really felt like telling his brother to move. His constrained erection was becoming quite painful. But he couldn't bring himself get out of his immobile state because a sickening part of him didn't want Itachi to relocate at all.

When he went to look up at his brother again, he saw a concerned expression depicted under those commercial long dark eyelashes. "Sasuke, you seem so flushed. Are you feeling ill?"

He swore his hear did a summersault that would put even an Olympian to shame when he saw Itachi lean forward, invading his breathing space, until his face was only mere centimeters away from his own. The other hand that was not on his leg moved to caress his flaming cheek. The touch felt so cool against his heated skin, moving from his cheekbone, to his forehead, and then finally it stopped at his neck. He hoped to Kami that his brother didn't notice how erratic his pulse was behaving.

His eyes strayed to Itachi's mouth that was much too close for his comfort. His brother had such soft, velvet looking li- no nono! This was not happening again. He was not gay- or maybe he was? That would surely explain his disinterest in the female population and their hussy jugs of lard. It would also explain why whenever he watched porn he only masturbated to the parts where a nude male would show up on the screen to take the lead. And only the ones that involved doggy style.

Now that he thought about it, it was painfully obvious what his sexual orientation was. But these homoerotic thoughts were surely not supposed to be directed at his brother for Christ's sake!

The velvet lips started to move.

" You feel feverish. Are you sure you're feeling well enough to go to school today? I don't mind driving you ba-"

"Sasukeeeeeee! "

There was suddenly a loud thump coming from his side of the car, and Sasuke snapped his head around to see a bubbly, tan blond looking down and grinning at him with his forehead pressed to the window.

He noticed how when his friend's azure orbs strayed behind him his eyes seemed to widen dramatically in recognition.

"Hey, I know you! Sasuke isn't that your-"

At that moment he realized he needed to leave the car now (thank god for the mood killer) and didn't hesitate to slam the door open with no consideration for Naruto.

The blond barely managed to move away before the door slammed him face first. " Oi! Watch it you ass. You almost injured a walking Adonis here."

Before closing the door, Sasuke reassured his brother hastily, "Don't worry I feel fine. I'll see you later Nii-san."

He wasn't even going to wait for his brother to say good-bye, so he slammed the door shut. But before he could turn around to make his retreat, he 'oofed' from the sudden heavy weight that had glomped him from behind.

"You're not even going to greet your best friend. So mean you frigid bastard. " Naruto nuzzled his neck.

Through the window, he noticed how his brother had his eyes narrowed at the sudden display of affection from the blond. For some reason, that look made him start to panic.

Facing the moron, Sasuke scowled and reprimanded him, "You loser, who the hell said you could touch me! ? Shove off, now."

Naruto immediately pulled his arms away and held them up in surrender. "Alright jeeze. Aren't you at least going to introduce me to your brother? I haven't seen him in ages. "

Just then a tire screeching sounded off and Sasuke wrenched around in time to see his brother speeding away.

The blond instantly deflated. "Or, maybe not."

Just great. Hopefully Itachi hadn't made anything out of the situation. He didn't want him to think that Naruto and he were da-

Wait, why was that bothering him? He'd never cared about people's opinions before. Even if his brother was an exception, he never bothered to reproach the blond because he was already use to his exaggerated friendliness towards everyone.

Still, come to think of it, Naruto was never that friendly either.

"Naruto, you know I despise PDA, so explain to me why you pulled that stunt just now."

His blond friend donned a confused expression until realization about what the raven meant lit up his features. Then he crossed his arms and huffed indignantly "Damn Sasuke, you act as if I was molesting you!" He casted Sasuke a doubtful look, "Besides, I'm not so sure about that after seeing you so close together with Itachi in the car."

Wha- the blond actually saw that? He was about to go into panic mode again but realized that would seem even more suspicious. Okay, nothing to worry about. There was no way Naruto had seen the (shamefully one-sided) hormonal vibes that'd been radiating in the vehicle.

He went for a casual response. "He was just checking to see if I was sick or something. I'm fine though."

There, not exactly a lie.

Before his friend could manage a reply, he twisted around and started his trek to the school's front doors, "Come on idiot, let's get to class."

"Sasuke…hey Sasuke?...Oi Sasuke!"


"Hey don't get snippy with me. What's up with you anyways? You've been spacing out all day long."

They were currently eating outside in one of the lunch tables. 'They' as in Shikamaru (who was unsurprisingly sleeping, not eating actually), Choji (who continued to eat off of Shikamaru's bento after finishing his own), Sai (who refrained from calling Choji his special nickname from past experience), and let's not forget Naruto and Kiba (forever known as the dumb and dumber dynamic duo). Sasuke opted to take a bite out of his onigiri while mulling over the question.

He sighed inwardly. Well what was he suppose to tell him? Truth was he couldn't stop thinking over everything that had transpired between his brother and him this morning. Like, when the hell did his admiration and innocent affection for his brother turn into this sudden twisted desire that he had no control over whatsoever? He was suppose to be a normal upper-class japanase male raised in a strict household and brought up to have strong morals.

For instance, not longing to cross the boundaries between brother and lov-

"Sasuke! See, you're doing it again. Did you even hear what I just said?"

He glared menacingly. "Excuse me for not wanting to listen to that obnoxiously loud voice of yours. Just spit it out already."

"Well it's obviously not loud enough if I have to keep repeating myself. Anyways, the other day you came by, I forgot there was something I really needed to tell you. But since you were already gone, I called but you never picked up. You could've at least texted me back."

Sasuke frowned irritably. "You're starting to sound like a clingy girlfriend dobe. Maybe I just didn't feel like putting up with another headache your ramblings give me or, if you hadn't noticed, maybe I've been a little preoccupied what with my brother's arrival."

Kiba interjected, "Whoa, I didn't know you had a bro Uchiha."

"You never asked so I never brought him up.'

Sai decided to speak up, "Well since you're bringing him up now, I'm curious; If you share the same genes, from what I've seen in the locker room, his dick must be very impressive. Am I right or wrong?"

There was a "Sai I'm eating!" coming from Naruto, Kiba chocked on his drink and Choji just stared around awkwardly.

Sasuke was glad he'd finished his lunch because he knew he'd be having a coughing fit after hearing that like dumber over there. Instead, he blushed furiously (because he hated how that question had triggered very lewd images of a certain 'someone', which he shouldn't even be having) and glared daggers at the emotionless freak, " Shut the fuck up Sai. How the hell should I know?"

"Do you at least know if he's available for a good fuck? Or does he not- what was it you said last time Naruto?- ah yes, does he not swing for the rainbow team?"

Yeah, this was the downside of associating with Sai the flaming homo. If the man saw an opportunity for a potential bedmate, the guy never hesitated to jump the wagon (or in Sai's case- a man's junk). If being gay meant becoming like Sai, perhaps this was why he never considered swinging that way. But really, can you blame him for denying it? No one wanted to be like the guy who walked around in belly shirts that read things like "Amateur Urologist", or, "Born gay, Fabulous by choice". Seriously, where the hell did he even get those shirts? You didn't see straight men walking around in shirts that said, "Amateur Gynecologist", and if you did, that shirt was a straight up lie.

His glare increased ten-fold. For some reason the idea of Itachi getting intimate with anyone (Sai especially) set him off greatly. One more word about getting it on with his brother and he swore he was going to flip the fuck out.

He eyed his chopsticks. They seemed pointy enough.

Sensing the raven's malevolent aura, Naruto did his best to gain back Sasuke's attention, "Oh yeah, how's that goin for ya? I'm a little disappointed that I probably missed some big mushy brotherly reunion between the two of you. Is wittle Sasuke happy to have his big brother back?"

"Fuck off," He did not want to be reminded of how happy his 'wittle' Sasuke had been acting since Itachi showed up. Wanting a change of subject, he reminded the blond. "What were you going to tell me that was so important?"

Happy that he'd finally gotten to the point he'd been wanting to make, Naruto excitedly proclaimed, "Sweet, okay then, get ready to be totally psyched off! Because Uzumaki Naruto is throwing a graduation party this Saturday!"

Sasuke scoffed, "Is that it? You always throw a bash at the end of every year, so I think we've all figured that out by now."

Naruto looked as if he'd been expecting that and was positively beaming now, "Yes, but this year, I'm gonna be holding it at my godfather's beach house!"

Now that seemed to catch everyone's attention.

Kiba unbelievably exclaimed , "There's no way Jiraya is actually letting you use that whorehouse of his!"

The banshee yelling dispelled the sleep-induced coma Shikamaru had been in. He tiredly lifted his head up from his crossed arms on the table and proceeded to squint in an agitated manner. "Can you please stop screaming? I'm trying to catch some shut-eye here."

He was ignored.

Naruto countered, "It is not a whorehouse! He only brings in the sluts to his apartment. And yah-hugh he is. Pervy sage said I could throw a party there as long as I hook him up with some of the desperate girls that show up. So long as I don't mention his age, I can totally manage that."

Kiba rubbed his hands in anticipation, "Well in that case, count me in. Who's bringing the booze?"

"Oh that. Yeah, don't worry about it. The old man is hooking me up by scamming Granny into handing over half her supply."

Everyone nodded in understanding. By 'Granny', they knew the blond meant Principal Tsunade. The woman was the worst gambler in all of Tokyo and betting against her always guaranteed a sure win for you. She was also a drunkard, and even though she said she was cutting back, Sasuke (and probably the whole school) had a suspicion (now confirmed) that the waft of sake lingering in her office did not come from the supposedly 'rare' air freshener that only she could manage to obtain; it wasn't even plugged in right! Why the school board decided to give her the principal's position will always remain a mystery because she was not exactly the best role model if you asked him.

Shikamaru was about to make another attempt at resting his eyes for a bit again, but just then the bell signaling the end of lunch sounded off. He groaned dejectedly.

Choji patted his best friend on the back comfortingly, "Cheer up Shika, you'll be able to sleep away the entire (3) three months of summer vacation soon anyways. Tomorrow's our last day and graduation is on Friday.."

That last sentence seemed to trigger something in Sasuke's head.

And then he remembered-


Though he doubted it, hopefully the blond wouldn't be too upset with him.

"What do you mean you're not going! ? "

Sasuke winced at the ear piercing yell. He then directed an annoyed glare at the blond." What's so hard to understand? I'm. Not. Going; simple as that."

Naruto sent him an incredulous stare. "Sasuke, this is definitely going to be the party of the century, even the college seniors are coming. Don't forget you're valedictorian. It's not a graduation party without one!"

At the blond's exclamation, Sasuke felt the car swerve a little. "Idiot, keep your eyes on the road!"

"Don't tell me what to do, I know how to drive!"

He seriously doubted that, but nevertheless the blond focused back on the roads.

He was currently sitting in Naruto's passenger seat. See, while dozing off after finishing one of his finals, a vibrating coming from the forgotten cell in his pocket caused him to snap out of it with a jolt. Grumpily checking to see who'd rudely awakened him from his stupor, his irritation had quickly dissipated when he'd seen it was a text message from Itachi. His brother had written that he wouldn't be able to pick him up because he'd forgotten the interview for the new firm he'd applied to was today. Sasuke had been disappointed yet at the same time relieved (cuz frankly, he was tired of the jumbling emotions and the cardiac arrests he went through every time Itachi was in near vicinity). He'd just texted back that he was fine, wished him good luck, and that he would catch a ride back with Naruto since they did share their last period together. Plus this had also been the perfect opportunity (Or so he'd thought) for him to break down the news that he wouldn't be able to attend the graduation party.


Sasuke arched an eyebrow. "…well what?"

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows in frustration. "Aren't you gonna tell me why you've decided to skip out on the greatest party in the history of life!"

Knowing how persistent his friend was, he just decided to come out with it, "I'm moving out."

"That can totally wai-

The blond stopped mid-sentence once he registered the uttered words.

"M-moving out? When the hell was this decided? To where? "

Another swerve. He clutched on to his seatbelt. Definitely should've walked home.

"I don't know where exactly. My brother's taking care of that. All I know is that it'll be more convenient for me since it's located near Senju Uni."

He saw Naruto's frantic expression simmer down with the obvious relief that he would still be staying in Tokyo. He was still insistent though. "Why so sudden? And what do you mean your brother? Shouldn't you be deciding where you wanna live?"

This is where he smirked, "It was a last minute offer. I'm going to be moving into a condominium with this Saturday. So I can't just bring in all my stuff and leave him to unpack everything while I go out and enjoy myself."

But the blond didn't seem to hear the last part. "You're shitting me! A fucking condo. Well damn Sasuke, you always get everything don't you? All you need now is a fucking supermodel for a girlfriend."

Okay no. Sasuke would never get together with a model. Those women were synthetic; nothing about their supposed good looks was ever truly real. He preferred natural beauty, where you didn't have to hide behind an artificial mask compiled of makeup and other man-made products.

"Tsk, I have better taste than that moron."

Just then another voice decided to join the conversation. "Oh, so you actually have a preference? What a surprise, I had the impression that you were practically asexual. "

Oh yeah, Sai was also riding with them. He didn't know why and he honestly didn't care. Usually he tried his best to remain indifferent to Sai and his blunt derisions, but for some reason this guy was really grinding on his nerves today. It could be because he was sick and tired of all the fagotry that had gone on in the present day and Sai, the epitome of gay, wasn't aiding to sooth his agitation.

"Just because I don't go around dumbfucking unlike some people, doesn't mean I don't have a sex drive."

"No, it means you're a pathetic outcast that actually bothers to practice abstinence. It's the twenty-first century, if you haven't slept with anyone by now at your age, it just looks pitiful."

"It would also be quite pitiful if your face were to meet my fist if you don't decide to keep your comments to yourself you sleazy fa-

Naruto knew now was the time intervene. "Would you look at that? Sai here's your stop man. I'll come by to pick you up after I finish dropping off Sasuke."

Sasuke took a glance outside. They were currently parked in front of a store called (4) Dick Blick's Art Materials.

Really, why didn't that surprise him?

Sai opened the backseat door and got out of the car, but instead of heading straight inside the store, he stopped right in front a wary Sasuke's open window. "I'm sorry if I offended you. There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your virtue intact. Especially with sleazy people like me roaming around. "

"Yeah, well you should be." He would've left it at that, but a punch to his shoulder made him turn around to see an expectant and reprimanding look donning the blonde's face. What, he didn't expect him to apologize did he? The guy totally deserved it, he even said so himself!

By the still pointed glare, he realized that yes, he was expected to apologize. Whatever, turning back around he replied unenthusiastically (Only because he knew Naruto wouldn't take him home until he said something), "Look don't worry about it. I'm not offended; you've said worse before. I was just having an off day and your remarks weren't exactly welcome, but I'm not taking back what I said, no offense."


"It's alright Naruto ," he then smiled that irritating fake smile of his, "None taken Sasuke. By the way, would you do me the favor of finding whether my theory concerning your brother's anatomy is correct? It'd be most appreciated. I suggest waiting until he gets in the shower, and it doesn't hurt to bring back proof. An exposed picture or two would do just fine. "

Before the raven could inflict any harm (He'd already snapped his hands forward in an attempt to strangle the obviously suicidal man), Naruto swiftly turned the car around in a hasty U-turn and proceeded to rapidly veer off into the streets.

Damn that guy was so lucky Naruto drove away before he could get a good grip on that sickly pale neck of his. How dare he show an interest in his Aniki! That shady whore didn't deserve to be with someone as great as Itachi. No, the only one good enough to share that kind of intimacy with his brother was only he himse- Fuck. Where did that come from? He didn't like the way his sudden possessiveness was twisting his logical mind.

Taking a glance at Sasuke, Naruto could tell by the faintly furrowed brows ( He was so glad he'd finally learned how to read his apathetic friend) that something was troubling the raven so he tried to find a way to cheer him up. And then it hit him. "Heeey Sasuke! I've got a great idea and I'm sure just gonna be thrilled to hear it. Wanna know what it is?"

"Not really."

"Great, why don't you invite Itachi over to the party as well? It could be like your own little welcome back present of sorts for him. Besides, my parties don't start until late at night and moving in won't take all day long. You can just leave the unpacking for another day."

The hell that was so stup-actually….it was not a bad idea. Perhaps it could even help clear away any doubts Itachi might still be having over Sasuke's reluctance in spending time with him. Yes, that could work. They would spend the whole night chatting, drinking, and when the mood would strike them, eventually move onto the dance floor where they would engage in a heated grinding session until-

Argh! No, not grinding- he meant dancing. A nice dancing session.

Damn what the fuck was wrong with him.

And why was Naruto still staring at him? Oh right, he still hadn't given his opinion over the blonde's pure-not-for-the-purpose-of-committing-incest -idea.

"I guess that could work. I still have to ask him though so don't get your hopes up. I don't think I actually recall ever seeing him attend those kinds of parties."

"Yeah but lucky for him, Uzumaki Naruto is known for throwing the best shindigs in all of Japan! He's definitely gonna want to go after you tell him what a great host I am. Think of it this way; I only caught a glimpse of him, but from what I saw he's a real good catch. If he goes, all the girls will be all over him and you won't have to viciously ward them away from you anymore. It's a win-win situation."

"As if. Itachi would never get together with a-

And all of a sudden Sasuke felt like such a fucking fool. He'd never even thought about the fact that his brother could actually be a very straight man. Which shouldn't have been so startling; he distinctly recalled his brother dating a red haired girl back when Itachi was a senior in high school. He didn't remember what had happened between them or when the relationship had broken off, but that wasn't the point. The point was that his brother was just a regular heterosexual that had probably dated other women and for some reason it made him feel so fucking sick. Sick because he wanted his brother in ways that he shouldn't. Sick because wanting his brother made him realize he was also homosexual. Sick because it turns out his twisted fantasies and immoral yearnings would always be just that- mere fantasies. And sick because he shouldn't have been having any of these revelations at any point of his life in the first place.

"Sasuke, are you okay? Look, did I say something wrong? Or- I know, it's because of what Sai said earlier right? Look, don't sweat it. It's no big deal; I'm also a virgin remember ? And I have loads of friends who I can guarantee don't pity me, and if they did, I'd kick their ass because there ain't nothin wrong with staying above the influence. Believe it! "

He snorted. What a dork. Without really wanting to, he felt his lips curl up into a smile. A very small, almost undetectable one, but a smile nonetheless. Even if what he said had nothing to do with the real reason with why he was so distraught, just the fact that he cared made him very grateful that he managed to keep a friend like Naruto. Especially considering how much of a jerk he was to the other.

He turned to face the blond . " Naruto, you should know by now that I don't care about anything that STD transmitter has to say."

"Well then it was something I said right? Look if you don't want to go, I'm not forcing you. I know you really did miss your brother a lot, and I don't blame you for wanting to spend as much time as you can with him. Even if you were still really grouchy, I've never seen you full of so much life as today, well up until now that is."

Naruto twisted around to face him and Sasuke suddenly realized they were already parked in front of the Uchiha manor. His silence apparently triggered his blond friend to become more desperate. "Sasuke just tell me what's bumming you out so much. I can't help you if you don't say anything. You know I would never judge you for anything right?"

Oh if only what Naruto said was true. He knew he could never reveal that he was incestuous to his friend. Naruto would be disgusted and no doubt think he was just a freak. He could already picture their friendship ending right then and there. But if it had been anything else, he knew the blond would've accepted him and any other flaw he had. Really, there was no girl out there that deserved to be with such a great guy. How the blond managed to stay single completely baffled him. He was a bit of a blockhead yes, but his heart of gold and winning personality made up for it.

He was also pretty handsome, even with those whisker-like scars on his otherwise unblemished tanned face; it for some reason only enhanced his striking features. And combined with that bright yellow hair and cerulean eyes, Sasuke realized the boy was indeed a natural beauty. He liked natural beauties.

"Why are you staring at me like that? You know what, its fine, you don't have to tell me if it's that personal. Just know that you can always count on me to always be there for you no matter what it is. And I know you don't care but –

"Naruto, you talk too much. Just shut up for once."

…."What the hell man! I was just trying to –

"You didn't let me finish. Just shut up so that I can tell you something I feel I need to get off my chest."

Naruto immediately quieted down. He took on a solemn look and then directed a firm nod as sign for Sasuke to go on.

It never failed to amuse Sasuke seeing his blond friend donning such a serious expression on his usually goofy (yet still good looking) face. It was kind of adorable.

Wait…-what? Adorable? That word was not in his vocabulary. Uchihas didn't use those kinds of silly phrases. But still, that didn't deny the fact that the blond was adorable. And gorgeous. Oh god, what did this mean? Could it be that he was developing an attraction for his best friend?

He realized the thought didn't seem to bother him so much. In fact…, he could find nothing wrong with it. Like the blond had said, since becoming friends with him (albeit unwillingly at first) the year his brother had left, Naruto had never failed to be there for him whenever he'd felt like he could no longer handle his stressing life. Whether it was only to hear him angst about struggling to juggle sports, school, work, and his overbearing father all at the same time, Naruto was always there. Yes, this was the man he should be interested in. Not his brother. That was probably just something his irrational mind had come up with due to some pent up hormones. It was only a sick phase he was going through, and (hopefully) it would eventually just pass.

"You know, when people say they want to get something off their chest, they normally follow by voicing out whatever they wanted to confess. By the way, you should really smile more often, it suits you."

Suddenly he'd never felt so relieved. He was initially just going confess that he might be gay, but now there was no doubt about it. He bit his lip in anxiousness. Now how to confess to the blond that he was now the object of his desires and get him to return his wishes. Because there was no way he was going to allow rejection. Nah-uh, no one rejected Uchiha Sasuke. If anything, Naruto should be grateful. He knew a lot of people that would kill to be in his friend's position right now.

"Naruto, say someone developed …an attraction for you. No matter who or what gender, if their feelings were truly genuine, would you deny them the chance to see where it could go if you gave him or her a shot?"

Naruto looked genuinely surprised by such an unexpected question. "W-what, er, .what do you mean? (Gasp ) Does some guy have a crush on you? Sasuke, if he's making you uncomfortable you should still find a way to let him down gently. It probably wasn't easy for him to come up to you and admit he was interested in someone as intimidating as you. Tell him that you like girls and-

"But I don't."

"And tell him that-…..wait… what?"

"I said I don't like girls. You still didn't answer my question by the way."

Overcome by shock, the blond responded mechanically, "I….I don't know. I guess yeah I would give him or her a chance. I'm bi anyways. But what does that have to do with anything?... Stop being so mysterious man!"

He was bisexual!? Really this was almost like some kind of sign. "Honestly, you can be so dense sometimes Naruto."

"Why are you insulting me now? And what did you mean you don't like –hey! What are you doing?!- Let go of m-mmmphh!"

While the blonde had been frantically waving his arms around, Sasuke had latched on to both of his tanned wrist with one hand and pinned them up against the window above the blonde's head. He'd then used his other hand to grip that strong jaw and swiftly leaned forward until his mouth came in contact with Naruto's skinned toned lips, effectively cutting off whatever the blond was ranting about.

The foreign feeling of his mouth meshing with another's was surprisingly pleasant. His heart was beating so frenetically he could feel it pounding against his eardrums. Underneath him Naruto was stock still, probably too shocked to even process what was going on. Sasuke, getting worried that maybe he'd rushed into this, attempted to lure Naruto into participating by leisurely licking along the seam of the blonde's soft lips to ask for entrance. His action caused the blond beneath him to gasp in surprise, and feeling bold Sasuke took the liberty to plunder his vigorous tongue into the warm cavern. The first thing he noticed was that the blond had a refreshing taste; a mixture of mint and spice. He decided he could get use to that and did his best to explore every inch inside that cavity. He licked along the roof of Naruto's mouth and his response was a shiver from the other male. Tired of the one-sided kiss, he used his tongue to tentatively coax the other man's slick appendage to partake in the intimate caress. He sensed the other man's hesitance but to his relief he eventually felt the other's tongue start to timidly stroke his own and he wasted no time in reciprocating the act. No longer worried the blond would push him away he let go of the other's wrist to get a good grip on the unruly blond locks. Soon enough they were both breathing intensely and their tongues were having a lustful battle for dominance, which Sasuke won by delving his tongue so far down the other's throat until he was practically choking the blond. His frenzied actions caused him to receive a wanton moan from Naruto, who now had his arms clinging almost desperately to Sasuke's broad shoulders.

But right when he reached inside the front of Naruto's shirt to feel over a hard abdomen he was abruptly pushed away by the hands on his shoulders causing their lips to disconnect with a loud 'pop'.

Before he could question it, Naruto spoke up breathlessly, "Wait, (pant) Sasuke, you're moving too, (pant) fast."

Right, he knew that. He'd just gotten caught up in the moment. This was the first time his lust had been directed at someone that didn't make him feel ashamed afterwards. After taking in much needed oxygen from the intense lip-lock, Sasuke responded, "Sorry, you're right. I just couldn't restrain myself once you started to kiss me back. It felt too nice."

His words seemed to have caused the blond to finally realize the full impact of what they'd just done. "Oh my god you just kissed me!"

He smirked self-contentedly. "I didn't hear any complains when you kissed me right back."

"How can you act so calm? This is serious Sasuke! Damnit I just feel so…so.."

Crap, did he come off to strong. What if he just ruined his chances of finding a scapegoat? Sure he could just find someone else to distract him from his perverse urges for his brother, but surely it wouldn't feel as right as when he was with his best friend. Still, if the blond didn't want this, he wasn't going to force him to, but he also didn't want to hear the rejection. "Stop. You don't have to say it. If you regret it so much, I promise we can just pretend like this never even happened. We don't ever have to bring it up and I don't mind just staying fr- Ow! Idiot, what was that for!?"

"For being a prick. You come up and confess that you're gay to me and before I can even let that sink in you practically tongue rape me. And then you want me to pretend like this never happened because you came up with the crazy idea that I regret kissing you back. Stop jumping to conclusions; if I never wanted it I would've bitten your tongue off in heartbeat. All I wanna know is when you-

"Wait, so you liked it? Does that mean you're willing to give us a chanc- Ow! Would you stop that!? " He rubbed his abused shoulder while directing an agitated glare at the blond.

"Would you let me finish? This is why you jump to conclusions! But to answer your first question; yes, I did like it. A lot. You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that. But if you want me answer your second question, answer mine first. How long have you felt this way? And why did you decide to, you know, 'show' me now?"

"That's two questions."


"Fine, fine I'll tell you. Not too long ago actually. I've always felt close to you, but this whole attraction I have for you is just recent."

"…..how recent?"

Damn he'd been hoping to avoid telling him that. But there was no getting around it. If he wanted this to work, he shouldn't start off by lying. He already felt bad that he only wanted the blond so that he wouldn't have to stay bitter over something (or someone) else he couldn't have. But this was for his own good; he needed to find a way to move on from his twisted, immoral impulses. Plus like he said, it actually felt right being more than friends with Naruto.

Still, he hesitated, "…..I realized it today, and I showed you because I-

"Today! Sasuke, I like you and everything but I'm not so sure you know what you're saying. It took me a year for me to realize it, and another one to accept that nothing could ever happen between us. How can you be so certain?"

He couldn't help but feel like a jackass for not noticing that the blond had been pinning for him for so long. But it also pleased him that in their entire friendship, Naruto had never pushed himself onto him, but instead had always just been looking out for his best interest (although there had been a few suspicious gropes in between here and there) ."You know you should really take your own advice. Now, before I was rudely interrupted, what I was going to say was that the reason I decided to 'show' you that I wanted- no wait, still want you is mainly because what you said made me realize that you're the one I should be interested in. I was initially just going to admit to being homosexual, but when you said I could count on you to never judge and always be there for me, I knew that most of it was true. I'm not saying I'm sure about what I feel for you, but what I am positive about is that whenever I'm with you, I don't feel like it's pointless; that my craving for you doesn't feel wrong at all. For me, it's enough to want to try and see where it could go for us."

Naruto looked absolutely dumbfounded by the end of his long speech. "Wooow. I don't think I've ever heard you talk so much about your emotions. That's so…..fucking gay."

Immediately Sasuke was prepared to mercilessly beat the moron senseless with a brutal fist poised in the air, but before it could land the blond started waving his arms around and began to frantically make up for his mistake.

"Not that I'm not flattered! You know cuz I know a lot of girls and guys that would fucking murder to be in my place right now. (Ha! He knew it ) So, um, yeah…okay, why not?"

He lowered his arm and directed an inquisitive arched brow at the other. "Why not what?"

"Why not give it a shot. You and me that is. Who knows, maybe you'll grow to share what I feel for you. Because I don't just like you for your looks. Your personality, although pretty harsh and cynical, is something I've grown use to and I wouldn't want you any other way than you are now. So let's just agree that whatever happens in the end we'll stay friends no matter what, because I don't ever wanna lose my bond with you."

"….And you said I was gay." He could sense the other was about make another jab at his shoulder but he noticed the blond realized that by his playful smile, he was only teasing. Really the blond was just so easy to rile up.

Naruto also smiled and decided to tease right back. He fluttered his eyelashes in a ridiculous attempt to look flirtatious. "Only for you I am. And don't deny that you don't like it Sasuke baby." The blonde then began to cackle uncontrollably at seeing Sasuke's unamused expression.

He rolled his eyes and was about to smack the idiot for making that absurd comment, but he had a better idea. He smirked sinisterly at what he was about to do and while the blond was still laughing hysterically he grabbed on to the other's collar and yanked him forward causing the blond to yelp in surprise.

"You're right. I did enjoy it, and I would like to again, Naruto-kun."

Their faces were only millimeters away from each other so the blonde's glare from under those golden eyelashes seemed more intense. "Hey what gives! Don't you ever call me that aga-mmmmph."

Naruto had tried to shove him away at first, but his forceful and insistent mouth eventually caused the blond to concede and participate. Wow, he should've tried using this method to shut his friend up years ago. Or correction, not friend- he meant boyfriend. They were together now right?

He pulled away for a brief moment to sate his curiosity. "This means we're going out right?"

Naruto snorted, "No, I always make out with guys I'm not interested in. Obviously we're going ou-mmmph."

Yes, he could really get use to this. But while his mouth was heatedly exchanging fluids with the other male's, somewhere deep in his subconscious he wondered:

How long would this serve to satiate him from what he actually terribly desired?

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