I know, I'm terrible. This makes my eighth story. But this time I promise not to start another until at least one of my other stories is threw, lol.

Dinner Plans

Vernon Dursley walked into his office holding a bag from the bakery across the street. He sat down and tore greedily into the bag. Before he could take a bite out of his bun, however, the phone on his desk rang.

Growling in frustration at being interrupted during his snack, he picked up the phone, "What is it?"

"You have a call, Mr. Dursley," said the nervous voice of his secretary, "It's a Darrin Stevens."

"I don't know a Darrin Stevens!" Vernon yelled into the phone.

"He says he's your cousin."

There was a pause and then, "What could he possibly want? Patch him through."

"Hello, Vernon it's Darrin," said the voice on the other end when he was connected.

"Stevens, old boy, how have you been?" asked Vernon in a false jovial tone. He really wasn't interested but he wanted to keep up appearances.

"I'm fine. My wife and I are in London."

"Oh, yes, I heard you got married a few years ago. What was her name, Sarah?"

"Samantha. I was hoping that we could all get together while we're here."

"Oh, erm," Vernon didn't want to say yes, but couldn't refuse without offending the man. So for the sake of being sociable, he said, "Why don't you come to dinner tonight?"

"We'd love that. Do you still live on Privet Drive?"

"Yes, we do. Say you both come over around six."

"That'll be excellent."

"Good, good, see you then." Vernon slammed the phone down and returned to his bun.

"He invited us to dinner," said Darrin, putting the phone down.

"Oh, wonderful, I can't wait to meet your cousin and his family," said Samantha as she was unpacking clothes and putting them in the dressers in the motel room.

"I doubt it'll be as enjoyable as you'd think. He and I never got along very well."

"Why's that?" asked Sam with a frown.

"He's was kind of spoiled, and a bully."

"Then why do you want to see him now?" Samantha closed the suitcase and slipped it under the bed.

"Mostly it's family obligation. Anyway I haven't seen him in years; he might have changed."

"That's true," Samantha replied, sitting down on the bed.

"There's one more thing that I should let you know."

"What's that, darling?"

Darrin pulled up a chair from the small table in the room and moved it so that he could sit across from Samantha. "Vernon, well, he's always been- how should I put this? He's kind of a small-minded person."

"Whatever do you mean by that?" asked Samantha, patiently.

"If he's not familiar with something or used to it, he tends to react negatively, especially if he considers it out of the ordinary."

"Kind of like someone else we know?" said Samantha pointedly. Darrin glared at her.

"Okay, okay, so you want me to refrain from using any of my…" she waved her hand dramatically, "tricks?"

"Exactly," said Darrin, relieved that he got his point across.

"I'll be on my best behavior," said Samantha.

"Good," said Darrin. He checked his watch, "I've got to go meet my client now. Do you think that you can keep yourself occupied while I'm gone?"

"I'll think of something. Bye, darling," she stood up and kissed her husband goodbye.

"Bye," he grabbed his briefcase and walked out the door.

As soon as Darrin was out the door, there was a sound of thunder and Samantha turned around to see billowing green smoke.

"Mother," said Samantha when the smoke cleared.

"I see Dustbin left you hear all alone for the day," said Endora, lifting her long purple gown to sit on the bed.

"After five years, you should know that his name is Darrin, mother. And he has a meeting with a client. He can't skip out on work just to spend time with me."

"Oh, pfft," said Endora in annoyance, "I don't see why these humans waste all their time on such mundane things like work and careers. There are so many more productive things that they could be doing."

"Oh, mother," said Samantha. She'd had this discussion a million times with her mother before she realized there was no point explaining it to her. "Since you're here and I've got the whole day before Darrin comes back, why don't we go sight-seeing and have lunch?"

"I suppose we might as well," said Endora. She stood up and made a gesture with her arms, causing her clothes to change from her purple and green outfit into a brown dress with a fur coat.

"Let me get my purse," Samantha picked up her handbag before raising her arms and disappearing, followed by Endora, leaving an empty motel room.