I have posted the first and second chapters of my first multi-chapter fic in over five years, The Gauntlet. It's a Hermione/Draco/Viktor and is going to have more angst and depth than my previous works. Below is the description:

SUMMARY: When Hermione is in accident & suffers from memory loss, she forgets all about her relationship with the infamous Draco & Viktor. It also doesn't help that she broke it off with the latter & can barely stand the former. So, when it is made clear that her best chance at recovery is to move in with the two men, the situation goes from bad to worse to Hell in a hand-basket

MORE INFO: Features a reluctant Hermione, irritated Draco and confused Viktor Krum, as well as a bumbling but well-meaning cast of supporting characters and several memorable events...

If you're interested, check it out. I won't be posting any more updates on this story. I think I've pushed my luck enough. LOL


Please note that I update my profile at least once a week with news on my work. So, if you're ever wondering when a new story/chapter shall be posted, know that news is always posted on there and also on my livejournal account - tha - phoenix . livejournal . com (I gave the wrong one last time. LMAO. No spaces, again.

In the meantime, I love and adore you all. :))


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