So I did it! I finally have the courage and knowledge to try and move on with this story. Except for one thing, I'm rewriting the whole chapter. Yup I'm doing it.

I found a better way to have this story start off and make more sense than it did previously. I was also inspired by some actual real history, plus I've been reading some more books lately so I think I am a bit ready to start this over again.

So we are going to do this differently. The harem stays the same but it will be a bit different on how they enter the harem, Kushina for example. She won't be entering the harem this time around. But Mikoto and female Itachi will.

This will also have crossovers, Bleach being the main one, if maybe the only one along with a bit of fairy tail and some Yu-gi-oh here and there.

Anyway, here is the harem.

Female Kyuubi

Female Juubi

Female Itachi

Ino Yamanaka


Mikoto Uchiha

Yup yup! Six women! SIX! And I'm not going over board. So I decided not to have Maya in the harem this time because I didn't think she would fit, but I had to add Ino because I'm in a Naru/Ino mood for some reason.

So yeah, that's the harem. Also, Sasuke will be Naruto's friend in this one. Yup way different but same concept, hope this doesn't change peoples views.

Anyway, time for the Re-written chapter! LEGGO!

Chapter 1

Alone, Ignored, Despised, Vulnerable.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze…no, just Naruto. Naruto felt all of these feelings and experienced these actions. No friends, glared at everyday, chased almost everyday, and about everything else.

But look on the bright side! At least he could say he had a loving caring family who looked out for him and loved him to the core.

Yeah right.

They were loving and caring alright, but not to him. Naruto was the oldest of three, but only by five minutes. He has a younger brother and sister, they were all triplets.

Mito was his younger sister. She had short red hair with spiked tips and sky blue eyes. She looked exactly like her mother except she had her fathers eyes.

Menma, he was the youngest of the three. He was practically Naruto's identical twin except Naruto's eyes were dark blue and he had 3 whiskers on each cheek. The boy had spiky hair like his father, in the same style too. He also had his fathers blue eyes just like Mito.

It was only Naruto who didn't have his fathers eyes, and instead took after his mother. But just like his nearly identical twin, Naruto looked like his father as well, but refused to have the same hair style as him, instead Naruto had his bangs fall over the green goggles he sported on his head.

Oh, who were his parents by the way?

Well they were no one other than, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. Minato was Konohagakure's fourth Hokage while Kushina was Konoha's Kenjutsu master, the Red death.

The two were clan heads of their joint clan, the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan that had a population of 230 people, and was known as the biggest clan in Konoha. The Compound was much bigger and had more space than the Hyuuga clan which contained the main and branch families.

It was thanks to the Uzumaki-Namikaze that Konoha has a fairly large military population, not as large as Kumo which is nothing but military, but impressive nonetheless.

However Naruto didn't think so. The concerns of military meant nothing since Konoha was known for the most missing ninja's. Madara Uchiha and Orochimaru of the sannin were just two from the top of his head.

Naruto vowed to himself one day that he would be stronger than Madara Uchiha and bring Konoha crashing to it's knee's. Maybe even the elemental nations. But that was too big.

However, Naruto wanted to think big and grinned at the idea as he trained in a unpopular training ground by himself.

The boy was currently seven years old, garbed in sweat pants as he kept on kicking the wooden post, waiting for it to snap from the continues kicks. As he kicked the post he was staring into the face of his father and mother, wishing it was their faces he was kicking instead of the post.

Naruto wasn't a fool by any means. He knew why the village favored his siblings over him. It was because he held the soul of Kyuubi while they respectively held the Yin and Yang Chakra.

Mito held the Yin while Menma held the Yang.

The Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha on October tenth 7 years ago, the day the three were born.

The demon fox caused massive destruction within the village, ending lives of both civilian and Shinobi. It wasn't until the Yondaime appeared and split the fox up and sealed it within the three newborns.

The cost of the jutsu was to be his soul, to be taken by the Shinigami. But for some reason, the Shinigami let him go free. This caused Minato's arrogance to increase dramatically.

He told the villagers what happened, from him sealing Kyuubi to the Shinigami letting him go free. The villagers along with Minato, believed he was in the death gods favor.

It made Naruto sick.

The post snapped in half after Naruto's harsh and powerful kick. Once the broken wood fell over Naruto rested his leg, wincing from the pain. After sitting on a rock, Naruto looked towards the sky to see the sun was setting.

It was about time for dinner.

With a grunt Naruto stood up as his leg felt better. Ah, the wondrous perks of being a Jinchuriki.

The blonde calmly yet quickly left the training grounds and walked along side the Naka river where he was going to sit on the dock. However that was going have to wait as he saw someone sitting on the dock.

Narrowing his eyes to get a better look he was able to make out the duck ass hair cut, which made him think of his class mate, Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto sighed and continued walking, but as he walked he curiously watched Sasuke. The young Uchiha noticed him from the corner of his eye and turned to him with a curious look as well.

Naruto blushed a bit in embarrassment and turned his head quickly with a grunt, as did Sasuke. But it wasn't long after when Naruto looked back at him with a small smile to see Sasuke had a small smile as well.

The blonde walked all the way into his clan compound with an impassive gaze. Around him were his fellow clans men, minding their own business. And that's how he wanted it.

After a couple of minutes Naruto opened his front door to the house and walked inside and closed it very quietly while locking it. Hoping to sneak to his room unnoticed he tip-toed up the stairs before he heard his mother call him.

"Naruto? Where have you been?" Kushina asked as she walked into the living room to see he was only a third up the stairs. Naruto sighed and turned towards her.

"I was out training." The boy replied. Kushina nodded before she spoke.

"Well get cleaned up dinner's ready." She stated. The blonde grunted as he walked upstairs.

After he cleaned up he locked his door and went to sleep, not wanting to eat with the people he was related to downstairs. About ten minutes later he was woken up from his sleep by the banging on his door.

"Naruto! Open this door!" Minato ordered. Naruto growled before he made the activate hand seal, activating his self made silencing seals. After he couldn't hear the banging anymore he snuggled in his covers and went back to sleep.

Minato who was outside of the room growled in annoyance and left. If the boy didn't want to have ramen, that was his choice, more for him.

2:14 a.m

Naruto eyes snapped open before he leaned up and stretched. With a yawn he got out of his bed and put on some black lounging shorts and a tank top, along with some shinobi sandals.

The blonde then went into his desk drawer and pulled out some sealing scrolls that he bought from the Uzumaki-Namikaze sealing shop. After sealing the needed materials in his scroll he sealed it into his arm for later.

Deactivating his silencing seals, Naruto walked out of his room and silently trotted down the stairs. However he was surprised when he saw the light to the kitchen was on and he heard voices.

After straining his ear, he could make the voices to be his parents. And the current subject they were talking about was him.

"I don't like how he has been ignoring us, all of us." He heard Kushina say.

"I agree. His training is going to have to start soon if he wants to keep up with Mito and Menma. I've been trying to at least speak to him when I show up from work but he is never home. Plus when he is home he's locked up in his room. Do you know where he goes when he's not home?" Minato wondered.

"Not a clue. He says training but I don't believe him. I mean he probably doesn't know the first step to training." Kushina informed earning a slight glare from Naruto.

"Hm, maybe he is with his friends from school. How about we ask him tomorrow morning?" Minato asked. Naruto was sure Kushina gave him a nod.

"Yeah, what are we going to do about his training with Mito and Menma? It's getting close to that time where they are going to have to reveal his strength." Kushina stated.

Minato was silent before he spoke up.

"Naruto has two weeks before the first test comes up. If he doesn't pass that will be his fault for not asking for help. If he doesn't pass the second test the clan will have no choice but to exile him for a certain period." Minato explained.

"I know. I'm tired, we'll talk to Naruto in the morning." Kushina said as they walked out from the kitchen, they were none the wiser to notice Naruto left 5 seconds right after they ended the conversation in silence.

As the boy walked down the street to leave the compound his thoughts were on the last part of the conversation.

'They were talking about the clan exams. But why should we all be able to take them? You can only take the real test unless you're a genin.' Naruto thought to himself and guessed it was because he and his siblings were the children of the two most powerful ninja in the village and clan heads.

As the blonde made his way past the Naka river, he noticed that a fireball was being released out towards the water. Blinking in confusion, Naruto silently made his way closer only to see it was the same boy he saw earlier, Sasuke.

'Hunh? What is Sasuke doing out here so late? The whole village is sleep! Well except for me…but still!' Naruto thought before he decided to make himself known.

"You know, casting fire jutsu's like that in the middle of the night can alert Anbu." Naruto spoke up alarming Sasuke as he jumped and threw a kunai at him.

Naruto however moved his head towards the right, allowing it to fly by. The blonde and raven haired boy heard the thunk sound the kunai made.

"Pretty cool throw. Been practicing?" Naruto asked. However Sasuke stared blankly at Naruto.

"What do you want Namikaze?" Sasuke wondered. Naruto wanted to glare at Sasuke for the reference but kept calm, as he knew no one besides himself really knew he disliked being called that name.

Uzumaki he could deal with on some level but never would he want to be referred to as a Namikaze.

"Well I was on my way to train, but I saw you out here." Naruto answered coolly. Sasuke raised a eyebrow and noticed Naruto's attire.

"You train?" The Uchiha asked, earning a nod from Naruto.

"Yup, I got to be ready for the real world soon. So Sasuke, what are you doing out here?" Naruto asked. Sasuke looked away before he took a deep breath.

"I'm starting my training." Sasuke stated. Now it was Naruto's turn to raise a brow.

"Wait, why would you want to train at night when you have a family that can help you?" Naruto asked.

"I can ask the same for you." Sasuke shot back, earning a grunt from Naruto.

"Touché." The blonde muttered earning a victorious smirk from the Uchiha.

"To answer you're question. I'm training now because I want to surprise onee-chan and Tou-san. By training I can gain fathers approval and Onee-chan can be proud of me as well." Sasuke stated.

"And what about Mikoto-chan?" Naruto asked, gaining a confused look from Sasuke, not knowing he was familiar with the Uchiha family.

Naruto knew Mikoto and Sasuke's older sister, Izumi on a personal level. After all he was to be married to her when he became chunin after all, however only he, Mikoto, Izumi, and Naruto's parents knew this.

"I'm asking what about her? Why is Izumi-chan and Fugaku so important? Mikoto should count as well don't you think? I mean she is your mother. I would give anything to have the same love and affection Mikoto gives you from my own mother." Naruto scowled slightly.

"What are you talking about? You are the son of the Fourth Hokage and Kenjutsu legend, the Red death! I'm pretty sure they love you very much." Sasuke stated, earning a glare from Naruto.

"Appearances mean nothing. Just because they have those said titles doesn't mean anything. That's all they are, titles. You are able to have a mother who loves you and Izumi equally, unconditionally, is fantastic." Naruto smiled before it turned into a frown.

"I can't remember the last time my mother ever gave me a hug, I can't even remember if she ever did. Everything is about Menma and Mito! 'Ooh Mito-chan did this today! Naruto did you see Menma-kun? Why can't you be more like them?' GRAH!" Naruto roared in anger.

After calming his anger down a bit the blonde took a deep breath and looked at Sasuke.

"Basically what I'm trying to say is, don't forget about Miko-chan. Because she will have you're back the most. Anyway, good luck with your training." Naruto turned and waved.

As he walked away, Sasuke noticed the look of loneliness and unrestrained anger in Naruto's eyes.

Sasuke himself possessed the same eyes. Just like Naruto he was lonely, he didn't have many friends, and if he did they were all fake, only to say they were friends with the Uchiha clan heads kid.

He guessed that's why Naruto always shot down friend requests from their classmates in school. Naruto knew they were just trying to use him to get closer to Menma or Mito, maybe even meet his famed parents.

Sasuke also had the same anger. Maybe not to the full extent like Naruto, but anger nonetheless. Anger, that he was only seen as Izumi's younger brother, not Sasuke Uchiha.

The Uchiha knew he would always be in Izumi's shadow, there was almost nothing he could do to get out, except to shine brighter than her.

'Did you know Sasuke that your sister activated Sharingan at 7 years old and mastered it at nine?' He remembered an elder ask.

'Sasuke! Tell Izumi-chan I said congratulations on becoming Anbu captain at such a young age, say, when are you going to activate your Sharingan?' That was something one of his clansmen asked.

'You see Sasuke? Izumi is the perfect example to follow. Instead of goofing off, you should be just like her!' And that was something his father told him not that long ago.

"Wait!" Sasuke called as Naruto was about to step off the dock. The blonde blinked and turned towards Sasuke who took a deep breath and looked at him with determination.

"Do you mind if I train with you?" Sasuke asked. Naruto blinked a couple of times before he nodded with a small smile.

"Sure. Come on, I'll show you my favorite training spot." Naruto grinned as he ran off with a smiling Sasuke behind him.

Not to far away on top of a tree was a shadowy figure. The person smiled as they watched Naruto and Sasuke leave before they disappeared.

Later, 7:47 A.M

After training all night with Sasuke, the two decided to go back to their compounds and get ready for the uselessness that was the academy.

During the night, Naruto had Sasuke work on building his stamina for future references while, he himself practiced the little Kenjutsu Kata's he knew. The blonde knew he would have to find a teacher soon if he wanted to be proficient in the future.

If no one would teach him, then his very last option would have to be his mother which he wouldn't be looking forward too if that ever were to happen.

The blonde simply unlocked the door and walked inside the house and was headed upstairs to his room until he saw the rest of his family sitting down, waiting for him.

Menma and Mito were sitting on the couch, ready for school while Kushina sat not to far away and Minato leaned against the wall close to the kitchen.

His parents were looking very sternly at him as if he did something wrong. The young boy blinked before his eyes darted between both his parents, before speaking.

"What is this? Some kind of intervention?" Naruto snorted in amusement. Minato narrowed his eyes at Naruto as he started asking questions.

"Where have you been?" Minato demanded. Naruto gave him a look, almost as if he wanted to slap him.

"I was out, training." Naruto stated. Menma rolled his eyes while Kushina gave a small grunt.

"You're telling us that you have been gone all night on a school night? Doing your so called 'training'?" Kushina asked. Naruto then pointed an annoyed look at her.

The boy ran a hand through his hair as he took a calming deep breath.

"I don't have time for this." Naruto muttered as he made his way upstairs. But Minato wasn't done with the conversation, but before he could even get a word out he heard a door slam, most likely Naruto's.

"Damn what is with that boy?" Minato grumbled. Kushina sighed as she stood up.

"Mito-chan, Menma-kun, does Naruto have any friends at school? Someone he hangs out with?" Kushina asked. Menma snorted in amusement, muttering something.

Mito gave her brother a pointed look before looking back at her mother and shaking her head.

"None at all Kaa-san. Nii-chan, doesn't even speak the whole time." Mito informed.

"Yeah! He just sits in his seat and glares at the teacher all day. I would personally get bored and fall asleep but he doesn't even do that." Menma added.

"Well do the other kids try to be his friend?" Minato wondered with a curious look. Once again Menma snorted in amusement while Mito gave him the same pointed look.

"All the time, but he just either ignores them, glares at them, or tells them to get the fuck out of his face." Menma stated.

"Menma, language." Kushina scolded. Mito shook her head.

"No Kaa-san, Nii-chan actually says get the fuck out of his face. And that's not even the worst of it. Sometimes when people annoy him to much he beats them to a pulp." Mito explained while Menma laughed.

"Yeah! This one time, Kiba challenged Naruto to a fight, but Naruto said get out of his face and to leave him alone. However Kiba didn't like that and kept bugging him, saying how he was chicken and would never be as good as him." Menma then started laughing harder.

"And then, Naruto got up and demanded Kiba to say that to his face. Kiba sneered at him and said it right before he went flying back, crashing against Iruka-sensei's desk. Then Naruto out of nowhere was right above Kiba, starting to beat the living day lights out of him." Menma laughed.

Minato and Kushina were horrified when they heard this, wondering how come they weren't notified of this.

"Oh and he is also really mean to Hinata and the other girls that are after him. I swear, bro's a chick magnet." Menma smirked while Mito rolled her eyes.

A few seconds after Naruto came down the stairs fully dressed in different attire.

The blonde was wearing a Orange high collared short sleeved shirt, with black sweats and shinobi sandals, a black pair of goggles around his neck.

Naruto grabbed his orange and black backpack of the hook and put his arms through before he walked out the house.

"There he goes again." Menma muttered to himself as he got up from the couch along with Mito. He grabbed his yellow and black bag while Mito grabbed her red and black bag.

"Hold on kids, I'll walk you guys to the academy." Minato offered while Kushina raised a brow. After giving her a message with his eyes she nodded before saying goodbye to her children.

Naruto walked down the street with his hands in his pockets and a bored look on his face. Behind him were his siblings and father who was greeting the populace with a warm smile.

The group made it to the academy where the other kids were out socializing with each other. Menma said goodbye to his father before he ran over to greet his friends, which consisted of Shikamaru, Chouji and Kiba.

Mito also said goodbye to her father before joining her own friends as well, which were, Sakura, Ino and Hinata, along with some of Naruto's fangirls.

Minato chuckled as he watched the future generation, but his eye caught on to Naruto who walked passed everyone. He knew the boy would go inside to wait for class to start and watched him do so.

With a look in his eye, he turned and left for the office.


The school bell rang, informing the kids school was over. They all burst out from the door running to go home. The last to come out were the Namikaze siblings.

"Man, was it me or was Iruka-sensei more boring then usual?" Menma grumbled. Mito rolled her eyes while Naruto kept silent.

"I wonder what Kaa-san is making for dinner. I hope it's beef." Mito commented. Menma scoffed.

"No way, I bet it's chicken!" Menma commented, drooling at the thought of his favorite dish of chicken. Mito shook her head with a sigh and turned to her older brother.

"What do you think Nii-chan?" She asked, trying to engage him in the conversation. Naruto kept silent before he stopped and looked towards the sky.

"It matters not, as I will not be eating with you." Naruto stated coolly, gaining an annoyed look from Menma and a confused one from Mito.

"What do you mean?" Mito wondered. Naruto turned around and began walking towards his training ground.

Mito frowned at being ignored and the cold shoulder she received from her Aniki. Menma noticed his sisters shift in attitude and tried cheering her up. Key word, tried.

"Ah who cares about him anyway? With him gone we'll be able to have more food anyway! Come on." Menma ordered as he walked home.

Mito stared after Naruto before sighing and following Menma.

Once Naruto made sure he was alone he dug into his backpack and pulled out his training gear. While he did that his ear twitched, in response he spoke.

"I didn't think you would show up." Naruto commented as he dug through his bag, pulling out what he needed.

"Are you kidding? Just because you're training was intense doesn't mean I'm not going to come anymore. If I keep training like this and more, in the next few years I'll be just as powerful as Onee-chan." Sasuke stated as he revealed himself.

"Well I think it will be possible but you have a lesser chance of that happening." Naruto stated, gaining a confused look from Sasuke.

The blonde noticed his confusion and elaborated.

"What I mean is Sasuke, is that as time passes, people get stronger or weaker depending on who they are. By the time we become genin, I'm almost positive Izumi-chan will be a kage level ninja." Naruto said.

"So I'm guessing is that if you keep up with this training and add more to it, in a few years you will be as strong as Izumi is now currently, maybe a bit higher." Naruto shrugged.

"Oh yeah? And what about you smart guy? How strong do you think you will be?" Sasuke smirked as Naruto finished tying his bandages around his legs and arms.

"Well, skill is great and all but what really counts in battle is experience. We will never be able to win great battles if we have no experience. I plan on earning that by the time I become a genin at 13." Naruto informed.

"How do you mean?" Sasuke asked with furrowed brows. The blonde was silent before he continued, while he started punching the post for a warm up.

"You see, my goal is to become super powerful. Sure I'll have jutsu and skills but I need experience. And at the age I am now, and how guarded Konoha is, I won't be able to have that till I become a genin." Naruto started as Sasuke nodded and started putting on his gear as well.

"In my clan, all children at the age of 10 are to take exam if you will. This exam allows the clan to see where you are currently at in you're skills. If the clan heads and the elders don't like what they see, they will give you a warning." Naruto continued as he gave the post a two hit combo.

"There is a second test which you take right when you are a genin. If you fail that test then you are exiled from the clan for a certain point to build your skills. After that time period is over, there is a test to redeem your self." Naruto stated as he added a kick to his combo.

Sasuke paid close attention as he started his warm up as well, setting up next to Naruto.

"If you pass that test you are welcome back into the clan but are put under intense training to keep you within the clan. However if you fail, you are no longer a clan member and are disgrace to the clan." Naruto informed as he delivered a round kick.

"So you are forced to take this test at 10?" Sasuke asked, earning a shake of the head from Naruto.

"My siblings and I will not, other children, will be. We are forced to take the test much younger since we are children of the clan heads and must be strong and a good example for the clan. We have to take the test in two weeks, the day after our birthday." Naruto informed.

"The final test is when we are ten years old. I plan on failing both of them." Naruto stated, finally breaking the log. Sasuke's eyes bugged out of his head in surprise before looking at Naruto.

"What? Why would you do that? I know for a fact you are much stronger than Mito and Menma, and probably any other kid our age. Why would you want to fail?" Sasuke wondered.

"I would fail because of three reasons. The first reason is, I can't stand that clan what so ever. The second reason is, to gain experience and become stronger outside of these walls. The third reason is, to explore the world and learn new things to add under my belt." Naruto shrugged.

"Wait, how come you are allowed to leave the village?" Sasuke asked while Naruto answered.

"That's because of two reasons. The first one is, I am exiled from the clan for a certain time, making me not a member of the clan. Second reason is, because I am a civilian and not a Konoha ninja. Which means, I'm able to do as I please. Not being attached to a clan or a village has its perks." Naruto smirked.

"Okay, then what about the reediming exam? Don't you have to take that?" Sasuke asked as Naruto started doing his push ups.

"Yes I do. Usually the time a member is exiled is three years, which gives me enough time to do what I need and come back to dominate." Naruto answered with a smirk.

Sasuke was surprised as he went through Naruto's plan. It sounded perfect and well played out. After he was done training on the post he got to his pushups while Naruto was on his 25th.

"So do you know what these exams are?" Sasuke asked. Naruto nodded.

"Yes. There are three parts to this exam. The first is to show you are able to use the clan techniques with ease. The second is an endurance test which is picked randomly every time. The third test is to go up against one of you're siblings but if you don't have any then you are to go up against a genin level kid." Naruto explained.

"The ones that matter the most are the last two. The second test is for future events. If you are ever captured and you are tortured for information, you can endure so you won't give up such value. The third is just to see how strong you are and how well you can handle a battle." The blonde finished.

Sasuke nodded as Naruto continued doing his push ups. Silence ensued around them before Sasuke broke it.

"So what are you going to do for you're training?" Sasuke wondered. Naruto was silent as he was thinking of an answer. After a few minutes he spoke.

"I'm going to find a teacher who won't mind teaching me. It will most likely be Izumi or Mikoto-chan." Naruto stated while Sasuke's eyes widened.

"What? You can't do that! If Kaa-san and Onee-chan find out about my training then it won't be a surprise!" Sasuke warned. Naruto grunted as he continued his warm up.

"That sounds like a personal problem then. It's not me who has a problem with Mikoto and Izumi know of my training, its you Sasuke. I am willing to do almost anything to increase my training, even go to Kushina for help." Naruto stated.

"And what is it that you won't do?" Sasuke asked.

"I refuse to ask that bastard Minato, or any of his lacky's for help. That goes for Kakashi, and everyone else that I know of who has a deep connection with him." Naruto answered.

Sasuke was confused. If Naruto didn't want to learn from anybody who had deep connections with Minato, then why was he willing to learn from the person who had the deepsest connection from?

Naruto sensed Sasuke's confusion and spoke up.

"Kushina is my very last resort. And the only reason I am even considering her is because she has her usefulness. First thing is, she is stronger than Minato in many ways. Second, she is an Uzumaki which is probably the only clan I will side with, meaning she will be able to teach me powerful clan techniques." Naruto explained.

Sasuke nodded in understanding as Naruto stood up, finishing his push ups while he himself finished with the post. With a sigh Naruto stretched and started his 10 laps around the village.

Thoughts on how to improve his training were racing through his head. He wanted to learn, Fuin, Ken, Nin, and Taijutsu. The blonde knew he really didn't have the power to use jutsu yet, as he needed to gain a decent grip on his chakra control, so Ninjutsu was going to have to wait.

Fuinjutsu would take months and probably years to understand just to be able to create his own seals, and learning from the book would be no help so he would have to learn from either, Minato, Jiraiya, or Kushina.

As he said before, he would never learn from Minato. Jiraiya pissed him off as well so that wouldn't work, so the only option was Kushina.

Kenjutsu was something he could only get so far with before he needed a teacher and that time was getting really close. He figured he could ask Izumi for help but she was busy with being captain. And he didn't want to ask Kushina unless he had no choice.

So that meant he would either need to ask one of the Tokubetsu jonin known as Yugao Uzuki and Gekkyou Hayate. They were proficient in Kenjutsu, the both of them, with their respective unique styles.

But that would have to wait as well. Not as long as Nin and Fuinjutsu but would have to wait.

So that meant the only thing he could work on by himself and improve before he would need a teacher would be Taijutsu. Naruto already mastered the Whirlpool fist and Storm quake, both Taijutsu styles of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan.

The blonde was currently working on two projects for his Taijutsu. He was trying to find a way to combine the two styles into one while learning the Gouken which is a specialty to the Konoha Taijutsu specialist, Might Gai.

As the boy ran his laps he was pondering on the Taijutsu specialist. Gai was…strange to say the least, and very eccentric. Naruto only met the man once and that was a awkward meeting for him.

Naruto could tell Gai loved Konoha with his being but held no sort of resentment toward him or what he possessed. Naruto saw Gai as a possible teacher for Taijutsu. But he would only go to Gai when he had a tight grip on what he was trying to do.

With a sigh, the blonde boy continued running his laps.

Namikaze-Uzumaki household

Kushina was cooking dinner in the kitchen when she heard the front door open and close, while also recognizing her youngest children's chakra signatures. However she didn't sense Naruto's abnormally high chakra signature.

Getting curious, Kushina got to a point in her cooking when she would be able to leave unattended. Taking off her apron she walked into the living room where she saw Menma taking off his shoes and Mito hanging up her backpack.

"Hey Kaa-san!" Menma grinned while Kushina smiled back at him. Mito waved with a smile on her face as well. Kushina gave them both a grin before looking around and then up the stairs before looking towards the two kids.

"Where is Naruto?" She wondered. Menma grunted as he took off his sandal and Mito just sighed.

"Nii-chan left somewhere." Mito answered. Kushina frowned before she spoke up.

"Did he say where?" Kushina questioned. Menma was the one to answer this time, standing up.

"Nope. He just said he wasn't eating with us in this cold tone and walked off. Who cares anyway, more food for us." Menma smirked while Kushina seemed in thought.

'Where could he be going off to? He knows that we have dinner, which he has been skipping these last couple of days. Is he even eating? More importantly, what is he doing?' Kushina thought.

"What's with the deep look?" Minato asked as he walked into the house from work. Kushina snapped out of her thoughts before speaking.

"You're eldest is nowhere to be seen. He left these two after school was over; you have an Idea to where he could be?" Kushina asked getting a shake of the head from her husband.

"Nope. But I'm sure he still within the village. How about this, if he isn't back by lets say after dinner then I'll have Anbu go looking for him, okay?" Minato asked.

Kushina thought about it before nodding in response before she left to finish dinner. Minato sighed before he sat down on the couch. He looked towards his children and spoke up.

"Menma, Mito, were going to have to up you guy's training." Minato told them getting a curious look from them both.

"How come Tou-san?" Mito asked. Minato answered her with a small frown.

"Because after your 8th birthday you are going to have to take the clan exam. I want you two to pass with flying colors." Minato informed, earning a determined nod from Menma.

However Mito seemed a bit worried mixed with confusion.

"What about Naruto-nii? Will his training start as well?" Mito asked in concern for her brother. Menma glanced at her before looking towards his father who seemed annoyed.

"I have no clue about your ever distant brother. I have offered to train him many times after you two got into the flow of things but he just glares at me and refuses. I don't understand." Minato muttered.

Mito nodding, remembering the last time her father offered Naruto to training. What he says is true. All her older brother does is glare at Minato then just walks off with a cold no.

"Well maybe Aniki doesn't want to train with you. It could be he would like Kaa-san to train him instead." Mito shrugged. Minato thought about it in silence while Kushina also thought about it since she was listening in the conversation.

That might be true but the two weren't sure. It was true only Minato would offer to train him since they both though any kid would dream to have training from the fourth Hokage but apparently not, since their own child refuses him every single time.

But then again, why would Naruto want to train with Kushina anyway? He treats her just the same as he treats Minato. But said red headed woman noticed the slight difference on how Naruto treats her and then how he treats Minato.

He treats Minato like he is shit on the bottom of his shoe. That it would be a waste to learn or plain talking to him.

But with her he treats her almost the same way but it's almost like he's…disappointed, in her. Kushina doesn't know why that would be the case. She's beautiful, incredibly strong, smart, and married to the strongest Kage in history.

What was there to be disappointed at?

Kushina and Minato were in their own little worlds during dinner leaving small conversation to the two children that actually cared about them.

Menma gave Mito an annoyed look, causing her to raise an eye brow in confusion.

"What?" She asked. Menma snorted in amusement.

"You know what. Thanks to you mentioning Naruto to them, now they are in their own world. It's so awkward not having conversation during dinner. But not as awkward when Naruto actually is here having dinner." Menma muttered, shuddering at the thought.

Mito rolled her eyes at her younger brother, he was being too dramatic. Sure it was a bit awkward at dinner when her Aniki was here but it felt right, and it's something she cherished since he only came to eat at the table maybe once every two weeks.

It was a wonder to her on how her parents could let that happen. They just let Naruto do whatever he wanted and only giving him a little scolding.

At first, Mito thought with that dark scary aura of his, her parents were afraid to actually step up to him. But after some time, she realized that her parents were strong and could take on a 6 year old kid. It was only recently that she realized her parents didn't care enough about Naruto to scold him as much as they would scold her and Menma.

It was actually sad to her. It was as if she was the only one who wanted Naruto to be with them so they could be a real family.

Menma seemed a bit jealous of Naruto for whatever reason, her father didn't really seem to care about Naruto that much seeing as he held the weakest link to Kyuubi, while her mother was…confusing, to say the least.

She didn't really know who her mother felt towards Naruto that much. It was as if she cared and didn't care at times. Sometimes Mito would see the fear and worry in her mothers eyes that she didn't see in her fathers when it came to Naruto.

But it was as if, when her father made a decision she didn't care anymore and just followed him. Mito felt as if she was getting close to understanding her mother but then again felt so far away. Maybe it would be all explained to her in the near future.

She hoped it would.

Two weeks later, October tenth, 5:37 p.m

For the past two weeks things have been pretty normal for the Namikaze family. And by normal, it means, Naruto being as cold as usual to his family and missing for hours before coming back home.

However as much as the blonde wanted to go continue training, he couldn't. Why? Because today was the annual anniversary of Kyuubi's defeat.

The festival was supposed to start at six but the head family of the Namikaze clan wouldn't be making it till 7 or so since they were supposed to have clans get together, which meant everyone had to dress up.

Everyone except Naruto. Why? Because he didn't dress up, it wasn't his style.

Instead the boy opted to wear Black Hakama pants, a white long sleeve zip up jacket with black lining (*). He also chose to wear close toed flat black boots.

The blonde boy was currently leaning against the wall closest to the door ready to leave with his arms crossed and eyes closed. Naruto never had a choice in the matter of going to these, in his opinion, useless stupid parties.

Throughout the whole year or so, this was actually the first time his parents were adamant on him doing. It was mandatory much to his ire, that's why every year since he could remember, he was more cold and easier to set off than usual.

The boy also had to watch his back, his front, his sides, above and even below on this particular night. This was when the villagers would be bold enough to actually attack him. He couldn't really use the Hokage's son excuse card, because all he was to more than half of the villagers was Kyuubi incarnate, not the Kyuubi boy.

"Really again? Why can't you just dress up for once?" Kushina muttered as she walked in the room wearing a sky blue Kimono with red Uzumaki spirals adorned on it. Her hair was in two buns on each side of her head with a senbon ran through them and sealing tags hanging off the buns.

She nearly looked like an exact copy of Mito Uzumaki.

Naruto just ignored her, not in the grunting mood like usual. Kushina mentally sighed as she realized Naruto ignored her, but her attention was brought to her other two children who walked out.

Mito wore a red kimono with blue Uzumaki spirals, while Menma wore a dark navy blue male Kimono. Minato came out a few seconds later wearing a black male kimono as well.

Naruto peeked an eye open before standing straight and walking out the door, ready to get this over with. With a sigh, the rest of the family left, following Naruto.

This year the clans were to meet at the Hyuuga estate. Last year it was the Namikaze estate which Naruto liked since he could just stay in his room all day when he got home from the academy.

The 5 entered the Hyuuga compound after getting passed the gates and were walking towards the main house. Once they entered, the family was greeted to the sight of standing and conversation forms of the other clans and their members.

It wasn't that long when Menma left with Kiba to find Shikamaru and Chouji. Mito found Sakura and left to go find the other girls, leaving Naruto with his parents. A few seconds or so after Mito left, Hiashi walked up to Minato with a small grin.

"Minato, so nice to see you could make it." Hiashi greeted, earning a bow from Minato and Kushina. Naruto just gave a curt nod to the Hyuuga leader who gave a nod back.

"Hiashi-sama, will it be alright for me to use the training grounds?" Naruto asked, earning a raised brow from Hiashi and confused looks from the boy's parents.

"Naruto, now isn't the time to do your so called training." Minato informed with a small glare, however Naruto's was anything but. It seemed the boy was about to tell Minato off when Hiashi quickly broke in.

"It's okay Minato. Go ahead Naruto, I believe Sasuke is back there as well." Hiashi informed. Naruto's glare at Minato turned into a raised eye brow as he looked at Hiashi. Nodding and thanking Hiashi, the blonde left.

The boy's parents watched him leave and gave a small sigh before they engaged in conversation with the other adults.

As Naruto walked out to the training grounds he could here the thunks of wood. Once he entered the grounds he could see Sasuke doing a routine of punches and kicks on the training dummies.

"Didn't expect you to be here so soon." Sasuke spoke up as he felt Naruto's presence since he entered the compound. Naruto was actually quite impressed with that.

Since Sasuke started training with him, the two have gotten closer than they ever thought they would. Naruto actually saw Sasuke as a friend instead of someone to test his strength against. Naruto now was actually glad he talked to Sasuke that night or he might be even more bitter than he already was.

"Me too, but it seemed they wanted to get here early. So what's up?" Naruto asked as he sat on the top of a dummies shoulders. Sasuke gave a shrug as he delivered a punch.

The boy was dressed in a male Kimono as well, but gave him more breathing room than anything, allowing him to actually do what he was currently doing.

"So when did you get here?" Naruto wondered. Sasuke answered after regaining his breath.

"About an hour ago, been doing this ever since. The Inuzuka, Haruno, Nara and Yamanaka's are here." Sasuke stated. Naruto nodded as he realized that when he walked his way over here.

The two were wrapped in blissful silence except for Sasuke's repeating thunks on the dummie. It wasn't until the two felt another being's presence nearby.

Just knowing that another being was close was as far as Sasuke got while Naruto was more experienced in reading chakra signatures and was able to break it down.

The being was human and had the small yet firm chakra reserves of a female. Whoever the person was was probably about the same age as them if not a bit younger, but definitely not older.

Naruto could also sense chakra being concentrated in a certain area which was the eyes. And guessing where he currently was, Naruto figured it was a Hyuuga, most likely the girl who tried stalking him all the time, Hinata Hyuuga.

"Come out or pay the consequences." Naruto muttered coldly, making the person jump revealing them to be behind the bushes. A few seconds later Hinata came out of the bushes with a light blush on her face.

The girl was wearing a white Kimono with lavender rose petals around and about.

Naruto gazed at her with a cold gaze before dimissing her like she was just a pesky fly. Sasuke glanced at her for a bit before he returned back to hitting the post.

"H-hi N-na…"

"Is there something you need of me girl?" Naruto cut her off, his voice still cold yet his eyes were gazing up into the stars. Hinata flinched from hearing the tone of his voice.

Sasuke glanced at his friend, wondering why he was being so cold to Hinata more than usual. However before he could ponder more and Hinata could answer, their heads were turned to the left when they heard Ino call out Hinata's name.

As Ino came from the bushes, Mito and Sakura did as well. It wasn't that long after when Kiba, Menma and Shikamaru came from the right.

After Ino and Sakura spotted Sasuke and Naruto they both blushed lightly while Kiba growled in annoyance and Shikamaru rolled his eyes. Naruto glanced at each on of them before he gazed back to the stars.

"Hinata, where have you been? We've been looking all over for you." Mito informed getting a small apology from Hinata. Naruto gave a small unnoticeable glare at her before looking back to the sky.

"So Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun, what are you two doing out here by yourselves?" Ino asked with a smile. Sasuke grunted while Naruto remained silent. After no answer Kiba growled louder.

"Would you stop growling? You are starting to sound like an actual mutt." Naruto grumbled, causing Kiba to stumble a bit before the boy glared at Naruto.

"Why you!" Kiba was about to lunge at Naruto when Menma held him back.

"Come on guys lets not fight, this is a party, we should be having fun." Mito stated, trying to calm Kiba down. Sakura smiled with a nod, adding her two cents.

"Yeah, were all friends right?" Sakura grinned before she heard a snort. Everyone then looked towards Naruto who was shaking his head.

"Friends? We are not friends. The only friend I have here is Sasuke; the rest of you can kick rocks for all I care. I don't make friends with a mutt, a lazy ass, an annoying big fore headed girl, a stalking stuttering, blue haired monkey." Naruto listed off, glaring at said kids.

"I have no choice but to deal with Mito and Menma since unfortunately, are my siblings. And Ino? No comment. I have Nothing bad, but nothing good to say either." Naruto muttered to himself but everyone still heard him.

"Oh, yeah? What about Choji and Shino?!" Kiba demanded as he was being held back by Menma once more.

"Choji is just a fat ass who needs to know when to stop. I have nothing against Shino. He doesn't bother me, I don't bother him. Plain and simple. However I can't say the same for the rest of you losers." Naruto sneered.

Kiba finally snapped and shook off Menma before charging at Naruto who got off his seat.

Apparently some of the adults heard Kiba's battle cry and rushed to see what was going on, only to see Naruto easily catch Kiba's punch. Twisting his arm a bit Naruto had his other hand grasp onto Kiba's arm, and threw him over his head with ease.

Kiba went tumbling the ground in a mess, groaning in pain. The other kids besides Sasuke and Hinata left to go see if he was okay. Naruto simply just patted the dirt off his clothes before his attention was regretfully given to Hinata who started to speak.

"N-Naruto-k-kun, w-why wo-would you do t-that to K-Kiba?" Hinata asked before Naruto snapped at her.

"Would you please stop stuttering?! It's annoying! How am I supposed to hear you clearly if you speak so low and not straight? Speak up!" Naruto glared at her, making her jump every time he raised his voice.

"To answer your idiotic question, Hinata, I did what I did to the baka because he tried attacking me and needed to find a way to get him to shut his mouth and know his place." Naruto growled.

"That's enough Naruto." Mito said. Naruto turned his glare to his sister making her tense a bit.

"What do you want? If it's to get her out of my face then hurry and do so." Naruto spat before turning around. However he spun back around and had his hand cover up his face, catching the rock that was thrown at him and crushed it into dust.

Naruto's eyes glared into his younger brother who was glaring just as hard. Sasuke stepped up beside Naruto, ready to fight with him if need be. He wanted to test his strength against someone besides Naruto anyway.

"Is there a reason to why you threw that, Menma?" Naruto asked harshly, noticing how the adults weren't moving, intent on watching the squabble.

"There was no reason for you to hurt Kiba and talk to Hinata-chan like that! Why must you always be a jerk to everyone?! We are at a party to have fun and celebrate out birthday! Must you ruin it?!" Menma demanded.

Naruto scowled in response before glaring towards Minato and Kushina who were watching in interest, but would step in if need be.

"It wasn't I who chose to come here. It was those foolish people you and Mito call parents who decided for me. I had no choice in the matter what so ever." Naruto informed.

"Why did you call them foolish? They are you're parents as well!" Mito stated, standing next to Menma. Naruto growled as he realized the two were trying to defy him.

"You both are testing my patience, step down." Naruto ordered. Menma snorted while Mito shook her head.

"That's enough of this, Come on you three lets go home." Minato stated before Naruto's fierce glare was set on him now.

"Home? HOME?! What are you talking about?! I have no god damn HOME! That place you call home and this idiotic village can burn to the ground for all I care! I hate you, Kushina, and these two dolts as well!" Naruto yelled pointing to each and every one.

Naruto was going to continue when he paused, in his own thoughts now. After about 2 seconds he took a deep breath and just glared at them all.

"Forget it, I don't need to explain myself to a bunch of idiots. I don't argue with fools." Naruto sneered before he turned away and walked off with a passing glance to Sasuke.

The young Uchiha nodded to Naruto as he watched Kushina run to catch up with Naruto while Minato checked on Kiba and the other kids. After handling everything he and the youngest of the Namikaze family left for the house. The birthday party would be starting soon.

"Naruto!" Kushina called as she chased after him, but the boy wouldn't acknowledge her, instead he just kept walking. Kushina was now getting angry from being ignored.

But then she stopped and thought about it. What was there to say to him? All he would do was most likely glare, grunt or just plain ignore her. Kushina watched as Naruto walked towards the Namikaze clan without looking back.

With somber eyes she watched her oldest walk away from her like she was never there or ever chasing him. Her thoughts were cut off when she heard Minato call her from behind.

Looking back Kushina saw her husband and youngest kids walk up to her and watch Naruto's retreating form. After a few minutes of silence they continued on, they still had a party to set up.

The eldest of the triplets, was currently leaning against a wall watching Mito and Menma open up gifts. It has only been an hour since they left the Hyuuga compound and now the house was swamped with guests.

The blonde watched as his godparents gave the slug and toad contract to the two children. Mito was given the slug while Menma was given the toad contract which they were really grateful for.

Snorting in amusement, Naruto turned his head away to gaze at the full moon. Ever since he was little he always enjoyed gazing at the moon, it's what truly calmed him down. He just felt so safe under its presence, and a bit more powerful.

"Naruto-kun." The blonde's thoughts were put on pause when he heard the soft delicate voice of the supposed clan heiress of the Uchiha, Izumi.

The boy turned his head towards Izumi, switching his gaze to her form.

She was about 5'9 or so and looked almost exactly like Mikoto Uchiha. She had long dark raven colored hair, tied into a single ponytail, and two strands framing the side of her face. She had light nearly olive colored skin, with pure black onyx eyes.

Izumi's form was slender yet shapely for someone of her age. She was currently wearing a navy blue Kimono.

"Izumi-chan, how are you doing?" Naruto asked with a small smile, causing her to give one as well.

"I'm doing well Naruto-kun. I came to wish you a happy birthday, and to give you a gift." Izumi said as she revealed what was behind her back.

Naruto was surprised to see a medium sized Uchiha scroll. The emblem was stamped on it but the colors were different. The top of the fan was fire red while the bottom was sky blue.

Seeing his raised brow, Izumi explained.

"It's a scroll filled with two jutsu I created myself. One is a fire and the other is water. I hope you will be able to use these in the future." Izumi said with a small smirk. Naruto nodded and took the scroll, sealing it away for later.

After he was done with that he pulled Izumi into a hug which she happily returned. After pulling away Naruto spoke first.

"Where is Mikoto-chan and Sasuke?" Naruto wondered. Izumi answered with a small smile on her lips.

"Mother is talking with Kushina-sama, Sasuke is with father, watching the two open their gifts." Naruto nodded in response as he quickly spotted them all.

It was then when Naruto tuned into the conversation that he began to leave with a one last thank you and quick hug to Izumi before leaving. The Uchiha girl wondered what was wrong when she saw Mito stand with the toad scroll in her hands and leave to follow Naruto.

The blonde boy couldn't go too far. The farthest he got was the porch in the backyard before Mito was standing behind him.

"Aniki, Pervy granddad wanted me to give this to you." Mito stated holding out the toad summoning scroll. Naruto glanced back at her and scowled before he turned back forward.

"I don't need his scroll, his or your pity. Just be gone with you." Naruto ordered a bit harshly. Mito flinched before she sighed and set down the scroll. Stepping a bit closer she spoke up.

"Why are you so cold to me all the time? All I have ever wanted from you was to be part of the family, so we could be happy. Why do you push me away?" Mito wondered.

"I clearly see you're efforts in trying to bring me closer to the family, and I don't appreciate it. I am cold to both you and Menma because you support those two. I never want to be part of you're family, why should I sacrifice myself to make you happy?" Naruto asked.

"Because I'm you're sister! You're supposed to care, love and support me! It doesn't matter what you do, I will always be you're sister!" Mito shouted.

"Being my sister means nothing to me!" Naruto shouted back causing her to freeze as she felt a dark suffocating power coming from Naruto.

"We are only bonded together because we have the same biological parents, nothing more. Unlike me, you and Menma follow the Namikaze ideals, not even the Uzumaki, but the Namikaze." Naruto scowled.

"What are you talking about? Kaa-san is an Uzumaki, she follows…"

"You are misguided, Mito. Kushina has been a Namikaze since Minato made his first wrong choice about me and followed. The Namikaze only care about power and the good of the clan. Yes they are talented, but that's it, no other redeeming qualities." Naruto explained.

"The Uzumaki however are a different story. They are talented as well, kind and merciless when needed to be, but most of all…" Naruto slowly turned around to glare right into the eyes of Kushina.

She, Minato and Menma were standing by the door, right behind Mito. Tsunade and Jiraiya were behind them as well.

"They don't ever abandon their family." Naruto stated with a tone of finality.

Kushina's eye's widened in shock and disbelief, while Mito and Menma were confused. Minato narrowed his eyes at Naruto while Jiraiya and Tsunade were nearly just as confused as Mito and Menma.

"W-what are you talking about?" Mito demanded while Naruto kept silent, his glare fixed on Kushina. It wasn't until Mito shouted his name that it was then switched on her.

"The Uzumaki clan never abandoned their family for anything. Not for power, not for the village, nothing. The Uzumaki cared about their family and sticking as a family and was only as strong as their weakest link. However this ideal is beyond concept to the Namikaze clan." Naruto informed.

Naruto closed his eyes, crossed his arms and walked away. He didn't want to stay up explaining things to a bunch of people not worth his time.

However before he walked back inside he stopped, standing right by Kushina's side.

"There is no Uzumaki clan within this village due to you being a terrible leader. But there is one Uzumaki who will be able to bring back the clan. That one, is me." Naruto stated quietly, giving a side glare at Kushina.

Although he was quiet, Minato still heard him and spoke up.

"How can you be the last Uzumaki, if you don't care for your own family?" Minato shot. Naruto however half expected this and answered.

"Because, I am not a Namikaze, therefore, you are not my family. I'll play by you're rules for now, Namikaze. But the time will come when I will play by own and you will be groveling at my feet, begging me to spare your life." Naruto told him in an icy chilling emotionless tone.

With that said, Naruto walked off to catch some sleep.

No one realized what Naruto said, was true.

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