Hey guys! It's been like a year since I last uploaded a new story and here I am trying to give myself a shot in long fanfic about my favourite RPG game, FATAL FRAME HOHOHO.

Sadly, I don't own fatal frame and its characters though I wish I was TECMO and NINTENDO does. Well here we go hope you enjoy!

Fatal Frame V: The Dark Rebirth

Settings: Five years after Fatal Frame 3.

Main Casts:

Mio Amakura - A 2nd year college Fine Arts student in Tokyo University majoring in Literature.

Saisei Yamamoto – A 4th year Philosophy student in Tokyo University and research assistant to Kei Amakura.

Sayuri Wakaba – A 2nd year college fine arts student in Tokyo University majoring in Literature.

Natsu Himekawa – A 3rd year Political Science Student in Tokyo University.

Haruki Hyuuga – A 4th year Political Science student in Tokyo University.


Miku Hinasaki – A 3rd year college Fine Arts student in Tokyo University majoring in photography and assistant to Rei Kurosawa/Amakura.

Rei Kurosawa/Amakura – A freelance photographer.

Kei Amakura – A folklorist/ non-fiction writer.


5 college students…

1 secluded island

1 forbidden ritual...

A nightmare about to be Rebirth…

5 college students went to see a certain festival that is held in a certain island where the Sakura trees blooms once every 50 years when the moon is full. But something is whispering on the night before the festival and it's not a good one. What are the secrets of the island? Importantly, will they survive the nightmare the truth bares along the way?

Author's note:

Sorry. This chapter serves as my introduction for characters. HAHA, and as you can see I have at least 4 OCs I had been working on, I hope you would accept them as the story goes on .. Again thank youu~