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Rei's POV:

Rain always reminds me of him.

Yuu, who was my deceased fiancé and the one who told me to continue living, He had always been gentle like the soft rain drops pit pattering as they fell on the ground, many people may find that calming just like him to me. I once found it hard to accept his death, constantly blaming myself for driving carelessly that night and at last, hating myself for surviving that night without him. In short, The grief I felt torments me which led me to the Manor of Sleep where I fought for my deepest nightmares, where I learned to cling for my dear life and more importantly that incident helped me find my reason for living. I met him.

"Are you cold?" I felt a light squeeze on my left hand as a smile slowly painted my lips. "Is that a yes or no? Or maybe both?" the owner of that deep, baritone voice continued as he gave my hand another squeeze.

"None of the above, maybe." I smiled as I slowly open my eyes and met those framed lovely brown ones filled with worry. Kei Amakura, a folklorist, a writer, a friend whom had helped me cope up with my life when Yuu died, the soft-spoken man who bravely fought his way to the Manor to help Miku and I break the curse and of course, my quiet husband for almost three years.

"You shouldn't have come, Rei." he finally sighed as he continued to drive the wheel of our car. I knew he really didn't want me to come with him for his research work but as a photographer I want to see the Ishikawa Island and take a shot of those undiscovered sceneries.

"I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my work with you there with me."

"Kei, you don't really have to worry about me, I can take care of myself." I gave him my sweetest smile to which he sighed in defeat. We are on our way to the boat that would take us to this not well-known island Kei is curious about. It was a bit early so we both expected a low jammed traffic so we can arrive a little earlier; luckily we are in a high way where there is not much cars.

"But I do worry about you." He said softly as his brown gaze ran from my face down to my tummy, a gesture I had already been accustomed for the past seven months. Kei unlike Yuu is like a quiet wind that would always be there to guide you in so many ways but the thing I love the most about him is that he taught me how to love again despite of all the bad things that come in our way.

"You're such a worry-wart. I hope Mio doesn't get irritated with you." I replied while placing a hand on my tummy. Kei has always been a worry-wart especially with us, Mio and Miku, his special girls as he fondly says. He slightly shrugged at me and I knew Mio does. I sighed at him saying. "She's already 20, Kei. A grown up woman if I must say."

"But not for me. Never for me, Rei." He said as he pushes the centre of his black framed glasses to the bridge of his nose then smiled. "I hate wearing this; it makes me feel so old."

"We are getting old." I replied as I slowly lean my back against the sit and close my eyes. One thing that didn't change after 5 years? I still haven't touch any steering wheel nor to drive a car itself. I guess there are just some things you can never outgrow anymore but I love the way my life had turned out, with Kei's love, Miku's
cheerfulness, Mio's thoughtfulness and now my own child's existence, I could never ask for more blessing than to let it stay that way.

"By the way Kei, have you talked to Sei about our visit there? And Mio does she kno—" What I was about to say was cut off by a loud screech from the tires, I quickly open my eyes as I felt my heartbeat faster in my chest, the sound thundered wildly in my ears as I turned to Kei, his handsome face pale as white and his hands- Oh god, his hands are frantically swerving the wheel.

"KEI, WHAT'S WRONG?" I asked in a loud commanding tone as I placed my hands protectively on my abdomen, I didn't like what I was seeing, it was like I was back in that moment. The emotions of life and death itself. I screamed his name once again and this time to my surprise, Kei stop swerving the wheel, he took off his seatbelt then turned to look at me straight into the eyes and then I knew.

I knew exactly what he was going to do.

"No!" I shook my head as I felt his whole body cover mine then I heard a loud crash and the next thing I saw when I opened my eyes Kei's half-body lying on top of me. There was blood all over me but I didn't mind whether it is mine or not, I was too absorbed with him. I checked on his pulse and it was so weak.

"Kei? Oh, god! Please open your eyes." I reached for his hand and it is so cold, his face was even paler than before. I tried to slap his face softly but my whole body felt numb with his weight that I just decided to call his name when he weakly opens his eyes. "Kei? Stay with me." I whispered as I kissed his cold lips lightly, Kei gave me a weak smile before slowly closing his eyes and then I screamed, frantically called for help, calling his name.

Not again, I don't want to lose him like I lost Yuu.

I could never be able to get through to it.


Rei… That voice, that familiar voice is calling me, I knew I had to open my eyes but I can't, I have no strength left, I don't know what to do anymore and I felt exhaustion crush my body but I tried to open them and then I saw a blurred image, a man with a light blue shirt. He gently touched my cheek then told me not to go.

Rei, you have to live so that a part of me will continue to live on.

I wanted to, Yuu but I can't, not without Kei… I can see a small, sad smile brush his lips as he turns away from me and I tried to reach him when I felt it…

The warm rush of blood on my legs…

Then darkness pulls me in…

Saisei's POV:

Are they inside?

I thought carefully as I found myself standing for the longest time in front of a rusty, red Shinto gate and staring at an old Japanese mansion that the end of the trail leads up to. The mansion was big, and when I say big really big. It was not surprising though that it was old based on the structure of the village itself though it was really disturbing to find a Manor on the end of this trail and a dark, old one to add into it. It was as if no one lives inside the manor nor do the villagers tried or made and attempt to preserve its exterior.

Fallen leaves and dry mud crust made up trail and after a series of afterthoughts I decided to go inside the mansion, I knew something would happen but I can't ignore that shoe, I mean surely that tells me she is inside and maybe all of them went inside just for fun or something especially with Haru, yeah, no doubt it's Haru's fault and I would've told them not to get too far from the village itself but I know it's too late for regrets and I have to find them soon. A sudden gush of wind hit me as I took my first step inside the Shinto gate and I felt my head ache like something hard is pounding it. I quickly placed my hand on my forehead and tried to make my way into the double door, I felt my whole body swayed as I finally open it and went inside.

"Shit, that hurts." I muttered as I heard the huge door closes in from behind "What the…" and as soon as it does darkness engulf my whole vision, I quickly stride towards the door and place my hands to open but it was as if there was someone outside whose holding it closely shut, no matter how force I put in I knew I was going nowhere.

I'm trapped inside the Manor.

The thought made my whole body shiver as I began to hear that stupid bell ringing and this time the source is near me and I can feel it, the strong sense of as if someone is watching me from behind, I stopped my hand on the wooden handle and moving my whole body I slowly turns my head to see who it was and to my surprise it was not her but instead a single crimson butterfly is flying above the centre of the small dark room. Its body is glowing as it flutters gracefully against the invisible air. A sudden familiarity began to sink in as I took involuntary footsteps towards it. Nothing came into my mind just that I need to touch it…

I just need to…

"Mayu?" A worried voice quickly pulled me out of my trance and as I turn I felt my heart jump because standing at the entrance is Mio , her small face looked worried, scared and much more as she tries catching her breath, her eyes bore against mine and from the looks of it, she must've been running endlessly.

"Mi—" wait… What did she just said? Mayu? I felt my stomach tightened with what I heard when finally it hit. I ran my gaze from Mio's form, she was still wearing a pale pink PJ's, her hair was having a really bad day, I mean way too bad as if she just came here straight from the bed but she's not in her room this morning but what really got is the realization that Mio is not looking at me, She's looking straight pass at me.

"Mayu? Wait for me… Please" she pleaded as she swiftly run pass through me, I tried to grab her by the arm but she just…slip away like she's made of fog.

"Mio! Where are you going?" I called after her while trying to make an effort to move towards her but my whole body began to freeze. Damn it… I thought as I tried to take step which was futile. "Mio, come back here!" I tried to call her but she was already running across the small receiving room to the door where the crimson butterfly is heading to.

She's not hearing me… Goddamn it… As soon as she went through the door, I was able to move my feet that I quickly scramble to follow her. "Mio! Don't go! It's too dangerous."

"Mayu…Mayu…Please…" her voice echoed as I quickly open the door to where she went but to my dismay, she's already gone and so was her voice. It was as if I was the only one there, like Mio was just an apparition and nothing more. I sighed as I lean my head at the door, just what the hell is going on with this house.

And Mio…she's calling Mayu...

Flashback: 12 YEARS AGO.

The morning breeze has a sweet smell that always lingers on my nose when we go to that big forest. Minakami forest was the nearest playground to our hometown where Mayu , Mio and I often make our way to play, tell stories, and even help Uncle Misao in his research. When I first met the two of them, I was surprise because they are too alike, the serene face, their brown eyes and even the silky hair I once really had the hard time telling them apart which they often use to tease me but one day everything changes. I could suddenly tell which is which even with just the sound of their voice and their move.

"Are you alright, Sei? Did you find Mio?" an eight year old Mayu's worried voice filled my ears as she reached for my sweaty cheeks. I had been searching for her younger sister who had run ahead of us as usual and went on her own, being the only guy of course I was two year older than them I knew I still had this kind of responsibility over them. Mayu the older twin was like the gentle rain, she's serene, soft-spoken and lady-like, the reason why I always look after her more than Mio and Mayu…

She can also see things that only I can see… the reason why she is the only one I can talk about it with. I look at her then slowly nodded, I wonder where Mio went since Mayu is physically she tend to slow us down whenever we come to the forest and Mio whose a bit more lively always leave us behind. "Can you wait here for a bit? I'll try looking down at the river." I told her as I began to stand up but Mayu quickly hold my hand.

"I'm sorry Sei because of me…" I looked down at her then without thinking I pat her head that made her look up at me.
One thing about Mayu? She is a big cry baby which always makes her cute especially with her big brown teary eyes.

"It's alright Mayu." I smiled softly at her then look straight at the path. "We'll find her."


In the end, we always find Mio…

Me and Mayu, we always find her but now…

How can I find Mio without her?


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