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Rei's POV:

I woke up gasping for breath.

My heart was beating fast against my chest as I tried to shield my eyes away from the soft light coming through an open window. Where am I? I thought as I looked around, it took me a minute to realize I was inside a car… To be exaclty Kei's car and then I remember it. The accident. I quickly placed my hand on my abdomen and after sometime felt that soft fluttering inside which immediately made me smile but then I remember him.

"Kei?" Shifting my gaze to see the empty seat beside me, I felt a sudden rush of worry hit me. No, It can't be ...I thought as I placed my shaking hand towards the car handle and quickly open the door.

"Amakura! Where are you?" I called in a weak voice as I turn to frantically look at the surrounding, hoping for any kind of response but sadly, I didn't and that's when I decided to walk out of the car to look for him. My feet swayed as I tried to find my way with only one thing in mind and that is to find Kei. He wouldn't die, he can't die. Kei was so strong and kind, his gentleness was pure like a white sheet covering my whole soul. I steeled myself, shaking away any bad thoughts and as the smell of the salty air made my head spin, I tried to call out for him.

"Kei…" my voice echoed, I waited for someone to answer but only the silence welcomed my fears, I was about to move further when slowly I felt a big hand grab my arm, holding me. The pressure of the touch was neither soft nor hard but the one that makes me stop and at the same time makes me calm when I feel so scared.

"Rei, where are you going?" The owner told me with worry clear in his baritone voice. I could feel my heart stop from its own beating as I turn at the soft-spoken man standing in front of me who must've sense my fear and anxiety because as soon as met those beautiful brown eyes, he gathered me in his arms, softly caressing my back with his bare hand.

"What's wrong?" he asked as I listen to the soft lull of his heartbeat, I knew then that the accident was a nothing but mere dream , a nightmare and Kei is alive. He was fine, warm and heavens above breathing which cause such a great relief to my part. I sighed as I squeeze his arm a little making sure this wasn't another dream only to be taken away from me in seconds.

"I woke up and you're not in the car… I thought…"

"I'm sorry I just need to take a quick call and since it's gonna be a long and tiring journey, I thought you needed more sleep…" Kei said apologetically as he kissed the top of my crown causing my face to bury on his chest and his sandalwood scent began to fill my nostrils that made a quick soothing effect on me. Everything about him calms me, his voice, scent, touch and even the look from his eyes helps me in so many ways, and ever since I met him I knew he would always that power over me. "I heard you call my name…" Kei knew I always call him with his surname when I'm being serious or in a panic or more.

"It was nothing."

"Rei, your face is pale." He said while shaking his head at me, the man could tell every weakness in my body and I'll give him that. Kei pulled away from me and lift both of my hands to cup his warm cheeks, his breath touching my skin then he told me that they were as cold as ice. "What happened? Tell me."

It's been a long time since I had a nightmare because ever since that incident in the Manor of Sleep, the nights has always been something I look forward for the dreams were sweet, heart warming with Kei's arms warm around my waist and I always tell Kei if something's bothering me though he always see through me even if I don't tell him as if I was transparent in his eyes and though I want to tell him, something made me stop. A nightmare about Yuu and with him dying in it, the dream was disturbing and eerily vivid with just thinking about it made the hairs on my neck stood at its end.

It was like a déjà vu.

Forcing a smile on my pale face, I squeeze his hand. "Nah, I was just panicking because you were nowhere in my sight, I dreamed that you were flirting with some other women while I'm sleeping." Kei didn't immediately respond, he studied my face carefully as I silently pray he wouldn't push the topic that to my surprise he did and instead smile mischievously back at me.

"Now, that's an interesting dream though it has a bit similarity to what I have done earlier."

"What do y-"

"Rei, I'm kidding." I pouted my lips at him while thinking of how I am going to give him my piece of mind but before I could even began…

"Excuse me, Mr. Amakura?" Kei gently move away from me to look at the speaker, an old man in his late 40's wearing a simple shirt and black pants move towards us with a friendly smile plastered on his wrinkled face. "I'm sorry for disturbing."

Shaking his head at him, Kei placed his hand on my back. "No, it's alright and by the way, I'd like you to meet my wife, Rei Amakura." I bowed my head a little as I placed my hand carefully on my middle then smiled at him. "And Rei this is the mistress you must have been dreaming about, Mr. Namikawa." I pinch his arm playfully making Kei flinch a bit and making Mr. Namikawa gave out a hearty laugh.

"I'm sorry if my husband had said any nonsense." I smiled apologetically at the man who quickly shook his head. Kei gave me a mischievous look then told me that the man in front was the one who's going to take us to the island. "Thank you for your help."

"No, the pleasure is mine, Mrs. Amakura especially to escort the famous writer, it's an honour." He smiled at me then looked at Kei who shook his head a bit in embarrassment, he quickly informed us about the boat's departure time then went on ahead of us.

"Someone's famous huh?"

"You think so?" Kei whispers as he squeezes my hand a bit. "But are you sure you'll be alright? We still have an hour ride before we get to the island." he turns to me again as I reach for his arm and entangled mine on him. The wind was warm but the hand that held mine has that comforting warmth no one else could ever give me only him.

"We'll be fine." I playfully winked back at him, then I felt it again the soft flutter, I quickly place his hand in my middle in which he made serious face that slowly turned into a grin. "Did you feel that?"

"Seriously? Of course I did, that was pretty amazing." I nodded at him excitedly to whom he responds by placing a small peck on my nose when finally Kei made a worried face that I asked him what is wrong, he sighed in response. "Sei hasn't been answering any of my calls since last night neither did Mio…Don't you think?"

"Must be because of the weak signal, Kei." I replied softly to ease his worries, he really treats Mio like his own daughter and I knew that would never change. "And for heaven's sake, it's a vacation Kei… You'll see them later and then you could ask them."

"Am I getting annoying…again?"


"Yeah, I guess you're right." he sighed and smile sheepishly back at me as we began to walk back to where the boat is waiting. I knew something happened I don't know but I just felt it but I can't tell Kei, maybe I'm just having these weird thoughts but that dream it was just too real.

Mio's POV:

I can't keep up with her.

She was just too fast like she was in a panic. I felt fatigue took over my whole body as I fell on the cold wooden floor. I don't know how long I have run or even where I am, I'm too absorb on the fact that I need to talk to her. That butterfly who told me to follow her.

"Mayu…" I whisper as a cold wisp went out of my lips, I looked around the room but I could only make out a few things in the dark. I was inside an unfamiliar room maybe slightly smaller than my room back at Uncle Kei and Aunt Rei's house, there were bright red curtains draped behind me and a small old wooden dress box in front of me. And then I wonder…

Am I having the same dreams again? Is Mayu luring me inside the Manor of Sleep? And is it because Sei reminded me of my darkest secret that I was again drawn in this Manor? I thought the Manor of sleep is gone, deep within its own slumber never to come back again.

I quickly shook my head before I could even believe my own thoughts, for a moment there I could feel the guilt surging my whole body. No, Mayu would never do that to me…She would never draw me in…I completely know that. I finally stood up as soon my breath even and started to take small, shaky steps towards the light coming from the little candles placed on the other side of the room where a large altar lies or so it seems.

On top of it was a set of beautiful Japanese dolls and as the soft light strikes brightly their porcelain faces they gave a look as if they were alive, the pair of dark eyes that is telling you, they are alive. They were arranged in a strange way, five dolls per row and there were at least three rows, the first row consists of dolls wearing white kimono, next are the blue ones, third the red ones but not far from the last red doll on the left stood another doll, it wore a black kimono with a white mask on its face and when I look on the right there was also another one only this one has a white kimono and black mask which was odd but what caught my full attention was the last doll that stands on the highest stage above them all.

A beautiful doll whose face was serene wears a pale pink kimono hung on her porcelain body and her eyes unlike the others were hollow and lifeless. Inside them I could sense a burning coldness like any other but there was something vaguely familiar with her. The dark brown hair and those pink perfect lips, I narrowed my eyes as I slowly lean in to look into its face some more.


I quickly pull myself then turn to see what made that loud sound, it was as if someone fell from nowhere and landed heavily on the ground. I am familiar with those sounds, I know I should since I had spent a whole night in the All God's Village hearing different kind of sounds from small footsteps to hysterical laugh but I can't help it because it was not something you feel comfortable with.


There it is again. I turn my head as I feel the sound was vibrating from behind the altar where I first found myself, I stood there for a moment asking myself if I should go behind the altar to see what it was or…


I could just get outside this room…I thought as my gaze shift from the edge of the red curtain leading to where the sound seems to originate to the wooden door on my left I knew would lead me nowhere. But then I thought if I were really in a new nightmare whether I go outside or stay inside I could never escape because..

There was nowhere to go…

I took a small step toward the end of the table, the darkness obscure the left side of the room which makes it even harder to see. I tried even harder and squints my eyes to make something out of the darkness when I finally found myself clutching at the drapes and only then the sound stops. My breath was so slow and deep I'm afraid I could forget how to take one slowly I turn there in the middle of the narrow space stood a small boy wearing tattered clothes that shows his skin that was so pale the colour was white but with the shade of blue and gray. I can't see his face for he was looking down at something he was holding in his small hands. I couldn't move for he might hear me but I couldn't stare for he might see me.

Oh god… I felt my knees shook as the boy let the thing slip from his grip producing the sound I heard from before it felt like he was playing with it as he slowly leans down to get it. I don't know why but I felt like retreating and when I took I step back he quickly shot his head and look at me only that he doesn't have eyes, they were sewn shut and dark blood flows from them.

I quickly place my hand over my mouth stifling a gasp and trying not to make any sounds, afraid that the boy would hear me. I can see that he was trying to sense his surrounding then turn to look at the door a few steps away from me. I don't have the camera obscura with me and I don't have the power to save myself but I could at least try to make my way out of here.


He did it again.


And again.

A small hope fills me as I look at the boy drop the small box all over again. If he continues this cycle all over again and he could only sense my every step then maybe I could have a shot. I took a deep breath as I calculate the boy's action.

THUD. Step. THUD. Step. THUD. Step. THUD. Step.

I can do this. One more step.I thought as I turn to see the dark corner where the boy was with the count of every step I manage to match up with every drop of the wooden box.


I stop that was definitely not in time with the drop. I could feel the sudden coldness touch my skin that my heart pounding against my ear, I stopped thinking my hand quickly finding its way to slide the door open when I felt a tug on the hem of my skirt. I looked down and saw the boy. His face contorted with pain as his blue chapped lips formed the words in such an angry voice.

"Where are you going? We haven't play yet."

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