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"You DID WHAT?" Asami's voice almost screeched, her hands tightened over the Avatar's shoulders.

"Ow,ow,ow let go! Let go!" Korra flinched and Asami's released her grip.

"Do you know the consequences from one night stands? You could have died! People are riddling with diseases and you'll never know until it's too late," She scowled her harshly.

It's been a week since that night and Korra phoned Asami to met up with her at her mansion. It was a good opportunity to speak with Asami alone. She desperately needed someone to talk to.

Korra fabricated a story to her how she was in a pro-bending tournament party, had a little too much to drink, had sex and how her "mysterious guy" fled the scene when she woke up. Simple. These types of stories were everywhere in the tabloids so it was not an unusual thing to hear about but coming from a tomboy, short-tempered Avatar, it was odd and out of place.

Korra began to shutter with her words. "Um, he didn't use a-" Before she even finished her sentence Asami's temper went off the roof.

"And UNPROTECTED?" She was hysterical, flailing her hands in the air. Korra flinched at her words and stepped back for a bit.

Luckily they were in the privacy of Asami's room. Doors were locked shut and most of the servants were outside doing their duties either fixing up the garden or polishing the statues.

"Oh my god! You know it only takes 2-3 days to conceive right? "Korra felt her stomach knotted. How could she have known? They didn't offered sex-education classes when she was training back at the Southern Tribe.

"You could be pregnant RIGHT now." Korra widened her eyes, feeling her breathing paused for a moment. She pressed her hands on her flat stomach. There was no bump but she wanted to make sure. She couldn't help but think a life was growing inside her.

She was too young to start motherhood. She couldn't even manage to take care of herself on a daily basis, how could she possibly take care of a child's needs. Pema was only 25 when they had their eldest daughter but she was mature and had Tenzin for support. She had nobody.

"Did you do it on your safe day?" Asami asked.

"Safe day?" Korra said confusedly. "There's a safe day?"

Asami face palmed. Though women in both of the water tribes were allowed to learn water bending for offense and defense, sex was a taboo subject. The subject of sex were taught and only discussed by the female elders. They were still pretty rooted to strict traditions of marriage before sex.

"Do you even remember who this guy was?" Asami asked. "If things comes to worst, we have to track him down and make him pay." Asami cupped her fist together, grinding on them strongly.

Tracking him wouldn't be a big issue. He appeared almost everywhere she was at, pro bending tournaments, invitational meetings, radio and her bedroom. It was the paying part. Yes, let's simply ask Amon to pay for child support. He could send a bi-weekly check to her mailbox.

"No," Korra lied through her teeth. Yes, like she was going to reveal she slept with Republic City's number one enemy.

Asami let out a loud sigh as she massaged her forehead for the incoming headache.

"Look, let me take care of you. I'll help you with the pregnancy tests and I'll let you see my doctors," Asami said in a sympathetic tone.

"I don't know…" Korra was unsure about seeing anybody. She was more worried about the news spreading wild fire in the tabloid. "The Avatar, 17, her latest mission: motherhood".

"Don't worry, it's patient confidentiality, I'll even tell them not to document your visit. We'll make this as anomaly as possible."

Korra looked up and found Asami smiling back at her. Asami was too good of a friend. Korra can't believe she treated her badly because of her relationship with Mako. She was genuinely concerned for Korra and gave her the reassurances she need.

"I got to say, I didn't expect this from you." Asami said.

"Neither did I," She gave a nervously laugh.

"So could you tell me how it went?" She teased.

Korra felt her face heating up. She quickly folded her arms together.

"No, I was too drunk to remember," She snapped, looking away from Asami.

She remembered every detail of that night, the way her body responded to his greedy touches, his hot breath on her face, and lord! She recalled how his hands were roaming over her sweaty body.

Korra shook her head, trying to clear her mind.

"Okay, okay. Relax. I won't ask any more." Asami said. "First, let get you some pregnancy tests. I have some in my bathroom."

Korra lifted one of her eyes brows.

"Why would you have pregnancy tests in your bathroom?" She asked, trying to swallow but felt something lodging down her throat.

"Mako forgets to put it on sometimes," Asami blushed embarrassedly.

Korra wanted to go to the nearest private bathroom, in another estate, and barf her morning breakfast out. Mako and Asami in bed together? Makos lying on top of Asami like a hyena. That image was forever etched in her mind. It was great to talk to Asami about intimate secrets and thoughts but Asami's sex life was out of the questions.

"You're not pregnant are you?" Korra asked, narrowing her brows.

"No way! We don't do it often, only like 3 times." Asami laughed awkwardly.

Korra didn't want to dwell anymore into her sex life.

After 6 tests, with different brands of pregnancy tests, it was safe to say, Korra was not with child. All the results came out negative. This brought much relief to her and Asami. Korra felt she could breathe a little easier now. Asami reached out and grabbed her hand.

"It's alright now. You don't have to worry. These tests are extremely accurate. Come. Let's put this in the back of our minds and do some major relaxing," Korra liked that idea.

For that whole week she couldn't eat properly, train properly or even walk properly. She literally sat on double cushion seats during all her meals at the dining hall. When people asked, she quickly replied she didn't stretch her muscles properly. No one pressed further on that issue.

The girls celebrated the day at Asami's estate with lots of luxurious food imported from Ba Sing Se and track racing. They then grew bored and agreed to set out to the city.

Asami brought Korra to her favorite spa, Blossoms Beauty, for a make up which Korra reluctantly complied. She never really paid attention to her looks or style because she was so focused on mastering all the elements. She needed to be in comfortable clothing to fight and to be able to quickly sprint. Also it wasn't her cup of tea to constantly worry about her appearance or what other people think. They have to deal with what they had. She always thought that extra hour on grooming and prepping could be used well towards sleep.

"We're going to eat in a fancy restaurant, Oriental Pearl. You need to look your best." Asami said.

Korra had her hair done beautifully by professional stylists. They took off the water tribe hair accessories and let it all down. They straightened it before they French braided it to one side. The makeup crew was so in love with her facial structure and skin, it was kind of alarming. A group of four was all leading uncomfortably close to her face, as if they were making notes on her cheek bones or peering at her skin pores.

"She has the nicest skin I ever seen!"

"Look at those cheek bones! They're unbelievably perfect."

"I want those brows!"

"She should go for the Ling Lang's foxy look or maybe Yuki's bohemian look"

After arguing among themselves they agreed with a simple smokey look. They applied a light amount of dark eyeliner and mascara to bring out her blue eyes. One of them very lightly dabbed her cheeks with blush while the other applied rose lipstick. Asami applauded and giggly uncontrollably when she saw Korra's transformation but her excitement died when she saw Korra was still wear her typical water tribe attire. Asami shook her head and brought Korra to her private room in the spa.

The Blossoms Beauty wasn't just Asami's favorite spa; she owned a room there that was used as a private walk-in closet. It was only accessible to Asami. The room was huge and filled with draws, cabinets and racks. Asami even hired a fashion stylist to work there.

The fashion stylist had a short A-line cut and was very hauntingly tall. She was wearing a shocking pink blazer and wardrobe. She always tilted on one side and had her hands to her hips like as if she was doing a model runway.

The stylist walked and looked at some of the racks as if she knew where every thing was, where all the day dresses are at, their prints and its texture. Without even digging through the rack, she put her hand in the thick clothing and pulled out a gorgeous evening dress.

"This…would be puuurfect for her," The stylist showed her a blush silk chiffon one-shoulder dress.

"Oh my gawd, this would definitely look great on you. I brought this way back but I never worn it before," Asami said, grabbing the dress from the stylist's hands and handing it to Korra.

Asami quickly rushed and opened her draw of shoes and took out a pair of silver strap high heels.

"Here try these with the dress. Oh and don't think I actually buy all of this. There are perks in being the daughter of the founder of Sato Mobile. Lots and lots of freebies" She smiled and winked.

"Eh. Pink? Would this work? I don't like pink." Korra groaned at the feminine dress.

"Trust me. Chloe never gets it wrong. The color you hate the most, is the color you look best in. Come on and change already." Asami shoved her into a changing closet. "And try not to ruin your makeup when you're putting the dress on. Take your time."

After struggling to zip the dress from the side, she was done. When Korra stepped out, she saw Asami already changed in to her outfit, a red slender silk dress.

"Girl. You look gorgeously," Asami said in an excited tone. The makeup and outfit completed each other to make a full look.

The entire makeup and hair team were also in the room, gaping at the Avatar. They felt as if they polished a raw diamond into a super cut. They all smiled, hugged and shook hands with each other to commend their work.

Korra was uneasy in the fashionable attire. She was having troubling walking straight without wobbling side to side.

"I can't freaking walk straight in these shoes. Who in the world invented these?" She complained as held up her dress and bent her knees, taking big strides.

"No no no, you don't take big steps. Here. Take small steps and straightened up your back, it helps." Asami explained as Korra mumbled annoyingly.

When Korra pressed down on her foot, she wobbled, lost balance, slipped and tripped forward, landing on to the crowd of stylists. Though they provided her safe cushioning, they all fell backwards, toppling each other and pushing the racks of clothes onto the floor.

"I'm not cleaning that up," Chloe said as she walked away.

The girls gave their farewell and headed out to the streets. It was almost evening when they stepped out but the city was still very active. People were still lingering by the pubs and game centers. Many were tourists and were checking out landmarks and other attractions.

When the girls walked down the street, it drew a lot of attention. Korra was felt a lot of eyes on her. She didn't think she looked that great. It was just a little paint on her eyes and a dress her mother can make with a 4 yards of fabric. No big deal but it was. She heard whistling, wolf howling, shouting…it was felt more uncomfortably than the attention she got when she was giving a speech on live TV.

They suddenly encountered Mako and Bolin in the streets.

"WOW, Ladies! Can I say fabulous? Gorgeous, gorgeous!" Bolin gave them a thumb up and a wink. The girls giggled.

They were eager to join the girls but Asami instantly told them off that it was a girl's day and night out. Mako was nonchalant about it but Bolin was humorously wailing like a child, clinging on Korra's legs, begging them to let him follow. It took a while for them to get him off of her.

Though the group was chatting merrily away, a pair of eyes was solely concentrated on Korra from a far. Soon she'll be within his grasp again.

Korra sneaked back into to her dorm late at night. She carelessly dropped her shopping bags by the closet and flopped back on her bed. She was still in her makeup and dress but she didn't want to remove herself from her bed. Her eyes closed, giving into the tiredness of spending the whole day. Walking, running and bending in heels were exhausting. In the end, they let the boys join as their dates. They all dined in a restaurant on top of a skyscraper and partied out in the roof of Asami's mansion.

Korra let out a smiled and remembered how Bolin acted when he tried to ask her to dance during dinner. He was stuttering with his words a couple of times and when she said yes, he jumped in joy and nearly knocked the waiter over.

Korra then felt her room became fuller than usually, like someone was in the room with her. She stopped her breath as she felt a familiar caress on her cheeks. She opened her eyes slowly and saw him standing next to her bed. The moonlight illuminated through the window, shined one side of his mask, the other in the shadows.

"I've been waiting for you." He said quietly, letting his hand go and sliding the windows closed. The room once again became pitched black.

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