The Next Generation Missing Scenes Series

Episode 1x01 – Encounter at Farpoint

Disclaimer: All things Star Trek belong to Paramount and CBS. I'm just writing the bits that TPTB seemed to have missed.

Note: These are the missing scenes after Wesley's disastrous trip to the bridge.

Wesley stood with his back pressed against the turbolift wall, his eyes fixed firmly on his shoes. In front of him, his mother paced through the small space with barely contained anger. "I'm sorry, Mom," he finally ventured to say without looking at her. "I didn't mean to –"

"I shouldn't have let you talk me into bringing you to the bridge," she muttered, not really hearing him. "It was a stupid idea." Beverly looked at him as soon as the words flew out of her mouth, her ire calming just a little. "I shouldn't use that word. But it still wasn't a good idea."

Her son finally looked up at her. "I don't understand. He was being nice at first, and then…"

She could see how upset he actually was, and for a moment had forgotten his sensitive nature. "Wesley, don't get too worried," she told him, her expression softening. "You surprised him. It's been a long time since he's seen you, and…he was never really comfortable around children to begin with."

Wesley finally relaxed a little bit. "I'm sorry if I got you into trouble, Mom."

Beverly rested a hand on her son's shoulder, trying to keep her voice even. She didn't want to let her son hear the anticipation she felt at having a chance to put Jean-Luc Picard in his place; not just for today, but for the way he had run away from her when she'd needed her friend most. "I can handle Captain Picard."

They rode in silence for a few moments, feeling the lift change from travelling vertically to horizontally. "Do you think we'll be allowed to stay on the Enterprise?" he suddenly asked her.

She had been busy reviewing what had happened on the bridge, and his question startled her a bit. "Oh, I think so."

The alien vessel was the key to the mystery of Farpoint – Picard knew it. But until Riker and his team beamed over to examine it, he wouldn't have the final pieces of the puzzle he needed. So the captain entered the turbolift after Q's latest taunting, using the travel time to settle his thoughts again.

It had been nearly ten years since he'd seen Beverly and Wesley, the last time being the day after Jack's funeral. He had wanted to stay for a little while longer, to try and assist her in her grieving process, but he had realized during the night that his desire to stay was actually only about finding absolution for himself. He had only ever felt comfortable around her when Jack was with them; now that he was gone, the usually secure captain had found himself to be nothing but a bundle of nervous tension. He had known he could only be incredibly awkward around her. So he beat a hasty retreat, telling her that Starfleet had called him back to duty days before he was scheduled to go. That was the last time they had spoken.

Jean-Luc rested his head back against the wall of the lift for a moment, closing his eyes as he thought of what to say. The look that she had shot him just before stepping back into the turbolift with Wesley had been just a flash of the temper he knew she was capable of. With any other doctor in the service, he wouldn't have cared – but with her, it was a bad start. He could feel the same nervous tension building in his stomach that he had felt that final day when he'd told her he was leaving, reminding him of the guilt that he still felt about Jack's death, and about his love for Jack's wife. It reinforced his reaction when he'd first seen her name on the assignments roster. Having her there was going to be a bad idea, personally and professionally.

He stood upright again as the lift slowed, nodding to himself as he prepared himself to apologize to her in Sickbay. He would offer her the chance to transfer off the ship, convinced that her leaving was the best way to save them all a lot of grief.