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. . . . .

Was this real.? It couldn't be, but then what was it.? James sighed, running a hair through his dirty, blonde hair. Mary couldn't be alive, she died three years ago. But the letter said that she was waiting, in their 'special place'. He'd find out soon enough. He continued on through the dark hallway of the hospital. Maria had randomly gotten sick out of nowhere. She tried to play it off by saying it was just a hangover, but James knew better; she was never drunk. Sighing, he opened a door but immediately tensed when he heard laughter. Scanning the room closely James drew his gun up, his eyes widening when he saw a head of blonde hair.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider hid away his frown.

"Laura.?" He asked, stepping forward hesitantly. He didn't want the small child to run off again, she could get hurt.

"Huh.?" She turned around, staring at James. "You know my name.?" She seemed genuinely shocked. Why wouldn't she be, James thought with a scoff. If he was a small child and had a strange adult chasing him around, then said adult knew his name . . . Yeah, he'd probably be a bit spooked, too.

"Eddie told me," James clarified, not wanting to seem like a creep.

Laura scowled, her eyes narrowing dangerously. "That big fat blabber-mouth.!" She hissed. James bent down to Laura's level, staring into her blue eyes.

He wanted to ask her if she was okay; Why she kept running away from him and Maria, but his mouth had other plans. "How do you know about Mary.?" He blurted before he could stop himself.

"What's the big deal.?" She sneered angrily, staring harshly into his eyes.

James felt himself growing angry with the small child rather quickly. "Why can't you just tell me.?" He snapped.

"You gonna' yell at me if I don't.?"

"No, I won't," he promised. Laura sat down her teddy bear, standing up.

"I was friends with Mary. We met at the hospital; it was last year," she told him, crossing her arms over her chest.

"You liar.!" James yelled, clenching his fists, only then seeing his mistake when it was too late. "Laura, I-" He began. Laura put her hands on her hips angrily.

Down came the pain and pushed the spider down.

"Fine, don't believe me.!" She scowled up at him furiously.

James was confused, that much was obvious. "But last year Mary was already . . . " He cut off, not wanting to finish. "I'm sorry, Laura. Anyway, let's go," he said, standing up and gesturing with his hand. Laura bent down, picking up something off the floor and climbing over the table. "We can talk about this later, this is no place for a kid. There are all sorts of strange things around here, I can't believe you haven't even gotten a scratch on you.!" James exclaimed, astounded at the girl's lack of injuries.

"Why should I.?" Laura asked offhandedly as James wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her to the door. They left the room, walking down the long hallway of the hospital. Suddenly, Laura grabbed James' arm, pulling him back. "Wait, wait.! There's something I gotta get.!" She yelled desperately.

"Later, okay.?" James continued on, brushing off her urgency.

"But it's really important," Laura insisted, yanking on James' hand, almost making him fall.

"What is it.?" James asked with a sigh.

"A letter from Mary," she informed, knowing he'd let her go get it.

Down, down, down, he fell closer to the ground.

"Huh.?" James asked, oh so smartly.

"I wanna' go get it. Is that okay.?" She asked him pleadingly.

"Yes, yes.!" He nodded. Laura turned around, taking off down the hallway. James stood up, following after her. They stopped at a double door at the left side of the end of the hallway. Laura reached into her pocket, fishing out a key and unlocking the door.

"C'mon hurry up," she ushered, holding open the door for James.

"Is it in there.?" He asked as he walked inside, curious as to why the important letter would be in here.

"Yeah, in the back," Laura informed. James stepped inside a little more, shining his flashlight around the room.

There was a small creaking sound from behind him. "What are you doing, Laura.?" James asked, turning to face said girl.

"It's . . . further back. In the desk," she said, completely ignoring his question. James heard the slight hesitation in her voice, yet paid it no mind. She was probably just scared from all these monsters running around. He continued into the room, looking for the alleged desk. His heart dropped when he heard a slam. He quickly turned around, his fears being confirmed.

"Laura.? What are you doing.?" He called out, tugging on the door handle in a desperate attempt at opening it.

"Haha, I tricked you," she teased from the other side of the door. James could practically hear the smirk through the door.

"Open the door, Laura," James ordered, jiggling the door handle again.

"Why should I.? I'm a liar, right.?" The anger was clear in her childish voice. James turned around, shining his flashlight around as he banged on the door. "Want me to open it.? Huh.? Huh.? Do ya'.?" James began to panic as what looked to be a person on bed hanging from the ceiling appeared. "What's the magic word.?"


"Okay, I guess I won't open it. I think I'll just leave you like this," she concluded.

"You snotty little brat, open up.!" James ordered, once again hitting the door in a futile attempt to open it.

"Why you . . . you . . . " She whimpered.


"You fartface.!" James faced his enemies, pulling out his shotty. If Laura wasn't going to open the door, he'd have to beat these things. He quickly loaded his gun, aiming for the closer of the two dangling creatures. They moved quickly, yet not too fast so that James couldn't get away. He ran to the furthest corner from them both, aiming and shooting, then running to the next farthest corner. This continued for about four minutes until finally, one of the creatures' legs drew up as it silently died. James sighed, one down, one more to go. Suddenly a third one fell down, hanging from the ceiling. He leaned against the wall for support as he rummaged through his pockets for more ammo. Damn it, he was almost out.

All too soon, the monster caught up to him, it's grotesque feet wrapped around his throat, pressing against his wind pipe and cutting off his breathing. He mentally cursed as he struggled to get free, repeatedly hitting the monster's legs. Finally it let go, allowing him to fall to the ground as he struggled to catch his breath. Damn it. He got out his handgun, loading it and aiming for the creature's head, well what he thought to be its head. He fired off bullet after bullet. Every 3 shots he would run to a new corner, aiming and taking fire once again. Eventually, the monster curled in on itself, dying with a muffled wail. He quickly disposed of the last one the, relief flooding through him when all the monsters were dead.

The blonde sighed in relief but stopped when he suddenly found himself staring at a stain of what looked to be blood on the ceiling. Weird, why was the spot moving so much.? Oh wait, James thought, that was him. James swayed back and forth, the sound of sirens sounding off the last thing in his mind as he fell to the floor.

And The Itsy Bitsy Spider cried until he drowned.