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. . . . .

Screaming, screaming Little Soul,

James awoke to a pounding headache, and a bloody room. Gingerly lifting a trembling hand to rub at his aching head, James let out a pitiful groan as he looked around the room he was still trapped inside.

"W-what happened.?" He asked himself, trying desperately to remember. Suddenly it all rushed back to him, flooding his sore head with images of what happened. "Oh, right, Laura trapped me in here, the damn brat," he grumbled, shakily trying to stand up on his unsteady legs. He dragged himself over to the door, letting out an un-amused chuckle when it opened without a problem. "Haha, of course. This place just loves fucking with me," he shook his head as he walked into the hallway.

How I wonder whose life you stole.

The blonde immediately pulled out his crowbar when he noticed a monster lurking towards him. He waited until the disgusting creature was close before striking it to the ground, bashing its head in with his weapon, until the creature's brains were nothing more than goo. Satisfied, James continued onwards, towards the room he left Maria in as he wiped the brain matter off of his face. He hoped she was feeling better now.

He went along his merry way, stopping to kill the occasional monster, which was quite often now that the sirens had gone off. James realized that those sirens, those damned sirens, were the sign that he was crossing over to the other world, the one the monsters lived in. They could still enter his world, but there were considerably less to deal with. He learned to fear sirens, as he had anyone who had been to Silent Hill.

Down below the ground you lie,

James could feel his headache start to resurface as he thought about this place, causing him to let out a pained hiss as he gently rubbed his temples. It almost felt like there was something he was forgetting, but what could it be.? The blonde let out a pained cry when his headache intensified into a full out migraine, slowly sliding to the floor as his vision began to blur. He felt the familiar burn of stomach acid at the back of his throat, threatening to spew out. Great, now he was partially blind, and nauseous; There was no way he could move without help. But who could help.? Laura had run off to who knows where, while Maria was probably still lying in that room, waiting for him.

The green-coated man felt his heart drop into his already upset stomach when he heard an all-too familiar screeching of a heavy blade on metal, almost as if it was being dragged. James quickly flew to his feet, only to fall flat on his face not a moment later. The screeching was getting louder, the wielder of the Great Knife getting closer. James tried once more to rise to his feet, only to lurch to the side as he began to dry heave, his stomach trying to make him vomit up the non-existent food inside. Schreeeeeeeeeeech. Schreeeeeeeeeeech.

Like a sinner you will die.

Schreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. Schreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, No.! He refused to be killed by the demons, even the most powerful of them all. He shakily lifted his right hand from the ground, the sudden shift in weight upsetting his stomach again, before bringing it down a few feet in front of its previous location. He repeated the process, effectively dragging himself away, closer to safety, though where that was, he knew not.

Still, though he crawled quickly away, he was still at some major disadvantages: He couldn't see, everything was blurry from his migraine. He couldn't walk, only crawl, therefore slowing his escape efforts. And, while he could easily die, it seemed that the Great Knife wielder could not. All in all, he was royally fucked. Still, he persisted on, each wail of the large blade spurring him onwards, though he was on the brink of unconsciousness.

When all rays of hope are gone,

James let out a broken sob, though no tears fell from his eyes. "Damn it, why is this happening.? Why now.?! Why . . . . . " SCHREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH. SCHREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH. It seems the beast has caught up to him, judging by how loud the sword was crying, its wails matching James' in heart wrenching agony. The blonde gave one last defeated sigh, rolling over so as to see the monster. He would rather be able to see when the finishing blow that was to end his life was coming, rather than lay on his stomach and wait. What he saw surprised him, as the horrible noise finally stopped.

The beast, with the pyramid shaped helmet, was standing over him, his large blade lifted above his shoulder for the final blow. Despite himself, James felt tears well up in his eyes as he stared at his impending doom. "Please . . . " He whispered brokenly. "Please . . . don't kill me. Please don't," his words seemed to fall upon deaf ears, as Pyramid Head brought his Great Knife down with deadly accuracy . . . Right into James' left shoulder, breaking it effortlessly. "NGH AAAHHH.! W-what . . . ?" The blonde stared wide-eyed at the apparently merciful demon. Though he knew he would most likely receive no answer, he felt compelled to ask why.

When the life in you is gone,

At his seemingly naive question, the beast tightened its hold on its blade handle, wrenching the knife out of the blonde with a sickeningly wet squelch as it tore through James' arm once more, ripping yet another pained scream from the sandy haired man. "GAAHHH.!" That was only one of many screams that filled the hallway, the other monsters of Silent Hill rushing to kill the creator of the noise before they sensed the power of Pyramid Head, of their controller, their punisher. It was no mystery that even the other beasts were afraid of the great demon, trying everything in their weak-in-comparison power to avoid him. For where they preferred to end their victims quickly, the creator of hell itself seemed to draw pleasure from their pained screams, growing more and more in volume until they choked on their own blood, their screams fading into wet gurgles, slowly draining out wherever they may lay. He truly was a monster.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH.! N-GAAAHH.!" Scream after scream left James' blood stained lips, their volume increasing with each slice of the Great Knife into his delicate skin, now practically nothing more than ribbons, clinging loosely to his now visible bones, some chunks of his flesh laying on the ground, or clinging to the blade; The same blade the demon was repetitively thrusting into his skin, time after time. The blade rose once more, its wielder seeming not to tire of his game with the blonde. James watched blankly as that same blade was brought down with tremendous strength, tearing through the soft skin of his abdomen and chest like warm butter; The snapping of his ribs echoing in the otherwise deserted hallway, accompanied by James' pained sobs. The Punisher seemed to stare at the blonde man, its helmet tilted downwards as the blonde only cried, no scream ripping itself from his throat. That simply would not do.

Then He comes to take your life,

Pyramid Head released a muffled growl, yanking the Great Knife from James' body once more, only to impale it in the floor next to him. He reached down once more, wrapping his stitched fingers around the human's throat, lifting him off of the ground. He lifted the blonde up with ease, squeezing his throat tighter all the while, until finally it loosened its grip and James' throat re-opened, blood spewing out of his mouth like air as he choked. James brought his unbroken arm up to claw weakly at Pyramid Head's hands, hoping, praying that the beast would let go completely, to no avail. He tried to cry out when the movement jostled his broken arm, but the blood in his mouth wouldn't let him, only causing him to let out wet coughs.

Suddenly, James saw something behind the Punisher, and he weakly called out to it. "Mmmmm . . . Ma . . . ria," He rasped as he stared at his trembling friend. She stood just at the end of the hallway, pointing her small handgun she preferred to carry at the back of the giant monster. "Ngh, no . . . You . . . . run. RUN.!" He screamed, his windpipe instantly disapproving of the action, as it filled with his life essence, overflowing past his lips and down his chin. At his cry, Pyramid Head turned around to look for the other occupant of the hallway, its shoulders shaking in what appeared to be a silent laugh as he spotted the blonde woman. Deeming her no threat, he started walking away, tying James' broken arm into one of the folds of his apron of flesh, earning a choked scream from said man.

Screaming, screaming all the night.

"No.! James.! JAMES.!" Maria shouted, chasing after her friend as the beast paused to retrieve his Great Knife from the ground, leaving a sizable hole in the floor. "James.! James, d-don't worry, I'll . . . I'll save you.! Just hold on.!" She informed her friend. James tried his best to give her a reassuring smile, though all the blood seemed to cause it to have the opposite effect. The last thing James saw before he gave in to the darkness were the tears running down the other blonde's face, her sobs filling his ears with their agonized wails. He didn't even seem to notice the large blade being dragged alongside his limp body, causing those annoying screeching sounds again. Maria did, however. Through her tears, she managed to aim at the monster's muscled body, shooting off bullet after bullet, until the clip in her gun ran out of bullets to fire. She reached into her left boot for the box of ammo she kept, quickly reloading her gun. When she took aim once more, James and the monster were already gone.

. . . . .

James woke up with a pain filled gasp as something yanked on his left arm, causing the shattered bone to tear through his skin and muscle. James was moving in an unsteady rhythm, almost as if he was walking, and each seemingly step caused another tear in his arm. The annoying screeching of something right by his head didn't help his still-present migraine, either. He blearily looked around as he tried to take in his surroundings, trying to get a better chance at survival. If he managed to discover where he was, then it'd be best to have an escape route planned in case he was swarmed by monsters. He took in the dark, foggy sky, the rundown buildings around him, and the broken road he was currently gliding across. Confusion clouded James' mind as he tried to discover what was going on, until he finally realized he was now outside. He did another once over of the dead town, seeing multiple monsters watching him with hungry looks on their faceless beings.

Then the monsters in the dark,

"Why . . . aren't they attacking.?" James rasped, confusing the blonde further. What was wrong with his throat.? And what was that wet liquid running down his chin.? James tried to bring his left arm to his lips, but stopped when it caused waves of searing hot pain to pour through the limb. James whimpered as he glanced behind him, seeing a giant gloved hand wrapped tightly around his wrist. He followed the hand up to an arm, then a shoulder, and then finally a . . . pyramid shaped helmet.? What was . . . .

Suddenly, it all rushed back to him, starting with him collapsing in the hallway, then Pyramid Head torturing him with the Great Knife, and finally Maria's tear-streaked face, watching him being dragged away by the Punisher. Said demon let loose an angry screech, rivaling that of his heavy blade, causing the other monsters watching James' broken body to release one of their own, the high pitched sounds causing searing pain through the blonde's skull. Finally, the screeching stopped, the monsters leaving him be. All except for one, that is. Pyramid Head yanked on his arm simultaneously with his Great Knife, pulling both of them forward as he trudged towards his lair, and closer to James' impending doom.

All rush to rip out your heart.

James tried to remember which directions the beast was going, but his still foggy mind, plus the foggy town made it next to impossible. He bit his lip to keep himself from screaming as Pyramid Head gave an extremely rough tug on his broken arm, causing the shattered bone to rip through his muscles; He couldn't, however, hold in the small whimper that escaped against his will.

"P-please," he said wetly, the blood in his mouth falling back into his crushed throat, causing more wet coughs which only served to further rip his throat. "Let . . . me go," he pleaded desperately, in a final attempt to escape the beast's deadly clutches.

For they would surely not exist,

What are they, James found himself wondering as Pyramid Head dragged him through a broken building, which appeared to be an old orphanage. Was any of this actually real, or just all in his head.? Perhaps, he pondered, he had crashed his car on his way to Silent Hill, and hit his head. This could all be the result of a horrible concussion. The pain of his broken arm, nearly crushed throat, and cracked ribs could be resulting injuries from the crash.

James quickly tried to reassure himself that that was what happened, though his words brought him no comfort, for he knew this was not the case. Deep, deep down, he knew that what he was seeing right now, here in this moment, was real. There was no denying that, it was too real to all be a dream. What had he done to deserve this hell.? Who's life had he taken, who's future did he steal, and what sin did he commit that would cause him to deserve this.?

If you did not commit your sins.

With a sudden burst of adrenalin, James managed to bring his leg over and kick the giant monster in its back, ignoring the pain it sent through his abdomen, though the beast did not so much as stagger in its steps. The monster screeched angrily, throwing its massive head back and howling at the foggy sky. More, higher pitched screeches sounded after, though they almost sounded scared. The blonde sighed sadly, there truly was no escape. He was stuck here.

The young man felt tears of fear pooling in his eyes, though he stubbornly refused to let them fall. He glanced around when he noticed he was no longer in the run-down orphanage, rather he was in a weird, mechanical looking labyrinth. Pyramid Head took a right, then a left, then stopped short when it came to a giant grate that went from the rusted, chain-link floor, to the bloody ceiling. Suddenly, it jerked its Great Knife forward, tearing through the metal grate easily, as if it were no more than air. James felt trapped when, after passing through the hole in the wall, Pyramid Head grabbed one side of the broken grate and pulled it back to the other, effectively sealing the exit. No one would find him.

When all rays of hope are gone,

SCHREEEEEECH. SCHEEEEEECH. SCHREEEEEECH. Over, and over, and over again. It never stopped. Just kept screaming, and screeching, and begging for its wielder to be gentle, much like the blonde man on the floor. He whimpered when he was pulled through a broken grate, screamed when he was thrown down a hole, onto the bloody floor beneath, and pleaded brokenly when he became too scared to stay silent.

SCHREEEEEECH. SCHREEEEEECH. SCHREEEEEECH. Over, and over, again, and again. The blonde felt a mirthless laugh bubbling up inside his chest, and not but a few moments later he burst into laughter, his joy replaced by fear, his smile by tears that were currently running down his cheeks, and the happy sound replaced by wet, choking laughs. The moments slowly passed by, filled with the whir of the multiple giant fans, and by his choked, broken laughter.

When the life in you is gone,

Blood bubbled up from his near-crushed throat, running down the side of his face and onto the floor, dripping through the holes into the searing hot fire beneath. Pyramid Head jerked to a stop as it stabbed its Great Knife into the floor, though it didn't release the handle. Its grip around his wrist tightened painfully, until a resounding 'SNAP' was heard over the chuckled sobs. The blonde didn't even flinch, too lost in his own fears to cope with the pain shooting up his broken arm.

The beast lurched forward, dragging James with it, and flung the blonde down a hole in the floor, reveling in the scream its action earned as the man went too far off the edge, causing the searing hot flames to burn him. The smell of burnt skin wafted through the air like a perfume, mixing with the rustic scent of blood and creating a putrid scent. James gagged at the smell, covering his nose with his good arm to block it out.

Though He knows not who's life you stole,

He dry-heaved in the corner, shakily pushing himself onto his good arm and knees, allowing his broken arm to dangle uselessly beside him. When he finally got a hold of his stomach, he glanced around; He had been so out of it that he forgot to memorize the directions the deadly beast had gone in. A fresh wave of fear washed over him as he realized he didn't know the way out. He looked up to the jagged hole he had been thrown through, waiting for any sign of the monster. When none came in the next few seconds, he quickly brought himself to his feet, holding his arm with the other, so as to make sure it didn't get caught on anything, or bump into something.

The blonde tried not to lean in any direction, so as not to fall over. The lack of walls only made his journey all the more difficult as he limped away, occasionally tripping forward on the chain-link floor. He would grab onto the floor and, with a burst of strength he didn't have, would push up to right himself. He froze when he heard a scream that sounded like-

"Maria . . . "

Keep screaming, Screaming, Little Soul.