Of Lambs & Lion's

AN : hello again, I am just on a roll with my thoughts I guess. Well, again I am not the brilliant SM just love her characters and again my dreams take them to amazing places. Also, if your under 18 please see yourself to the door and don't come back til your 18 please and thank you – Amelia

Chapter 3 : Of Mothers, Replies, & Trailing

place: Chicago, Illinois

year: 2011

point of view: Edward A. Cullen

I lay in the bed of my boyhood home, wondering if I was right by letting my father plan this Dinner tomorrow, with the Swan. I saw the basket my mother had delivered to the house, it was rather nice. I slightly wonder what my mother was plotting in her own head. Shaking my head at that thought, I didn't really want to know I know what my mother was wanting of me

"When are you going to marry Edward? When are you going to give me gran-babies? You aren't getting any younger Edward! Your almost 31" the disappointed sigh of her words I knew I was almost 31 she gave me this same lecture at almost 25, then at 28, then when I turned 30 this year. Now shes going to continue and prod. And I hate that shes doing it now, now that that Swan moved next store. I will not be trying to get with my competition, that would be like hooking up with one of Aro's girls, shivering at the thought I finally got up from my bed. I had made a note of my men to be tailing Miss Swan today to see where her businesses are, to see what I am up against if she taking over anything that was in my districts.

I headed off to the kitchen, when entering the dining room I saw my brother Jasper, and our life long friend Emmett with another life long friend Alec sitting around the table

"Morning Boss" Emmett said with a mouth full of food, we all wondered if he was dropped on his head as an infant, or if he was raised by wolves when we weren't around the way that boy in jested food tho pleased my mother to know end she always loved to cook, and well Emmett, he's perfect a bottomless pit for her hobby.

"Morning," and before anything else could pop out of my mouth the doorbell rang, with a jump from the table Emmett went to go open it being head of security, and nosy made him always the first person to our door.

"Hello" I hear him chime.
"Hello, I'm here to Deliver a message on behalf of Isabella Swan" this peaks my interest, as well as my mothers, for we both move quickly from the dining room thru the great room and into the foyer, just in time to see the piece of paper being handed to Emmett.

"Thank You" I nodded toward her, her scowl at my appearance growing, she nods and with out a your welcome, or a fuck you she's gone. Emmett with puppy eyes at the leggy blondes departure makes me wonder what the fuck is wrong with him. Taking the letter from his hand I open it and read it aloud

"Dear Mrs Cullen,

I would be delighted to join you tomorrow at 7pm, I look forward to the welcoming dinner. I shall be bringing my cousin and sister-in-law Peter and Charlotte Whitlock, and my good friend Alice Brandon if that is alright with you.

Isabella M. Swan"

Looks toward the door to where the leggy blonde once was the to my mother who probably is counting in her head how many china plates to set out, with a look to me she smiles then turns toward the Dining room once back in there she announce the dinner to the rest of the boys, telling Jasper and Alec to dress nice then turns to Emmett and tells him to be on his guard and that there will be no guns at this dinner with a gulp from all of us and reminder to never be on Esme's bad side she begins to head toward the Kitchen to start planning before she can make it out of the room, I speak up

"Add another place setting mom, im bringing a date" I smirk confidently her only chance of bringing me and the Swan together in this moment vanished by my arrogance. There was no way I was letting my mother win, not tonight not ever.

"Your bringing a date who?" Jasper asks as he peels apart a croissant as I sit back down I grin

"Tanya Denali" hearing a load of groans I know that tonight's going to be interesting not only is she, Tanya, obsessed with me she's also one of the worlds biggest sluts and would do anything to secure her spot at my side.

"Please, man save us a night of 'oh Eddie'" Emmett pleads as he stuff more bacon in his mouth. Before I could respond my father walks in with the mornings newspaper and makes his spot at the head of the table and begins to read the paper while drinking the coffee placed there by Alec with the cream and sugar just in case.

"Morning Sir" Alec addresses my father as if he were still working for him such a good kid

"Morning Dad" Me and Jasper respond

"Morning Daddy-C" Emmett says with a mouth full of bacon yet again. My mind wondering how much that guy can actually put away in one breakfast.

"Morning, Boy's whats going on" before we could respond I hear the door to the kitchen open and my mother come in with a plate of health food for my father, ever since his heart attack a few months ago when he passed his Business over to me she's been making him eat healthier. With a roll of his eyes he kisses her cheek

"Morning Dear" my mother says to my father

"Morning Sweetheart, Thank you." he kisses her cheek in return

"Oh, and before I forget we are having that dinner tonight with Ms Swan and a few of her friends, No Guns, No Business until Afterwards please" with a stern look and a nod from my father she was out the door and back in the kitchen.

"So that's whats going on today I guess" he comments before taking a bite of a fruit and looks to Emmett who immediately tosses him a piece of bacon and with a nod my father scarfs it down like he was dying.

"Yes, that and im having Miss Swan tailed" pausing to nod to Jasper to get on that and with a click of a few buttons he was on the phone to one of our lower levels to get that done. "I want to make sure where she is working, where her legitimate is and where her, other, office is I want to know what I am up against since this is a, Woman." I sneered the last word. It wasn't that I didn't like women, trust me I liked women, liked isn't a strong enough word I Love women, just don't like them in my business. And this this world wasn't made for a Woman especially Miss Swan.

"Good" my father replied again eating his fruit that my mother placed in front of him wrinkling his nose at it, but for the love of the woman he eats it.

After a quick good bye to my Dad and a quick change of clothes, I am heading into work, not even 10 minutes into Alec driving my phone chirps.

E – she's heading into downtown – L

Reading the text, feeling more confident that I now know where Miss Swan is and that this guy is on her Tail I see us pulling into the Cullen Global Garage area, as we park I grab my briefcase with a mention to Alec that I won't be longer than an Hour, before closing the door to the car I get another chirp from my phone.

E – She's in DT near the CG Building about two blocks looks like 60th floor – L

This man wasn't anything but thorough and I might need to tell Jasper to increase his pay for this, this chick wasn't getting out of my sights anytime soon and I didn't want her to know that I was scared that she could potentially wipe me off the grid.

Once in the Elevator I relaxed a bit knowing that she wasn't near me at the moment and my Reputation was safe I let the Elevator climb up to the 20th floor to grab my papers from Pay-roll to sign, hopping back on the elevator to the 35th floor I head toward my office my secretary Angela telling me I have a few calls to return I wave her off not wanting to be dealing with Clients, or anything for that moment. Plopping into my leather seat I hear a knock at the door.

"Come in" I set the pay-roll stuff down as Angela walks in with a silent sigh I grin "Yes, Angela?"

"Sorry, Sir, but a lot of these phone calls are important." she said placing a bunch of 'while you were out slips in front of me' I nod as she turns and makes her way out the door lifting my head I know it's wrong I can't help it but her ass as she sways out of the room is tempting, I've never tried it I know her boyfriend, Ben, very well hell the guy works for me that's one of the only reasons Angela's qualified to even work as my Secretary she knows whats Legit versus what isn't. And is easily able to handle any thing.

As she leaves I receive another text with a lift of my hips I get the phone out of my slacks pocket checking it.

E – Miss Swan left the office and is now having lunch with her Driver Garrett Whitlock at Gilmore's its an Irish pub she owns I spotted her checking the Books – L

Grimaces at that text, I know Gilmore's I'd been trying to get my hands back on it I knew it was originally something a Swan had owned with a slam of my fist on my chair, Damn-it, I relax and continue on placing the cell down on the table signing off on all the pay-roll papers calling Angela back in here to take them back down to the 20th floor so I can handle some of these calls. I check the slips of paper and see a few from a Ms Denali tossing them in the trash I'll deal with her later, I see a Mr Volturi I wrinkle my nose I'll deal with him last, the last is Mr Jenks.

Mr Jenks, my family attorney, I pick up my phone and Dial his number I wait for it to ring.

"Jenks, Jenks, and Tiblet's firm how may I direct your call" I hear the woman ask

"Jason Jenks please, Edward Cullen calling." with a firm voice I hear her utter

"Right away Mr. Cullen" with not even a second I was hearing another set of rings and a moment of someone picking up the phone.

"This is Jason"

"Jason, Edward Cullen, You called?" I asked

"Ah, Mr Cullen I was just touching base it'd been a few since you were last in and I wanted to make sure that everyone's okay" with a roll of my eyes, yes the old man was just checking in on me since I had yet to be in trouble lately

"Yes, were fine, in fact can you find out what a Miss Isabella M. Swan is doing here in Chicago I know you have ears around you and are good at finding things out I just need to know why now" the fact that I was asking him probably let him on to the fact that this girl is bugging me that she has gotten under my skin and absolutely bugged me

"Sir, I know that Miss Swan is here because this is where her family originally set ties, that's what My associate Mr Tiblet's said after he had spoken to a personal family friend of Miss Swan's you know her friend Miss Brandon who lives with her." I had heard of Miss Brandon from the the letter this morning

"Yes, I have she's accompanying Miss Swan to dinner that my mother is throwing tonight to welcome her to town" I smirked

"Ah, well yes, and no Edward she's not a lesbian" I hear Jenks as if he knows what a young boy is thinking

"Well one could only hope Jason." a smile playing in my face "one could only hope, but yes if you could find anything more I would gratefully appreciate it" sounding sincere and firm

"Will do sir, please tell your mother and father hello and send my best, good day Mr. Cullen"

"Aye and you sir" I say

With a click of the phone the line went dead. And my cell phone goes of

E – Miss Swan is now at her Club she owns Lucky Shamrocks, she owns 3 restaurants sir there O'Malley's grill, O'Hara's , & Black Swan – L

closing my eyes im trying to picture where each of these places are there in the finer parts of town close to my establishments we will run into each other. Before I could get up to close out my office for the Day and head down to take the call in my car from Mr Volturi, Angela runs in my office

"Oh good you haven't left yet" she sounded out of breath I put my hand on her shoulder to steady her

"Whoa, Ang, Lass are you alright" she collapses onto a chair and nods flinging my mail at me I catch it "What is this"

"It's your mail, there's a fundraiser gala envelope in there" she points to the cream envelope I sit next to her and open it knowing she knows ill try to back out of it if it isn't something for the company reading the paper it's for the company and I groan knowing that there's no way out of attending this gala, for the life of me why do they do this to me they know I hate this.

"No, I NO" I fling it toward Angela and with a smirk

"I'll have your Tux here your shoes, im assuming your taking Alec as your driver and I'll RSVP you with a plus one" she continues to read the invite "oh and ill call Esme and let her know they were invited so you can't back out of it" she smirks and walks out of the room with the rest of the mail knowing that she just deflated my whole day, but not before my phone chirped again

E – Miss Swan is on her way, Speedily back home – L