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Chapter 5: The Tribunal

After the fallout...

"Usagi," Luna looked at her mistress. "What was that all about?"

"Luna," Usagi voiced. "The White Moon Doctrine dictates that whatever powers the Senshi have belongs to me. So, it's only natural that the Celestial Swords are mine as well."

"Usagi, do you know what the Celestial Swords are capable of?" Luna asked incredulously.

"Don't know and don't care." Usagi huffed. "I only know that such a powerful sword should be mine! What the.." she gaped when a bright glow formed under her feet and both girl and cat was sucked into a summoning circle.

Mount Olympus where all the Gods resided was a massive world unto itself where the once revered immortals lived; and the Senshi's powers were born from these mighty beings. To prevent a Senshi from overstepping her boundaries, it was decided that should a dispute arise, a tribunal would be convened, and the matter be resolved with all the other Gods Mount Olympus being witnesses to the tribunal.

And right now one...the first one to ever take was being convened.

Usagi, in her Eternal Sailor Moon form, along with Super Sailor Mars were chained down in a large circular room with their bindings having the power to prevent them from calling forth their powers. Luna was in front of the two girls, with chains of her own to prevent her from tapping into her Mau powers. All around them, the various Gods were talking, speaking like humans do with their own public tribunals before they started before a loud roar silenced them all.

The massive, imposing form of Zeus landed on a platform which further intimidated the currently accused before him. The Thunder Lord's eyes were filled with fury, as he glared at each one, Luna shivered in fear, not meeting his eyes, and tried to look at something else. She had met the Ruler of the Heavens on a few rare occasions in their lives back during the Silver Millennium and would hide behind the Queen when in the mighty God's presence.

"Hear Yee! Hear Yee! This Tribunal is now in session. The Senshi of Mercury VS The Senshi of the White Moon, the Senshi of Mars and the Mau cat, Luna! The charges are betrayal of a fellow comrade, dishonoring the terms of an honorable fight, overstepping limitations, and conspiracy to control powers beyond their capabilities! There are also the additional charges of severely limiting the powers of a comrade," this was directed at Luna and Super Sailor Mars. "And false accusations made against a former comrade-in-arms. How do you three answer the charges against you?" demanded Zeus with eyes blazing with fury.

"Not guilty!" Super Sailor Mars called out.

"Not guilty!" Luna answered.

"Not guilty!" Eternal Sailor Moon exclaimed. "It's just the weakling. Now let me go, I am the Moon Princess and you need me."

"So you think because your name, you have the right to take whatever you think it's yours?" Zeus raised a brow.

"Whatever powers the Senshi have is mine." Eternal Sailor Moon sneered.

"So, you, a mere Sailor Senshi, believe you are above those higher than you?" Zeus asked.

"I am the Moon Princess. No one is higher than me." Eternal Sailor Moon declared.

"Will the witnesses come forward and evidence be brought forth." Zeus instructed as he watched Hermes, Athena and Apollo nod, and then look directly at them.

"The Prosecution calls forth the Senshi of Pluto to testify on our behalf!" answered Hermes.

"Silence!" Zeus roared, muting all whisperings. "Super Sailor Pluto, come forth!"

"I am here at your command to speak on behalf of the God of Wit and the wielder of one of the Three Celestial Swords, the Hyōrinmaru." Super Sailor Pluto proclaimed, as she bowed respectfully towards the all mighty deity, and then looked at the defendants with bloodlust in her eyes.

"Then speak. Tell us all of the injustice the Senshi of Mercury suffered and how she was treated by those around her!" Zeus commanded.

"Zeus-sama, I must protest the Senshi of Pluto from speaking! The amount of time she spends at the Gate of Time and Space distorts her sense of reasoning!" Luna exclaimed, before a blast of lightning from the Thunder Lord shocked the feline.

"Be silent! In this Tribunal, there will be no lies or half truths; for I see all that would be from such words. You speak them here or prevent the truth being heard... then you will be severely punished!" Zeus exclaimed.

"I am Sailor Pluto; one of the Senshi of the Outer Rim of the Solar System and I swear upon my immortal soul that what I speak today is the utmost truth. The former Sailor Mercury's name is Mizuno Uzumaki Ami. She is the daughter of Mizuno Kato and Uzumaki Saeko, the latter, the direct descendent of the long-lost Uzumaki Clan. Her life as a Senshi has not been a pleasant one, in part, thanks to the Mau cat named Luna who sought to minimize her power. To dispel any doubts of my word, Mizuno Uzumaki Ami has allowed me to copy her memories into a memory gem; and I ask of the memory gem be shown now to all of you to see for yourself whether or not I speak the truth." Super Sailor Pluto explained and let the diamond-shaped crystal float into Zeus' hands.

Using one of his many powers, the Lord of Thunder released the memories from the gem for all to watch.

The Gods around them watched in horror as they saw Luna and Artemis, with the aid of Rei, perform a ritual to seal off the bulk of the powers from the Mercury Star Power stick. Hermes fumed as he saw the Mercury Lyre manifest, knowing all too well that his Senshi should had gotten the instrument much earlier. They finally saw the memory of how Ami defeated Eternal Sailor Moon with merely the hilt of her blade, and was yelled at by the defeated Moon Senshi for winning against her. How Luna gave the 'kill-on-sight' order after Ami denounced her Senshi title, and Rei's numerous attempts to assassinate the ex-Senshi.

Needless to say, it got all the Gods around the group of accused females to shake with rage not since felt in all their years being alive.

"What is worse, Zeus-sama." Super Sailor Pluto added. "Is I have seen from the Gate of Time and Space that Sailor Moon had not only cheated her Senshi of their 'Planet' powers, she had refused to up them to 'Eternal' after Luna told her about the Three Celestial Swords. She wanted to take control of the Sword of the Waters; she had never wanted for any of them to grow too powerful." and Luna looked away in shame.

"I am not part of this plan!" Super Sailor Mars protested. "I was only following Usagi's orders. I do not deserve to be punished alongside thes- AAAAAAHHH!" as she was shocked with lightning from Zeus.

"You are guilty by association." Hermes bellowed. "Sailor Moon and Luna are both guilty in their actions against my Senshi as you have seen with her memories. The Mau cat broke the sacred vow and law to never reveal information about a weapon that a God had given as a gift. Sailor Moon dared to control a power that wasn't even hers!" as he saw Luna looking down while the God of Speed snarled at her.

"I've heard enough!" Zeus roared. "I have seen Mizuno Uzumaki Ami's memories of her treatment I have heard from Sailor Pluto of the crimes committed against Mizuno Uzumaki Ami in general. It is clear to me that all of you are guilty of crimes listed and more that you all have yet to be charged with by the Senshi of Time and Space. Do you have anything to say for yourselves before I pronounce your punishment?"

"We only did what we thought was right!" Luna defended. "Usagi is our Princess. She had a right to know of the Gods' gifts." before she was struck ruthlessly with lightning from Zeus.

"Do not play me for a fool, cat!" Zeus snapped. "You knew the rules and your excuse is a hollow one." and saw the other Gods watching the proceedings were calling for judgment against the accused.

Coupled with Eternal Sailor Moon's arrogance, it didn't take a genius to know what they thought of them.





The words were being spoken by all the Gods around them. Pluto, for her part, stayed silent through the whole thing, as she watched Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Mars and Luna tremble in fear knowing that the Thunder Lord was thinking along the same lines. Zeus did not care to hear silver tongued, honey dripping words, filled with remorse, or that they wished to redeem themselves in his godly eyes. Even now, they could see that Zeus held them in little to no regard in being worthy of staying as Senshi, or even keeping their powers at all. If Zeus had wished it, he could strip them of all of their powers, skills, princesses' rights, and their very home planet/moon be surrendered to the Senshi of Mercury as compensation.

"In regards to Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Mars and Luna that stand accused of high crimes against Hermes, Athena, Apollo and their Senshi, I find them all...GUILTY!" proclaimed Zeus with the witnesses in the stands going into a frenzy of cheer at seeing justice being done. "I hereby pass judgment on the guilty parties. Neither Tsukino Usagi nor Hino Rei may transform into their Senshi forms ever again! The two of you must surrender the Ginzuishou, your transformation items and any of your weapons over to your patron Gods immediately! Your territory will be put under the control of the Mercury Royal House and the Uzumaki Clan for them to manage how they see fit. Any decision you make must go through them for approval. The Mau cats will not be allowed access to their full heritage for... the next 500 years!" the Lord of the Skies commanded, much to the shock of each guilty party. "Leave my sight now!" he bellowed and the group vanished.

Selene and Ares placed a stern hand on their Senshi and teleported out with Luna in tow.

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