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Yes, my OTP is Robfire.

Therefore, I have decided to write ya'll some Robfire! Now this fic is rated M because there is going to be some heavy stuff, but it won't be TOO in detail. I hope you enjoy anyways! : )

Third Person

Robin looked up from his CD case, noticing something was missing. He looked behind him. Cyborg and Beast Boy were scarfing down waffles as usual. He looked to his right. Raven was reading a book with her knees up on a chair. There was only one person missing from the Common Room. Starfire!

"Hey," Robin spoke up, "has anyone see Star today?"

Cyborg and Beast Boy looked up from their breakfast with confusion. "No," they said with a full mouth. Robin looked towards Raven, who seemed to have ignored his question.

"Uh, Raven?"

She finally looked up, annoyed. "Yes?"

"Have you seen Starfire?"

"No." And she simply went back to her book.

"I'm going to go find her." Robin declared. No one questioned him.

The hallway to Starfire's room was dark, which was unusual. There was no light showing from underneath her door either, which was even more unusual. Robin hesitantly knocked.

"Star? You up yet?" He heard a painful groan on the other side of the door that worried him a bit. "Hey, are you okay?" There was silence on the other end. Being the person that he was, Robin turned into hero mode, putting on a stern face and firmly grasping the doorknob. He half expected it to be locked, but it just swung right open for him.

The room had no lights on, but he could still see the disheveled sheets on Starfire's bed, containing Star herself. Her face was squished against the pillows and she didn't look well. What really scared Robin was the way she was dressed. The Titans even slept in their uniforms sometimes so they could be ready to fight crime even in the dead of night. Instead, Starfire's bright red hair was up in a tight high ponytail, and she wore a purple tank top. Robin had never seen her in anything but her uniform and her evening dress, so it was very strange for him. But, he did admit to himself, she looked good, even for looking like she was in so much pain. He resisted the urge to rush to her side and instead stood awkwardly in the doorway.

"Starfire? What's wrong?" Robin asked, a little franticness to his voice. Starfire responded this time.

"I do not…" She did not finish her sentence before jumping quickly out of her bed and running to her bathroom. Robin blushed like crazy when he realized all she had on her lower body was her underwear. His blush dropped from his cheeks when he heard the horrid retching sounds of a person throwing up. He ran into the bathroom after her.

"Starfire!" he exclaimed. She was throwing up disgusting neon green bile, and it wasn't stopping. He knelt down besides her and pushed away his embarrassment to hold back her baby hairs.

"Oh my God," he muttered repeatedly. He had never in his life seen a person throw up as much as Starfire had. Tears were pouring down her face, and Robin almost passed out with worry when she began to puke up red. His eyes widened and he said, "I'll be right back, I'm going to get Raven!"

With that, Robin ran as fast as he could back to the Common Room. Cyborg and Beast Boy had transferred to the couch, where they were now playing a mindless video game. Raven was still reading her book.

"Raven, I need you now, it's an emergency, it's Starfire!"

Very quickly, the other three Titans stood up and began to run towards Robin. Robin remembered with a blush that Star was in her underwear. Hastily, he said, "Just Raven for now," grabbed Raven's arm and took off towards Star's room again. Robin winced when he still heard the sounds of her vomiting. He motioned to Raven. "In here!"

Starfire was still hunched over the toilet, but now her vomit had turned blood red. It almost made Robin pass out.

Raven didn't seem to notice she was in her underwear, she just watched her with wide eyes.

"Well?" Robin yelled angrily. "Do something!" He was so thankful that he was wearing his mask; tears started to well up in his eyes.

"Well I can't exactly make her stop throwing up! Her body needs to get it all out."

"Get what out?"

"Whatever bacteria is in her system."

As soon as Raven said this, Starfire's throwing up began to slow down. Soon, she had stopped. Robin looked hopeful…until Star collapsed onto the cold bathroom floor. Robin rushed to her side. "Starfire!"

He held her up by her back and neck; her limp head rolled in his arms. She was unconscious. "Star?" He was briefly reminded of their kiss in Tokyo, and how it started like this, and smiled in spite of himself. Her eyes began to flutter and Robin's hopes started to rise.

"R- Robin?" She still looked frail and breakable. "I do not think I am in a condition of good nature."

Robin chuckled nervously. "I don't think so either."

He carefully helped her to her feet, even though she was still shaky. Still, she had no problem jumping up and hanging onto Robin spider monkey style. Robin didn't object, and Raven stood in the corner blushing slightly.

Robin laid down on Starfire's bed, and Starfire adjusted so she could use Robin's chest as a pillow. Robin smirked. He was extremely happy she was using him for comfort, even though she might've been so delirious she didn't know who it was.

"What do you think all that was about?" he asked Raven.

Raven only shrugged. "I'm not sure, it could be some sort of Tamaranean flu."

"They have that kind of stuff?"

"The Tamaranean species is very similar to the human species."

"Oh." And with his last response, Raven darted from the room. Robin looked down at Starfire, who clutched his chest like a pillow and who snored very lightly. It's going to be a long couple of days, Robin thought.

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