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Starfire sighed contentedly. Her birthday party had been fabulous, and she couldn't have asked for it to be any better. The best part was that she finally had her Robin.

Speaking of Robin, he took a deep breath and rolled over next to her. She could see he was still asleep, and he looked so much younger asleep. She also noticed, with his face pressed against the bed sheets, his mask had started to fall off. With curious fingers, she gently reached for it, but flinched greatly when Robin- who was still asleep- brushed her hand away. He slightly turned again so that he was lying on his back. Suddenly, he started to shake. Hard. But he wasn't awake. His body convulsed until he actually fell off the bed, and Starfire screamed. Suddenly, Robin sat up abruptly, and yelled a single word.


He finally gained his breath and looked up to see Starfire staring at him wide eyed, and breathing just as heavily as he was. She wore a nightdress and she clutched the blankets with a death grip, not saying anything, just franticly staring at him, making sure he wasn't shaking anymore. He realized that she had seen that whole thing just now, and how scared she probably was.

"Starfire, are you okay?"

Starfire luckily came out of her shock to answer the question. "Am I okay? Am I okay? Robin, you are the one who was convulsing and yelling! Are you the okay?"

He looked down at the ground. No, he wasn't okay. "Yeah, Star, I'm fine."

She saw right through it. "Why do you lie to me when you are in danger?"

He shook his head. "I'm not in danger, Star."

She started to get angry. "That looked like danger to me! I am the freaked out!"

He let out a heavy sigh and got up on the bed again, readjusting his mask. He didn't think he would have to tell Starfire the truth so soon. But also, he knew he could never lie to her. She saw through him clear as day. He grabbed her arms and repositioned her so that her back was on his chest. He breathed into her hair, and began to speak again.

"Starfire, sometimes, these things happen to me, they're called seizures. I don't know why they happen, but it's nothing to be afraid of."

She twisted her face towards his. "Robin, I have watched many medical shows in order to understand the Earth better and they have said these 'seizures' are deadly! You could die!" Robin could see her eyes begin to fill up with tears. He hadn't wanted to worry her, but it was obviously to late to worry about her feelings on the matter. "How long have you known?" she spoke again, breaking him out of his trance.


"How long have you been having the 'seizures'?" She had wiped her tears away, but Robin knew she was trying to ask him seriously and professionally without losing it.

"Ever since my parents' deaths. I don't know why they happen and I didn't want to worry you guys. I'm just lucky it's never happened to me in battle."

Her voice began to raise again. "If you were lucky, you would not be having these problems! You would be healthy!"

"Trust me, I'm healthy. I would tell you if I wasn't."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "No, you wouldn't."

He sighed, once again she was right. "Fine, Starfire you can take me to the doctor, but he won't tell me anything I don't already know. Br-" his eyes widened as he almost gave something away- "Batman taught me everything about it."

Still, Starfire's eyes lit up. "You promise?"

He held his breath in hesitation, but let out a sigh again. Doctors. He hated doctors. "I promise."

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