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Frau leapt through a glass window of the Barsburg Castle, Teito carried bridal style in both arms. He landed on the ground with a loud bang before sprinting towards the harbour.

"Make sure you stick to me, damned brat!" Frau yelled through gritted teeth, not even stopping once to look around for any guards.

"I'm not a brat!" Teito shouted loudly before muttering under his breath, "As if I can't stick to you, idiot... I'm being carried by you right now."

"Hmm? You said something?" Frau added with a smirk.

"Nothing, really..." Teito trailed off, looking away from Frau. The mist surrounding them seemed to be getting thicker with every step Frau took. And Frau seemed to be thinking the same, too.

After a while, Frau stopped in front of a small, wooden boat with a motor attached to it. He dropped Teito in a rush before before jumping onto the boat.

"Where are we going?" Teito asked in a panic, trying to get on the boat.

"We're getting out of here, so hurry up and get on the boat, Teito!" Frau shouted, stretching out his right hand for Teito to grab.

"Wait, Frau! What about Castor, Labrador…" Teito stopped short to take in a breath of air. "Hakuren, Mikage and Ouka? What will happen to them?"

Frau stopped abruptly. He knew Labrador and Castor would be fine, but there was no way Hakuren and Ouka could have gotten out of there, especially when the King was just killed. The Imperial Army would definitely take this opportunity to take over the Barsburg Empire. And he had no idea where Mikage was...

"… Tch!" Frau clicked his tongue angrily.

"Frau!" Teito yelled, but the sound of footsteps from the Palace guards were approaching faster than Frau predicted.

"The others will get away as well! Just believe in them, you damned brat!" Frau continued, hiding his thoughts behind a slightly serious facade.

"Wait, hey-"

Frau pulled Teito onto the boat before using his Zaiphon to propel the boat forward, with just barely enough time for them to escape the Imperial guards chasing after them. Teito turned back, and the sight of the First District- no, the whole of the Barsburg Empire and the previous Raggs Kingdom- was soon covered by a thick cloud of mist.

"Barsburg... And Raggs..." Teito muttered, staring at the direction which he thought was where the Barsburg Castle was just moments ago. 'I'll come back... I'll definitely come back. Hakuren, Mikage, Ouka!'

Frau turned and saw Teito staring intently into the distance. The former sighed before reaching out his left hand and ruffled the latter's hair.

"Don't worry too much and go to sleep, brat." Frau spoke loudly, still ruffling Teito's hair.

"Frau..." Teito muttered before falling asleep, not knowing where he would end up once he awoke...


"Frau nii-chan, wait for me!" A young boy with long, green hair let down slightly past his shoulders whined, huffing and puffing as he tried to catch his breath.

"You're just too slow, Freed!" The older boy with slight spiky blond hair known as Frau yelled over, hands at his hips.

"But I can't run as fast as you can, and you know it!" Freed retorted, fully standing up and running towards Frau, who was almost half a head taller than him.

"And to get caught by those Sisters I played a prank on? No way!" Frau sneered a reply, grinning from ear to ear.

"Playing pranks are bad, nii-chan!" Freed yelled back, but stopped when Frau raised his hand and patted the former's head.

"Yeah, but they deserve it." Frau started ruffling Freed's hair before looking upwards and into the distance. "After all, idiots who pray to Gods who don't exist are idiots."

"... You said 'idiot' twice, Nii-chan." Freed added with a chuckle. Frau's face flustered red before he put down his hand and walked away, Freed next to him.

"... Damned brat." Frau muttered under his breath.

"Did you say something?"

"No. Nothing."


"We're finally back!" Lucy announced, stretching her arms upwards.

"I can't wait to get back to the guild!" Natsu yelled, punching his right fist into his open left. "I'm itching for a fight!"

"Do you think it's even complete yet?" Gray added coolly. "After all, we would have to help out with construction."

"How about a spar, right here and right now, Gray?" Natsu smirked, motioning the said person to start one.

"Gray's right, Natsu." Erza popped in without warning, scaring both the Dragon Slayer and Ice Mage. "They might not be done yet, so don't unnecessarily start a fight and destroy everything that has been built already."

"Besides that, why are you topless again, Gray?" Lucy stated monotone, not amused with Gray's stripping habits. The latter shouted in panic before putting on his shirt.

Lucy sighed. These guys have no sense of coolness at all. So exactly how and why did she get grouped together with them? Lucy looked up and noticed Natsu sniffing and turning left and right.

"Natsu, what's wrong?" Happy chirped, flying in the air using Era.

"I smell something!" Natsu shouted, not the least trying to cover what he was doing.

"Well, isn't that obvious?" Gray stated, arms crossed.

"It's different from anything I've smelt before!" Natsu shouted again with Gray face-palming behind him. 'Be more specific!' Gray yelled inwardly.

"How is it different?" Erza asked- ahem, demanded- from the Dragon Slayer, but the latter already sprinted off to a fishing boat approaching the port.

"Natsu! Wait for us!" Lucy yelled, but Erza and Gray had already sprinted off after Natsu as well.

Lucy froze on the spot, eyes wide, wondering how inhumane their reaction time were to Natsu's frequent runs.

"... Do they always do that?" Lucy asked Happy, who was still next to her.



Meanwhile, Natsu jumped onto the boat, barely stepping on the two unconscious people on the boat.

"Hey! Who are you guys? And are you alrigh-" Natsu shouted, but his transport sickness got the better of him. He feel to his knees and leaned out against the boat. "Guh, I feel sick..."

"That idiot! He got too excited!" Gray grumbled under his breath. He stood by the banks of the port before yelling and pounding his hands together, "Ice make: Floor!"

The water surrounding the boat and in front of Gray froze with a bright flash of light. Erza jumped lightly onto the ice and strolled towards the boat.

"Natsu, what were you thinking?" Erza sighed before grabbing the person with spiky, blond hair's arm. To her shock, that person's arm... Was freezing cold.

Erza quickly let go of that person's arm and felt the arm of the other with brownish black hair: he was warm, but it was clear that his body temperature was dropping quickly.

"Erza! What are you doing spacing out? Hurry up before the ice melts!" Gray shouted from the banks of the port. That broke Erza out of her thoughts and she quickly regained control of the situation.

"Natsu! You take the kid! I'll handle the big guy here!" Erza yelled, carrying the person she first touched. His body was still freezing cold. Erza's eyes widened for a second when the thought of the man being a corpse, but the sound of his breathing shattered them immediately. Still, it was strange that his body was like this.

"Erza..." Natsu whimpered, still on the boat. "I don't think... I can do it..."

"Just do it, Natsu!" Erza yelled again, pulling the older person to land. It took a while, but Natsu had successfully done so without falling into the water.

"Erza! Gray! Natsu!" Lucy finally ran over. "Who are these two?"

"I'm not sure..." Gray muttered under his breath.

"They don't smell like anything from here, though!" Natsu managed to speak out, glad to finally be on land again.

"We'll discuss what to do with them with Master. Let's get them to Fairy Tail first." Erza spoke up, carrying the person to her carriage of luggage and tossing him on a vacant spot. Gray took over and did the same with the boy who looked the same age as him.

"... I do wonder who they are, though." Lucy muttered under her breath. It was wasn't before she noticed a huge building looming over her that she looked up: and got a huge surprise.

The Fairy Tail Guild... was rebuilt!

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