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Chapter One Family

A little Mexican town in Mexico- late evening.

Monica stepped into the small run down store and quickly disappeared into an isle before the shop keeper saw her and she picked out the jar of jam that she was looking for to present to her mother when she went over there next as a surprise visit.

Monica walked up to the counter and let the woman standing on the other side see who she was.

"Monica? Is that really you?" The elderly store keeper asked as Monica approached the bench.

"Yes, it is," Monica replied with a smile.

"My, my, you've changed so much, and yet not much at all," The cryptic woman said and touched Monica's hair, "I see you've changed your hair again, it always did look in better black."

"I quite agree," Monica said and then pushed the jar of sauce that she was trying to buy further up on the counter and the always understanding woman handed the jar back to her.

"No charge, not for you my Dear," She said with a smile.

"Maria, no I can't do that… Here take this," She said and handed the woman the money she owed and a little extra.

"No no I insist. Take it as a small gift to you and your family, a small repayment for all that you and your family have done for me," Maria said.

But Monica wouldn't hear of it and placed the money on the counter, "Maria, you can use the money," She said and Maria gave Monica a stubborn look and then sighed, "You really must come visit me again soon," She said.

"I will," Monica promised, "I'll stop by tomorrow for a few hours and help you with the shop," She said.

But what Monica didn't know was that she wasn't going to be anywhere near the little store in that little town by the time the store was due to be open.

The two women smiled at each other and then Monica headed out and stopped at one of the seats to write on a little card that she intended to put on the jar.

Signing her name she felt someone grab her, a hand going over her mouth to muffle her attempts at screaming for help. She automatically reached for her gun, a habit that almost came reflexively, but realised it wasn't there due to the fact that she had left it in a locked draw back in DC because she was now off duty.

She struggled and thrashed, trying to turn in the strong arms that held her or injure her attacker but he clamped his fingers onto her nose and she focused all her efforts on trying to breathe and getting his hand off her mouth or nose.

But unfortunately it was too late because her respiration had already sped up with the adrenalin now in her bloodstream, and this meant that she required more of the oxygen that she was not getting. But Monica was not a quitter, and even though she could feel her lungs burning and her bodies need for air, she kicked and elbowed her assailant as hard as she could. Her vision started to become dotted and so she bit her attackers hand in a last ditch attempt at freeing her self. She heard a muffled cry of 'Bitch!' as her body felt heavier and she felt weaker, her vision was completely gone and her grip loosened as she blacked out.


Monica came to slowly and she felt all tingly and light headed. She opened her eyes and found herself tied to a chair with a gang member sitting backwards on a chair in front of her and another four members standing in the background.

"Ey boys, lookie here, Chicki here lives!" He joked and they snickered. Monica surveyed her surroundings but was only able to conclude that she was in a house, "So Chicki, you go by Monica Reyes now huh? When'd you change your name?" He asked, "Cos you know you can't hide from us."

"Who are you?" Monica asked, tugging on the ropes that held her and watched as the gang smirked at her attempts for escape.

"Oh, you don't remember me?" He asked, putting a hand over his heart and pretending to be hurt, "Oh I'm heart broken!" He teased, "Well, for all intents and purposes you can call me K." He said.

"Some one's been watching too much Men in Black." She commented, searching the room and counting the weapons in sight.

"Hey, I started going by K long before that movie came out!" He said, shooting out of his chair and threatening her with a pointed finger. Then calming down again he pulled his chair closer and sat on it backwards again, "So, Monica Reyes, what are you doing back in my town?"

"It's not your town."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" The four in the back of the house chorused and K waved to silence them.

"Listen Bitch," He said, getting up again and moving to stand in front of her, forcing her to look up at him, "You don't talk back to me!" He said and backhanded her, then bending down to her eye level he said, "You got that?" Monica spat at the ground beside his feet. He stood up straight and then went back to his chair, "I thought I told you never to come back here."

"I didn't come back here for you," She responded, twisting her wrists to feel the knots that bound her.

"No?" He asked rhetorically, "Why then did you come back?"

"Tooo see my family?" She said, telling him the truth.

"Oh, you're family!" He scoffed, "Righhhht. Sure, you see Chicka, I know that you don't have a family, aside from of course, your carbon copy daughter. Speaking of which, where is that little brat?" K asked.

Monica tried to work through all the things that didn't add up. I haven't changed my name, I've never met these guys before, thus they never could have told me to 'never come back' and I certainly don't have a daughter… "Okay, I see what's happened here," She said.

"Oh, do you know?"

"Yes, this is a case of mistaken identity. My name's Monica Reyes, I was born and raised here in Mexico, but then I went to America to study at Brown University after which I joined the FBI and gained citizenship there. Okay? I'm not who ever you're looking for, so who is it that you are looking for? Maybe we could work out some kind of deal; if I help you find who you're looking for, you let me go?" She offered.

The gang snickered again, "Mistaken identity huh?" He said and stepped up to her again, "You think you can hide from me Julietta? You think I can't identify you?" He said and pulled at her sleeve. Julietta? Monica wondered, "I own you J'," He said and then looked down at her arm and she followed his gaze, but there was nothing there. He frowned, feeling the smooth, clear skin and then pulling her other sleeve up and his frowned deepened. Then he whirled around and turned to one of the other gang members, "What the hell 'Roam? This isn't her! She doesn't have the scar!" He yelled and stalked toward the now freaked out man.

"K! I'm sorry, Dude, I didn't know! She looks so much like Julietta!" He said, putting his hands up in surrender.

"You kidnapped a FBI!" He yelled.

"I didn't know!" "'Roam" yelled and then had an idea, "Maybe, maybe we could get the money out of her FBI?" He suggested.

"It's not my FBI." Monica put in.

K turned back to Monica, rubbing his lips and clearly deeply in thought, "What's your mothers name Chicka?" He asked.

Monica was confused again, and didn't see the connection, but answered anyway, "Carmen Reyes."


"Raffael Reyes," She said, and then feeling bold she added, "At least to the best of my knowledge."

"Yo, D," He called to one of the guys, "Bring her bag." He said and she saw one of the men disappear and then come back with her backpack in his hand. She watched silently as they shuffled things around and then pulled out her purse, "Got it," He said to himself and pulled out the photo that she kept in it and held it up to her, "This them?" K asked and she nodded.

She watched as he pulled out a crumpled photo from his pocket and compared the photos to each other and then to Monica.

"Hooo damn!" One of unidentified men said.

"Oh snaaaaap!" Said 'D' as he looked at the photos and then Monica.

Monica shifted and took advantage of them not paying attention to her, and she looked at the ropes that held her and then tried to figure out how to undo them.

"Well well well, what do you know?" He said and then left the room, directing three of his gang to follow, "I think I know what's going on here. You stay and watch her- closely." He said and then left.

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