Vondrakenhof here. I've written the prologue and the first chapter to my new story A Sidekick's Duty. It's a serious fic set as Kim and Ron start college. I'm going to try to sneak in a bit of humour here and there to make it seem more like the show but I can't promise it'll work. Anyway, I have the whole story planned, more so than my KP/Warhammer crossover The Templar and the Shaman anyway. All I have to do is, well, write it.

So while I'm using Disney's characters for my own amusement (and hopefully for others as well) you can review and tell me what you think. Enjoy!


The Darkness pressed in on him. It was always there. There was no reprieve, no light and no comfort. He didn't know how long he'd been there. Time was meaningless in the dark. It could have been mere days or it could have been millennia. It didn't matter; each would seem like an eternity.

The man, and he had been a man once, could he still call himself one? He couldn't even remember how he had come to be in the darkness. He remembered his desire for power, for revenge and that he'd been chasing both when he failed. Was that how he'd come to this place of crushing darkness? Had he died? Was this hell or oblivion?

Lost in the dark and silence for so long he was unprepared when it happened. A small crack, a sound he wouldn't have heard in the world he came from, but painfully loud here. And suddenly there wasn't just darkness anymore. Cyan light flowed into the void and the man saw, through blinded eyes, battle. He saw two enormous creatures, hulking and green. He saw them fall to the power behind the light. He saw them perish, but he felt them die. He felt the familiar power he couldn't name destroy these monsters. And as quick as it came, the light, the sound, was gone. But the crack remained. And the man knew who had put it there.


They're dead. They're dead and I killed them, Ron Stoppable, soon-to-be High School graduate, thought as the power drained from his body and the screeching of monkeys faded away. I took a life. Two lives! Oh Yahweh what have I done?

A stirring beneath him interrupted his train of thought. A head full of red hair lifted itself off the ground. Green eyes stared up at him. Kim Possible, dazed, confused, but undeniably whole and alive. Ron offered her a hand. She took it and embraced him.

I can make peace with this, he thought, As long as she's safe nothing else matters. I'll do it again if I have to.

Hana Stoppable was silent. Unusual for a toddler in the middle of an alien invasion but then, Hana was an unusual child. Her parents were busy helping the Possible family keep order in the chaos. She'd been handed to a dark skinned girl in a black robe to be taken care of. Hana knew Monique and wasn't giving her any trouble. In fact until a moment ago she'd been laughing and dancing to the cooing of all who could see. But now not a sound escaped her.

Brudder, she thought. She could feel his power as he defeated the Lorwardians, feel it as they were killed by the power that was even more a part of her than it was Ron. It scared her that her brother, usually the gentlest soul she knew, could do that. But she also knew that it wasn't done out of rage, or for gain, or even for the world's protection but for the life of a loved one. And that was okay.

The last wire was connected. Electricity surged. And cable television was returned.

"Way to go 'Nique. We owe you one!" cried Andrea Fitzgerald, a red-headed guard assigned to the female wing of Global Justice's prison for so-called super-villains.

That's Electronique to you, you peppy moron, thought the foreign villain. "It was no bother," she said in her heavy accent, "I'm glad to be of service."

"Keep this up and you'll have a couple of years knocked off you sentence," said the guard as she clapped the rubber-clad woman on the back.

"Oh that would be wonderful!" replied Electronique. Too bad for you I won't be waiting around that long.

Soon. Soon.