Vondrakenhof here. After bouts of writers block and slight apathy I've finally finished this chapter. Honestly I'm not sure if I like how this has turned out. Half of it was fun to write, the other half was kind of forced. Please let me know what you think and whether I should run away now and never open Microsoft Word again. Enjoy!

Life is Good.

Señor Senior Junior was not a very competent or intelligent man. As the son of a multi-billionaire who grew up on a private island he wanted for nothing. When his father, Señor Senior Senior, learned that his son was struggling with his homework at the beginning of Junior's academic career he hired a woman known only as Ms Bunny to do it for him. The result was a distinct lack of brain power which led Junior to believe that appearance was everything, that Animology was real and, perhaps worst of all, that he could sing.

On the other hand Junior looked at things very simply. This led him to where he was today. Junior was atop the roof of the Tower of London. Rather than attempt to sneak into the tower and take the Crown Jewels with skill like a master thief would, he was simply going to tear the roof off and take them all. His henchmen were setting four square machines down in the corner nearest to the jewels.

"Sir," said one of them, addressing Junior. "As soon as the instruments have embedded themselves into the tower we'll be able to hook them up to the helicopters."

Junior looked up at the eight "mysterious black choppers" that were hovering above them. A long black cable descended from each helicopter to the roof. "Do it," said Junior. The henchman made a signal to the other members of the team. Buttons were pressed on each of the instruments. Drills emerged from the sides before sinking into the roof. Mooring rings extended from the top of each and henchmen hurried to attach two helicopter cables to each one.

Junior let loose a rather lacklustre Evil Snicker as he anticipated seizing his prize.

As Junior stood atop the Tower of London Kim and Ron were preparing to jump out of Mr Geminini's plane. Ron stared out of the open hatch at London city while Kim spoke to the man kind enough to give them a ride.

"Oh don't worry Kim," said Geminini after she thanked him. "Bortel owed you one. I'm just glad you didn't bring your brothers along."

"I'd say no big but those two cause more trouble than any super-villain," replied Kim. She made her way over to her boyfriend. Taking Ron's face in her hands she planted a quick kiss on his lips. "For luck," she explained. The plan required Ron to go first.

"I'll see you in a few KP," he said before leaping from the plane. Kim watched as he braced himself to allow the wingsuit he was wearing to catch air. He swiftly glided towards the Tower of London. Kim followed him.

The last time Ron wore a squirrel suit was, ironically, the last time Junior had tried to steal the Crown Jewels. Of course the overgrown man-child had been in New Zealand because a movie set had a replica of the tower, but it still counted.

These suits still rock! He thought as he shot towards the tower. The plan, much like Junior's, was a simple one. He was to distract the henchmen while KP did her part.

Ron glided in under the helicopters trying to slow his flight a little. It didn't work. He barrelled into the muscular form of Señor Senior Junior, knocking them both across the tower roof before they rolled to a stop, several feet from each other.

The pair were just picking themselves up when the henchmen got to them. "Sir, are you alright?" one of them asked before Junior caught his reflection in the stylish sunglasses all of the Senior's henchmen were forced to wear. The billionaire screamed.

"No, I am not alright!" he shouted, standing up and turning to Ron, who was still on his knees. "You have ruined my hair!" It was true, Junior's hair was worse than it had been after the first time he fought Ron. It had been a fight that was more about messing each other's hair up and struggling for a comb than it was about trying to hurt the other combatant. For most people this would be the least of their concerns when one half of a famous crime-fighting duo drops in on you but this was Junior. "I will crush you!"

Junior dove at younger man, intent on driving his right fist through Ron's face. Ron rolled aside at the last moment, coming up in a defensive stance. Junior knew this song and dance. The sidekick would wave his arms about and scream at the top of his lungs before running away. He decided not to give Ron the chance. Coming at him, Junior was surprised when Ron snapped a punch at his solar plexus stopping the bigger man in his tracks. Junior was then kicked in the gut with enough force to land him on his ass.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, time out," said the villain as he stood up. "When did you get the moves?" he asked. "This is not fair. You're the sidekick; you have never had the moves before."

"They're relatively new," said Ron, feeling that Junior didn't need to know about Mystical Monkey Power, or how he'd used it to save the world, or even about the extended training sessions he'd had with Kim over the summer.

"Yes well I only have one thing to say to that," said Junior, pointing at Ron. "Stylish Hench-people, attack!" Eight large, intimidating men in the uniform the Seniors had given them advanced on the sidekick. Ron cracked his knuckles, swallowed his fear and charged the nearest goon.

I hope Kim's doing alright on her end, he thought.

While Ron had glided under the choppers and into Junior, Kim had controlled her own flight. As she closed the gap between herself and Junior's transports she grabbed her hair dryer/grappling gun. She quickly shot the line so that it wrapped around the landing gear of the nearest helicopter. She was quickly pulled up to the chopper and she held herself on by her legs. Reaching into her wingsuit Kim removed a small cylinder, about as long and wide as her finger. A tube of lipstick.

Anyone who had not seen Kim Possible in action before would be surprised then when an intense red beam of light cut through the cable that had descended from the chopper to the tower roof. Aiming her grappling gun at the next helicopter, Kim was able to swing from one vehicle to the next. She then repeated her actions with the laser lipstick.

Kim had cut through four cables before she ran into trouble. On the fifth helicopter, just as she was about to use the laser lipstick, a hand reached out of the chopper and pulled her inside. Before Kim could react the laser was kicked out of her hands and down to grounds of the tower.

"You are not ruining this for me K!" screeched her attacker. Kim's eyes widened in shock.

"Bonnie?" she asked. It was. Bonnie Rockwaller stood before her in all her smug, superior, well-dressed glory.

"My man is getting me jewellery and you not going to stop him," said the former Queen B (for bitch according to most students) of Middleton High. "Isn't he the sweetest?"

"You are such a gold digger," said Kim, her voice layered with disgust.

"You're just jealous because that loser of yours can't afford to get you anything nice," Bonnie retorted.

"Ron is not a loser Bonnie," said a smirking Kim. "But you are. You've graduated from High School Evil. Which means," Kim launched herself at her former cheerleading rival, planting her fist in the girl's stomach. Bonnie doubled over. "I can finally do this." She brought her left fist down on the back of Bonnie's head, knocking her out cold.

"That felt way too good," Kim mused. She looked out the helicopter window to find that Ron was still standing while all the henchmen were flat on their backs. He gave her a thumbs-up.

"My love," came Junior's voice just as his messy head appeared at the hatch. "We must flee! Do you have my comb?" It was then that he noticed his unconscious girlfriend and a smiling Kim. The last thing he saw was her fist before he too was knocked out.

Kim and Ron watched as Junior, Bonnie and the henchmen were led away by the London Police. Ron had only just stopped celebrating what his girlfriend had done to one of his most persistent tormentors in high school.

"So," he began, "You wanna stay a while, take in the sights? Maybe have a ride on that big ferris-wheel thingy?"

Kim smiled at her boyfriend. "You mean the London Eye?" Ron nodded. "Love to, but can't. It's the first day of classes tomorrow. For you too, remember?"

"Awe man," Ron complained. "I wanted to go for a ride."

Kim put her arms around her man's neck. "Maybe on the plane home we can have a different kind of ride," she proposed with a sultry voice.


Kim sat down in the lecture hall not far from the front row. It was filling up slowly with freshmen who seemed to be making sure that they had the right room. More than once a student had walked in, taken a few steps forward, looked again at the sign on the door and walked back out again. It made Kim glad that she wasn't too proud to carry a map. Otherwise she might have been one of those lost freshmen.

As she tried to make herself comfortable in her seat (an impossible task, even for a Possible) she took the spiral notepad she had been taken notes in for the day's classes. So far all of Kim's classes had been more about informing the students about what the coming semester entailed, rather than trying to teach them yet. Legal History of America and Psychology 101 had certainly done that. Kim and the rest of her classmates had simply been informed of which books they all had to buy, beg, borrow or steal. It was an expensive list. Kim wondered if it would be wrong to get Wade to download them for her. She had no reason to believe that this class wouldn't be more of the same.

The din of chatter about the lecture hall grew silent as what must have been the lecturer walked in. He wore a tweed jacket, a pair of square-rimmed spectacles, carried an old leather briefcase and seemed to have more hair above his lip than on the top of his head. He was, in other words, a walking cliché.

"Good afternoon class," he said in a voice that forced Kim to immediately stifle a yawn. "I am Professor Ian Terole. You will address me by my title or by 'sir' alone." His gaze scanned the room to ensure that everyone understood that he would tolerate no familiarity. "With that understood welcome to Advanced English Literature. This semester we will be studying, comparing and contrasting The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, How Many Miles to Babylon by Jennifer Johnston and the classic Lo the Plough Shall Till the Soil of Redemption by Abraham Barkin. At the end of the semester…"

It was then that Kim allowed herself to zone out. Her hand was running on autopilot, taking notes on what the professor expected when it came to essays and the final exam at the semesters end. Ron had once told her that he'd tried to read Lo the Plough Shall Till the Soil of Redemption before. It was assigned to an English class by Mr Barkin, who was apparently related to the author. Kim thought Ron was exaggerating when he said that he'd nearly died of boredom, but she wasn't looking forward to finding out just how much he had been.

She hoped Ron was having a better first day than she was.

As a matter of fact Ron was having a better first day than his girlfriend. Unlike the strict academic regime enforced upon the students at Upperton University, Middleton Community College took a more practical and relaxed approach. After an hour long lecture about the course criteria, requirements and health and safety the culinary freshmen of MCC had been let loose in the kitchen so the instructors could evaluate their skills. Ron had rubbed his hands and grinned a Zorpox grin in glee at the sight of the utilities. Sure they weren't state-of-the-art but they were certainly a step up from the appliances at his apartment. And there was enough of them that none of the students would have to wait for anyone else to be finished before they could cook.

Yes Ron Stoppable was having a good day. He'd already caught the demonstrator's eye with a brave blend of spices in the sauce he chose to marinate his chicken in; the stir-fry itself was going great and when he'd asked his instructor whether he could take his food home with him all she said was: "Only if there's some left when I get through with it."

In fact the only complaint Ron had about his first day was that he hadn't had a chance to hire a locker yet, so he was forced to wear his biker leathers and carry his helmet all day. Which was a fairly minor issue in the face of the new direction his academic career was headed. Life was looking good. Ron just hoped that it would stay that way when they started trying to teach him about the business end of being in the culinary business.

"Hey, uh, Ron is it?" someone asked. Ron turned to the person next to him, a tall dark haired student, whose steak pieces were burning on a frying pan. "I heard you know Kim Possible? You, uh, help her out or something?"

"Yeah," said Ron, whose instincts were telling him he wouldn't like this conversation. "I'm her sidekick."

"Do you know if she's seeing anyone right now?" the man asked, proving Ron's suspicions right. "I'd really like to get with a girl like her."

"Yeah," said Ron through gritted teeth. "She's seeing me, in fact."

"Come off it man, get real," snorted the taller man. He failed to notice that Ron was seething.

"No lie dude," growled Ron. "We've been together nearly a year and a half now." The other student brushed this off with a "whatever" before turning back to his ruined food. Ron forced himself to take a deep breath and turn back to his own meal even though he'd rather take the wok and beat the other man senseless with it. Easy Ronman, he told himself, It's you KP's dating, not jokers like him. Even though it was true, Ron's good day was still somewhat soured.

By Wednesday Kim and Ron had decided that no longer being within walking distance of each other, as they had been for most of their lives, was a major bummer. So to remedy this fact Ron, who was finished earlier than Kim, packed what he had cooked that day in his backpack and rode to UU's campus to meet his girlfriend. He pulled up outside the dorms to wait.

"Hey gorgeous," he said as he saw Kim come out of the building. He embraced her and gave her a quick kiss before asking how her day was.

"Eh, it wasn't very exciting," answered Kim. "Lectures are so dull. The most interesting thing that happened was breaking the bank buying all the books I need." Ron winced at that. He'd had to buy a textbook himself, it'd cost him more than any video game. Kim took his hand and led him across the grounds. "Come on, there's a perfect spot for a picnic around the corner."

The spot turned out to be in the middle of a green in full view of the whole campus. It was less than ideal for Ron who would've preferred a more private place where they could snuggle up to each other. He wasn't to know that having a public picnic with her boyfriend was Kim's way of making sure all the guys (and the two girls) who had hit on her knew that she was taken.

After eating Ron's lunch of chicken stuffed with cheese with brownies for dessert the subject of conversation turned to Kim's first days as a college student.

"It's so the snore-fest!" she exclaimed when she reached the subject of her Advanced English Literature class. "It takes all of my willpower to stay awake. And don't even get me started on the books. Lo the Plough Shall Till the Soil of Redemption is impossible!"

"I thought anything was possible for a Possible?" said Ron with a smirk.

"Don't get smart with me Ron!" growled Kim, though she was growling through a smile.

"Make up your mind Kim," he replied, "You've been telling me for years to use my brain and now you don't want me to?" Kim sent him a glare which he, having seen it countless times before, ignored. Sure he wasn't going to keep this up Kim sighed.

"I'm going to have to make some serious effort to have fun, just to counteract the boredom of that class."

"Well why don't you come to the apartment on Friday?" suggested Ron. "I'll cook something nice."

Kim leapt at the idea, anything to distract from course work. "Yeah! I'll bring Monique, tell Felix to invite Zita and we'll have a night together!" Ron nodded, trying not to let on that that hadn't really been his intention, but he had to admit it sounded like fun. "Now though," Kim continued, "I need something to reduce stress."

"I have an idea," said a leering Ron.

"Oh, I know what your idea is," laughed Kim, "But I was thinking more along the lines of a sparring session."

Ron just about stopped himself from groaning in disappointment. Kim laughed again.

"And afterwards," she added in a sultry voice, "I'll kiss all of you better."

"Boo. Yah."

"So Kim's all bummed out that she had just saved the world but couldn't afford the jacket she wanted," Ron told his audience in his apartment that Friday. "So I, being the awesome and compassionate friend that I am, pull out this Club Banana box and give her that green leather jacket. However, not a moment later," Ron paused for dramatic effect, "Ned shows up wearing the same jacket! And KP's running off to the mall to exchange it!"

The crowd, also known as Monique, Felix and Zita, burst into laughter. Kim sat beside her boyfriend looking sheepish. When she'd finally calmed down Monique turned to the red-head.

"Good call girlfriend," she said. "Anything styled by that man is an instant fashion disaster."

"Well that's not fair," said Ron. "I think he pulls off the orange shirt and clip-on tie quite well."

"What I can't get over is you not holding down the job," said Felix. "The Great Kim Possible brought low by fast food?"

"It's not just fast food," said Kim, burning with embarrassment. "It's any type of food. I can't cook. At all. Back in sophomore year I had to take Home Ec. Not a day went by when I wasn't covered in gunk."

"Nowadays the only difference is the source of the gunk," muttered Monique. It took Kim a moment to realise why her boyfriend was red and Felix and Zita were doubled over laughing.


The night continued as such, telling jokes and humorous anecdotes over Ron's wonderful finger food. Kim and Ron were not the only victims of Monique's innuendo, Felix and Zita suffered it as well. But while Felix blushed occasionally Zita looked quite pleased. Monique was not immune to it herself as the two couples ganged up to embarrass her. It proved to be futile, Monique was quite proud of her sex life. Kim knew this, remembering a trip to a certain store during the summer. As much as she would like to forget it.

All in all it was a good night that was only brought to an end when someone reminded the others that four of them had work tomorrow. All four took a moment to throw a dark look at Felix, who alone of the group did not have to work.

"Monique," said Felix, "Why don't you crash here tonight? The couch is comfy enough right?"

"I'll pass," she answered, "I don't think I'd get any sleep with you four in the next rooms." Her comment got the desired effect: three blushes and a smirk. "I'll call a cab."

"No way Monique," said Kim who threw something to her friend. Monique looked at what she'd caught. Car keys. "Take the Sloth. Ron will drop me to Club Banana tomorrow." Ron nodded as if he had a choice.

With a thanks and a final goodbye to each of them the African American girl was gone, leaving the other four to retire to the bedrooms.

Electronique sat patiently in her cell, hands in her lap, work table in front of her. It was time for her first weekly update with Dr Director. Right on time the door opened admitting the one-eyed woman and her two guards. The spy decided to forego the preamble.

"What have you learned?"

"It's quite fascinating really," Electronique began, "Their technology is remarkably advanced but when you look hard enough you can see the foundations are similar to the electronics we have here. It's incredible; with the right advancements in conductive technology we could be building this technology ourselves."

"Yes that's terribly interesting," the director interrupted, "But is there anything we can use?" If she saw the flash of annoyance on Electronique's face she didn't react to it.

"Why yes," continued the villain, "The main difference between the alien technology and ours is that they use a radiation never seen on Earth as a power source."

"Is there any way to harness it?" Dr Director asked.

"No," answered Electronique. "But I have managed to adapt the technology to be powered by electricity." At this Electronique swung her arm up over the table. Strapped to her left arm was the piece of Lowardian Technology, reduced in size. A bright yellow light issued from a lens above her fist. When Dr Director and her guards finally came to Electronique was long gone.

Finally free! thought Electronique, Now for revenge on Team Go!

We were just about to brawl with Shego and Kim Possible.

The villain's thought process was interrupted by a memory of what happened the last time she sought revenge against Team Go. That pesky red-head will interfere again, she mused, I'll have to find a way to distract her.

Hello, you must be the Electro-villain!

It was perfect. She'd studied the technology, improved upon it; she could build it from scratch. The original settings would be best for what she had in mind though. It would be so sweet.

"Revenge will be mine!"