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Palms a little moist, Chuck can hear the voice of the man standing to the side of him. Chuck drops his gaze down to his hands and hopes she doesn't notice the tremble of nerves running through them. He thinks she does because her warm hands gives his a quick, comforting squeeze and he tilts his head up to meet her gaze again. Beautiful. She tilts her head slightly and gives him a warm, loving smile. Before getting lost in her beauty, again, he listens to the man continuing to speak.

"Chuck Bartowski do you-"

"I do." Chuck quickly interrupts then widens his eyes. "Sorry, Sorry.." He fumbles, embarrassed of his impatience.

"Chuck honey, can you hear me?"

Chuck looks to Sarah and her amused grin makes him feel a little better. He looks at the wedding minister to continue.

"Do you take.."

"He hasn't even asked her yet!" A voice comes from the back of the church and Chuck turns to see Morgan running up the isle. Chuck narrows his eyebrows and looks behind him. Isn't Morgan meant to be my best man?

"Chuck hasn't asked Sarah yet!" Morgan puffs as he makes his way to the front and throws his hands on his knees for a breath.


Chuck blinks his eyes and shakes his head. "I..I I'm sorry what is happening?" He asks looking back at Sarah who seems to be as shocked as him.

"Bartowski!" Casey grumbles from the front seat and stands up. "You have to propose to her before you marry her moron."

A small, red headed lady stands up beside Casey and drops her glasses to the bridge of her nose.

"Do you not want to marry Agent Walker?" Chucks eyes widen in shock at the words from General Beckman.

"Of course I do." Chuck states quickly. "God I do."

"Chuck.." Sarah tries again and runs her hand down the side of his cheek.

"I do..I do I really really do.." Chuck mumbles and Sarahs heart leaps a little bit. He seems to be waking up.

"Chuck can you hear me?" She asks.

"I do, I do i-" Chuck feels a large splash of water wash over his face. "Aaaah!" He yells and blinks his eyes frantically.

"Casey!" Sarah snaps and turns to glare at him.

"What? it worked didn't it?" Casey shrugs and puts the empty bucket on the ground.

Sarah turns back and brushes Chucks wet hair out from his eyes. "Hey." She smiles softly as his eyes start to focus.

"Sarah." Chuck breathes out and swallows a little at his strange dream. "What-uh what happened?"

Sarah helps him sit up and continues to hold her hand against his face. "You were drugged, but you're OK now.."

"Drugged!" Chucks eyes widen. "Oh no, what-what if I'm-"

"It just put you to sleep." Casey rolls his eyes. "Just like a tranq gun. You know? The ones you use all the time?"

"Oh," Chuck nods, relieved. "Why am I all wet?"

"Casey threw a bucket of water on you to wake you up." Sarah smiles at his adorable wet face. "Love you." She smiles and gives him a quick kiss before Casey can start complaining.

Chuck smiles back and shakes his wet hair out after their kiss. "I love you." He grins up at her, hair falling back in his eyes.

"Chuck!" Morgans voice runs down the base stairs. "Oh god is he OK? What happened? Is he delirious? Seeing things?"

"Relax. He's fine." Casey assures with another eye roll and shake of the head.

"I should have been there on the mission." Morgan says when he stops in front of Chuck and gives him a pat on the back. "One man down really made the difference huh?"

Sarah chuckles and shakes her head. "Everything went pretty smoothly, Carina and Bryce are on their way to Washington now to deliver the disc to Beckman."

"So how did it happen?" Morgan asks as he takes a seat.

"Chuck drank a drugged drink." Casey answers. "It was a grape soda actually.."

"What? Really?" Morgan gasps and shakes his head. "Dam, I'm sorry buddy. I can't believe someone would drug a perfectly good grape soda."

"Someone who really didn't want us to get the disc on the Ring I guess." Sarah said and handed Chuck a glass of water.

"Good point." Morgan nodded and only just realized Chucks hair dripping wet.

"Why are you all wet?"

"Casey very kindly woke me up with a bucket of water."


"He was mumbling the words 'I do' over and over." Casey shrugged. "It was getting annoying."

Chuck chokes on his mouthful of water as his face reddens slightly. "I uh.." He stumbles. "Uh huh!" He puts up his index finger. "A weird dream I had..you see..i was uh..at a pizza store.." He continues, looking around at the three faces looking at him. "And I had this uh..pizza you see..and you know Sarah.." He says turning to her, she gives him a cocked eyebrow and a interested smile.

"You.. uh asked me if I- you know liked my pizza." He explains and the others watch him for the big climax of his weird dream. "And I said..I do..." He nods. "And then Casey, you..you asked if I liked it too." Chuck nods his head slightly. "And I said... I do.." He smiles weakly.

"What about me Chuck? Did I ask?" Morgan asks.

"Huh?" Chuck asks then quickly nods his head. "Yeah!" He quickly says loudly. "Of course you did buddy! Everyone..uh everyone did! You know Bryce, Carina...Ellie.."

"Right, now the ridiculous dream story is over I'm going home." Casey nods and packs his stuff up. "See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, me too. I won't be home tonight guys...i know first time in awhile huh!" Morgan grins. "Yeah, well now Alex is back from her trip to her mums...you will be seeing a lot less of me. Glad your OK Chuck, Night!"

Sarah chuckles and waves goodbye, she turns to Chuck and gives him her hand. "Home?"

"Yeah." Chuck agrees and takes her hand. "So Bryce and Carina have gone to Washington? It must be a pretty important disc?"

"Yeah." Sarah answers as they make their way to the lift. "Beckman says it's got a lot of Intel on the Ring and she says one of her best agents will meet with Carina and Bryce and go through it with them."

"Oh? Shouldn't you be there?"

Sarah narrows her eyebrows and stops just before her car. "I wanted to make sure you were OK."

"Oh." Chuck nods then gives her a smile. "Sorry if my incident stopped you from you know.."

"Chuck," Sarah interrupts and takes his hands. "I would much rather be here with you."

Chuck watches Sarah close the last curtain in the living room and turn the light on above the couch.

"How are you feeling?" She asks as she examines his face.

"I'm feeling a lot better." He smiles. "Come here."

Sarah grins and pulls off her boots. She walks over and slides on to the couch next to him. "I'm cooking toasties." She says as she buries her face in his chest and enhales the soap from his shower.

"I know," He grins. "I can smell your toasties from a mile away."

Sarah lifts her head up and evil eyes him playfully. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Chuck laughs and rolls his eyes. "Are you fishing for compliments Miss Walker?"

"They are pretty crunchy aren't they?" She grins.

"Uh huh." Chuck nods.

"And taste pretty darn good?"

"The best." He crosses his fingers on his heart.

"Mmm," Sarah smiles, happy from his answer. "You're sweet."

Chuck leans in for a kiss and wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her to sit on his lap. She happily accepts and in the middle of their kissing she slowly wraps her legs around his back.

"God..I..love...you.." Chuck moans through his kisses and slowly begins to move his lips past her jaw and down her neck.

Sarah finding it hard to speak, tilts her head back further and tightens her legs around his waist.

"Love..you too.." She croaks out quietly and feels his lips smile against her collar bone. She opens her eyes for a second and notices the toastier machine on the bench.

"Oh god!" She gasps, leaps from Chuck and runs over to the toastier machine. Opening the lid she quickly backs away from the black smoke and reaches her hand out to turn it off quickly.

Chuck rushing to her side gives her an amused grin as he lifts one of the charcoal, black toasties with a pair of tongs. "Now this ones your one.." He teases.

She laughs and nudges into him lightly. "Get the grater." She orders and passes him the block of cheese. "I really feel like a cheese toastie. Lets start again." She smiles as she gets out fresh slices of bread.

"I've missed this.." Sarah says as she takes another bite of her perfectly cooked toasted sandwich.

"Cheese toasties?" Chuck asks, and her look tells him he's wrong.

"Me and you.. you know just us two.." She says as she swallows her last bite and puts her plate on the table.

Chuck immediately understanding what she means gives her a over exaggerated nod. "We have been very busy.."

"Missions, missions and-"

"More missions." Chuck finishes for her and puts his plate on top of hers. "Then we get home late and fall asleep straight away, wake up in the morning...and do the exact same thing all over again."

Sarah nods. "Not that I mind, because I do get to work with you." She smiles.

Chuck leans his elbow on the back of the couch and rests his head in the palm of his hand. "I'm sorry if I have been neglecting my boyfriend duties." I He grins but means every word of it. "I can't remember the last time we had a date night.."

"Oh no," Sarah quickly says and shakes her head. "You're not, you're perfect." She smiles and reaches for his hand. "Spying just takes up a lot of our time." She smiles warmly and moves closer. "And..i think we should probably make the most of the time we have to ourselves.."

"Ah," Chuck grins and puts her hair behind her ears. "I love your thinking." He says and leans in to press his lips gently against hers.

Sarah smiles into the kiss and gently pushes him backwards with her hand on his chest. Falling on top of him she breaks the kiss and gives him a breath taking smile.

"I'm glad you agree." She whispers and leans in again when the door suddenly swings open.

"Chuck? Sarah!" Morgans voice fills the air and Sarah quickly hops off Chuck and turns to see Morgan putting his bag down.

Chuck tilts his head at the intrusion and gives Morgan a wave. "Over here buddy.."

Morgan turns his attention to the couch and gives them a smile. "Hey guys, Alexs power went out at her apartment and they don't think it will be back on till the morning." He says and turns to see Alex coming through the door with her overnight bag. "Hey guys.." Alex smiles.

Sarah stands from the couch and gives Alex a friendly smile. "Hey, how was your trip away?"

"Oh it was great." Alex nods. "I kind of missed it here though."

"Yeah," Sarah smiles and picks the plates up from the table. "You were gone awhile."

"Five weeks and two days.." Morgan chirps in and closes the door. "Not that I was counting or anything.."

Chuck laughs, "Sure you weren't Morgan."

"Anyway, since Alex is staying here the night..how about a rematch of the couples guitar hero.. If I do recall Alex and I won last time.."

"Only just!" Sarah calls from the kitchen.

Chuck smiles at Sarah then looks back to Morgan and Alex. "Sure, lets see if we can beat you guys this time."


Chuck pulls back the covers on the bed and gently places Sarah on their crisp, white bedding sheets. Pulling the covers back over her he slips on his boxes and hops in next to her.

"I thought with Alex being back we would have more time to ourselves." Chuck smiles when he sees Sarahs eyes flutter open.

"Mmm," Sarah agrees and moves closer. "Same."

"I don't know why we agreed to that gaming marathon." Chuck says and wraps his arms around her waist.

"Me neither." Sarah murmurs and presses her head against his chest. "Night Chuck."

Chuck grins at her sleepy voice and kisses her head, "Night babe."

10:00am. Buy More.

"Ah, being a bit stale on the old boyfriend duties aye?" Morgan asks as he stacks the last of the DVDs.

"We just haven't had, you know.. time to ourselves. There has been so many mission lately."

Morgan nods and leads Chuck to the two lazy boys situated in front of the wall of TV's. "Take her out tonight."

"I think Beckman wants another meeting.." Chuck sighs.

"Pull a sicky."

"A sicky?" Chuck laughs and shakes his head. "I don't think both me and Sarah can pull a sicky from the CIA."

"Hmm," Morgan tilts his head. "Fine, you take her out..and I'll deal with Beckman."

Chuck raises an eyebrow. "How do you plan to do that?"

"I'll think of something. So, where are you gonna go?"

"I don't know, maybe just book a nice restaurant?"

Morgan fakes a snore and looks at Chuck with a disappointed look.

"What!" Chuck asks. "We love going out for dinner."

"You two are still young you need to loosen up, let your hair down."

"You think?" Chuck asks. Do we need to let our hair down?

"When was the last time you two went out to town? Had a few drinks you know? Got a bit crazy."

"We went out not long ago.." Chuck defends him and Sarah.

"What? With me Alex, Carina and Bryce?" Chuck nods his head at Morgans question. "No," Morgan answers. "You were planning on it but then Sarah had to write up a mission report, so you canceled." He says. "And the time after that, you had Buy More in the morning and the time-"

"OK." Chuck stops him. "I get your point. I guess it would be fun.."

"Now you're talking buddy," Morgan grins.

"OK, I'll see what Sarah says.."

"Great!" Morgan claps his hands. "Don't worry about Beckman."

Chuck shakes his head, wondering how on earth that will work. "I'll leave it all to you."

"Agent Grimes, what do you want?" Beckman says as she peers at her computer screen. Morgan is sitting crossed legged on a chair with a small note pad in his hand.

"General, I need to talk to you about Chu- Agent Bartowski."

"Is something wrong with Agent Bartowski?" Beckman asks briskly, a tinge of concern in her voice.

"He's OK General." Morgan assures. "It's just well, I'm going to share a secret with you.. He wants to ask Sarah to marry him."

Beckmans eyes widen as she sits back in her chair. "Agent Bartowski is going to ask Agent Walker for her hand in marriage?"

"Yes." Morgan nods simply.

Beckman raises her eyebrow and gives a small nod, she then shakes her head and narrows her eyes. "What does this have anything to do with your work with the agency, Agent Grimes?"

"Ah!" Morgan clicks the point of his pen. "You see General, Sarah and Chuck need some time off from the spy life-"


Morgan quickly continues, "Just one night, just tonight ma'am."

"Is he going to ask her to marry him tonight?"

"Huh?" Morgan asks. "No,no not tonight they just are going out. Let their hair down.."

Beckman lets out a frustrated breath at the absurdity of the conversation. "I do not have time for this."

"Just one night off with no missions, then tomorrow they will be back as normal."

Sarah rushes down the stairs with a pile of papers in her hands and a pen sticking out from her mouth. She hears voices and lifts her head to see Morgan in front of the large screen and Beckman on the screen.

"Uh, General?" Sarah says and throws the stacks of papers on the desk. "Is everything OK?" She asks looking to Morgan then back at the screen. "Do we have a mission?"

Beckman looks at Sarah, her hair thrown back in a loose bun a slight overworked look on her face. She casts her eyes down to the stacks of papers on the desk and lets out a sigh. "No mission tonight Agent Walker. Go home, have a night off."

"Oh." Sarah says softly and looks to Morgan with a confused expression. "OK.." She says and decides she should quickly leave before the General changes her mind. "I'll just finish these reports at home then." She says and grabs them off the desk.

"Leave the reports Sarah." Beckman says and Sarah drops them down quickly after hearing Beckman use her first name.

"OK.." Sarah nods and takes a step back. "Did uh, Agent Miller and Larkin get to you safely?"

Beckman nods. "They will arrive back tomorrow afternoon, we will hold our meeting off till tomorrow night." Beckman smiles slightly. "Rest up." she says and quickly exits the conversation.

"Wow," Sarah breathes out. "That was UN expected," she turns to Morgan. "Did you have something to do with this?"

Morgan shakes his head and shrugs a shoulder. "She's just getting soft in her ol- young age.." Morgan says and quickly turns his head to the screen, making sure Beckman had definitely gone.

Sarah chuckles lightly. "I guess you could be right. What are you going to do tonight then?"

"Uh, nothing." Morgan nods. "You and Chuck are going out though."

"We are?"

"Hitting a few clubs, dancing, you know just having some fun." Morgan wriggles his eyebrows.

"Does Chuck know this?" Sarah asks and Morgan nods his head. "OK." Sarah smiles, and turns on her heel. "I better find something to wear then." She winks.

"That's the spirit!" Morgan calls out after her. "My work is done." He smiles proudly to himself.


Sarah turns up the music a little louder as she hears Chuck start the shower. Reaching into her closet she grabs her short, red cocktail dress out and places it out on the bed. Walking back to the mirror in her bra and panties she grabs her mascara and runs it over her eye lashes. Stepping back to make sure its even she smiles to herself, this is kind of fun. Grabbing the eyeliner next she carefully draws it on just as Chuck finishes his shower.

Chuck excited for their night off, drys himself off in the shower and throws on his light jeans and black shirt. Exiting the bathroom he stops in the door way and smiles dreamily at Sarah putting a thin coat of lipstick on. She catches his eye in the mirror and gives him a grin.

"I love you in black." She says as she turns around to eye his outfit.

"I love you in black too." Chuck waggles his eyebrows with a grin, and Sarah looks down to see her black bra and matching panties.

"To bad for you," She gives him a sly smile. "I'm wearing red."

"I think I...can.. live with that," He nods slowly as he watches her slip on the red dress.

Sarah grins at his expression and turns around. "Zip me?"

"Sure, sure." Chuck stumbles and quickly zips it up.

"Thank you." Sarah says and walks to the wardrobe. She grabs her black heels and slips them on each foot. Grabbing her bag off the door she gives him a smile. "Ready."

"You look beautiful." Chuck smiles, "Really beautiful."

With a shy grin Sarah clips her fringe back and takes his hand. "Let's go let our hair down shall we?"

"It is incredibly crowded in here!" Chuck yells out over the loud music as he leads Sarah to the bar.

Sarah holding on to Chucks hand tightly, nods her head and points to a empty space at the bar. Finally making it through the crowds of people Chuck pulls out a seat for Sarah and they both sit down.

"Do Carina and the others really do this every weekend?" Sarah asks.

Chuck shrugs his shoulders. "Crazy teenagers." He grins. "Hey, what do you want to drink?"

"Whatever you're having." Sarah smiles and watches him put on his thinking face.

Two hours later..

Sarah cracks up laughing as she watches Chucks face screw up as he jams the lemon between his teeth.

"I will never get tired of that face." Sarah laughs as Chuck shivers from the remaining effects from the sour lemon.

"I don't know why I ordered the shots." He grins and pushes her one towards her. "Your turn honey."

Sarah gives him a smile and casually does their routine they have been doing for the past two hours. Drink, dance, laugh, kiss and eat. Chuck watches her closely, and when he sees her face scrunch up from the lemon his laugh fills the air and they make their way on to the dance floor.

"I'm pretty sure every man in this place is looking at you right now." Chuck smiles as he dances close to her.

Sarah feeling the heat on her cheeks from too much alcohol rolls her eyes and buries her head in the crook of his shoulder. "How do you know there not looking at you?" She teases.

"Ah," Chuck shakes his head. "Good point." He laughs.

Sarah lifts her head and gives him a dazed smile. "I'm having fun."

"Me too!" Chuck beams out happily and spins her around. "I have so much energy!"

Sarah laughs and pulls on his hand. "Same! I could do this all night!"


"Thank you!" Sarah whispers to the taxi driver as her and Chuck exit the car. "Your driving was a little slow for me, but it's OK..because that's the speed my boyfriend drives."

"Sarah!" Chuck gasps. "I happen to drive at the speed limit, I am what you call a respectful driver."

"Oh," Sarah smiles cheekily. "I'm sorry baby."

The taxi driver laughs and shakes his head. "Have a good night guys."

"He was a great guy wasn't he?" Chuck asks as him and Sarah walk into the courtyard.

"He really was," Sarah agrees. "But you are greater."

"And you are even greater." Chuck smiles enthusiastically and digs into his pocket for his keys. "Now..where are they.."

Sarah watches him digging into his pocket. "Sit down and we will look in my bag maybe we put them in there." She says and sits on the edge of the fountain.

"Good idea." Chuck grins and sits next to her. "I love you."

Sarah looks up from her bag and smiles at his tipsy look. Someone had to much to drink. But then again, she has a feeling she did too. "I love you more." She grins and leans in for a kiss.

"You taste like lemon." Chuck laughs extra loud as they break from the kiss.

"So.. do you." Sarah slurs out and leans in for another kiss. Moving his hands down to her hips Chuck holds her tightly as she leans her body into him. Forgetting that they are sitting on the edge of the fountain Sarah moves in closer as she pushes Chuck back.

"Here we go.." Chuck says between kisses as he leans back further, also oblivious of the fact that they are inches away from falling in.

"Why is it-" Chuck starts and feels his body fall back into the cool shallow water. "Woah!" He calls out as his body thuds down into the water with Sarah toppling next to him. He snaps open his eyes and finds himself lying half in the fountain with Sarah lying in the same position next to him.

"Oh my god Chuck!" Sarah puts her hands over her mouth in shock. "I can't believe we just fell in the fountain!"

Two doors open and voices of confusion fill the courtyard as Chuck and Sarah sit up in the fountain.

"Chuck! Sarah? What are you guys doing in the fountain?" Ellie asks as she pulls her robe tighter around her. Awesome coming up from behind tilts his head. "Are you guys OK?"

Morgan and Alex coming from the other door laugh at the two in the water and Morgan wipes his eyes. "How much have you guys been drinking?"

Chuck looks at Sarah, and her wet hair falling down her face. "We..uh, we are just going to go to bed.."

"Yeah." Sarah adds in, avoiding the amused eyes from everyone as Chuck helps her out. "We just..you know, felt like a...swim.." She says and narrows her eyebrows at her pathetic lie. Dam alcohol.

"Yeah!" Chuck joins in. "But now.. we are going to go to bed..since we have cooled off. Night." He quickly says as he grabs Sarahs hand and they walk briskly through the house and into the safety of their room. They hear the laughter from outside escalate as they both quickly change into their sleep wear.

"I can't believe we fell in the fountain." Sarah says flatly as she walks into the bathroom for her toothbrush.

Chuck feels the grin tugging on his lips as he watches her brush her teeth. "It was a little funny.."

"It was embarrassing!" Sarah says as she turns in his direction.

"And..." Chuck grins.

Sarah stares at him, his wet, curly hair in his boxer shorts and lifts her eyes to the ceiling. "And..a little funny." She grins when she looks back to his eyes. Rinsing her mouth out she walks up close to him, just enough so he can smell the spearmint on her breath. "Meet me in bed." She gives him a flirty wink and saunters off past him.

Chuck noticing the tone of her voice, gives a school boy grin and nods his head. "OK," he says and quickly brushes his teeth.

9:00am Chuck, Morgan and Sarahs apartment.


"Ugh," Sarah groans as she clamps her hand over her eyes to block out the morning sun. "Chuck.."

"I...got-" Chuck says sleepily as he stretches his arm out to turn the alarm off. "It." He finishes as he smacks his arm down on the snooze button and lets his arm hang off the edge of the bed.

"Sleep longer." Sarah murmurs as she keeps her eyes closed and molds her body into Chucks.

"My thoughts exactly." Chuck says and wraps his arms around her waist as he feels the sleep taking over already.

"Chuck? Sarah?"

"Noooo." Sarah says. "We are asleep!"

Morgan cringes as he opens the door. "I know," He whispers. "I'm sorry guys, but Carina just called and apparently we have a new agent coming to work with us for a bit, we have to meet them at castle in half an hour."

"Are you serious?" Chuck asks as he manages to sit up in bed.

"Sorry!" Morgan gives them a smile of sympathy. "I'll make some coffee." He says and closes the door quietly behind him.

"How are you feeling babe?" Chuck asks giving Sarah a kiss on the head.

"Other than a pounding headache and the feeling of having no sleep.." She says turning over and squinting her eyes open to look at him. "Pretty good."

"I feel the same." He says and rests his warm hand on her head. "Coffee should be good though.. and aspirin.."

Sarah smiles and sits up in bed. "Your phone is flashing."

Chuck turns and picks up his phone, "Three messages from Carina." He says.

"We have a new agent coming to work with us for a few weeks, we have a meeting at ten in castle. See you then." Chuck reads out then flicks to the next one.

"He's quite sexy, kind of like superman.." Chuck reads out, tilts his head and looks to Sarah. She gives him a confused smile. He turns his attention back to his phone and reads his next text.

"Woops," He reads out. "That last one was for Sarah, don't tell Bryce I said that Chuck!"

Sarah laughs and sits up in bed. "I want to meet this superman." She teases and Chuck gives her a pout.

"I'm kidding," She grins and gives him a long good morning kiss. "You are my nerdy superman."

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