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So Chuck proposed to Sarah. She said...YES. Of course. Then Sarah woke up in the morning and Chuck was missing...

Here we go...

11:00am Saturday.

Burbank, California


With each quick step Sarah took down the stairs Morgan winced a little. To be honest he was surprised the soles of her boots hadn't dented the lino. Thump. Thump. Thump. He was the only one quick enough to actually catch the lift ride with her, the others having to wait for the next one down. Silence filled the lift, Sarah a million miles away. He didn't know what to say to her. He was worried of course. It was his best friend who had been taken. He was more than worried. It was just, Sarah was usually all strong and brave, happy and Morgan found it hard seeing her like this.

It also couldn't have come at a worse time. He just proposed! Morgan had read the text Chuck somehow managed to find the time to send him last night.

She said YES!

After reading it Morgan lifted up Alex from the couch, danced her around, gave her a spin and then told her the news.

He was ecstatic. And he was going to have his chance at being best man for the first time ever.

"Sarah-" He started, planning on just letting her know that they would find Chuck.

The ding of the lift stopped him and he turned around. Walking briskly down the stairs were Bryce, Carina and Casey. Their faces so serious, determined.

Morgan thought about his own expression, wide eyed and afraid. Narrowing his eyes he clenched his fists a little, he had to be a spy. To find his best friend he really, really had to focus and put into action everything he had learnt from this team.

"We have searched the whole area of the lake house," Sarah raised her voice as she lead the rest of the way down the stairs to their base. "Three hours!" She started to paced the room back and forth. "For bloody nothing! And where the hell is Shaw? He should be helping dammit. Have you got hold of him yet Morgan?"

"No, no not yet. He's not answering his calls." Morgan replied quickly. He then scrambled in his pant pockets for his phone to call Shaw again.

Sarah let out an annoyed sigh. I really need to calm down. "OK, OK.." Where do we go from here?

"Let's get Beckman up, I briefed her quickly before we met you. Maybe she has an idea." Carina suggested while pulling out a seat for Sarah to sit in. Sarah shook her head deciding on keeping with pacing the room instead.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

Bryce took his worried eyes off Sarah and quickly got up the video feed, "General," Bryce addressed. "We still can't find Chuck...anywhere."

Beckman rubbed the her temples not quite understanding what could have happened. She turned her attention to Sarah, "Sarah is there anyth-"

"No!" Sarah glared defensively at the screen as if she was being accused of something. "I told you guys everything OK? I woke up he wasn't there," Images of the night before flashed in her mind. The ring weighing heavily on her finger. Just reminding her of how everything was so perfect.

Torturing me of how everything was so perfect.

"I know I should have noticed OK? I get that I should have been alert but I wasn't.." She tried to keep her tears under control because one, she didn't want to cry in front of the General. And two, she really couldn't afford to waste time on water spilling from her eyes.

It was hard though, so she kept blinking.

"Because he just proposed to me the night before. And for one night, my mind was on something else other than spying! I'm sorr-"

"This is not your fault Agent Walker." Beckman interrupted. "No one is blaming you."

Sarah didn't answer. It was her fault, well it felt like it was. She should have been twice as careful. They were out alone, only the tracking devices on their watches and each other to protect them.

Sarah was asleep when it happened.

Chuck, her fiance got taken and she was asleep.

"Anyway," Beckman continued knowing Sarah wasn't going to listen to a word she said. "Where is-hold one second. I have a call on the other line." Beckman quickly closed off the feed.

Sarah sat down on the second to bottom stair and pulled out her phone again, the battery was getting low. She had called Chucks phone a number of times. Each call she made her heart elicited this small flutter of hope. That maybe, some how, he could pick it up. They traced the signal on it and found it thrown on the side of the road, a few Kilo meters from the Lake house.

For some bizarre reason she kept calling.

Beckmans face popped back up the screen.

"Agent Walker," She said a look of confusion written on her stressed, tired features. "The man we have locked up, Marco, wants to speak with you."

"Huh?" Casey grunted as in question.

"What?" Sarah looked at Beckman incredulously. "Why? I really don't-"

"It's about Chuck."

Sarah widened her eyes and walked closer to the screen, "What did he say? Where is he? Ask him! Ask him where Chuck is!"

"He will only speak with you. A plane will meet you at the airport in half an hour and bring you to Washington."

"No, we, we don't have time!" Sarah quickly replied. "Can you just talk to him? Surly you can get him to talk?"

"We are trying," Beckman promised. "In the mean time get on that plane."

Sarah could only nod, before quickly racing up the stairs. Morgan and the others followed this time matching her pace.

On route to Washington, 1:00pm

Private Plane.

Her thumb rubbed hard over the glistening diamond perched on the thin gold band. It started to hurt a little,the sharpness marking the pad of her thumb. She couldn't stop fidgeting though. She couldn't stop thinking. Thinking of horrible, horrible thoughts.

Thinking of Chuck and all the terrible things that could be happening to him.


It made her shiver. She scrunched her eyes and shook her head.


Stop thinking about this. Stop it.


Carina took note of her best friends tapping knee.

"Sarah?" Carinas heart broke at the sight of her friends pained face. Her eyes shut tightly as if she was experiencing an all too real nightmare.

Sarah couldn't stop. What if he-

Oh god. She quickly dashed from her seat brushing past Carina on her way.

"Sarah?" Carina called again reaching out for her friends hand but being just out of reach.

Sarah opened the toliet door near the front of the plane. The nausea swirling in her stomach yet again. Crouching over the toilet seat she let the contents of her stomach out. She hadn't been sick in so long, it was something when as a child she couldn't stand. It use to freak her out. But then as she grew older she always thought that once you were sick it would make you feel a little better, at least for awhile. But it didn't, it made her feel worse. Hands on either side of the toilet seat she vomited again.

Carina carefully crouched down behind her, rubbing Sarahs back soothingly, pulling her hair back to keep it out of the way.

Once Carina was sure Sarah had finished she ripped off some toilet paper and damped it under the tap slightly.

Handing it to Sarah who wiped around her mouth, Carina leaned back against the wall.

"It'll be OK." She told Sarah confidently, trying to not let the slither of worry she had escape into her tone. "We'll find him."

Sarah sat properly on the floor, knees crouched up under her chin.

"Carina?" She swallowed, turning to look at her friend with watery eyes. "What if he's dead?"

Carina shook her head slowly, no. NO. If there was one thing that Carina had to make sure, it was that they would find Chuck. He might be hurt, but he'd be alive. She promised herself that she would make sure he came back alive.

"He's not."

"How do you know?" Sarah hated herself for acting so negative.

Carina smiled, "Cause i'm your best friend right?"

Sarah nodded.

"I don't lie to my best friend OK? We will find him Sarah."

Sarah nodded again the corner of her lip lifting ever so slightly. "He's strong right? He's smart. He's a good spy." That's it. Think positive. He's strong. He's amazing. He's Chuck...my Chuck.

"Yeah," Carina smiled. "He is. Now let's get you up, and back to your seat k? Cause we need our scary, determined Agent Walker huh?"

Sarah let Carina pull her up, "Carina?"


"Something doesn't feel right..."

"Are you going to be sick again? Do you-"

"No, no it's not that." Sarah said leading the way out of the bathroom area and reaching for a water bottle. "I know this is jumping the gun a little.."

Casey, Bryce and Morgan listened on carefully from their seats.

"Say it?" Carina said. "What are you thinking?"

"Where is Shaw?" Sarah said suspicion growing in her voice. "Honestly, can anyone give me a good reason where is he? Has he been taken as well?"

"I don't know.." Carina shrugged. "You think he has something to do with it?"

"I don't know." Sarah said opening her water and turning to the guys then back to Carina. "It's just a little odd that Marco wants to talk to me, and Shaw was the last one to talk to Marco."

"He's either been taken, is a god damn moron for not answering his phone or has something to do with this." Casey spoke up. "I'll inform Beckman." He continued. "If he's been taken as well we have two agents to be looking for."

3:00pm. On route to Paris.

Private plane

Ohh man. Did we get that drunk last night? My head is pounding. Arrgh..Wait. Why am I sitting up? Oh... wait a minute...Oh no. Oh god.

"Sarah?" Chuck mumbled out. Memories of the morning making his head pound even more.

"Ah, you're up. Don't be afraid. There's just a bit of turbulence at the moment."

Shaw? Shaw! He tranqued me dammit! Why? Sarah. She was still sleeping, and i was making her breakfast. Is she here? God, if anythings happened to her..

Opening his eyes his blurry vision he could make out Shaws jet black hair, a confident, evil? smirk on his face.

Looking around the area he realized he was in a plane. A private plane, it was just him and Shaw. Sarahs not here. That's good. She's safe...hopefully. Trying to lift his hand to rub his eyes his hands got pulled back.


This is not good.

"Shaw?" Chuck questioned. "What the hell is going on? Why am I handcuffed? Where are we going? Where is Sarah?"

"Woaaah!" Shaw chuckled. "Slow down Chuck, one question at a time huh?"

Chuck swallowed, something was not right. Was Shaw rogue? Was he working with the Ring?

"Where's Sarah?"

"Out of all the questions that's the one you ask?" Shaw clicked his tongue. "She's going to be very angry with me. Or she doesn't care and is relaxing by the lake."

"If you've hurt her.." Chuck started, staring hard at Shaw.

"Me? Hurt Sarah? Ohh no, no." Shaw laughed and leaned forward in his seat. "She's too beautiful to hurt."

"What are you doing?" Chuck asked trying to work out what the hell was going on.

"I would really like to tell you..but I don't think you'd want to hear." Shaw smirked, evilly, again.

"Hear what? That your working with the ring? Is that what this is about? Are you taking me as a hostage!?" Chuck looked around the plane, where were they going?

"I don't work with the Ring." Shaw said abruptly. "But I don't work for the CIA anymore."

"Why?" Chuck looked down at his wrist. Dammit he took my watch.

"Your girlfriend, I mean fiance..not for long but-"

"If you hurt her! Shaw! If-" Chuck started struggling in the cuffs, anger filling his body at the thought of someone hurting Sarah.

"I'm not going to hurt her!" Shaw snapped causing Chuck to momentarily freeze. "Physically anyway..emotionally..i'm not sure. But I hope so. I hope I hurt her so bad that maybe she'l hurt herself. Or maybe..she'l see me and her are even..then we could start something. Me and Sarah."

"What?" Chuck shook his head trying to get rid of his grogginess. This guy is sick! "Shaw? Do you like Sarah? Is that what this is about?" Chuck started to glance around the room, his eyes stopping on a cellphone on Shaws armchair.

"She killed my girlfriend Chuck." Shaw explained. "She shot her."

Chucks eyes snapped away from the phone and landed on Shaws eyes. "What?"

"Sarah shot my Eve."

He must be lying. He's lying. What is he playing at? "Sarah wouldn't shoot her Shaw, you-"

"She did!" Shaw snapped again, his fist clenching tightly. "It was her red test."

"Your girlfriend was Sarahs red test?" Oh crap, no.

Shaw nodded his head, "The CIA ordered her to shoot Eve."

There was a brief pause while Chuck gathered his thoughts.

"It, it wasn't Sarahs fault!" Chuck quickly tried. "She, she was just following orders..why, why was Eve the target? Was she a spy was she ba-"

"She wasn't a spy," Shaw cleared up. To what he knew she wasn't anyway. "Sarah killed my girlfriend Chuck. Do you get that? She shot her. Sarah shot an innocent woman. And she can't get away with it."

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Chucks insides started to swirl , things weren't looking good.

"Make it even."

Chuck swallowed, "How will you do that?"

"Think Chuck," Shaw smiled and hopped from his seat. Tapping Chuck on the head he left to the front of the plane.

Chuck watched Shaw leave and as soon as the door shut to the pilots room he quickly reached out for the cellphone.

"Come on.." He muttered quietly, his hands stretching as far as they could not quite able to reach the phone.

Lifting his foot off the ground he stretched his leg out knocking the phone off the chair. Thankful he was in bare feet and not his chucks because they could be a mission to get off.

Time for some toe texting..

"I'd prefer your toes to not dance over my phone," Shaw smiled and picked his phone off the ground. "Good try Chuck," pulling out his tranquilizer he shot Chuck once again.


Washington DC.

Sarah stormed down the hallway to Beckmans office, she needed to know where Marco was being held immediately. Time was ticking and unfortunately in the spy life, you really didn't have time on your side.

Beckman was already out of the office by the time Sarah could barge in. "Follow me."

The others finally catching up followed Beckman and Sarah down the hall, eyes from other workers watching them closely. They all new something serious was going on but everyone was all pretty tight lipped.

"We are tracking Agent Shaws phone at the moment." Beckman made clear as she lead the group.

Sarah hot on her heels felt a sudden wave of dizziness overcome her. Stopping for a second she lent her hand on the wall and closed her eyes briefly. She had the feeling you get when you stand up too quickly or when you have been lying in the sun for far too long.

Oooh. She swallowed and opened her eyes.

"You OK?" Carina put her hand on Sarahs shoulder.

"Yeah," Sarah nodded not quite sure why she was feeling like this. "I'm fine, lets go."

Carina eyed her suspiciously then turned to Bryce. He shrugged not sure what to think so they continued on down the hall.

Sarah didn't even bother with Beckmans orders before entering Marcos cell. She stormed straight in, the weight of her gun settled nicely in the back of her pants. If she had to use it she would.

"Where's Chuck?"

"Who?" Marco asked. "Sit, take a seat. You look like you need to relax." He gestured towards the chair opposite him.

Sarah narrowed her eyes and reached for her gun, clicking the latch she aimed it directly between his eyes.

"You really need to talk." She ordered her voice low. "Now."

"Let's make a deal." Marco replied calmly. "I'll tell you everything if you let me get out of here."

Sarah could feel herself visibly shaking, "I swear to god if you don't tell me right now I will shoot you."

"At ease Agent Walker," Beckmans warning came from behind.

"Listen to the lady Agent Wal- Ahhhrgggh!" Marco gaze darted to his shoulder, his eyes widening. "You just shot me you crazy bit-"

"That is enough!" Beckman spoke loudly, taking a step towards Sarah.

Sarah watched the dark, red blood start to seep through the sleeve of his shirt, Beckman was going on about something but she wasn't listening.

This time she jammed the tip of the gun hard against Marcos forehead. "I really don't have time for this."

"Fine! Please!" Marco quickly pleaded. "Fine OK, OK just, just don't shoot."

"Spit it out then," Casey barked from behind.

"I don't know anything about a Chuck." Marco glared at Casey, although not so confident as his usual one. This crazy woman scared him and his arm was in agony. "But Shaw, he came to talk to me."

"What did he say?" Sarah questioned.

Marco looked up at Sarah, his eyes going slightly cross eyed from the gun heavily pressing against his head. "You killed his fiance."

"What?" Sarah said quickly. What the hell? "What?" she asked again.

"Eve, you shot her."

Sarah looked behind her at the others, faces just as confused as hers. Is he talking to me?

"Long haired brunette? Ring a bell? It was your red test."

The gun suddenly slid from his face, grazing his nose on the way down. Sarah stared at him. The color from her previous anger completely drained from her cheeks.

"You shot Shaws lady." Marco told her once again, just to rub it in.

"I, I shot..i shot her?" Sarah couldn't believe it, the weight of the gun in her hand. The vivid memories of that night. The night when she shot someone for this life, this job. "I.."

Beckmans face had now turned into something very scary and very angry. "What on earth is this about? How do you know this?"

"I'm just telling you what I know," Marco shrugged and winced as Bryce tightened a piece of material around his wound. Bryce didn't exactly want to but the floor was getting a little messy.

"What did Shaw specifically say to you?" Beckman questioned while giving Casey a look, telling him to go and track Shaw a lot faster than her assistants were doing so.

Casey gave a small nod, then dragged Morgan with him both leaving the room.

Sarah staring down at the ground quickly snapped back into Agent mode. She couldn't think about her nineteen year old self taking a womans life. Shaws girlfriends life. "Did, did you tell him?"

"Yes," Marco nodded. Feeling slightly bad, only slightly. But then his arms started to soar in pain again. "I told him it was you." She deserved it.

"Tell us the whole story," Carina insisted.

"He came in, said he'd make a deal with me." Marco explained. "Said that if I can get him the intersect he'd give me a new identification, a new life."

Beckmans face portrayed all the disappointment in one of her Agents. "You're telling me he was going to release you?"

"Yes," Marco nodded. "That was until I told him about Sarah shooting Evelyn He went all silent, then started to rage. Smashed my face, went psycho I didn't say anything because I thought he'd still want to keep the deal. But he never came back."

"Is that all you know?"

"That's all I know."

Sarah nodded once then left the cell.

Shaws taken Chuck.

"Sarah," Carina quickly followed. "Shaw's looking for revenge."

"I know," Sarah nodded looking in each passing window to see where Morgan and Casey were. "What the hell Carina?" Sarah paused. "I just don't get it. I, I was nineteen I didn't know."

"It's not your fault."

Sarah bit down so hard on her tongue that she could start to taste blood. It is my fault.

"We can't track him," Casey stalked out of the room. "There's no trace of him what so ever."

"We just need to think," Morgan said. "If Shaw was going to take Chuck somewhere where would it be?"

Some where in Paris, France.

2:30am. (Paris time.)

Chuck jolted awake from a rush of cool water.

"Ah!" He spluttered a little, the water that dripped into his mouth tasting foul.

"Ah!" Shaw mimicked him. "Hey there Chuck. How are you?"

Chuck took in his surroundings, where the hell are we? "Where are we?"

"Paris." Shaw bounced his eyebrows calmly. "I was thinking that it would be pretty nice of me to let you call Sarah?"

Paris? Chuck watched Shaw carefully, the dim light could barely make out anything in the room they were in. I would love more than anything to talk to Sarah.. but is he serious?

"Why would you do that?"

"I'm just in a really nice mood." Shaw smiled and pulled out his phone. "And maybe she can trace this call? Oh, but no, this one, this phone?" he wriggled it in front of Chucks face. "Is completely untraceable."


"I am smart Chuck." Shaw nodded. "Lets call her then."

"Hello?" Sarah answered immediately.

"Sarah! Hi there."

There was a brief pause as Sarah recognized the voice. Then, "Shaw, where is Chuck? I swear to god if you do-"

"Woah," Shaw chuckled. "Sarah, calm down."

Sarah swallowed thickly, putting the phone on speaker. "Shaw, I didn't know she was your girlfriend OK? You have to believe me."

"I don't care," Shaw replied.

"Daniel Shaw-"

"Beckman, hi how are you?"

"You tell us-" Beckman started only to get interrupted again.

"Sarah, I have Chuck here."

Sarahs heart banged hard against her chest, "can I speak to him?"

"Of course!" Shaw sounded overly happy as he passed the phone to Chuck.


Oh the sound of his voice.

"Chuck, Chuck. Honey, i'm going to find you OK? You just need to t-"

"Ohh OK..easy.."

"Chuck? What is it?"

"Just a rather large gun.."

"Chuck, I will find you OK? Just. Just don't do anything stupid OK? Don't, please tell me you will-"

"I love you Sarah," Chuck interrupted. "I just really needed to tell you that. I love you-"

Sarah squeezed her eyes shut, "I love you too Chuck."

"And i'm.." Chuck darted his eyes at Shaw quickly. "I'm always just, wishing..wishing we could be on our hon-ey-moon right now, but together.."


Shaw snatched the phone back. "I really wish you could see what i'm about to do to him. I was thinking of now but i like to, you know, drag things out painfully. How about a video call? Would you like that Sarah? "

"Shaw, please."

"Shaaaaaw, pleeeease." Shaw mocked. "Keep your phone on you."

Sarah smacked her hand over her face as the dial tone was all that was left in the silence.

Casey shook his head from the computer, Shaw was right. They couldn't trace it.

"Where were you guys going on your honeym-...ow! Hey! Watch it!" Morgan rubbed his left elbow, from Carinas piercing nudge.

Sarah gazed at Morgan for a second. "I uh, I don't really know why he brought that up. We just-" She swallowed the lump in her throat. "We came up with Paris. We really enjoyed it when we went there and I have-" Sarah widened her eyes. "Morgan!"

"I'm sorry!" Morgan quickly took a step back. "I really didn't mean to I was just opening my big mouth, i'm sorry Sarah."

"No. Morgan," Sarah shook her head and looked at Beckman. "Do you have the exact location of my red test?"

Beckman nodded, "on file, yes."

"We need it," Sarah replied. "Right now."

"Wait," Bryce gently took Sarahs arm. "Paris? Is that where you had your red test?"

Sarah nodded, she couldn't help the few tears leaving trails down her cheeks. She knew that Shaw would only take Chuck there for one reason Wiping them away hastily she lead the team, and Beckman out of the room.

"We need a plane to Paris now." She ordered. "Get me the location of my red test and as many firearms as possible." Sarah demanded.

"We need a plan Walker," Casey caught up with her.

"I know," Sarah sighed. "But if he hurts Chuck, I will kill him." Sarah held up her hand, telling Casey to not object. "Don't tell me my feelings are getting in the way."

Casey grunted, "I was going to say i might kill him too."

Sarah gave the smallest of smiles, trying to mask the sinking sickness she felt in the pit of her stomach.

We are going to get married. We are going to get married.

Somewhere in Paris

4:30am. (Paris time.)

Chucks eyelids felt like bricks as he strained to open them. This was not exactly how he was hoping his next visit to Paris would go. He had no idea why Shaw would choose Paris to bring him out of all the places in the world he chose one of the most romantic? Maybe it had something to do with Eve, he wasn't sure. All he knew was that he had to get out quickly and hope that the others understood his clue. It wasn't the easiest of clues but it was hard to think straight when you're talking to the woman you love, while having a gun to your head. From the man who is clearly seeking some sort of revenge.

He looked around the dim lit room, Shaw wasn't in sight.

Think Chuck. Come on! Think!

He wriggled and twisted his hands, trying to shrink them so they could fit through the handcuffs. He thought back to the time when Casey, very graphically told him and Morgan about how he broke his thumbs to get out of a pair of handcuffs.

"Oh god I can not do that," he muttered.

Just do it. Do it then run. A somewhat confident second voice said in his mind.

"God dammit!" He whispered to himself. "Ok, Ok, so just.." He twisted them behind his back, trying to apply pressure and remember exactly what Casey had told them.

This may be the bravest thing I have ever done in my life.

Sarah would be so proud of me.

The pain started to surge, not only in his thumbs but his whole lower arm started to burn.

"Ohh ahh oww!" His eyes started to water.

A little more.. He was sure he was starting to hyperventilate.


"Oh my god!" He spoke loudly a brief moment of nausea overtaking him. Blinking his eyes rapidly not really believing he actually had done it. A strange amount of adrenalin allowed him to pull the handcuffs loose. Not having time to inspect his new broken bone. Bones. His eyes stopped on the pair of orange handled scissors sitting on the table nearby. That's handy.

Sticking his tongue out in concentration he reached his now, immobile hands to the table. Putting every last stretch into the rope bounding his legs to the floor.

Come on..

His stiff hands could barely grasp the scissors as he held them between his two pointer fingers. Easy does it...easy does it...

Looking down at the rope, he held the handle of the scissors between his palms. Pushing them together they slipped and fell on the floor.

Chuck froze. What was that? He could feel beads of sweat start to form on his forehead. Really wishing he had another haircut. His fringe kept sticking to his skin, falling in his eyes.

Quickly looking towards the door, his heart started beating strongly in his chest. He was sure he heard something.

After a long second at staring at the door he focused back on the scissors.

Picking them up again he bit hard down on his tongue, hoping somehow the pain in his thumbs would disappear.

Using his two fingers this time he slowly started cutting through the rope. Each push sending a sharp pain through his hands and up his thumbs.

Come on you stupid rope!

As the rope started to fray, this glimmer of hope started. He could do this. He could actually do this.

I can escape and call Sarah. And then i can see her smile. And then we can get married.

It was really all the encouragement he needed.

Once free he dropped the scissors again, the pain in his hands somehow subsiding for a split second. Hopping up from the chair he untangled the rope by kicking his feet around. He then ran straight to the door. Peaking out the small glass window he couldn't see anybody. Using his palms again he slowly, quietly twisted the door handle.

Don't squeak, don't squeak. Please don't squeak.

Not having time to even let out a relieved breath he looked left and right down the hallway. It was dark, damp and the concrete had cracks running up the walls.

Deciding on taking a right he tip toed down the hall. A voice echoed from down a bit further, unfortunately in the direction he chose to go.

Just my luck.

It was Shaw, he could pick his distinctive voice from anywhere.

"I thought you would like to know that the CIA have Marco." Shaw said into his phone.

A laugh cut the small silence.

"Oh yeah, they know about the intersect too."

"Me? Oh I don't know. Just thought i'd help out a friend."

"What? We aren't friends?" Shaws voice was clearly mocking. "Come on Dave, I know everything about you."

"What do I want? Well I want to trial the intersect for you."

"A deal huh? Well I can bring you a dead CIA Agent to show you how serious I am. I can also tell you everything you want to know about the team looking for your Doctor."

Chuck swallowed. And spun on his heels, he had to get out.

Racing back down the hallway he came to a dead end.

"What? One exit? Crap!"

Windows? He looked all around, no damn windows. What kind of place was this?

Running back into the room he came from he searched for some sort of weapon. Anything that he could use to defend himself.

Finding a brick he struggled to pick it up with his broken thumbs. Deciding on hiding behind the door he would try hitting Shaw over the head as he walked in. Surly one powerful blow to the head would do the trick? He wasn't sure how strong he would be able to with his thumbs, but he was very willing to try. Anything.

"What the hell are you doing!?"

Chuck turned.


"No-nothing! I, I was just trying some weights you know...ow!" He hissed at the pain in his thumbs and quickly dropped the brick.

Shaw drew his gun. "Chuck. You can't escape."

"Shaw can we just talk about this? I-"

"Sarah killed Eve!" Shaw shouted. "She shot her right there Chuck," he pointed to Chucks right side just below his chest.

"It, it was just orders."

"Eve was an innocence civilian and Sarah shot her. How do you not get that!?"

Chuck held his hands in front of him in defense.

Two broken thumbs, a crazy man with a gun, and very little time he assumed.
It was not looking good.

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