Billy Chambers had never been so livid. How could this happen? How did his well calculated plan come to this?

Grant was a brilliant politician. There was no question about it. How did a man turn a sex scandal into political gold?

He was sitting in his home, drinking his third beer. He had been obsessively watching cable news all day. After all, he was out of a job; he could not go back to the White House for more.

For the past few weeks, the imagery out of the Grant Administration had been perfect. The 20/20 interview in which the President came across as Presidential, earnest and kind. The stupid Pope woman had been charming and lovely. Then there was the State of the Union in which he uttered the now iconic phrase.

There is nothing more conservative than conserving the environment, there was nothing more conservative than encouraging the American Dream.

There he stood, handsome, powerful and tall behind the podium, on an endless loop on the networks. The final nail in the coffin of Billy's plan had been the images of Grant and the supposed ex-lover shaking hands and laughing….

The stupid Finch guy's sob story of representing children who had come down with cancer due to living next to a toxic waste dump. It had sent the approval for the EEI bill through the roof from 40% to 75% in the matter of days.

Next was the fucking Camp David story…the hunting trip, the images of the Pope woman with her gun as Grant helped her hold form…stupid Thump had been dumb enough to attend the trip, basically putting a nail in the coffin of his campaign. Fucking Thump! Fucking everything.

The stupid Amanda Tanner girl had dumped him. Dumped him! He was William fucking Chamber….now he had this stupid invitation. To the fucking engagement party of Grant and his whore.

This was ridiculous. How did this turn into a media blitz? How did Thump do this to himself? To the conservative movement? What could Grant possibly have over Thump that would lead him to throw away the fucking future of this country? He was not going. He knew Grant. He was a vindictive prick. He probably knew of the whole plan anyway and was going to use this all to rub it in his face. They were never friends?

Why send him an invitation to the fucking engagement party? He looked around the messy room, shielded away from sun light, countless newspapers and magazines with the stupid "Couple" on the cover.

Yeah more like they were living in sin. How did this great country let a lying fornicator become its leader? How did the conservative movement cave to this fake?

The engagement was everywhere. Around him. He knew it was done. Grant had won. He was drowning and the fucking prick was sinking.

There it was a copy of Vanity Fair, the couple smiling stylishly as they got off Marine One with the two teenage brats. The huge rock on her finger….The American Romance…

The headlines read. Billy wept a desperate cry. The man was going to be re-elected. For another few years, he would be the American President.