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Chapter 1:

"Damon! No I won't do it!" I said as repeatedly paced back and forth in the confinements of my room. We've been having the same conversation for the past two hours.

I was on the verge of getting a massive headache. I don't know how I ever became friends with him, besides he's devious good looks, and.. well he's good looks! He's the definition of sexy and has written bad boy all over him. He's Mystic Falls most eligible bachelor, single, and handsomely gorgeous. Being that he is my best friend, he practically ruined all the chances of my view in men.

"Elena, all you have to do, is pretend to be my girlfriend for a couple of hours. This dinner is really important to me, and I can't disappoint. You know how father would get if I don't show up. It's a dinner for arrogant rich people, who don't give a damn about other people, other than themselves and money. C'mon please, pretty please, I'm begging here and Damon Salvatore never begs" he said with a slight panicked voice and those breath taking ocean blue eyes. I mean if you stare long enough, you'll get lost in them and….. Focus Elena!

"I don't know. You know I'm not good with lying, and these social partying-gatherings type of things either."

"What if I say Stefan would be there, huh? I know you like him Elena" Damon teased.

Actually he was completely wrong. I, in no sense of the word like, or put romantically in there, feel anything towards Stefan. I only said that to Damon a month ago, because he wouldn't stop bothering me about why I never went out on dates recently. So I lied. Yes I'm a big fat liar and told him I was secretly crushing on Stefan. Of course Stefan knows it's not true, because I was the one giving him advice to ask out Caroline a week ago!

"What do I get in return, if I go to this stupid dinner with you?" I asked skeptically. Damon just stood there giving me his death glare. "Really Elena, you're really going to play that card on me after we've been friends for the past I don't know, all of our lives!"

"You know your attitude is not helping me get convinced, so better perk up Damon. You might be going to the dinner alone. Dateless might I add."

"Being friends with the infamous Damon Salvatore, as in me, should be credit enough. Now stop being a little brat and say yes because the dinner is in 2 more hours" Damon said already annoyed.

I wasn't trying to be pushy or a brat for the most part, but knowing Damon, playing the girlfriend part is going to be extremely difficult because just thinking of the two of us romantically involved is just weird. I mean yes he is extremely attractive, but that's just it. Damon would never look at me that way, and I wouldn't either. We're best friends for crying out loud. So being the good best friend that I am, I agreed.

"Fine. I'll go Damon, but no overly kissing and what not. A kiss in the cheek and that's all you're getting" I said already giving in to him.

"What? So I don't get to show off my gratitude to my gorgeous girlfriend? What type of boyfriend would that make me look in front of all those people Elena?" Damon said while smirking and feigning being hurt by the comment. I just stayed quiet not adding more fuel to the fire. Sensing that I was uncomfortable Damon just simply replied, "I was just playing. Elena Gilbert can't take a joke? You know if you keep it up, you're gonna end up with like 50 cats by the time you turn 30." Now it was my turn to give him my death glare.

(At the Dinner)

I have been smiling for the part 45 minutes, nodding like a maniac, and agreeing to who knows what these people where talking about. "Just nod and look pretty", those were Damon's reassuring words. Like if it was that simple. Ugh! I'm gonna strangle him once we get home. I don't know why I agreed to this. Oh wait, because I'm Elena fucking Gilbert that's why. Doing the right thing sucks.

"Look those people are the media organizers for the Lockwood Company, as in annoying paparazzi that want to get a new lead on who I'm dating now. They're gonna come to us right now and ask us some questions. Just say we've been friends for ever, we fell in love instantly, and we're happy together. I just nodded dumbfounded by the idea of all of this. "Oh and Elena, at the end of the interviews, they expect us to take pictures together and…" he just simply smirked.

"And what Damon?" I replied getting a little worried by his lack of words.

"Kiss. Make out, whatever you want to call it. It's the media. They need something to write about. We're just gonna give them what they want. It's part of the business now since I'm the son of the Great Giuseppe Salvatore, owner of the Salvatore Inc."

My silence and shock was definite. He just looked at me and laughed. "C'mon Elena the paparazzi are waiting for us. Don't forget. Pucker up Gilbert, you're gonna be making out with me! You have nothing to worry about" he said with his oh so famous murdering smirk.

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