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Chapter Six

For the most part everyone seemed to take these turn of events rather well. Nobody objected any suggestions. It's like everyone was teaming up to jeopardize mine and Damon's friendship/ relationship whatever the hell we had going on right now. It was done, my life was slowly crumbling into ruins.

"Caroline I'm not sure if this is going to work?" Stefan voiced his concern.

"Don't worry Stefan it has to" Caroline said indomitably.

Stefan turned to face Caroline and grabbed her hand to face him, "Why are you so hell-bend on getting my brother and Elena together? What's up with them and the whole apartment thing, and this trip Caroline? What the hell is going on" he bit out angrily.

"Look, just trust me on this" was all she said and turned back to reading her magazine.

"No! I've had it with this! I only agreed to this whole freaking situation because you said it was important, yet I still don't know what that is exactly Caroline! Tell me now or this trip is over before it begins" Stefan whispered furiously.

"Uh, um... you won't understand, but if you do anything to sabotage this trip Stefan, I swear I will chop off your balls and I'm not even kidding!" she stated decisively.

"Ah, I can't believe you just said that" Stefan replied shaking his head.

"Just shut up and don't do anything stupid" was all she said.

(Elena's POV)

It's official, my opinion doesn't even matter anymore. I'm stuck here at the airport thanks to Damon's stubbornness and as well as Caroline and Stefan, which I need to strangle as soon as we land. Outrage, furious, mad, and any other word I could come up with didn't define how I felt right now. How could this have happened?

I turned around to see Damon, it seemed he was deep in thought. He tended to do that a lot lately. For once, I wanted to know what was rattling through Damon Salvatore's pretty little head. As of late he wasn't acting like my best friend, no he was being a first rate jackass. Not once did he ask me if I was okay with whatever decision that was being made. He just had to have the last word.

Frustrated I turned the other side and looked at my parents and the elder Salvatore couple. They actually looked enthusiastic about this trip. At least they were going to enjoy it unlike some of us.

"Flight to Sofitel Bora Bora will descend in 12 minutes" was the only thing heard over the inner come of the airport. Yes, that's right Caroline being Caroline made Bora Bora Pearl Beach resort our trip destination. Stunning white sand beaches, and what I had overheard was that we were staying in luxurious bungalows whatever that was but it did sound appealing.

"C'mon y'all lets go" an all too eager Caroline said.

As we boarded the plane, first class mind you, Stefan sat next to me. I was a bit surprised, I didn't mind Stefan sitting next to me, but I would have preferred Damon.

"Move" Damon said pointedly at Stefan.

"As a matter of fact, you're sitting with Caroline, so if you don't mind leaving, goodbye" Stefan replied turning to face me. I just looked a bit confused. Strange, what the hell was Stefan doing?

"No, wait Damon. Stefan was just kidding, right Stefan?" I asked looking at him incredulously. "He is the one sitting with Caroline. Bye Stefan." He looked a little unnerved but then he complied. Damon abruptly sat next to me and just stayed quiet.

"You're welcome" I said.

"What?" he responded a little annoyed.

"I said you're welcome" I continued.

"Go to sleep Elena" was all he had to say.

"That's just great" I told myself. He was officially on unspeaking terms with me. Didn't I just do him a favor? Geez! What is up with everyone? It's like everyone had a stick up their ass.

Couple of hours passed and night fell upon us. Everyone looked to be asleep. Show time, Damon sure as hell was going to hear a piece of my mind now.

"Yes Damon" I whispered definitely.

"What?" he answered turning around to face me, clearly confused.

"I said yes Damon. That's what I have been doing lately haven't I? Doing whatever you and everyone else wants me to do. Like my perspective doesn't even matter anymore. Yes Damon, I'll pretend to be your girlfriend. Yes Elizabeth, I'll move into the Boarding House. Yes Giuseppe, I'll sleep in the same bed with Damon. Yes, Caroline and Stefan, I'll move in with Damon to his stupid apartment that I wasn't aware of. Yes Damon, I'll go on this ridiculous trip because you said so. Yes, yes, yes! Next thing you know I'll be subconsciously agreeing to be your sex whore rather than your best friend."

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" he whispered furiously.

"No, what the hell is wrong with you!" I said meeting his death glare.

"My best friend, the Damon I know wouldn't have put me in this crappy ass situation. That much I know." I continued turning to face the window. "At least this time I won't have to be pretend to be in love with you. I'm tired of playing that game. It's a waste of my energy."

He continued to stay quiet. "Fine don't say anything." I retorted and continued to look outside the window. Couple of minutes passed and I thought he had fallen asleep when I felt his hand roaming my neck. He swiftly turned me around and looked at me curiously and unexpectedly captured my lips. The overwhelming sensation was nonetheless incredible. His movements so seductively, erotic even, his lips colliding with mine in a perfect sync motion.

"What are you doing?" I managed to ask in between kisses.

"Shutting you up" was all he could mutter.

In a split second he grabbed me by the waist and vastly pulled me on top of him, making me straddle him. He kept kissing me passionately, profoundly. I couldn't speak even if I wanted to. I tried getting out of his grasp but he was holding me too tight. Too be honest I didn't think I even wanted to let go. It just felt right, but wrong all together; a feeling that just kept swallowing me whole. It was all too startling for words.

Thank god that everyone was asleep, and that the flight attendants had given out ear plugs because if Caroline, Stefan or either of our parents heard our low whispered moans they were going to go ballistic!

"We might be in this crappy as situation as you call it, but we could at least enjoy it and make the most out of it, and you're not or will ever be my sex whore" he said giving us time to catch our breaths. "We haven't even had sex." Yet he didn't give me a chance to reply, because he seized my heated lips once again.

I forgot about everything even the fact that I was clearly making out with my best friend which is totally insane but I couldn't pull away. It was like an invisible force wouldn't let me. The way he was kissing me was simply remarkable. My body only seemed to be in tune with his, feeling every sensation together. My hands subconsciously started gliding down his neck with the slowest movements. My hands were now roaming his well sculpted chest. Damn, his body was amazing.

"Elena" he moaned almost quietly.

We needed to stop. This could escalate and it wouldn't be good. Oh definitely not good. I…just…had…to…stop…kissing…him. I could feel his reaction towards me… underneath me to be more exact. Was he turned on? His hands immediately went to cup my ass. He pushed me flush towards him. It was physically impossible to get any closer.

"Damon" I said breathlessly. He only continued ravishing me eagerly. "Damon" I repeated once more. He didn't stop. "Damon stop" I continued trying to push him off me. He wouldn't budge. His fingers starting unbuttoning my shirt, "Damon I said stop" I said more firmly, determinedly, pleading all together. My tone must have brought him back to his senses because he harshly let go of me as if I burned him.

The fact that I knew him extremely well only showed that he definitely didn't want to talk about what just happened. He was going to brush it off like it never occurred and at this precise moment I was willing to the same. The only reasonable explanation was that we pended out our own frustration to each other and simply did the unthinkable. Yes that was it. We just acted on instinct, there was definitely nothing meaningful about any of this. It had to be, right?

Minutes later we noticed Caroline's presence, clearly looking at us suspiciously. She was standing next to Damon's seat. "Elena can I talk to you for a second" she muttered. I looked at her quizzically. "It's about Stefan" was all she said.

"Um, okay. Yeah sure" I responded slightly confused standing up looking over to find Stefan, but he was nowhere in sight. He must have gone to the restroom I thought. Damon looked a little out of it and just looked down. Caroline grabbed my hand instantly and dragged me over where she and Stefan were seated.

We both sat down indignantly. "What was that Elena?" she asked, surprised bustling through her tone of voice.

"I don't know what you're talking about" I managed to say.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about" she said frantically.

"I don't Care" I responded dismissively.

"Actually you do Elena otherwise you wouldn't be brushing it off like you're doing right now." By the looks of it the bubbly and now aggravated blonde was being persistent and was not going to give up until I said something.

"I don't know what you're talking about" I replied.

"Who are you trying to full?" Caroline said agitatedly. "I know exactly what happened just moments ago. I might have appeared to be asleep but doesn't mean I was."

"What the hell was that about?" she continued to ask.

"Again, I don't know what you're talking."

"Really Elena? Because it seems you do and you're doing a crappy ass job at denying it as well" Caroline retorted.

"Once more, what is going on?" she insistently asked. "Better yet, what are you doing?"

There was a long pause. I was trying to figure this all out before I said something totally irrational and untrue. "What was I doing?" I kept asking myself. No matter how much I rattled out on the subject, it seemed like a never ending of unsought out answers.

"I don't know Care" I managed to say looking down. She only looked at me understandingly, encouraging me to continue.

"This all too freaking weird. I can't handle it anymore. A month ago if you asked me if I would ever see Damon other than a friend I would have probably laughed at you and then told you straight up that you were insanely and utterly crazy. He was my freaking best friend but if you ask me right now, I wouldn't have an answer. Not because it was a tricky question, rather more so that I wouldn't know what to say. It's like an overpowering numbness of overriding feelings that I can't control. I don't know what to do. How am I supposed to feel? Tell me Caroline! Because I don't know what the hell is going on anymore!"

Caroline looked at me sympathetically both of us clearly unaware that someone had heard my desperate outburst, his head rose up not believing what he had just heard, his piercing blue eyes froze staring unblinkingly straight ahead of him. The funny thing was that they weren't seated that far off, so whatever they were both failing secretly to say he could easily hear.

The thing was that he wasn't shocked that he heard it; as a matter of fact he just didn't want to hear any of it. This was not happening he told himself, because he knew exactly the under meaning of Elena's outburst meant and where it would soon lead. He was without a doubt not going to allow it even if it woundingly consumed him.

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