In the year 3,001 an ancient evil walks across the baron wasteland that was once Blue Bay Harbor. He is seeking out the legendary abyss of evil thanks to a spirit playing messages in his head. The ancient evil is a skeleton warrior with army paint on him once known to the world as Rito Revolto.

Rito took out his sword having come to his destination where his dreams had led him. He strikes down and the earth cracks open revealing the long forgotten abyss of evil. Rito watches as a ghost comes to the surface and takes the form of a transparent foe long thought to be destroyed by Zordon.

Rito looks at the inside out man tubes connected even in his ghostly form. The metal mask over his face along with the red visor with raw brains and muscle showing. Rito just smiles and greets his brother in law. "Hey Ed is sis and dad in there with you?"

Lord Zedd's ghost counts to 10. When Zordon's wave hit them all the villains evils were cast into the abyss. "Yes Rito they send their best."

Rito just nodded. "Well sorry about Thrax. But you know monsters once their 4 they become their own bosses."

"Right now Thrax is the least of my concerns I've spent over 1000 years in this abyss unable to move I explored and have seen much. I know the absolute truth now of what needs to be done."

Rito was nervous. All monsters know if you ever get sent to the Abyss avoid the bottom as it will drive you insane which is what clearly happened here. "Yeah well it sounds like you've had fun Ed. So I'm just going to leave you to it."

Rito tried to flee as lightning repeatedly strikes him in the back. "Ed what are you doing!"

"I need a new body to escape from the abyss of evil." Zedd answered. The lightning stopped and Zedd was now flesh and blood while Rito was a ghost. "And before I leave you in the abyss you worthless bag of bones MY NAME IS LORD ZEDD."

Lord Zedd closes the crack. He's waited 1,000 years but now its time.

The officers of time force come in having apprehended 4 dangerous mutants. Time Force's B squad led by Alex having apprehended 3. Time Force's C squad is led by Jen. Only right now C squad consisted of Trip, Katie, and Lucas as Jen no showed again. C squad only brought in 1.

Lucas was rubbing his shoulder and turned to Alex. "Remind me again why we don't have an A squad?"

Alex just shrugged. "Something happened when this place first got started in the 2020s no one really talks about it."

Trip just looked around. "She's still not here."

Katie has had enough of Jen bailing on them. "I'm going to go find her."

"Wait I'll go with you." Tripp offered.

Katie just stopped the young alien. "I think Jen needs to talk to a girl but thanks for the offer."

Alex watched Katie go. "So she went to the past last month what was the big deal."

Lucas and Tripp groan suddenly realizing why Katie wanted to go alone.

Katie walks into the gym and sees Jen working over a punching bag. "You know if you want to hit something we could have used your help earlier."

Jen turns around and looks at Katie. "I knew you guys could handle it." She said as she returns to working over the poor bag.

Katie just watched her. "I think we need to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about." Jen said continuing her assault on the bag.

Katie decides to end this and punches the bag. It's destroyed by Katie's strength as the sand pours over the gym. "I thought you said you wanted to see Wes again and you looked happy when you did."

"I did." Jen agreed. "But seeing him it was almost worse now because I knew we couldn't stay together and I had to come back here again and there's no Wes here."

Katie just hugs her never feeling so sad. "I'm sorry."

Jen is struggling for freedom and air trying to get her superstrong partner to put her down. "Katie, I can't breathe Katie…Katie."

Katie finally let her go. "I'm sorry Jen. I just want to help."

"It's fine." Jen says as her chronomorpher went off and a picture of Alex floated up. "Go ahead Alex."

"There's a new mutant approaching Time Force HQ and he's walking through everything we've got. We've never seen anyone like it before we could use your help."

Lord Zedd approached Time Force jail it was time for phase 1 of his plan. Lightning flowed through his staff as cars exploded and time officers were sent flying into the air.

All 10 time force rangers in the building showed up.

Alex pointed to Zedd. "Don't move."

Jen pointed her badge. "Time Force you're under arrest."

Lord Zedd just puts his hands up and drops his staff. "I don't want any trouble officers." Two grenades appear in Zedd's hands and he throws them at the rangers as they take cover as the cars the bombs land near explode.

Jen gets to her feet and turns to Alex with a face of resolve as Alex just nods in agreement with her.

Each leader looks at their group. "Ready"

"Ready" The other 8 shout.

Alex and his team pull out special badges for B Squad. "TIME FORCE, EMERGENCY"

Jen and her friends do their usual moves. "TIME FOR TIME FORCE"

The 10 ranger do their katas getting ready for battle.

Lord Zedd's visor goes red seeing that. "1000 years later and rangers still do those worthless hiyahs. Here I'll do my own" He starts over posing like the rangers do. "Hite wah ooh,"

Zedd grabbed his staff and conjured his brand of putties. The other rangers fought the putties leaving Jen and Alex to fight Zedd. Alex took out two blasters his standard weapon and Jen took out her chrono sabers. Zedd hits Alex with a mystical blast from his staff and the red ranger goes flying into a car smashing into the side of it and is forced to demorph from impact.

Jen steps carefully this guy is more powerful than the mutorgs. Zedd rushes her and she rolls out of the way.

Jen quickly gets to her feet. "Time Spin"

Jen becomes a pink blur and starts moving in a blur to the left and right of Zedd cutting through his defenses.

Zedd just shouts as he raises his staff and shoots lightning out all around him catching Jen with a blast that knocks her to the floor and demorphs her. "Don't worry ranger soon every single ranger past present and future will join you."

Katie sees Zedd is about to blast an unmorphed Jen and jumps off a putty's Z and lands behind Zedd.

"These look important." Katie quipped as she ripped some of Zedd's tubing off.

Zedd punches Katie in the face knocking her back and runs into the building leveling the doorway behind him while he reattaches the tubes. They won't stop him no one can at this point.

All 10 rangers are trying to clear the debris. Katie looked to the sky and saw a time portal. "Guys?"

Trip saw it and called Circuit. "Circuit where is he going."

At this an owl showed up on his watch. "October 5th 2002."

"We have to go after him." Jen insisted. "Circuit get the time flyers ready now."

"Way ahead of you Jen." The mechanical owl answered from the red time flyer. "And the red one is on auto pilot to follow the pink one."

Alex grabbed Jen by the arm they're not together but he still cares for her. "They'll put you in cryogenic suspension for 30 years Jen this is your third strike for illegal time travel."

Jen just shook her arm free. "If you knew what he threatened you'd be hopping a flight with me."

She remorphed and her friends followed her into the sky when the time fliers showed up and they flew into the portal.


Cole the Red Wild Force Ranger flipped into the air and stabbed the dirt with his crystal dagger. The explosions hit General Venjix and knocked him to the ground.

Jason the original red ranger ran up besides him. "Still number one."

Venjix just stares at them backing off. "Well I still have Serpentera."

Venjix went to run for the machine but was struck by a high powered lightning blast. The Machine Empire General fell to the floor and exploded.

Jason and Cole back up from the blast. Cole looks over to the veteran ranger and sees him actually backing up. "Jason what's wrong."

"It can't be you're gone. It can't be you." Jason shouted at Lord Zedd.

"Oh but it is me Jason and this time there is no Zordon to save you now."

A new but familiar voice arrived. "No, but Jason's not the only red ranger here."

Lord Zedd turned around and saw 7 other red rangers and the quantum ranger with Tommy Oliver leading the charge. "Tommy so good to see you. You should consider trading to black though it looks good on you. Or at least it would if I was going to let you live that long."

Jason and Cole back flipped to the others and all gave a shout.

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Jason said.

"Red Zeo Ranger" Tommy said.

"Red Turbo Ranger" TJ said.

"Red Space Ranger" Andros said.

"Red Galaxy Ranger" Leo said.

"Red Lightspeed Ranger" Carter said.

"Timeforce Red" Wes Said

"Quantum Ranger" Eric said.

"Red Wildforce Ranger" Cole said.

"Red Alien Ranger" Aurico said.

The ten red rangers stand united against this new threat. Zedd just stood there clenching his staff waiting for the first round of attacks. Carter fired his rescue blaster and Zedd quickly turned the blast back at him knocking him out and demorphing him. Cole and TJ both charge him with a crystal dagger and Turbo swords respectively.

Zedd deflects the crystal dagger with his staff and runs the bottom of his staff against Cole's armor as sparks fly out of his costume as Cole goes flying and demorphs when he lands. TJ fights with both swords swinging as Zedd dodges each attack and gets behind TJ and runs his staff across his back as TJ falls down in a massive explosion and demorphs unconscious.

Zedd wastes no time and traps Aurico in a glowing red forcefield. The aquitian ranger suffers from the mystical heat and demorphs as he passes out and the barrier fades.

Leo has seen enough and summons his battlelizer. The Claw on his battlelizer grabs Zedd and starts pulling him to the ranger. Zedd conjures a grenade and hits Leo with it destroying his battlelizer before knocking him into the air. Leo hits the floor and demorphs.

Andros flips and swings with his spiral saber but Zedd blocks the attack. Andros kicks low but Zedd blocks with his own foot. Andros tried for a punch but Zedd slashed him across the chest with his staff as sparks flew and Andros fell in an explosion and demorphed unconscious.

The last four red rangers stood swords drawn. Jason and Tommy with their Power swords Wes with his chrono sabers and Eric with his quantum defender in sword mode. Tommy and Eric rushed Zedd forcing him on the defensive. Zedd fought with staff in hand deflecting all their blows. Eric charges the Quantum Defender to full power and cuts Zedd across the chest stunning him.

Tommy rushes him and jumps into the air. "Flying Zeo power kick" Tommy's foot connects on Zedd's chest and it knocks him back a little. "Ah man that destroyed one of the generals."

Jason runs his hand over his power sword as it glows red and throws it at Zedd's chest wobbling him.

Wes rushed him. "Time Slide" Just like earlier with Jen Wes moved to quick for Zedd to catch as he spun around slashing Zedd across the chest, back, and any weak spot the ranger could find. Wes came to a stop and fully charged his chrono sabers and jumped in the air making a circle with one his swords. "Time Strike" Wes brought down both sabers in a cross attack and Lord Zedd was finally knocked off his feet.

Lord Zedd got to his feet. That was unpleasant. "You fight like the last pink ranger I fought in the year 3001."

The 3 remaining rangers stood with Wes. Wes was concerned this guy took on 10 red rangers and all they've managed to do is knock him down he lets out a quiet whisper. "Jen"

Zedd just looked at him. "Ah the girl has a name…had a name."

Wes just looked at him. No that can't be true. "You lie!"

"Really then why am I here and she's not?" Zedd asked.

Wes charges Zedd in absolute rage.

Eric tried to call him back. "Wes wait!"

Zedd took advantage of Wes' anger and struck low at Wes' legs tripping him into the air and onto the floor in front of Zedd.

Zedd pointed the sharp end of his staff at Wes' throat and turned to the other rangers. "Drop your morphers now"

The three remaining rangers glared at Zedd before Jason took his power coin from his belt and dropped it to the floor demorphing.

"Don't do it." Wes shouted.

Eric took the Quantum controller off his wrist and his body demorphed.

"Zeo five power down." Tommy demorphed and dropped his zeonizers.

If Zedd could smile under his mask he would. "You can always count on rangers to do the foolish thing. The three of you could have overpowered me with the loss of just one ranger. Now every ranger will share the same fate." He raises his staff and blasts all three remaining rangers knocking them unconscious. Zedd intends to bring down his staff on Wes and finish him off for good but he's hit with a large sword and knocked back to the ground again.

Zedd got to his feet to see Wes back on his feet in a new suit from the looks of it dressed in medieval golden torso armor, greaves, gauntlets, and helmet. Fire wings strapped to his back and a big sword which was what he obviously hit him with. "Oh what is this Power Rangers Camelot Force?"

Wes' battle fire saber burst into flames and Zedd's staff coursed with electricity. The two weapons collide causing an explosion with each strike. Wes and Zedd stare at each other through their visors as they struggle for control as their weapons reach a stalemate. Zedd realizes that the time force will be here before long and pushes harder bringing his staff to Wes' chest getting a much better idea.

Lightning courses through the staff and Wes' eyes can be saw glowing green for a couple seconds as the red battle warrior fades and Wes demorphs on his own. Zedd considers destroying the ranger but gets a better idea. "Keep your friends away from me."

Wes stands there idle in his silver guardians suit a mindless drone for Lord Zedd. The evil emperor himself boards Serpentera. Zedd sits down and starts the machine he feels like he's forgetting something.

Zedd starts to take off and then it hits him. "The self destruct" Zedd quickly deactivates his little surprise for whoever was foolish enough to steal his war machine. Serpentera has the power to destroy planets he wouldn't let it fall into the hands of his enemies. Those fools from the Machine Empire would make it look like any ranger toy could beat it.

Serpentera heads for Earth as a time hole opens above the moon and the five time flyers emerge. They all land on the moon and see Wes just standing there. Jen and the other time force rangers demorph and run up to Wes.

"Wes what happened here?" Jen asked seeing 9 other people unconscious.

Trip just looked into Wes' mind when he doesn't answer. At least he tried to until he saw a big Z. "Jen get away from him."

Jen just looked at Trip like he was crazy until Wes stared at them with cold eyes. Like she had with Steelix. "Wes you're stronger then this."

Wes looked at them and calmly said. "No, I'm not." Wes stretched his arms and they all rolled her eyes as he morphs. "Time for time force."

Jen looks to the other three they know what they have to do.


Wes rushed the other four time rangers as they all went to battle. Wes cuts through Lucas and Trip with his chrono sabers and knocks them both down. Katie switches to her V weapon and tries to shoot Wes but the red ranger moves out of the way. Wes cuts Jen across the chest and Katie inadvertantly blasts the pink ranger. Wes ran up to Katie.

"Come on Wes I don't want to hurt you." Katie pleaded.

Wes went to punch Katie but her future genetics made it easy to catch his punch and countered with one of her own. "I said I didn't want to I never said I wouldn't."

Wes growled as his right hand lit on fire and he turned back into the red battle warrior. He activates the fire battle saber slashing Katie and Jen knocking them back as the sparks flew. Trip and Lucas joined the two and pulled them to their feet.

Lucas backed up. "Ah man he activated his battlelizer."

Trip didn't know what to do. "He's really not playing around is he."

"Jen what do we do?" Katie asked.

Jen was thinking they can't fight Wes and he's about to blow them apart as she sees the saber burst into flames. She remembers how Wes freed her from Steelix's control he didn't fight her he did whatever it took to get through to her. "Just do what I do." Jen hits her morpher. "Power down"

The other three stare in shock at what Jen just did. Katie doesn't question and quickly realizes what Jen is trying to do and deactivates her morpher. "Power down"

Lucas just looks at them and sighs. "We're all a bunch of fools." He deactivates his morpher. "Power Down"

Trip just shrugs and follows orders he'd be ashamed to be a coward and let his friends do this without him. "Power down"

Jen just stared at Wes. It's all up to him now. "Come on Wes we're all time force officers. If you're nothing more then that mutant's puppet then you'll never get a cleaner shot."

Wes screamed and stabbed the floor. It was too late to stop the attack so he used it to stop himself as he's consumed in an explosion and saves his friends but is left on the floor demorphed and unconscious.

Jen just turned to the Trip, Katie and Lucas. "Get the other people up."

Jen checked on Wes. "Come on Wes if that attack could kill you it would have when you fought Ransik open your eyes."

Wes opened his eyes and saw the same white suit and ponytail as when he first met her. "I liked your special assignment gear better."

Jen just smiled and pulled Wes to his feet. "On your feet Wes."

To Jen's surprise Wes pulled her in and kissed her. Jen was shocked but returned it the only time he ever did anything like that was pecks on the cheek to get a rise out of her when she was working too hard at locating mutants.

"What was that for?" Jen asked.

Wes just backed off and hugged her tight. "That mutant said he destroyed you. I didn't want to live my entire life with the regret of not doing that."

Jen was sad but stayed in the hug.

"You also got me and two other rangers blasted when you went after Zedd like a mad man when he told you he destroyed her." Eric added as Katie helped him up.

Jen looked at Eric. "Did he now?"

Trip helped up Tommy and was struck with a case of star struck. "Oh my god you're Dr. Tommy Oliver."

Lucas was helping up Jason who heard that last part.

"Dr. Oliver" Jason said like he was asking a question.

Trip just nodded.

Tommy turned to Jason upset at his friend's lack of faith. "I told you I was becoming a paleontologist."

Jason just looked at him stunned. "Yeah, but you're the guy that was late for a fight because you left your morpher in you locker."

"It was the communicator." Tommy clarified not that it helped.

Everyone just helped get all the other rangers to their feet. Leo looked over Aurico who wasn't looking that good. "Tommy Aurico is really dehydrated I think I should fly him back to Aquatar so he can get some water back into him."

Tommy just nods and the two red rangers go to the sky.

Eric just turns to the other time force rangers. "So who was that mutant?"

Jason just looked at Eric. "That wasn't a mutant man that was someone far worse."

Jen looked at them that's why he was so powerful. "Who is he?"

Tommy knew Zedd better than anyone and started to explain. "He's an emperor of evil along with the most dangerous villain any ranger team has ever fought."

Jen just looked at him. "He can't be worse then Ransik was."

Tommy just looked at her and nodded his head indicating he is. If it was just him and Jason they would already know how much trouble they're in. "He destroyed 13 ranger powers, 11 zords and as much as I'd like to take credit for it we later found out he left the Machine Empire in such bad shape they had to repledge their allegiance to Dark Specter."

Lucas just looked down. "Ok that's pretty bad."

Wes turned to Jen and the others. "He got out in your time did he say anything important to you guys?"

Jen nodded. "He left a very strong implication that he was going to destroy every ranger in the past present and future."

Wes was confused. "That doesn't make any sense if he was going to do that he would have gone back years ago to the first team wouldn't he."

Tommy caught on this isn't good. "Unless this was just a pit stop to get a Serpentera with an unlimited power source."

Jason realized what this is. "He's going to time travel again. We have to find him."

Tommy just nodded in agreement. "Andros take the megaship see if you can find Serpentera I refuse to believe we can lose track of something that big. Jason, time force rangers you're with me everyone else go with Andros on the megaship."

Andros leads his rangers quickly into the megaship. And they take off for circling the earth looking for traces of Lord Zedd's warzord.

Jason looked to Tommy. "So where are we going?"

"I have a friend. She might be able to help us find Zedd before its too late." Tommy answered as he turned to the time force rangers. "You think you can give us a lift."

Jen just nodded and walked towards her time flyer. "Absolutely. Red rangers in the red time flier Eric you're with me."

Author's notes

Muse won't leave it alone thanks to Linkara and watching Samurai with my nephew so this was in my head for weeks.

Up next The hunt for Zedd.