Kim, Jason Eric and the zyurangers watch the time flyers take off to confront Serpentera. The time flyers open fire on Lord Zedd's warzord.

Wes just waits as the smoke clears revealing nothing and it still coming to the planet. "Ah man we didn't even put a dent in it."

Tommy just looked for a way in and saw nothing. "We have to crack that thing open."

Trip spoke up from his. "We know that but our weapons aren't powerful enough."

Lucas had an idea. "Separate so let's try it together."

"Works for me" Jen said.

Wes nodded in agreement. "Time Force Megazord jet mode"

The 5 time flyers come together as one massive ship with increased fire power with the six rangers now all in the cockpit flying towards Serpentera looking for a weakness. They can't find anything even after it was buried on the moon for years. Wes just aims everything it has at one of the joints connected to Serepentera's legs. "FIRE"

The Megazord blasts away at the legs but once again the War zord's armor is too thick to crack.

Wes just looks at the zord as it continues its descent to the city. "That thing is unstoppable."

The zyurangers watched the time force attacks fail and Serpentera continue for the city despite time force's best efforts.

Goushi turns to Geki. "Geki we can help the rangers from the ground."

Geki just nodded in agreement. "Appear before us Guardian Beasts. Tyrannosaurus"

Jason just watches as what in his world would be the tyrannosaurus dinozord takes the field.

Each Zyuranger put their hands up and called for their guardian beast. Goushi's ZyuMammoth (Mastodon) Dan's Triceratops, Boi's SaberTiger, and Mei's Pteranodon.

Each Zyuranger jumps from the ground and into their guardian beast.

Geki gives the order. "Fusion, Dino Mission! Beast Tank DinoTanker!"

SaberTiger assumes a sitting position turning more into a car than a beast riding along side triceratops. Tyrannosaurs jumps and each leg connects itself to triceratops and SaberTiger. The ZyuMammoth jumps onto Tyrannosaurus' stomach. Two of its legs becoming cannons as Pteradon attaches itself to Tyrannosaurus' back finishing the process.

The DinoTanker starts rolling to the fight blasting at Serpentera. The Zyurangers hit it head on but much like Time force's attacks they're not enough to hurt it.

Boi just looks at it. "It's not even scratched. What kind of guardian beast is this?"

Dan just looks on seeing Serpentera charging an attack that hits the Dino Tanker and hurts them from inside the machine. "This thing is too powerful."

Geki just shakes his head no as a crazy idea comes to his head. "It can not win. Let's go Daizyujin"

Dino Taker's cannons flipped around and turned into arms as it rose up using SaberTiger and Triceratops as feet. Pteradon flew off the back of Tyrannosaurs and flew in front of him as Tyrannosaurus' chest opened up and his head dropped down revealing a warrior face. Pteranadon connected itself to Tyrannosaurus' chest and two horns shot out of the new warrior's head signaling the completion of the transformation.

Geki looked to the sky and shouted. "Dinosaur sword god horn"

The others watched as what would be the power sword in their world dropped into Daizyujin's arms. Daizyujin jumped into the sky and landed on the time force megazord.

The Time Force rangers are all rattled as their entire Zord shakes from the impact. Wes is set to yell at the Zyurangers for that but he gets what they're up to.

Wes puts all powers to the engines as the time force megazord flies Daizyujin close to Serpentera.

The zyurangers stand with their arms ready waiting for their moment. "Daizyujin Super legendary lightning cut." The rangers bring their arms down and Daizyujin copies the motion cutting into Serpentera knocking a piece of its thick hide off.

Wes just turned to Tommy. "Go now"

Tommy ran for the exit of the time flyers and once outside he jumped onto the top of Daizyujin's head.

"Good luck ranger" Daizyujin said wishing him success.

"Did…Megazord just talk?" Tommy asked no one.

"Tommy stay focused." Kimberly shouted she was kind of surprised when Megazord talked too but now is not the time for it.

Tommy just nodded and jumped off of Daizyujin's head and grabbed onto Serpentera pulling himself up and running in.

Wes just watched the scene he hopes Tommy knows what he's doing. "Alright guys disengage and switch to mode blue."

Daizyujin jumped off the timeforce megazord as the one plane transformed into something resembling a blue robot cop complete with a gun.

Daizyujin turned to Time Force Megazord and they both just fired on Serpentera not giving an inch.

Tommy got a safe distance in Serpentera and put his hands together. "Zeo 5 power down"

Tommy struggled to catch his breath as the after effects of morphing takes place. He reaches for his medicine but decides against it he has to be focused if he's going against Zedd unmorphed. Tommy closed his eyes and focused on his breathing he'll be glad when this is done as his heart has already taken a beating he has to tell Kat and the others to not use the Zeo powers ever again. Tommy's zeonizers disappear and a crystal shaped as a star appears in his hands.

Lord Zedd is laughing at the pitiful offense the rangers are making towards Serpentera. Zedd is caught by surprise as the back door to Serpentera opens and Tommy enters in civilian form.

"Hey tin head" Tommy punches Zedd in the face and Zedd is caught so completely off guard he crashes into the controls and Tommy rips some of his tubes out from behind and quickly gets to Serpentera's power center.

Tommy looks at the crystal thinking it was nice being a ranger one last time. He sticks the crystal into the power center and quickly jumps out of the zord while Zedd is recovering.

Kimberly's eyes light up in horror seeing Tommy freefalling from Serpentera.

Wes sees it and acts fast. "Eric we're sending you the time jet."

Time Force megazord threw his gun at the remaining rangers as it transformed into a ride on hover vehicle. Eric hopped in front and Jason and Kimberly hopped up on each side.

Burai watched the other rangers go and pulled out his dagger ready to summon his guardian beast to help the others. When he does a figure in white shows herself in her traditional white cloak. "Clotho, what are you doing here?"

Clotho just looked at him and took the dagger from him. "I am sorry but you have spent far too much time on this planet. You still have a destiny Burai. I can not allow you to stay here any longer."

Burai just shrugs amd whispers knowing the only reason he's still alive is Clotho "Dragon Caesar listen to the next person who uses your dagger."

Eric moved the timejet right next to Tommy and Kim was able to grab his arm. "I got you just hang on."

Jason hopped over to Kimberly's side and helped pull him up.

Kimberly just had him in a vice grip. "What were you thinking jumping out of Serpentera unmorphed?"

Tommy just pointed to the dragon. "I want to avoid getting caught in that."

Jason Kim and Eric turn around and watch as explosion after explosion rocks Serpentera. Soon the warzord is set on fire as the explosions continue until Serpentera is blown to bits leaving nothing but scrap metal falling to the floor.

Kimberly was in shock seeing Serpentera fall. "Tommy what exactly did you do?"

Tommy just smiled killing two birds with one stone. "The Zeo crystal was too much power for a human body to keep using so I shoved it into Serpentera's power supply which was already at full power overloading the systems and completely burning out the zords weapon systems which resulted in that light show."

Jason just smiled maybe he can be a doctor. He looks down and sees something he wishes he didn't. "Guys"

The two look down and see Lord Zedd survived the blast.

Zedd got to his feet. They destroyed Serpentera. How the heck did they do that? "It's not over yet rangers I still have one card to play." Zedd conjured a grenade and threw it at his feet growing to giant size. "I'll rip you apart zord by zord."

The timejet landed on the roof and the three rangers ran over and saw nothing.

Kim was looking around trying to find him. "Guys where did Burai disappear to?"

Jason just shrugged and saw something that was familiar to him. "At least he left this behind." Jason picked up the dagger and tried to play it horribly. "Well after a decade I lost any talent I had playing it." He throws it to Tommy. "Can you still play it?"

Tommy just shrugged. "One way to find out." He played the music a melody he'll never forget and Dragon Caesar this world's Dragonzord emerged from the waters walking over to Daizyujin.

"He's not as good as Burai." Daizyujin stated causing Dragon Caesar to nod his head in agreement.

Wes decided to change it up since Eric has mode blue's primary weapon. "Time Force Megazord mode red."

The time flyers break apart and reconfigure as a new warrior this one is mostly red with a sword and uses two of the time flyers as a shield as it stands beside Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar.

Zedd jumps into the air and lands a drop kick on Daizyujin knocking the god to the ground and forcing him to drop his sword. Dragon Caesar swings its tail but Zedd ducks the attack and tries to kick the time force megazord but it gets it shield up.

Tommy tries a different set of notes and if he could Dragon Caesar would roll his eyes at Tommy's poor skills it would but gets the idea as missiles come out of his fingers and strike Zedd Wobbling him and allowing Daizyujin and Time fore megazord to strike him with their swords knocking him down.

Zedd gets to his feet and hurls lightning from his staff knocking all three zords down.

Geki was controlling Daizyujin but saw it wasn't enough. "We need more power form Gouryuujin."

Daizyujin's horns went down as Pteradon freed herself as Daizyujin separated back into the five guardian beasts. Zyumammoth, SaberTiger and Triceratops run towards Dragon Caesar as his chest plate came off and his hands shrunk into each side as they closed around him and his mouth dripped down revealing a warrior head. Zyu mammoth became his new arms while SaberTiger and Triceratops went on to be the legs as a staff drops down for his weapon of choice and Tommy smiles recognizing it as Dragonzord fighting mode.

The zyurangers look on from Gouryuujin's cockpit and send the god towards Zedd.

Zedd's body glows red as he attacks and launches lightning from his staff at the new combatant but Gouryuujin just walks straight through the assault not even flinching. Zedd sees them charge up an attack with their staff but deflects each blow in quick dodges. "Give it up rangers I'm too fast to be hit by that thing."

Timeforce Megazord takes to the sky and Wes pulls out a replica of the power sword. "Time Target"

Zedd is frozen in place as he's surrounded by a clock of glowing green numbers 1 through 12.

The zyurangers smile seeing they'll never get a better chance. "Dragon god thrust attack"

Gouryuujin's staff glows as it impales Zedd straight through the chest leaving a big hole in the middle of him. Time Force megazord comes down and hits him with a full powered charge from its power sword and Zedd falls to the ground and is destroyed in the resulting explosion.

Eric and Jason smile seeing Zedd's destruction. Kimberly jumps up on Tommy who hugs her not believing that this is finally over. Kim demorphs and the two just kiss in celebration Zedd is gone. Tommy comes up for air and looks at the ground. "The Dragon dagger is missing."

All the other rangers drop down and join the others.

Geki sees what Tommy is looking for. "The Zyusouken is back with Burai its how he travels around. We don't know where he goes."

Wes just nods. "So, thank you for all your help and we're all sorry about earlier."

Goushi just shrugs not seeing a problem. "We stopped Zedd and saved the world believe us Burai has done far worse to us."

Geki hold his hand out to Wes and the others. "It's been an honor."

All the rangers shake hands and hug as Rita shows up. "OK power rangers we did what we came here for and now its time to go in case we mess up the world too."

Jason just looked at her. "Rita the world wasn't exactly in ship shape when we left."

Rita just smiled as bursts of red energy opens a portal showing the world is back to normal and all the rangers are OK and landing the astro megaship and Leo is flying down in his vehicle sans Aurico who is likely at home recovering on Aquatar. With the source safe and secure no one is in danger. "Are you guys ready to go home?"

Jen just frowned knowing what's waiting for her and Wes wraps his arms around her for support. "I won't let them do this to you."

"None of us will Jen." Katie added.

Lucas just frowned forgetting about that last part. "Come on lets just go back we'll take it from there."

The rangers and Rita all board the time flyers as Rita opens a portal to their world before coming in herself.

The Zyurangers all wave goodbye and see them off as they all go home.

Andros got off the Megaship and was talking to TJ. "So how did you fight in this anyway? I specifically remember your powers were destroyed. That's why you needed my help to be rangers again."

TJ took off his morpher and put it in his car's glove box. "Lightning Cruiser has a backup morpher for emergencies like today."

The two look to the sky as they see a red portal open followed by 5 time flyers. They get all the other red rangers as the time flyers land. As everyone comes outside even Rita.

Rita just looks at all the rangers who fought today. "You have served your planet with courage and sacrifice the true qualities of a ranger. I thank you, all of you." Rita just disappeared not having a reason to stay.

All the rangers look to the sky and see the typical blueish time hole open as a time ship lands near Nasada as Alex and the rest of B squad comes out. The time force rangers just create a human shield around Jen. Jason Tommy and Kimberly see it and join the defense as does all the red rangers.

Wes just pointed at his distant descendant. "You're not taking her to jail."

Alex just stared at his ancestor. "Stand down and call off the other rangers."

Wes just shakes his head no. "Not a chance I won't let you take her to jail."

Alex just looked at him. "I'm not going to. She's already had her trial." Alex gave Wes a folder. "Pass that to Jen."

Wes handed it off and Jen took the folder and read its contents. Its everything ID, birth certificate everything she needs for a new life. Jen just looks at the name on them and smiles wide never being so happy in her life. "Genevieve Myers"

Alex just read her sentence. "Jennifer Scotts for frequent illegal time travel you are hereby banished to the year 2002 to insure you will never time travel again."

Eric just smiled in relief seeing the name on the certificate. "Yes, I don't have to kill Wes."

Wes just looked at him. "You were going to kill me?"

Eric just shrugged. "Trip said you were dating Emma."

Wes' eyes popped out and his face scrunched up in disgust. "Eric...that's disgusting she's 15."

"Hence why I was planning to throw you off the Q Rex." Eric replied.

Alex just turns to Wes. "If anything happens to her I know where you'll be for the rest if your life. C Squad we're leaving in 5 minutes."

Jen was ecstatic at this turn of events she gets to be with Wes and actually try to have something with him. However this means she has to say goodbye to Katie, Trip, and Lucas. She hugs her friends and wishes them well as does Wes and Eric. All the remaining rangers watch as the time ship and the time flyers return through the portal back to the year 3,000.

Kim smiled watching Jen and Wes hold each other comforting each other over their lost friends and gives them some privacy as she walks over to Tommy. "So what's next for you I mean you're not a ranger anymore?"

Tommy just smiled. "Right now I'm going from school to school. Trust me when I say even without my powers I still have one last fight to go through as a ranger."

Kim just looked at him. "You ever stop ranger duty."

Tommy just nodded. "Hopefully at some point."

Kim just frowns she imagines Tommy's dreams are him fighting his ranger selves. "Do you ever stop for your own life? Like a date?"

Tommy just turned to her. "Are you asking me out?"

Kim just nodded and hoped for the best. "I'd like to give us another chance. I'd understand if you didn't. I kind of trampled on you heart through mail and that was a mist…"

Kimberly is cut off by Tommy kissing her gently. "I'd love to but I think we need to debrief the others first and have dinner later."

Kim just nods and takes his keys. "I'll get your car."

Jen sees Kim going and decides to take Wes' keys seeing this is a red ranger thing. "I'll meet you at your truck."

TJ turned to Tommy. "So what happened with Zedd and Serpentera?"

"Zedd was never here and we blew up Serpentera on the moon." Tommy replied.

Carter was a bit surprised. "You want us to lie."

Wes just nodded finding out their based off other characters in another world might be too much if civilians ever find out. "We've seen what Zedd was up to it will turn a lot of heads and things would get ugly if the truth ever came out so just leave it on the moon."

Andros just shrugged as long as Serpentera was destroyed it didn't matter to him. "Fine by me so how did we blow up Serpentera then?"

Jason just shrugged and said the first thing that came to his head. "The new guy did it with his new weapon."

Cole just looked at Jason. "How did you know about the wild force rider?"

"Red rangers always get the good stuff." Jason answered remembering how Tommy's powers were passed to him.

Tommy just looked at all the others seeing this as his last mission as a power ranger with his zeonizers destroyed. "Thank you Rangers you've done a great service to the entire universe."

Jason just shrugged he doesn't think any of them would have missed this or they wouldn't be red rangers. "Don't mention it bro."

All the red rangers put a hand in as Tommy says. "I guess its time to say goodbye again. May the power protect you all."

The red rangers fist bump and Tommy walks away towards Kim.

Cole stood in awe. "Wow. So that was Tommy? He really is the greatest Ranger." The others scoff and laugh to Cole's confusion. "What did I say?"

TJ put his hand on Cole's shoulder. "Well, I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one who replaced him."

Jason just looked at them all. "Are you kidding me? I was doing all the work while he was at the juice bar kissing on Kimberly."

Even Carter couldn't resist getting a shot in. "Alright, well, at least his haircut's regulation now. Right?"

"My Q-Rex would eat his Dragon Zord for lunch." Eric boasted

"He didn't discover lost galaxies!" Leo added.

Wes just stopped everyone. "Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait. I changed history. So why does he have a fan club, and I don't?"

Andros just stopped everyone. "Hey! I saved two worlds. What about that?"

TJ just stopped everyone. "Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait! Did I ever tell you guys about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?"

Two and a half years later

Tommy is watching Kira sing at the end of another tour as a ranger. Green, White, Red, Black, one more time as a blue ranger and you can have a whole team consisting of no one but him. Tommy walks to the corner of the school and sees a pleasant surprise waiting for him Kimberly.

Tommy just smiled and hugged her close and kissed her. "Hey I thought you weren't supposed to be back for another few days."

Kimberly just smiled and kissed him back. "I wanted to come home early and surprise you. Did it work?"

Tommy just nodded. "It worked so how did your team do in Pan global?"

"Silver medal" Kimberly answered. "I'm not doing it again though. The year it took to train the students was too much time away from here. I'm thankful the new principal was nice enough to give me my job back. So did I miss anything interesting this past year?"

Tommy was in thought how to describe to his wife he was a ranger again and frozen in amber and temporarily invisible and the only reason she got her job back was Elsa owed him one. "I'll tell you all about it tomorrow."

Wes and Jen were walking to Wes' office in biolabs. Wes' father has retired and Wes took over as CEO only this time he chose to be.

Jen just looks at her husband. "I can't believe you gave up your morpher."

Wes just looked at her. "Hey I didn't put Tate in charge because he was my cousin. I put him in charge because he was the best man for the job. Besides with Eric joining the air force the silver guardians need a ranger."

Jen just looked at him. "Are you going to miss being a ranger?"

Wes just shook his head no and put his hand on his wife's very pregnant stomach the reason he retired. "A little bit but I'm more excited about us starting a family to care."

Wes wrapped his arms around his wife and Jen just smiles. She was kind of surprised finding out about pregnancy on earth thanks to perfect babies in the year 3000 but now she can't wait to be a mom. They open the door and see something in a cloak with something resembling Andros' spiral saber.

Wes gets Jen behind him seeing their guest is not entirely human. "Jen stay behind me."

The guest smiled seeing Wes' devotion to his wife. "I assure you both I mean you no harm."

"Then who are you?" Jen asked.

The figure removed its cloak revealing itself to be a blue skinned doglike creature. "Wesley and Genevieve Collins my name is Anubis Krueger and I'd like to talk to you about expanding the silver guardians."

Author Notes

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