Hi guys...sorry for not posting in a while and definitly sorry for missing the deadline for MINECRAFT ADVENTURES: TERRARIAN NIGHTMARE but i'll give you somethng to read while you wait for all that good stuff...switching it up. LEFT 4 DEAD. also, do you think i put myslf into stories to much? like i give my caracter the name matt? lemme know!



Chapter 1 The Sleepover

"Im tellin you Matt, the earthquake over there was the U.S. dropping bombs on the zombies that had broke out there" Says Iann, My friend Iann...Always comming up with the CRAZIEST bullshit, "And thats what they used to cover it up! THE EARTHQUAKE!" "Iann that is THE stupidest thing I've ever heard" Says Rowan. "Whatever you guys wanna do, do it quietly because i'm really tired and im going to bed" i say while yawning. "i think i'll head out to." says Chas. alright we're going" says Iann. "What do you mean we? I'm staying up..." says rowan. "your call" says Iann. and we go to bed.


I sit there as the hours go by, on my laptop near the stairs and when i thought i was about to go to sleep..."GGAAAAAHHHHHH!" Yells a voice i don't recognise and i look out the windows near the stairs and i see someone chasing man. "Get Away from me!" yells the main, "DON'T KILL ME!" after hearing these words i go to get the phone in the kitchen to call the police on the pusuer of the man but as i got to the phone and was about to dial 911 i looked out the window to see the man get knocked over by the other man and then when i thought a gun or knife would be pulled the chaser simply bit the man and as blood trickled out of the wound...the man dropped dead. and lay still. it was so quiet that even though the phone was nowhere near my ear i could hear the operator saying "all lines are currently busy, please hang up and call back later..." i put the phone down. the man got back up had a very pale look. he saw looked at the man who had chased him and the continued on when they heard someone else. i looked at the noise out thw window to see the man who was chased bite and unsuspecting woman on the shoulder. she went down just like the man did...And rose 5 seconds later.
"You have got to be shitting me." i say quietly "its like a zombie apocolypse" and after a few seconds i realise. it is an apocolypse.

i was frozen somewhat in fear, 'what do i do' kept going through my head ad i quickly formulated a plan. "alright got my shit together, Step one, wake friends and inform them of the situation." i say calmly as i head downstairs. "guys..." i say quietly. "guys." i say again, no response. "GUYS" i say "what is it rowan?" Matt says yawning "man, chase, bite, other man, walk, girl, bite, continue..." i say trying to put it all in 1 word. "spit it out rowan" says chas...i take a deep breath and come out with..."Iann's bullshit isn't bullshit"

Oh wow...i think this may be my longest chapter out of all i've ever written before.
how did you guys find it? i thought the line "ianns bullshit isn't bullshit" was funny as hell. ok well, chapter 2 will be in wqorks VERY soon (i might post it today)

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