Once Upon A Time there was a girl named Ana, and she was the daughter of the inventor of toaster strudel. So she had the most popularity girl in the whole entire school. Until a girl named Malia moved into town. As a result Malia took over Ana's popularity. So Malia got all the Attention now.

3 months later Malia beat Ana up in a fight over who is the prettiest out of the two. Then Malia tells her teachers that she is the daughter of Obama. So Ana flips out, because she thinks that Malia is lying about being the daughter of Obama. Then Ana gets into huge trouble with the teacher. So the teacher takes Ana to the principal's office.

And she gets suspended for a whole entire year. So Ana stops eating, and she looses lots and lots of weight. Then she faints at her Grandma's house, so her grandma calls 911, and then she calls Ana's parents. So Ana's parents freak out and go straight to the hospital to see if Ana is ok. But she isn't, and they figure out that Ana only has one year left to live.

So Ana's parents faint as well. Then they wake up and they are balling their eyes out about the news. So they call everyone that Ana knew so that they can say goodbye to Ana before she dies. So everyone rushes to the hospital to see Ana.

2 months' later Ana goes missing when her parents and doctor were at lunch. And when her parents get back from lunch they realize that Ana is missing. So Ana's parents freak out and call the police and report Ana missing. So then Ana's Parents call all the people that they called before and tell them that Ana is missing so everyone drops their things and rushes to the hospital so that they can help find Ana.

And they all went out looking for Ana and when they were looking for Ana they found Ana's Cell Phone and there was a picture of Ana tied up to a bed with rope ,and there was duck tape on her mouth so she couldn't call for help . Well the police dog picked up Ana's scent by smelling Ana's cell phone. And the police dog led them to an old cabin and the police busted down the door of the cabin. And they found Ana dead on the bed with tons and tons of knife streaks all over her body.

2 weeks later Ana's Funeral Took Place, Her Parents were so so depressed over Ana's death and they were blaming their selves on Ana's Death and they were threatening to commit suicide.

5 weeks later her parents were found dead.

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