He wasn't always like this. He wasn't always a being of malice and cruelty. Aérùen Elf-Kin, as he was known, was a person who knew love, kindness, and goodness. But something had changed, over the course of his long immortal life, and he descended into darkness. His mind and soul, no longer his own, sought for his own gain, and his malice and wickedness spread across the realm. He became legend, his vile repute spread like a disease on the land. Aérùen was no longer a being of light, and none dared to challenge him. In his quest for power, he made the Pendant of Aérùen, as a symbol of his power, and also, unknowingly, as the last sliver of hope for himself.

In the ages that came there arose a noble family of wizards. So common in appearance, and plain, but therein lay Aérùen's defeat. He underestimated the wizard Russo, and his family. Their power rivaled his, and their compassion, rather than a weakness, proved to be their greatest strength. They were everything that Aérùen once stood for. Light returned to the realm. The Age of the Wizards dominated, and the legends of Aérùen all but slipped into faint memory, a dangerous place to put one who cannot truly be killed just by destroying body.

And some things that should not have been forgotten, was lost.

The Pendant of Aérùen became a figment of myth, that even the wizards of today barely believe. Meanwhile, in the heart of the realm, deep within the very core of the world, a dark entity festers, waiting, and planning his vengeance. The power of his pendant pulsated with his influence, his essence. And he did not forget what the Russos did to him. So it is with that family, that he decided he would begin his quest for vengeance. His influence pushed the pendant into a place, where one particular Russo would not be able to miss an opportunity to acquire it.