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Chapter 1

He couldn't believe it, this was really happening to him, yet he couldn't stop thinking about how things would go wrong. He just knew they would go wrong no matter how many times people told him they wouldn't. Hearing his name called out, Harry stood tall and proud and walked into the circle with his head held high; he was going to do this or he would go and fail only after trying everything he could do to succeed.

"Harry Potter, why do you wish to gain entrance into this world?" came a dark and powerful voice, though Harry couldn't work out just who in the circle had spoken. "Tell us now; fail and you die."

Gathering his courage together Harry held his head high and spoke, "I have nothing left in this world, I have defeated Voldemort and saved everyone, those who I once called friends and family have betrayed me and stabbed me in the back. I have everything in order from personal matters to financial matters. I do not fear death if that is your decision and whatever you choose I will accept it respectfully."

A quiet murmur echoed throughout the circle for a few moments. The words 'strong' and 'truthful' came to Harry's ears, Harry could only hope that this was a positive reaction and his request would be granted. After a few moments the voice spoke again.

"If we send you through the portal then you will be placed in a world we pick, you will have to make your own way there and find things out for yourself." The voice paused a for a few moments before speaking again, "though you might receive help in a life or death situation or with finding your soul mates if we felt it was truly needed."

"I understand and I accept what you say," Harry said bravely. He wasn't fazed by what he was being told, after all he had been alone for most of his life while trying to fight and protect those who did not even trust him enough to breathe by himself.

"We are not heartless. We shall give you a place to live and a way to earn money, though we will only give you the building and what you need to start off with," the voice continued, "Do you accept?"

"I do, I have nothing to lose after all," Harry said as he tried to hide his nervousness. "May I ask something?"

"You may," the voice said; from the tone of it Harry knew he had to be quick and to the point.

"What about my magical creature inheritance?" Harry asked as he motioned to his body.

Harry felt the whole room look at him, he nervously flicked his tail from side to side and his two pointed grey ears twitched about trying to catch any sound.

"Remove your glamour fully," the voice said emotionlessly.

Surprised by the fact that they could tell he was only showing part of his magical creature inheritance, Harry dropped the glamour and allowed a small sigh of relief as his true features sprang to life. Harry quickly removed his glasses to show a pair of bright emerald green eyes which had black circles around them. His clawed hand slipped his glasses into his trouser pocket, while his black and white ringed tail twitched about nervously and his grey and black ears twitched again. Harry gave a nervous smile only to show a set of sharp teeth.

"Interesting," came the voice. This time it sounded slightly shocked if Harry had anything to go by. "It is not every day that we see a Lemur standing in front of us. You are a rarity in your own right."

Harry had to bite his cheek to stop himself from making a rude comment; he just couldn't chance it when he was so close to succeeding. "Thank you. I try to keep it a secret as I do not know who would want to use me for whatever reasons."

"Very wise, young one," the voice praised, though Harry could swear he heard some type of teasing, thoughtful tone in the voice. "I have the perfect place to send you. They will look after you when they find out about your potion making skills young Lemur, maybe they can even get you to take the Potions Master test... Now wait for our decision."

Harry let out a silent groan as the rooms light were suddenly switched off leaving Harry to stand still in total pitch black.

'Why couldn't they just let me hide my skills?' Harry thought with a sigh as he waited for their decision. 'I managed to hide my skill in potions from everyone, even Snape, and my glamour... Guess I shouldn't be surprised that they noticed it with how powerful they are.'

Harry took a deep breath and allowed his mind to wander; he could barely believe that he had summoned The Deciders into the living room of Grimmauld Place in an attempt to get away from everyone. His heart still hurt every time he remembered his so called friends words, every insult, every snide remark... Luna and Neville were the only two that had stood loyal and true to him and what had happened to them? Dead. Dumbledore had grown worried that with Luna and Neville's influence his precious weapon would realise too much and rebel, too bad for Dumbledore that killing Luna and Neville was the last straw for Harry. So Harry had gathered his belongings, sorted out several things with the Goblins and prepared himself for the next great adventure. For some reason the Goblins were sure Harry would live through whatever The Deciders chose for him and be better off for it, though Harry couldn't work out what they had meant.

Sighing sadly, Harry looked down at his wrist where a thin yet strong blue bracelet sat; he had planned on giving it to his Godson when he was born... only it seemed that Dumbledore had gotten a bit mad in his quest to control his weapon totally and had Remus and the heavily pregnant Tonks killed off just so that he could keep his weapon under his thumb. Harry shook his head as he tried not to allow himself to be swept up into depressing thoughts; it wouldn't do, he had to wait until he was alone and in a safe enough place to mourn properly, until then he would just have to hold it in.

"Harry Potter," the voice spoke suddenly making Harry jump, "we have made our choice, we have decided to grant your request and take mercy on you for we can see your heart and soul carry many injuries."

Harry nodded stiffly as he tried to keep the amount of hope in him down to a bare minimum just in case.

"You must be careful as the world that we are sending you to is one where Voldemort is the King and he is a wise and just man," the voice said carefully.

Harry's eyes went wide in shock, Voldemort ruled a world? Voldemort was a wise and just man? Harry just couldn't believe it as the voice's words settled into him. Harry slowly nodded his head in understanding as the words sunk in, by the sounds of it the Light Side that followed Dumbledore wouldn't be a powerful faction in this new world, meaning he wouldn't have to put up with them if they were anything like they were in this world.

"You will know the language and your way around the area you will be staying in to a level," the voice said again, "though you will need to have a look around and learn the layout of the area properly. There is a library not far from your new home, if you need to look anything up just go there, the people in your new world are a far cry from those in this world. Any questions?"

Harry nodded his head slowly. "Will I have to hide my extra features? How did Voldemort become King? I don't want to kill anyone off by accident."

"The world you are going to is one where magic and non magic live side by side, under King Voldemort's rule the magical creatures have managed to gain legal rights, privileges and much more, you will not have to hide your Lemur half unless you feel the need to," the voice said seriously as Harry nodded his head in understanding. "King Voldemort killed the old King, Albus Dumbledore, for the people when it was found out that the old man was just like the Dumbledore in your world. The followers of Dumbledore were also given the option to die or join and follow the ways of King Voldemort. Ever since then life has been better, while at times it is rough it gets better."

Harry slowly nodded his head as he listened, "Right... I'm ready."

"Very well," the voice said and before Harry knew it he was lost in the darkness.

To Be Continued...