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Chapter 19

Lady Longbottom took a deep calming breath and did her best to not react to the King's anger. She knew she was in the wrong, she knew she had treaded in dangerous territory when she brought up the idea of her grandson becoming the King's mates' protector as she knew just what normally happened. Nine times out of ten the protectors became the mate of the one who they were meant to be protecting.

"My King I did not mean it like that, your mate is honourable and my grandson would never dream of doing even trying to woo your young mate," Lady Longbottom said stiffly as she carefully choose her words, "I just thought that your mate might like to have a friend his own age while you would appreciate having someone to protect your mate while you are not able to be with him because of your duties."

"And how do I know that for sure?" Voldemort hissed out in calm anger as he glared at Lady Longbottom, "I do know the truth about the court which is why I have asked everyone who is a member of the court to meet here today for. How do I not know that you just want to make your grandson my mate's protector because it is some devious plot by the court?"

"Because you know that I am on your side," Lady Longbottom replied evenly and simply without missing a single beat, "Besides I have a feeling that my grandson has already met his mate but he is too scared to say anything or do anything."

"Really? I guess that does explain several things about how he has acted lately," Voldemort said to himself as he felt his anger slowly drop and disappear, "I thought that it was strange that Heir Longbottom was spending a lot of time in the greenhouses even if he is apprentice to Sprout...is it Sprouts adopted daughter? The one who talks about strange creatures?"

"Yes, that is the young lady in question my king, her father was killed in the war between yourself and Dumbledore," Lady Longbottom replied stiffly only to pause and look around her and upon only finding Lord Lestrange watching them both she careful leant in, while also keeping a polite and respectable distance and asked, "As there is no fear of my grandson taking your mate as his own would you be willing to give the Longbottom family the honour of having a member of its house as the king's mate's protector?"

A thoughtful frown appeared on Voldemort's face as he weighed up the options, there would be benefits for both Voldemort and the Longbottom family if he accepted Heir Longbottom as his mate's protector plus it would mean that his beloved mate would have friends of his own age and would be protected. If Voldemort allowed the Longbottom families heir to become his mate's protector than not only would they climb several steps higher on the social ladder but they would also give the Longbottom's a lot more power in his kingdom and castle...power that might be his undoing in the end.

"You know that I will not abuse the power that comes with making my grandson your mate's protector," Lady Longbottom said seriously as she sent Voldemort a pointed look, "Plus I have a feeling from what you said earlier about you knowing the truth about the court means that we are going to have to be very careful and stay on our guard."

"Why do you want Heir Longbottom to become my mate's protector so badly for?" Voldemort asked carefully as he weighed up Lady Longbottom's intentions in his mind.

"It is time for the Longbottom family to finally recover from the effects of the war, the family is in desperate need for an extra push, a chance if you will call it, to help bring back the Longbottom family before it just becomes another name in the dusty books of the history books," Lady Longbottom answered seriously, "While I might be on your side my King and everything that goes along with it I also put my family first, after all I am a pureblood."

"You do know that if you do something, anything at all, wrong it could cause the downfall of your family," Voldemort said serious as he gave Lady Longbottom a pointed look, "Also would heir Longbottom be able to handle the role as my mate's protector? He does have his apprenticeship with Sprout."

"I am sure that your mate and my grandson would not mind spending time in the greenhouses together, after all you mentioned that your mate runs a potions shop? Would that not be a large benefit for them both to spend time in the palace greenhouses and your mate's potion shop?" Lady Longbottom said as she carefully worded her while making sure to speak the truth, "I feel it would only benefit both of them along with it benefiting not only the Longbottom family but yourself too."

"It would stop the court trying to find a way to convince everyone that I am an unfit mate and as just an unfit King," Voldemort said slowly only for his expression to take on a dark look to it, "It seems that what I have planned for the ex-court members will make waves...and they will try anyway to get back at me, even going for my wonderful mate."

Lady Longbottom simply nodded her head and watched as thoughts and emotions travelled though her King's face that only she could see thanks to her many hours turned years spent in the court watching the manipulative people trying to get the best for themselves. Flashes of understanding, anger, sadness, worry and a large amount of pure unconditional love for his mate flashed though Voldemorts eyes. When Lady Longbottom spotted that one emotion in her King's eyes she knew that she had won but she also knew that she would have to be careful from now on around her King as Voldemort would not let her win last a long time.

"Very well, I see your point Lady Longbottom and we shall return to your rooms after meeting with the court," Voldemort said only to pause and carefully eye the four guards that was changing post causing a sudden idea to enter his mind, "In fact, guard!"

The guard in question looked up from his post and with questioning blue eyes looked up in the direction of Voldemort. Realising that it was his King summoning him he straightened himself out and proudly made his way over to Voldemort with a quick and purpose filled pace.

"Yes my King?" the guard asked as he saluted.

"Go to the Longbottom quarters and retrieve Heir Longbottom and bring him here, I wish to speak with him once I am finished with the court," Voldemort said as he shot a glare at the guard.

"You might need to knock on the door loudly a few times in case my grandson is still asleep after the busy night studying," Lady Longbottom said quickly, not wanting her family to be looked down upon in any way, shape or form.

"Yes my King! Yes Lady Longbottom!" The guard replied with another salute, "If that is all..."

"Yes, that is all," Voldemort answered not bothering to check with Lady Longbottom, he would not disrespect Lady Longbottom for speaking for her especially if her grandson was a candidate for his beloved mate's protector, "If we are not finished by the time you return here with Heir Longbottom then wait for us outside the court room."

With a final nod of his head the guard turned swiftly on the heel of his shinny black boot and quickly walked away in the direction that Lady Longbottom and Lord Lestrange had came from. The sound of his boots clicking against the tiled floor slowly grew fainter with every step he took away from Lady Longbottom and Voldemort.

"Your grandson better not let anything happen to my mate or do anything to my mate," Voldemort said darkly with a dark sneer on his face only for Lady Longbottom to nod her head in understanding.

A sudden mutter of many voices and the sound of feet came to their ears causing Lady Longbottom to quickly step away from Voldemort and to stand besides Lord Lestrange once again. In response to this Voldemort simply nodded his head in understanding and turned to look at the nearby painting. At this moment of time if he had anything to do with either Lady Longbottom or Lord Lestrange then he just knew that it would make another target for the court to attack after he told them for the news and as the King he could not allow that.

The trio did not have to wait long as a few seconds later each and every single member of the court walked around the corner into view. It seemed that for some strange reason they had come as a group which did not settle well for Voldemort. Taking a deep breath Voldemort took several steps forwards so he stood in the court members path, crossed his arms and gave them all a dark glare. It would be for the best if he got them fearing him from the very start of the meeting as it would give him the control over them thanks to their fear that he would no dubout need.

"My King," the court members said as one at the same time as each one of them bowed to Voldemort.

"Good, you have all finally arrived," Voldemort said with a dark look only for him to turn around and walk towards the court room.

Behind him the members of the court, Lady Longbottom and Lord Lestrang followed obediently behind Voldemort, thoughts ran though their mind as each one of them tried to work out just what news their king had in mind to tell them. As they followed Voldemort into the court room and they began to separate to find their seats not a single person said anything or made a single sound.

Voldemort silently moved back to where he stood just the other day though not before giving Lucius and Fenrir a small stiff nod of the head when he noticed them slipping into the court room silently and unnoticed after the confused court members.

As he watched everyone find their seats and settled themselves down and got comfortable in his mind he ran over the words he would say to deliver his news to the ex-members of the court. He could not say anything that led to or even hinted at the fact that he knew about the betrayal in the court without causing a lot of trouble for himself plus it would mean that he had given up one of his most important secrets that gave him an all round large advantage.

Once he was sure that everyone was seated and ready to listen and was giving him their full attention Voldemort took the final step up to the stand and remembering the words that he had practiced in his head he spoke them out loud while preparing himself for the uproar that he knew was about to come.

"After much thought I have decided that I will no longer be in need of your wonderful services. As of today the court is no longer."

To Be Continued...

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