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Chapter 21

As they walked along the street ignoring the stares that they gained in the process Lord Lestrange found himself feeling much like a third wheel. The Longbottom's could offer an heir and this was his kings' mate they were going to see through he had nothing to offer.

"I promise you my king that my grandson is the best for the job, no one will harm a single hair on your mate's head while my grandson is around," Lady Longbottom said with a glint in her eyes as she gave her grandson a pointed look, "Isn't that right Neville?"

"Yes Gran, I promise," Neville replied while doing his best not to sound like a squeaky mouse.

Looking the Longbottom heir once over a frown appeared on Lord Lestrange's face, "He is scared...he is new to this...just like my king's mate..."

"What was that Lord Lestrange?" Voldemort asked stiffly as he heard the soft mumblings of the pureblood lord, "Did you say something?"

"Yes my King, I did," Lord Lestrange replied calmly with a nod of respect to Voldemort while ignoring the careful look he was getting from Lady Longbottom, "I would like to offer my home to your mate and his protector if things take a turn for the worse, a place of safety where they could go and find safety and protection if the court decides to attack them and for some reason you are unable to help for some reason."

After a few minutes of silent thought as the group walked through the streets and gracefully taking the twists and turns of the streets while ducking and dodging other people Voldemort replied.

"Thank you Lord Lestrange, your offer is much welcomed and will be accepted," Voldemort answered with a small stiff but thankful nod of the head in the direction of the ex-court member, "Through remember that the same warning goes for you as it does for Lady Longbottom and Protector Longbottom, if you even start to think about my mate in a romantic way or if you dare to harm a single hair on his head..."

"I understand my king," Lord Lestrange replied with an understanding nod of the head while ignoring Lady Longbottom's angry but polite stare, "Once we have informed your mate of everything I will create and gift him along with Protector Longbottom a special Portkey which will take them to the entrance hall of my home."

"How very nice of you Lord Lestrange," Lady Longbottom said as they turned around the last corner to stand on the same street that Harry's shop was on.

Nervously Neville bit his lower lip and looked between his Gran and Lord Lestrange, he could tell that both of them wanted to get one up on the other while remaining friends but it was all Neville could do to hope that it would not end badly.

***Meanwhile with Harry and Co in Harry's shop***

A soft relaxing hum came out of Harry's lips as he carefully placed the potion vials full of different potions he and Severus had created onto the shelf from the specially made box. Pride filled Harry with each and every glass potion vial that he placed on the shelf at the thought that he had done most of the work, he was doing something for himself, and he would continue to do so for as long as possible.

"You did good," Severus said as he entered the room wearing his normal black outfit while carrying an identical box to the one Harry was currently holding, "It seems that you are not a dunderhead like other people I have the unfortunate pleasure of having in my presence."

"This Severus is so similar at times to the Severus Snape from the other world," Harry muttered to himself unaware of Severus' sharp hearing or the thoughtful expression on Severus' face.

"Do you miss it?" Severus asked in his low silky voice causing Harry to freeze and turn to the black haired man.

"It?" Harry questioned with a thoughtful frown on his face through inside he knew what Severus was referring to.

"Your old dimension, even through belong to both dimensions because of your parents you grew up in the other dimension, you have family and friends in the other dimension that you left behind when you came to this dimension," Severus said as his black eyes bore straight into Harry's eyes making the young lemur demon feel like he could only say the truth, "Do you not find yourself wishing late at night when the world is fast asleep that you want to return to your old dimension?"

At Severus' words emotions buried deep inside of Harry threatened to break free, tears threatened to spill from his sad emerald eyes. Taking a deep shaky breath to try and pull himself together and prevent any tears from falling Harry spoke.

"I do not know if you decided to view the memories and see the other proof that the others took with them to the castle as proof of who I am," Harry said shakily pausing and only continuing when Severus shook his head negatively, "There is no one waiting for me back in the other dimension no one at all...everyone went off in their own direction once school finished and well some people saw the situation I was in and helped me out."

Severus nodded his head stiffly, "Are you happier now?"

"Yes, I am," Harry answered with a tense smile as he turned back to his job of placing the freshly made potions which had been put under a status charm to keep them fresh onto the shelf, "I have friends, I have people who knew my parents and the truth about them, I have a life, I have a future...I...I have hope."

Unable to help himself Severus' eyes softened as he reached out and placed a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder causing him to receive a bright smile in return. Severus frowned slight as a sudden thought hit him, even though he knew it would anger his king it would be better in the long run if Harry knew now just in case anyone tried anything in the future.

"Harry...I do not want to lie to you, I know how bad things can turn if information is kept from people," Severus said as he kept his hand on Harry's shoulder, "Tom...he is..."

"Has another side to him called Voldemort?" Harry asked dryly causing Severus' eyes to go wide in shock.

"How?" Severus asked in shock causing Harry to give him an amused dry look.

"There was a Dark Lord in the other dimension called Voldemort, through his birth name was Tom Riddle, I sort of guessed that the Tom from this dimension had something to do with the name Voldemort as they look similar," Harry replied calmly as he remembered how he had laid in bed the other night and thought about everyone he had met and how they where to those in the dimension he had left behind, "I decided that I will give Tom a chance to tell me the truth about himself and just how Tom's other name, Voldemort, is connected to him."

"So you are willing to give him a chance?" Severus asked with a raised eyebrow, it seemed that he had made a correct choice in bringing the matter up as it would make things easier for his king, "That is very mature for you."

"I have seen a lot of things, I have experienced a lot...I know that the world is not black and white," Harry replied honestly as he placed the last potion vial on the shelf, "Besides with everything that Tom has told me about and done for me I find it hard to believe that he would do something truly evil to harm me after everything that he has done so far for me. If Tom comes to me and tells me the truth and it comes out of his mouth than I am willing to give him a chance. Anyway whatever he is hiding it cannot be something like he is the king or anything, right?"

"...No," Severus replied with a wince of pity for his King before handing over the box he was holding to Harry, "But out of a matter of interest what would your reaction be and how would you treat...Tom...if he was the king?"

"Well first I would hit him over the head and ask him about his feelings for me as I know that sometimes royalty can have arranged marriages or similar things," Harry replied with a thoughtful expression on his face, "After we have had a talk about how things would be and what it would mean for me I would...I would..."

"Normally it is the dominate partner in a relationship that asks permission to court the submissive partner," Severus said with amusement sparkling in his eyes as he watched Harry's face go bright red, "Is there something I should know?"

Raising an eyebrow in amusement Severus watched as the young lemur demon opened his mouth to reply only for Severus to be saved by the shop bell as it swung open. Quickly shooting a glare at the still smirking Severus Harry turned around to face whoever had entered his shop only to freeze when he saw who was standing just behind Tom.

"Harry, I hope you do not mind but I have a few little secrets about myself that I wish to tell you," Tom said with a smile that could of had Harry doing almost anything, Tom motioned to the people besides him as he introduced them, "The people with me are my...friends...and I hope they will become friends for you too. With me is Lady Longbottom, her grandson Protector Neville Longbottom and Lord Lestrange."

"L- Lestrange?" Harry stuttered out as he stared straight into the familiar eyes of Lord Lestrange, his mind flashing black to his old dimension with the evil laughter of Bellatrix Lestrange going through his mind, "T-Then are...what about Bellatrix Lestrange?"

"I am happily not married to Miss. Bellatrix Black as I cannot stand that woman through I was engaged to her through not by choice," Lord Lestrange replied with understanding in his eyes that it shocked Harry, "I was extremely lucky that the horrid woman died in the war against Dumbledore. I have been informed about you arriving from another dimension and I take it that I was not on the best of terms with you."

"That is putting it nicely," Harry said as he gave Lord Lestrange a weak grin causing a small smile to appear on Lord Lestrange's face, "Tom...you said you wanted to tell me something?"

"I did...I thought it would be better if you heard it straight from me and not found out from some gossiping busy bodies," Tom replied feeling slight relieved at the happy smile Harry gave him, "Well there are two big secrets and everything else comes off of them..."

"Okay," Harry replied taking a calming breath, "Thank you for telling me to my face."

Wincing slightly at the thought of what Harry's reaction might be to his two secrets Voldemort decided to just come straight out with it, "Harry...I am really King Voldemort, ruler of this land and you are my one true mate."

To Be Continued...