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After being up all night and deciding to randomly turn on Netflixs, I decided to watch one of my favorite movies. Of course you guessed it 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. Ive always been a fan of Kate and Seth and always wondered why he worked so hard to always keep her away from his brother.

Ive came up with a few short stories that'll so hidden meanings between them that no one ever saw during the movie.

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First Encounter

(Of Japes, Hotel Rooms, Fags, and Bikinis.)

On a normal day Seth Gecko wouldn't dare be caught leaning against the off white walls of the Hotel Room that he and his brother resided in at the moment. The walls from a distance had looked grimy and almost as if it had std's crawling all up and down it. He had noticed when they first walked in that it seemed that the walls were not painted but in fact the off white was some kind of wall paper and it looked as if it had been on the walls for centuries if not decades. Pieces of the paper lay on the dirty untouched maroon carpet, and he couldn't help but get annoyed at the knowledge that some of the paper would in fact rub off on to his traditional black jacket.

As he leaned against the wall hidden by his brother's back and the door from view he listened silently as his brother spoke to whoever was the behind the door. Lowering his dark eyes he couldn't help but feel his heart start to pick up pace as he noticed that already a good minute had passed. What the fuck could his brother really is talking about? He questioned silently even though he could clearly hear every word that was being sad. He had demanded that Ritchie keep the conversation short and to the point. Just ask to borrow something within the room and then bam they would attack!

What was the damn hold up?

Just when he was past the point of regretting allowing Ritchie to speak he noticed how his brother's arm seemed to snap upwards, straight outwards. Seth knew from experience that was a sign that someone was aiming a gun. Taking that as his cue he quickly side stepped his brother and the door and aimed his black gun at the…the old man standing before him.

He couldn't help the disappointment that slide threw his voice as he told the old man to remain still. He had secretly wished for a younger man, someone who would in fact cause some sort of argument or fight which then Seth could let some of his pent up anger out. Looks like that wasn't going to happen now, was it?

"Listen here, what…" The old man who Seth later came to know as Jacob tried to pacify the situation. But before he could finish his sentence Seth noticed how the man tense before him, and from the corner of his eye he saw his brother place the gun into a young boy's mouth. Seth tensed also not wanting that type of fight to break out.

"Ritchie, bring the Jape over here now." Even though Seth's voice was calm Ritchie knew better than to defy his brother's command. Whenever his brother remained calm was when you needed to fear him the most, and sadly he had found that out the hard way at times.

Once both of the captives were seated together on the bed, Seth had just opened his mouth to demand from them what he wanted when he noticed the older man place his hand on the back of the Jape's neck. That action caused a feeling within his stomach to rise to the service. A feeling that he had promised himself long time ago he would never feel again. Curling his lip upwards he noticed how the young boy seemed to fall into place next to the man in white. His young yellow body being crushed up against the elders, seeking protection, affection….? Seth wasn't sure at that moment but he was about to fucking find out!

He did not settle for fucking child molesters! Even though he was monster himself he had never done that deed, never allowed anyone to do that deed in front of him after he had grown some and would never allow the deed to be done if he could stop it. That was why from the moment he had seen the young boy pull into the man he had made a silent vowel within that few seconds that if that was really what was going on he would find a reason, one fucking reason to place a bullet between the man's eyes. And he wouldn't fucking feel one amount of remorse!

"What are you two some fucking fags?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop even though he hadn't tried real hard to stop them.

He heard the intake of air from his younger brother, and knew without even looking that his eyes were glazed over hidden behind his rims. He couldn't help but feel more anger if possible surge throughout his muscled body as he knew his brother was remembering. Remembering horrid memories that Seth had promised him years ago that he would never have to relive them again. Maybe that was why his hand had twitched on the gun, his trigger finger taping slightly against it. With just enough pressure to touch it but not cause it push forward any. Or maybe it was from his own sick anger that he wanted nothing more than to kill the man before him. Whatever it was he knew the old sick fuck had better start talking soon or he wouldn't have the chance.

Jacob Fuller pulled his young son closer to him if possible at those foul words. Eye's narrowing he tried to muster all the anger that he felt at that moment threw his next words. "He's my son!"

Everything else that was said after that was a blur for Seth, even the words that had escaped his mouth. All he knew was that he had suddenly felt enlighten, almost ecstatic at the notion that the man was doing nothing to the boy he called son. For a split second Seth did have doubts, wanting nothing more than scream in their faces that being a son and father meant nothing to sick fucks! Though that was before he noticed the look that passed the son's face. He knew by just that one look of confusion, anger, disgust that nothing had happened and that made Seth feel like he was on cloud nine. He almost for a second forgot the real reason to why he was in the room with them. Almost that was.

The sound of the door being pushed open, a female gasp and the tightening of his gun brought him back to the real world. Not everyone had a father that loved them.

"Kate…" The elder spoke softly almost with a warning behind his deep voice. He remained on the bed but his eye's never once strayed from his daughter who was currently being held by none other than Ritchie Gecko.

"Were having a bikini contest and you currently won!" Ritchie's voice took on a false tone of happiness as his eye's trailed up and down the young girl's body. His arm was swung around her middle as he pushed her back closer to his chest. Loving the contact that came with the feel of her smooth skin…even if it was against his white undershirt. Within his mind he could def. feel the smoothness of her skin, feel the pulse that ran through her veins.

Seth did not once turn around as he kept his gun trained on the two males before him. He wasn't stupid even though a small voice in the back of his head told him to trust Jacob, he knew better than to stray his view on them. Everyone had either two feelings during a dangerous situation, either to flee or fight and he wasn't positive what either of the men would do but he wasn't about to find out.

"Ritchie take the keys on the nightstand and go outside and bring their vehicle up around front." It didn't go unnoticed within the room how Seth seemed to talk to his brother almost as if he was talking to a child. Not some younger sibling but an actual child around the mere age of three, or four. Scott, or better known as the Jape sat perfectly still against his father's side as he watched one of the maniacs almost toy with his adopted sister.

He knew he wanted nothing more than to reach forward and pull her to him, demanding that these men leave him and his family alone. They had never did anything to them! They were good people damnit! What was that saying "Do good and receive good?" Well where was that karma now?

A second passed, two seconds, three seconds soon turned into six. "Ritchie.." Seth's voice held an authority that none of the people in the room had heard before, and Kate couldn't stop the shiver of fear that ran throughout her body at the sound of his voice.

As the door slammed shut Seth released the breath that he hadn't even known he was holding. Turning slowly as to keep an eye on the males but to finally get a look at the female he noticed instantly why Ritchie seemed to of reacted the way he did. She was barely clad in anything, if you could call a wet hotel towel wrapped tightly around her mid-section and a barely there blue bikini top that didn't hide anything to the imagination.

He knew he was staring, he knew he was staring to long for the likings of everyone in the room and hell for his likings also! Blinking a few times he reached forward grasping ahold of the girl's chilled skin of her forearm. He tried to suppress the feeling that entered him the moment his fingers had glided over her smooth, pale skin. Hell he didn't even hold her as tightly as he should have been, if she truly wanted to jerk away she would of gotten away from him with a good pull or two. What was wrong with him?

Ritchie acted like this damnit! Ritchie was the perverted that would fuck anything walking, no matter the age; and for that Seth hated his brother. Don't get him wrong he loved his brother more than anything living on this earth but Seth hated his brother's actions, hated what type of man he had become. He had vowed when they were little to his mother on her dyeing bed that he would take Ritchie under his wing, mold him, shape him into a man that he should be.

Where did he go wrong?

Taking a few deep breaths he pulled the girl forward wincing slightly as she tripped over her own feet almost landing into him. Thankfully he had tightened his grip just slightly not enough to bruise but enough to keep her steady. Pushing her toward the only other door within the room, which he figured was the bathroom he spoke. His voice slightly teasing but held a warning that didn't miss Kate's ears.

"Hey Giggit, you have three minutes to put on some regular clothing before we leave."

Kate gasped once more hating the feeling of being scared girl as this man, this monster, her abductor leaned forward. His lips grazing the edge of her ear lobe which caused her once more to gasp. Damnit! She mentally cursed herself at her actions. Here she was being held at gun point and she couldn't help the feelings of teenage hormones course through her veins at the man's actions.

Hell it wasn't her fault that she hadn't experienced the feel of a man's touch before, not even a boy's touch. Growing up with a minister father drove your live into a straight forward path. There was no room for errors on any of their parts.

Taking a deep breath Seth whispered another warning in her ear, though Kate could detect some other emotion behind his words. She wasn't sure what it was; sadness, protectiveness, anger, pleading? She wasn't sure but she made sure to hang on every word that escaped him as if it would be his last.

Hand resting on her lower back Seth couldn't deny himself the feel of her smooth skin any longer. He knew they had moments if not seconds before Richie would walk through the door and it wouldn't do for her to be wearing the bikini again. Seth wouldn't allow it.

"Cover up fully little girl..It's not me that's the real monster."

Later on as she stayed hidden within the confines of the bathroom wall's a little longer then he had allowed Seth would go over the words in his head as he trained the gun on the men still. "Cover up fully little girl..It's not me that's the real monster." At the word monster he knew instantly who he had been talking about and surprisingly he didn't feel an ounce of guilt at calling his brother a monster, because that's what he truly was.

Once they would head out and start their journey Seth would silently wonder if he had made a mistake at deciding to stick with this family for his task. He felt as if it would be harder to keep his brother away, keep his emotions out of play then it would getting through the boarder of Mexico.