I know this part of the movie never took place but I always did wonder.

Hidden Words

(Of jealousy and tender embraces.)

"God, that was intense." Seth Gecko's overly happy voice could be heard throughout the RV as he pushed himself out of the bathroom door, allowing his eye's to quickly sweep over the surrounding space of the RV as if to check for himself that there was no hidden police men anywhere. Seeing nothing he still felt a pang of nervousness sweep through him as he almost leapt onto the couch seating that Ritchie had occupied earlier in the day. With a knee holding his full weight up he pulled the extremely nasty patterned curtain back and only then, only when he saw the police remaining behind did he allow a breath to leave his body.

Feeling excited and almost on cloud nine with escaping the police once more he leapt from the couch seating. Passing the jape on his way to the bathroom, only extending an arm for a split second to ruffle the young man's hair.

Scott groaned as the criminal's hand pushed its way into his hair. What was wrong with these two? He faintly thought as he watched a grin the size of a melon appear on the man's face as he started to bang onto the bathroom door as Scott had done moments ago.

"Kate, come on get out here!"

Kate Fuller didn't have to be told twice as she quickly pulled herself up from the toilet that she had remained sitting on even after the police officer had left. She didn't want to make the mistake of standing up and possibly flashing Seth or the now unconscious Richie. Just at the thought of flashing Seth her bare bottom or even a slight view of her pale thigh sent a warm blush to her cheeks. With shaking hands she pulled her underwear and bottoms up in one quick swish, thankful that she had decided against her normal white cotton undies and instead went with her Cheetah print ones, so unlike the innocent Kate. Once again she wondered if she was going through some kind of emotional distress as her thoughts wondered to her undies.

Why did it matter what kind of underwear she had worn today?

Even though she tried to shrug away the thought she knew she had been thankful that Seth could only see the cheetah print and not the white cotton ones.

When she got free from the two intruding men she would wonder why it had matter if Seth saw her white underwear or not.

"Kate!" Another loud bang echoed throughout the bathroom causing the young girl to gasp and jump.

Seth's voice sounded annoyed and aggravated and she wondered if by her ignoring his command that she had suddenly ruined the mood that he was in. Blinking once she reached forward and pushed the door open stepping out of the bathroom and right into the chest of one Seth Gecko.


Gasping she ducked her head quickly hopping to hide the blush that warmed her cheeks from anyone's prying eyes. Her hair shielding her face as she remained pressed up against him for a second longer. Her left hand had ended up on his chest, fingers spread out as they grasped the white material of his undershirt, and her right hand had ended up connecting with his gun arm.

As she leaned into him she tried to remind herself that the only reason her heart was pounding extremely loud in her ears was because he's a criminal.

He's a criminal Kate. She kept repeating to herself as she willed her body to react with her new thoughts and move away from the offending male but sadly she couldn't even make her fingers twitch. It was as if her body was completely out of her control.

Jacob who was still driving had noticed the awkward silence filling the camper, so deciding to take a glance to the review mirrors sent a pang of disgust, and worry into his stomach. Just what the hell was this man thinking? Jacob thought as he saw his body pressed against his innocent loving, naive daughters.

Not really knowing how to break them apart he turned his eyes back onto the road. His mind straying to the thought of pray, something he hadn't done in a long time.

Gulping some, Seth decided it was just about time he pulled away from the female before him. Though just like Kate he couldn't find the energy or will to move his legs. He did muster enough strength to reach up and grasp onto the wrist that was sprawled on his chest.

He didn't mean to grab ahold of her tightly. He didn't even realize his grip was tight till he heard a small whimper escape the young girl before him.

At that sound he felt his heart beat stop right then in there. He couldn't explain the real emotion that surged through him as he lifted his head upwards to stare into her wide, fearful orbs.

Never in Seth Gecko's life had he ever had the sudden urge to say sorry to anyone, for his actions. NEVER! But all of a sudden as he stood before the female grasping her wrist he couldn't explain the urge to just whisper a silent sorry.

Not moving his eyes from hers he pulled her wrist from his chest, but still not releasing her.

That action too caused another wince of pain to add to her features, her nose pulling up into a scrunched expression.

Hold on just a minute! Seth knew he hadn't grabbed ahold of her that hard to cause another wince to escape her parted lips.

Seth took a step backwards slightly to cause a noticeable gab so that he didn't have to be that close to her or keep smelling her scent. A sweet smell of strawberries and something else he couldn't pinpoint at the moment insulted his nostrils. Now with the gap between them he pulled his arm up that was still connected to her wrist.

Finally lowering his eyes he almost felt himself wince as he noticed the swollen purple mark that surrounded the outside of her pale wrist. He slightly wondered how she had gotten that one, not remembering manhandling her any. That's till the memory of the bathroom incident came back to him.

Ritchie hadn't of thrown her that hard?

Did he?

Growling at the thought of Ritchie putting his nasty hands on her! Even though he had known that Ritchie had been touching her the whole time they had been in contact with them.

Taking one deep calm breath he pulled her hand up closer to his face so his orbs could inspect the damage done. As he trailed his eyes over her pale wrist he couldn't stop his index finger from rubbing soothing circles onto her skin.

"Why didn't you tell this had happened?" He asked softly wondering if he had even spoken but realized he must have by how her eyes lit up some.

Kate felt a moment of confusion wondering who he was talking too till she felt his fingers rubbing her sore, throbbing wrist. What was he playing at? He was there the moment the whole thing went down, he saw his brother shove her into the wall. Hell he had probably instructed his brother to manhandle her till she obeyed completely like some toy.

Even as those thoughts played out in her head she knew deep down it wasn't true. She knew Seth had yet to give her any reason to fear him, or his instructions. So far all he's done was look out for her and her family. A shiver slipped through her at the thought of how everything would have turned out if Seth hadn't been the one to capture them. If Ritchie was all alone.

That thought sent a sickness straight to the pit of her stomach.


Another growled escaped the man before him and if humanly possible she saw his facial features take on an even angrier tone at the mention of his brother.

"It…it was when we were in the bathroom. The wall, he..pushed…my wrist." Her words broke out into a sentence full of half sentences, though Seth knew what she was saying. Kate tried to explain everything quickly not wanting something bad to break out by just her one worded explanation moments ago.

A nod was the only thing that Seth gave as an explanation that he had heard her speak. The next thing Kate observed was how he tenderly rubbed at her wrist one last time. The feel of his finger smoothing down her wrist sent a chill throughout her body that she hopped she concealed somewhat from view. Feeling the contact break she didn't mean to look so disappointed but damnit she was.

She silently wondered if she was going through some sort of Stockholm syndrome so early on.

Seth's eyes connected with hers one last time before he turned out and screamed at her brother to help him collect Ritchie. She couldn't help but read into his view alittle more then she should have, she figured. She caught some sort of emotion snap in his eyes pity, sorrow, worry?

Once again she wasn't sure.