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The list had just sort of appeared in the common room of the Avengers tower, on the wall next to the door. Tony examined it for a second before Jarvis confirmed that the clipboard was, in fact, super-glued to the wall.

The paper was blank except for a large, bold title at the top proclaiming "Things not to do in the Avengers Tower".

He thought for a second before pulling out an ink pen and writing the first rule.

1- Under no circumstances is Thor to be allowed anywhere near the microwave.

He had put the pop-tarts in, pressed the buttons as Jane had instructed, but the machine had refused to do anything. He pressed the buttons again, just like he was supposed to. He had then taken a fit of temper.

Hawkeye had come running in just in time to hear "All right, 'Sears', meet Mjölnir!" and see the microwave turned into a microwave pancake.

2- Cap isn't permitted to use it without supervision, either.

This one was in Pepper's handwriting. Apparently, it had something to do with putting the entire box of microwave popcorn in at once...

3- Do not use the last ice cube in the freezer.

Bruce Banner had poured himself a ginger-ale, checked the freezer for an ice cube...

The refrigerator had not survived. Or the Dishwasher. Or the Microwave. Or the Waffle Iron. Or the kitchen window, once Thor had intervened.


The suit was usually quite dangerous. With the Black Widow in command, however, it had proved...excessively deadly.

Especially to glass windows.

5- If it's an earth-food, and not from the Dark Ages, you can be fairly sure Thor doesn't know how to eat it.

The Corn-on-the-cob fiasco was- well... no one wanted to remember it.

Least of all Thor.

6- I will KILL the person who taught Thor the 'Water Buffalo song'

Obviously, Natasha was teed off, Tony noted.

From three floors below, the strains of '...everybody's got a Water Buffalo, where'd we get them I don't know, but everybody's got a Water Bufalooooo!' and then 'Noooo! Don't throw that!' drifted up through the floor.

7- No dropping water balloons off the top of the tower at passer-by.

It had been funny... until one hit an outgoing Bruce Banner.

8- Natasha is never to be allowed near Root Beer ever again. Ever!

Apparently, food coloring sent the Black Widow hyperactive- and having the world's foremost spy/assassin bouncing around, giggling, poking people in the nose while shouting "Beep!" was not something people wanted to remember.

9- Pepper is no longer permitted to use the Iron Man suit.

Beneath it was written "Pepper never WANTS to use the Iron Man suit again!" in her own handwriting.

An incident with a group of terrorists attacking the tower with stolen Chitauri equipment-while the rest of the Avengers were somewhere in South America- had forced her to use the suit. With JARVIS's help, she had won the battle, but the Empire State Building would never look quite the same again.

10- The 'Pants' silly song is not to be sung anywhere in the tower.

Tony had become...inebriated. And while inebriated, he had removed and misplaced his pants.

He had been awakened the next morning to the sound system playing "The Pants song" on repeat.

11- Whoever replaced my bow and arrows had better look out!

Thor looked at this new rule in extreme puzzlement.

Until Natasha ran past, pursued by Clint with a extremely small bow and styrofoam-tipped arrows.

12- Washer. Dishwasher. BIG difference, Cap!

Tony wasn't sure what prompted this rule, but he bought a new dishwasher just the same.

13- The fireworks display is not a personal challenge, Thor!

Thor had seen the Fourth-of July fireworks display, and apparently taken it as a personal challenge.

He was winding up to a truly epic lightning storm when Captain America had knocked him in the head with the shield, putting him nicely out cold.

14- Bruce Banner is not allowed anywhere near the cotton candy.

The Cotton candy vendor hadn't been too happy about the large green person tearing the top off of the booth, eating everything and the machine for good measure.

15- Asgardian ales are designed to inebriate far superior beings to us mortals. Don't try them!

Thor had brought a cask of ale back with him from Asgard. Clint had sampled a tiny bit- and had passed out two minutes later.

Not before he had a chance to run his underwear up the flagpole, though.

16- In no case is anyone to adjust the air conditioning in the Iron Man suit!

Tony had defeated the monster without so much as scratching the suit's paint- but he had then gone to the hospital with a bad case of frostbite.

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