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17- When formally invited to Asgard, it is inadvisable to bring a skateboard.

The entire group had been invited to the Realm Eternal to witness Loki's trial. Tony had packed a skateboard.

Loki was now back on earth, stuck in the form of a Dire Wolf.

Tony was also grounded, but that was due to two black eyes, a broken arm and a busted nose.

The broken arm and black eyes had come from an unforeseen pillar. The broken nose- that was courtesy of the Norse Goddess of Healing, Eir.

18- In no condition are any members of the Avengers initiative to hold a sing-off.

As it turned out, only three of the Avengers could sing, and only two of those worth anything.

19- Filling the Iron Man suit with Strawberry Jell-O does not make Tony "Extremely Happy and strawberry-smelling" !

Tony was livid. Pepper was furious. Darcy was hiding.

20- From now on, we are not purchasing foods stored in glass jars!

Bruce had already been having a bad day. Not being able to get the pickle jar open-

Well, Tony was buying another kitchen. Again.

21- In no condition is anyone to graffiti Mijonor!

Tony. Copious quantities of alcohol. Spray-paint.

Fortunately, the Iron Man armor had caught up with him in time.

22- Also, don't use Norse runes if you don't know what they mean.

Thor had taken to shooting mystified glances at Tony.

Tony had finally resorted to asking Loki as to what the runes actually meant. The Dire Wolf had laughed his head off, then took a whiteboard marker in his teeth and wrote that Tony had, according to those runes, personally challenged the World Tree to single combat.

23- None of the avengers are permitted to prank-call the President.

Well, Clint thought, that explains why Fury was so teed off.

24- I don't care what Natasha says- Sporks are not an acceptable melee weapon!

A battle with a group of particularly annoying goblin-creatures had resulted in the Black Widow exhausting her supply of knives and other instruments of destruction.

Without missing a beat, she grabbed a Spork from her mess kit and dived back into the fray.

25- When I find the person who planted the rubber snake..

Clint was out to turn someone into a pin-cushion. Or maybe just test the new tranquilizer arrows...

26- Can someone familiar with earth-customs aid me in removing Loki from this "Pound"-building?

It had been fun, scaring people- until someone called the dog catcher.

27- I don't care if it's an emergency- don't wake Bruce at 3:am by dumping cold water on him!

Cap was fine. Bruce's room, the window, the windows across the street, and the nerves of the night watchman in the building across the street...not so much.

28- In no case are any of the Norse Gods to be re-colored.

Thor had stormed into the common room, his entire being a rather startling shade of neon pink.

29- Thor, get Tony out of the washing machine!

Apparently, Thor had found who was responsible for the dye.

30- Very funny. Now get the chickens out of my shower.

Clint glanced at the rule, saw it was Nick Fury's handwriting, and decided he didn't even want to know.

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