Neville Longbottom decided to spice things up a little for his students this valentines day.

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'This is a Malingiousica Cupidar.' Informed Neville to the slytherine and gryfinndor seventh years pointing to a lavender colour plant with a huge bud, 'also known as the cupids bow.'

Neville paused for effect then asked his class 'can anyone tell me why it is called so?'

'Professor' said Rose raising her hand.

Neville smiled as he remembered one of his classmate and friend had a similar behavior to Rose.

'Yes Miss Weasley.' Said Neville.

'Because it can take our essence and match make.' Replied Rose blushing as Albus beside her chuckled..

Scorpius scoffed and muttered something intelligible to his friends who all snickered.

'As you all know tomorrow is valentines day.' Said Neville nervously, ' and I have a fun idea.'

'doubt anything he teaches us can be fun.' Muttered Scorpius rolling his eyes.

'I want all of you to write a pen name on a piece of parchment which only you would know.' Said Neville, 'and then put it inside this bud. After all of you have done this one by one you will go near the bud and stroke its opening. It will then spit out-yes Scorpius-spit out a piece of parchment containing the name of the person most suited to you.'

'stupid!' muttered Albus and Scorpius from different sides of the room.

'intriguing' said Rose turning red.

There was a hurry to write their names.

Rose bent over her parchment and wrote.


Then she put it into the bud.

After everyone was done putting the parchment into the bud. One by one they all went back collect their match's name.

Rose took a deep breath and stroked the bud. A piece of parchment appeared. She opened it and in cursive writing was written-


Rose rolled her eyes.

'well?' asked Albus, 'whats the name?'

'Anonymous.' Replied Rose, 'you?'

'Pink pixie.' Replied Albus rolling his eyes.

Class was dismissed and the students started to leave.

'Anonymous?' thought the white blonde, 'Why the hell did I write that.'

Scorpius rolled his eyes and left putting the piece of parchment that said 'Esrol7' in his pocket.

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