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15 years later…

Albus pushed the trolley as his wife, Lisa Potter and son, Harry walked beside him. His daughter Julie was running ahead of them. Harry looked a lot like Albus; the dark hair and green eyes. While Julie looked like Lisa, the brown hair and brown eyes.

'Where are they?' asked eleven year old Harry nervously to Albus.

'I think that's them,' replied Albus trying to see through the smoke.

Four people walked towards them.

'There's Rose and Scorpius.' He said to Julie.

Rose and Scorpius Malfoy headed towards the Potters smiling. With them was their eleven year old daughter Scarlett and their eight year old son, Robert.

Scarlett Malfoy had platinum blonde hair and the grey eyes of Scorpius. She had a look on her face that made her seem very thoughtful and mature, but also brooding and mysterious. Robert on the other hand, had bright red hair, which fell, over his eyes. He looked like he could not bear the thought of staying still.

Where Scarlett was completely still, Robert kept jumping up and down.

'Mum,' cried Robert, 'Can't I go too?'

'Not yet sweetheart.' Replied Rose warmly.

'Al right Rose?' asked Albus 'And Scorpius?'

'Yeah we are good.' Replied Scorpius grinning, 'you?'

Robert waved excitedly to Harry and Julie. Julie who was eight as well, walked over to Robert and they started chatting about Hogwarts.

Scorpius looked around and at Rose. A lot had changed over the years. More properties of Dragon Blood were discovered. The Minister of Magic had changed, as well as the headmaster at Hogwarts.

However few things hadn't changed. One of them was the way Rose and Scorpius felt towards each other.

Even now, after all these years, the little things Scorpius told Rose made her blush.

In addition, the sight of Rose blushing still made his heart beat faster.

Rose glanced at Scorpius to find him staring at her. She leaned closer to him.

'Oh look there is Edmund and Melissa!' said Albus.

'Who would have thought those two would end up together?' muttered Rose looking at Edmund Thomas and Melissa Green (now Melissa Thomas) standing in the crowd with their son, Derek Thomas. Derek had his parents good looks.

'So that's little Derek.' Muttered Scorpius raising an eyebrow.

Scarlett and Harry were getting on the train.

Rose leaned in to whisper in Scorpius's ears as she waved them goodbye.

'Think they'll have as much fun as we did?' she asked.

Scorpius chuckled.

'Is that possible?' he asked her amused.

On the Hogwarts Express, Harry was talking animatedly about Quidditch. Scarlett listened to him quietly. The compartment door opened and a boy entered.

'Hello!' he told Harry and Scarlett, 'I am Derek Thomas.'

'I am Harry Potter.' Said Harry smiling at Derek.

Derek grinned and turned to Scarlett.

'And you are?' he asked her politely.

'Not interested.' Muttered Scarlett coldly looking away.

Derek smirked as he took a seat beside Harry and begin talking to him. He glanced at Scarlett a lot.

'This should be interesting.' Said Derek to Harry.

Scarlett rolled her eyes.


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