Hi everybody. So as promised here is the sequel to big time camping i hope you guys like it and here is chapter one. Please review and tell me what you think :)

Big Time Healing chapter one

It had been two months since the killer hot Rod had been announced dead and katie knight was finally out of the hospital. After the police arrived on scene katie had been airlifted to the hospital back in L.A where kendall could visit her daily and only have a short walk there. Today was the day katie was announced absolutely healed and aloud to go home without needing a wheel chair or anything to help her walk. Technically katie could have left a month ago but she would be in a wheelchair and katie didn't want to go to the palm woods in one of those. Katie had violent nightmares and had ended up making friends with one of th night nurses because of it. Sure it had pained katie not having kendall there to comfort her but she knew he could only come during visiting hours. Katie sat on her hospital bed and looked around one last time before heading out to meet kendall in the hallway.

"hey baby sis ready to escape this dungeon." kendall asked grinning at her.

"i don't know. What if i need medicine or something?" Katie looked around nervously. The one thing that had reassured her while she was here was the fact that if she needed medication she only had to push a button unfortunately leaving meant no more button.

"don't worry katie i have all your medication right here but the doctors want me to slowly wean you off it."

"ok i guess we should get going before james and logan loose there hold on carlos." kendall and katie both laughed. just minutes earlier kendall had received a text from james saying carlos was trying to smash through the door so he could see katie. The past two months Katie hadn't been able to see any of them due to strict policies stating only family could see her. A first Katie had been confused but the doctors explained to her because she was in traumatic events ward they could only trust family for visiting.

"well i guess we better get going then hugh baby sis." kendall draped an arm across her shoulders and led her down to the lobby where Ms Knight was waiting for them.

"kendall i can't believe i have to leave today of all days. are you sure you will be alright with katie for a week by yourself?" Ms Knight had to go away on business all the way in florida and that meant kendall and the boys would be alone with Katie.

"don't worry mom it will be fine Gustavo already gave us permission to bring her to the studio with us and i have been around her the most this past two months so mom just relax."

"alright well i have just enough time to drop you guys of at the palm woods before running off to catch my flight."

"alright well lets go." kendall grabbed Katies hand and followed his mom to their car. Katie slid in the back seat and watched confused as kendall followed her sliding in beside her.

"kendall why are you sitting in the back with me you usually sit up front."

"i know baby sister but this is special you are going home after two months and i want to make this moment special."

"kendall don't be getting all sentimental now." katie scolded taping is arm but she still snuggled into his shoulder and watched the palm trees shoot past. They were finally going home.

So theres chapter one let me know what you think sorry its so short.