A merwoman with hair the color of red sunsets sat inside her cluttered messy home fiddling with an odd trinket she had found for umpteenth time that week with a bored expression on her face. She was currently waiting for one of her followers to return to her with any interesting bits of information he had for her. Her eyes flicked toward the window and then back to the trinket in front her and sighed in annoyance. Living in exile had seemed like such a boring existence to her at first, but it was one she had gotten used to after the many years of living as such. It had now been seven generations since she had been exiled by Mavis, who had been queen of Edolas at the time. Of course, she knew she could easily return to Edolas, as many of the citizens regarded her as no more than a legend nowadays, however she refrained. If she was going to go back, it would be with a bang. She would get revenge for being exiled, even if Mavis had long since died, she would seek revenge against whoever currently ruled over Edolas. It was just a matter of waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

"Flare" Kurohebi said, causing Flare to notice his presence.

"What's taken you so long? I've been sooo bored waiting for you to arrive." Flare said.

Kurohebi was one of Flare's followers, one of the few she actually liked. He had a twisted aura about him that Flare found similar to her own; they were both people who enjoyed watching others in pain. Many of Flare's followers chose to follow her for selfish reasons, but Kurohebi was one of the few who followed her for his own sick pleasure.

"It seems that today is the 17th birthday of the King's youngest daughter, so the whole city is in a huge commotion. I had to be careful while leaving so no one would question where I was going."

"Ahh… I see, and do they still carry that tradition of visting the world above on the 17th birthday?"

"I believe so."

"Honestly," Flare scoffed. "Such a stupid tradition. There isn't much to see above anyhow, the upper world is quite ugly in my opinion. Have you any other news for me"

Kurohebi shook his head.

"I see. You may leave now."

Wordlessly, Kurohebi left.

. . .

"Now Lisanna, there are a few rules I have to tell you before you are allowed to visit the world above." Gildarts said.

It was just Lisanna and Gildarts standing in the front hall now. Gildarts had dismissed Lisanna's siblings so he could speak to Lisanna one-on-one before she went. They had all left obediently, knowing what their father would tell to their youngest sister.

Lisanna looked at Gildarts eagerly, waiting for him to begin speaking again.

"First, when you reach the surface there are creatures you must be wary of called humans. You must not let these humans see you. Our existence must remain a secret from them. Out of all the rules I will tell you, this is the most important."

Lisanna's curiosity peaked at the mention of these strange creatures. "What do these humans look like?" She asked.

"They look like us merfolk, except they have legs instead of tail fins."

There weren't many creatures Lisanna knew of that had legs. The creature that came to her mind when she thought of legs was a crab, and she tried to picture a mermaid with crab legs. She frowned at this image.

"These humans don't sound like very attractive creatures." Lisanna said.

Gildarts chuckled and continued on. "Second, humans have created many different types of contraptions and whatnot. A lot of times these things will fall into the water but you must not take them back with you. We don't know what these human inventions may do." Gildarts paused to see if his daughter would question him further, but she nodded and urged him to continue.

Now his expression softened, and he placed his hands on Lisanna's shoulders.

"Finally, I want you to enjoy this. It is a changing experience and one you will remember for a long time. This is perhaps the best birthday present I can give to you, my daughter."

"Thank you Father." Lisanna replied and hugged her father tightly.

"Alright," Gildarts said when Lisanna released him. "You may go now. You can head upward wherever you want; a lot of folk do it at a place that is special to them."

With a squeal, Lisanna rushed out of the castle. She knew exactly where she wanted to be when she ascended; it was at a beautiful coral reef she had found while exploring when she was 12. The reef was outside of Edolas and it would take a while before she arrived there but she had been decided on ascending there for years.

Finally, Lisanna arrived at the reef and took a deep breath. She took a moment to admire the beauty of the reef, glad that she could rise around the beauty, and then began to swim toward the mysterious surface she wanted to see for as long as she could remember. After a few minutes of swimming Lisanna looked below her and saw that Edolas looked small and very distant. She now knew how deep the sea really was. A few more minutes of swimming and Lisanna broke surface.

. . .

"Shit…" Max muttered to himself. The ship and all of its crew were in a frenzy as they were assaulted by both the sea and weather. The ship rocked violently back and forth as it went over the ocean's waves. Max could scarcely see through the heavy rain and the fierce winds that came with the storm. Suddenly there was a bright flash overhead that was followed by a thundering boom.

"Damn it all," Max muttered to himself one final time before joining the madness of men shouting and running back and forth, some sure of what they were doing and some who seemed lost.

. . .

"Wow!" Lisanna exclaimed to herself as she looked around at the world above for the first time. The world above wasn't exactly what Lisanna expected. She was surrounded by water for miles and above the sky was a dark gray.

"There's even water coming from above!" A flash of lightning lights up the sky. "Whoa!" She yelled again, but the sound of her voice was lost to the thunder.

More lightening lights up the sky, but this time in the form of a bolt, and Lisanna cheered and clapped at the sight. "I wonder if the humans are behind this lightshow… Father did say they invented a lot of contraptions."

"I like the world above." Lisanna announced to herself. Lightening once again flashed across the sky and caused Lisanna to notice a large object floating above the water in the distance.

"What's that?" She wondered aloud and approached the object. As she got nearer, she realized how huge the object really was. She looked up and noticed tiny figures running around on top. "Those must be the humans!" Lisanna said, and starts to panic. She calmed down as she realized the humans haven't noticed her, in fact they looked like they were panicking themselves.

"Father said I can't be seen by them, but he never said I couldn't watch them. I'll just be really careful, and they won't even notice me!" Lisanna said, and cautiously approached the floating object. As she watched, she thought of how similar the humans seemed to be to merfolk, and smiled.

. . .

Max looked at the sky, silently praying that the storm's end was in sight, but was disappointed to see no such thing. The ship suddenly lurched to the left and Max lost his balance and stumbled. "Sheesh, if I was near the railings of the ship that could've knocked me off just now." Suddenly Max thought of Natsu for the first time since the ship had entered the storm.

"Oh no," He says and frantically searched for signs of Natsu. That guy is probably still seasick. If that's the case, he probably hasn't moved much from earlier. Max thought, and sure enough, he found Natsu looking sick standing near the railing.

"Natsu you idiot! Get away from the railing in case you fall!" Max yelled but his voice was lost over the commotion of everything else. Max began to run toward Natsu but fell due to another violent lurch of the ship. The same lurch does what Max had feared- knocks Natsu off of the ship as he hunched over the railing to throw up.

"Crap!" Max screamed and rushed back onto his feet to check for signs of the man in the sea.

. . .

As Lisanna watched she noticed one of the humans acting differently from the rest. He stood near the railings of the floating object that she learned was called a ship through the yelling of the humans aboard it. Occasionally this human would hunch over the railing, much to the curiosity of Lisanna. As she watched him, Lisanna decided this human is her favorite one to watch and focuses her attention on him. She couldn't see him too well, but managed to make out one feature; odd, pink, spikey hair. Lisanna gasped as she saw the human fall overboard and into the water.

Is he alright? Can humans swim? She wonders worriedly. Seconds pass and the human doesn't resurface. Oh no, he's not coming up! She thinks frantically. I've got to do something! Father said not to let the humans see me but I can't just let him die! Making up her mind, Lisanna dives underwater to save the human.

. . .

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