I have been carrying on the same duty through many generations. I have been reincarnated numerous times over the millennia, with one job to do. Protect the princess and save her from danger. Giant spiders, zombies, warlocks, you name it, I've fought it, all for her. And yet when I have fulfilled my destiny, I get nothing in return. It is impossible for me and her to be together. She is royalty, and I'm but a lowly peasant. And even when I do find love during an adventure, she always seems to die at the hands of my enemies, no matter how hard I try to protect her, leaving me to live on alone for the rest of my days when my initial task is done. That seems bad enough in itself, but most only have to go though such an ordeal once, while I have had to do so more times then I can count. What makes it worse is that while I don't remember everything in my past life when I'm reincarnated, I still have flashbacks from the past that bring me to my knees, crying in sorrow. It just becomes too much to bear, which is why I have joined this tournament, so that I may focus on the one thing that has never causes me emotional pain; fighting.