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"Human Talking."

Shiro talking.

Hollow talking.

Hell's Will talking.


Why do they? All I wanted was to weaken Aizen enough so the seal would work; I didn't want to become 'this' form and the Hollow King! Strange usually I have no control beyond the reason I transformed but here I'm in complete control. I wondered.

King this is NOW your form and you gained control over it in Hell. Shiro corrected.

Well then why did Aizen do this to me when I was on the brink of controlling this form? I counter.

Not even the Hollow or Soul King can see into Hell. The fact that you went and escaped from Hell was because of the teleporting technique and the fact the Will of Hell let you. Shiro explained. You only went a few levels down; around are hundreds of levels of Hell. He did this because he knew you wouldn't be able to stand much deeper without going insane in your human form. Your very lucky king. Shiro finished.

But Kokuto said it was the lowest level of hell. I wondered.

King, Shiro Chuckled, if that's true how was he dragged into the depths if Hell if we were on the so-called lowest level of hell.

Well he's right in that point and Hell still scares me but I understand its purpose and it's very necessary and important to imprison all those sinners. I conclude.

Your thinking like a hollow now, but I guess we will go again if your sisters and taken; the sinners are desperate and they know you could break them out. Shiro warned.

That was an issue I had to solve but for now I had another problem to solve, namely the newly number zero Espada Yammy. This wasn't a huge problem however; I was a million times stronger and he couldn't even sense me!

Ignoring Shiro's laughter about how like a hollow I was thinking I waited till Yammy was a few inches from me then quickly swung my sword. They probably couldn't even see the sword but to me it was in slow motion.

Thud. Splat.

Yammy hit the ground from my strike that cut him in half. Blood spurring he then slowly began to dissolve. I felt all the hollows back up; I had killed the hollow second to me with a single strike! I kind of liked there fear and knew it was Shiro's emotions telling me that.

Show time King lets meet your subjects! Shiro cackled.

Hollows! I have defeated Aizen and he has been contained by a mere seal! I have defeated the so-called most powerful hollow here! I'm now powering your dimension itself! I 'm the new Hollow King! Any who objects to this will be destroyed by me in a single strike!

All around me I could see hollows hastily nod at my words. So that huge fortress was my new home and headquarters? What to do about all these hollows. I though.

All right, listen up! Report to your superior and then the Vasto Lords will report to me! I roared.

A timid voice called out; what about the Arrancar?

There are only three levels of Menos! Keep your power that foolish soul reaper gave you but why change our names for one a soul reaper gave us? I roared back. Now let's go back to the fortress and fix the problems you let a soul reaper caused!

Aren't you a soul reaper? The voice accused.

Hardly, I counter, I go across their orders more often than not; I'm not controlled by them. They named me on their side so they could keep an eye on me and my Hollowfacation powers. I do what I like and they have no say over me. That soul reaper was threating to destroy my territory and happened to be the 13 court guard's enemy. I have once been their enemy and if I wasn't so strong I wouldn't have been 'pardon' to put it in their words. Now as I'm in my Hollow form full time I'm hardly on their side.

Any more questions, I ask them with the usual scowl on my face. None? Good, now I have a meeting with the oh-so great soul society to explain what will now be happening. No one go to the living world till I have an agreement from them.

What will we eat; the soul reapers will focus on the newly turned hollows and we can't eat each other forever! A voice wailed.

Fool! I roared. My powers are so great that you will be full from my power flowing in the air itself! The soul reapers defenses are up and you have no need to go into the, living world unless you wanted to be purified.

Now when I fixed my hollow problem for the time being another one had to show up; Hell. It started with the energy; the same energy in Hell that makes most souls abandons hope. The same energy that made ordinary people faint. The same energy that made most souls back away in fear when the gates open.

Out load I roared A Hell's Will is coming to speak with me, I will speak with it, don't go near it or you might get stuck in Hell. Surprisingly the hollows listened and stepped down.

King every soul is scared of Hell, most ordinary people who can't even see souls are scared of Hell. Shiro informed me. You, King have proven yourself so they trust you enough to obey you when you say Hell.

A Hell Gate opened in the fake sky and out came a human? This one wasn't one of those things I saw in Hell before, but I knew that it was a lot more powerful. Almost as powerful as me in this form.

I couldn't tell if that Hell's Will was a human; it was in the shape of one but cover in the golden armor of Hell's power. The creature was around 6 feet tall with a black sword hanging from his belt. The energy felt like the sand in Hell. That thing's armor and sword was made up of sinner's bones, formed by Hell's Will. I knew from that things power that it was also part of Hell. But this one's power wasn't far behind mine; in Hell it could probably beat me, hardly anything stays dead in Hell if you kill it.

King, Shiro explained, you just met very weak guardians of Hell; like the Menos Grande: foot soldiers. This is equal to a Vasto Lord. Nothing can match the ruler of Hell, not you or the Soul King can ever hope too. This one is equal to the 3rd most powerful Vasto Lord in history; you are equal to the 2nd most powerful one. If you train hard you could be equal the zero one at your peak, but remember how easily you could defeat Yammy though. The ruler and creator of Hell can destroy anything.

Why is something that powerful from Hell here? I wondered.

You made quite the impression on Hell's Will all right, King. Shiro laughed. Hell's noticed that you are now in this form all the time and wants to make sure you don't cut anymore chains.

Great, Hell has noticed that's bad. I though. But if Hell has 3 more minions more powerful than me why should it matter?

King, Hell doesn't want you in its realm; most souls would rejoice that they couldn't enter Hell. Shiro laughed, but Hell's interested because the Soul King himself is only as powerful as the1st most powerful guardian. Your potential is known throughout the realms and so is your power. The Soul King has lived countless years and you aren't even out of a mortal's lifetime, and you will only get stronger. So Hell is meeting and going to make a truce with you first.

So Hell isn't mad at me? I wondered.

You fixed the damage you caused but it is annoyed at you for bring hope to Hell so they don't break so fast. Shiro corrected. On the other hand it's Hell's fault for letting one of its prisoners bring a non-sinner into Hell so it can't fault you.

How did I bring hope to sinners? I asked, confused.

The fact that you could break Hell's Chains means that they could be free; you gave them hope, however small. Shiro corrected.

So Hell's Will is mad at me, perfect.

King your famous! Shiro laughed again.

Shut up, I yelled at him; now was not the time for jokes.

Ahh I remember Hell and its power. Shiro muttered. I also remember when Hell's Will chased us out of it: what an adenine rush! Shiro laughed.

So, Hell's Will said, you're the soul that broke a sinner's chains and damaged part of one of our gate then used our powers to banish him to our depths.

The voice was normal but there was something wrong with it; you would never think it was from Hell. It wasn't a machine-like voice or like the owner had seen countless years. No it was like the words had been rehearsed and though or said a million times and the owner was tired of saying them.

Hell's Will is powered by the same thing; it is of one being, all that you will hear has been discussed a million times though all of Hell. Shiro told me; for once the Hollow was serious and that scared me.

Here is the deal: you will stay out of our business and we will stay out of yours. If any sinner takes a non-sinner into us then we will bring the innocent to you. All sinners that turn into Hollows you must hand over to us; they must be punished for their crimes. We will give you some of our powers to contact us and to find Hollows that are sinners. In return for this we will allow you to use some of our powers and we will be allies. Hell's Will said in that same weird way.

Well you can't say Hell isn't efficient. But it did miss a few points.

There can be multiple souls in a Hollow; how will you take the sinners soul but leave the rest of the souls in a Hollow? I roar. I'm fine with staying out of each other's way but 'allies' will there be another war or something that you know of?

You are certainly a strange being, Hell's Will said, this time amused, we can take the sinner's soul without harming the innocent. For the ally part, well history shows us a pattern that only our eyes can see; but you may need our help in your future. Hell's Will conclude.

It seemed the Hell's Will mean strange in, weirdly a good way. But should I take the deal.

King, Shiro said; aspirated, this isn't what you Humans know as a devil. Hell will do what it is supposed to do; it's not cruel, it freed your sister didn't it? Hell doesn't have an inner motive like Kokuto. It means what it says and you should take the deal; most souls want Hell on their side.

Deal, I roar, by the way I have to meet with the 13 court guards soon, do you want me to put anything in on your behalf? I ask.

I will join you at the meeting there. Any other allies Hell should know about? Hell's Will states.

The Visards, I roar, they are soul reapers with hollow powers like me, and they might also join us.

Very well, Hell's Will said. I will be there.

With that it turned into mist then the being from Hell was gone. When its energy was no longer freezing the other Hollows they then began asking me questions.

What the Hell was that!? Grimmjow yelled at me, how do you know Hell!?

I'm scared Itsygo. Nel wailed.

Ulquiorra was no doubt finding the advantages in being Hell's allies, being the logical one that he was. I think Stark was just happy that he discovered energy that destroyed more than his did.

What to do know, a headache was forming, what did that traitor Aizen do to keep order anyway?

Well King, Shiro said helpfully, You have to explain everything to the Espada, find a way for Hollows to pass on and join the soul society to be reborn, fix up this dimension, figure out what to say to the soul society, tell your family and friends what happened, tell the Visards what happened, oh and tomorrow you have to convince everyone at the meeting to not tear each other apart.

Oh and to answer your Aizen question, he used his energy to make them obey him and he didn't care about other's goals at all. Shiro finished.



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