CAST: Matthew Scott, Emma Scott, Cooper Dean, Charlotte Woods, Sophia Davis, Trey Talley, Savannah Reese, Maxwell McCollins

"Pilot" Drama/Romance. Matthew Scott, Emma Scott, Cooper Dean. Series Newly arrived from Kansas, twins Matt and Emma Scott discuss their future at West Hills, California.


Scott Residence: Matt's Bedroom

"I miss Kansas," spat Matt miserably on his bed, wrapping his large arms around his small, pet golden retriever, Jack. "Everything feels so different here. Nothing's the same. The people here are different. This town is different. And being this close to the Pacific Ocean is weird." He peered through the small slits of his blinds as he gazed at the waters and sat back down.

His fair skin flashed against the only source of light that came from his red lamp-stand, as his short, soft brown hair sat still on his head. His thin lips parted as he took a deep breath, and his light, chocolate eyes sought comfort from his fraternal twin sister, Emma.

"And that's a bad thing?" added Emma sympathetically, sitting across from her brother. "Matt, we've lived all of our 16 years of existence in Kansas. I think it's time for some change." Matt sighed deeply, rubbing Jack's head. "This will do good for us."

"I don't know, Em," muttered Matt disheartened.

Emma's porcelain face rested gently on the palm of her hand. Her soft, long, dark brown hair flowed heavenly down her back, as her straight bangs hovered over her forehead, just above her striking green eyes. Emma pursed her small pink lips and leaned her petite body over her bent-up knees.

"Besides, grams needs us here," stated Emma strongly, wrapping her silk bathrobe around herself. "...and she's not getting any better."

"I know," interjected Matt, smacking his lips. "I don't know why I've been missing home so much lately. You'd think after a week of being in this small town, I would've settled in already."

"Well I hate to break it to you, brother, but this is our home now," explained Emma kindly, reaching for his hand. "And as for me, I'm not going to miss Kansas, Matt. Think about it. Nobody knows me here. I can be a somebody. I can be someone."

"What are you talking about, Em? Everybody loved you back at Kansas," added Matt.

"And everybody else loved you even more," added Emma comfortingly, taking his hands. "And you know what, everyone here is going to love you the same." She always knew how to bring out a smile on his face.

"I really hope I start warming up to this place," muttered Matt, sighing briefly. "Although it doesn't help that we're starting school in the middle of the first week of the semester, I'm glad I'm not going through this alone."

"Yeah," chuckled Emma sweetly. "Listen Matt, it's going to be you and me. We're in this together." Matt smiled warmly, as Jack barked. "Nothing's gonna change that."

"Good to know," kindly muttered Matt, smiling hopeful.