I haven't posted a one-shot up in a while, I know. I've just been really busy with school and other stuff. On top of that, I just really didn't have any ideas. But, I finally came up with one! Lol! This is just my telling of a little scene I wish L.J. Smith would've been able to write. I heard that Damon was supposed to have almost killed this really sweet werewolf over Bonnie, because he was jealous. I would've loved to have read that! But, since it will most likely never be…I got an idea in my head and decided to roll with it. Haha! This will also be my first two-shot! So yes…it'll be in 2 parts cuz as a whole it was just way too long! Lol! Anyhow…Hope you all like it!

Bonnie woke with a gasp as she sat straight up in her bed and looked towards her window. She had sworn she had heard a loud bang against it. Slowly…she got up and walked over to her window, surveying it for any kind of damage. Not seeing any, she started to return to bed, but something caught her eye. A magnificent, black crow sat in a tree just outside her window, looking in at her.

Damon. She thought.

She wordlessly opened her window wide enough for him to climb through and then walked away. Damon climbed through effortlessly in a matter of seconds, back in his human form.

"What is it you need, Damon?" Bonnie asked as she sat on the edge of her bed.

"I just wanted to visit." Damon replied with a smirk.

Bonnie looked back at the digital clock lit up on her nightstand, "At two thirty in the morning?"

Damon walked over to her and gently pushed her back onto her bed and bent down dangerously close over her, his knee in between her legs that hung over the bed.

"I can leave if you want." Damon whispered seductively, his face inches from hers.

Bonnie stayed silent as she looked down and bit her lower lip. She couldn't bring herself to tell him to leave, but she didn't want to admit to him that she wanted him to stay. Although, she had a feeling he already knew.

Damon chuckled and kissed her forehead. "I knew you didn't want me to go."

Bonnie looked back up at him shyly, a blush painting her pale cheeks. They just stared at each other, looking over every feature of one another's face. Breaking the intensity of the moment, Bonnie leaned up and gently placed her lips to his. Much to her surprise, Damon actually kissed her back for a few seconds before pulling away.

Damon licked his lips and hummed, "I really don't understand any human male could resist you."

"What about male vampires?" Bonnie questioned with unbearable curiosity swirling in her brown eyes.

Although she was asking about all vampires in general…Damon knew she really only cared about one. "I can't speak for all male vampires, but for me…" Damon paused, hearing her heart pounding in anticipation, "you are simply" leaning down to her ear, "irresistible." He purred.

Bonnie couldn't control the huge smile that spread on her lips. Damon kissed her on the cheek and stood up, heading towards the window.

Bonnie quickly sat up, "Where are you going?" she asked frantically.

Damon smirked, "You need your sleep, redbird."

Bonnie quickly ran over to him and threw her arms around him, "Oh, Damon…please don't go. Stay here with me. I'll sleep, I promise. Just don't leave." She cried, close to tears.

Damon patted the back of her head, feeling her soft strawberry curls beneath his finger tips. "Shhh. Don't cry. You will see me tomorrow and every day after that." He comforted.

"Yes, but I always miss you so much." Bonnie looked up at him with unshed tears glistening in her eyes, "I don't get to spend time with you during the day like I do now."

They both knew what Bonnie had really meant. Damon felt for her as he looked down into her sorrowful brown orbs. A tear slipped out of her eyes and down her flushed cheek. Damon could not bear to leave her like this. He had to fix it before he left.

He took her face in his hands, wiping away the tear with his thumb and chastely pressing his lips to hers in a short kiss. Damon leaned his forehead to hers, giving her comfort while also pondering over how to calm her before leaving. He felt as Bonnie's delicate, little fingers tangled in the back of his hair…and he lost his train of thought. This bubble they had created, with just enough space for the both of them, was producing much more heat than Damon was comfortable with. He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pressing her thin body all the way into him. Damon backed Bonnie up into the wall, hitting it with a, Thump!

Leaning down, Damon locked his arms under Bonnie's bottom and hoisted her up, holding her snuggly to him as he buried his head into the crook of her neck. Bonnie did the same as she eagerly wrapped herself around him. Damon clutched her against him like a child would a teddy bear and then squeezed his eyes shut, savoring the feeling of this intimate moment.

"You don't have to let go, Damon." Bonnie whispered to him, knowing that some part of him didn't really want to leave her tonight. She wished he would let it win, but it wasn't big enough…wasn't strong enough to fight off the bigger parts of him that still felt for somebody else.

"I can't stay, redbird." Damon replied. Bonnie heard the crack in his voice. "Please understand." Damon begged.

Bonnie knew this would happen, and she nodded as she bit down on her trembling lip, trying not to cry.

She squeezed him tighter for a second before pulling back and looking into his apologetic eyes. A single tear slipped from her eye and Damon watched as it rolled down her cheek. Bonnie closed her eyes, not wanting to look at him for fear of more tears escaping her.

Damon's lips were on her cheek suddenly, kissing away the tear that lingered there. The sweetness of the gesture filled Bonnie with overflowing passion, and she couldn't stop herself from trying. Opening her eyes, she gazed directly down at Damon's seemingly inviting lips. She moved toward them quickly, pressing her lips softly to his.

Damon made a small sound of protest before kissing Bonnie back just barely. The kiss lasted only a few short seconds as Damon gently pushed her back. Surprisingly, Bonnie didn't get hurt by this action as she thought she would. She expected it…knew it would happen. It was only wishful thinking to believe that maybe he would actually let her kiss him. Damon sighed and let her slide out of his hold back down to the floor.

"I'm sorry, redbird." He whispered.

Bonnie could see clearly the conflict in his eyes…the pain the conflict of his feelings for her and his feelings for Elena was causing him. In that moment, she couldn't help but feel bad for him. The times were few when she got to see all the emotions Damon usually kept locked away.

Reaching up, Damon stroked her cheek with his thumb, "I've got to go."

Bonnie nodded as she watched him back away from her and fly back out her window in his crow form.

Bonnie sighed softly and crawled in bed, curling up with the blankets around her. Staring out at the night sky Damon had flown towards upon leaving her room, Bonnie whispered, "Sweet dreams, Damon." Closing her eyes, she fell asleep.

The days after that night passed slowly, things with Damon were normal, he treated her like usual…basically ignoring her presence most of the time. Bonnie was stuck reliving that intimate night with Damon in her head over and over again as she watched Elena and Damon drool over each other every day. It was torture on her slowly breaking heart.

As Bonnie roamed the woods one afternoon, thinking of him, she stumbled upon a wolf in the shadows of the forest. She gasped and tripped over a rock causing her to fall on her back. The wolf walked out from the shadows into the light and Bonnie scurried backwards. The wolf came to a stop, just staring at her with its head tilted to the side. Bonnie calmed down a little as she looked into the wolf's kind eyes which she noticed were a piercing electric blue, with its fur being a very unique white, looking like the color of moonlight.

A sudden calmness came over her, and she stood up, boldly walking towards the magnificent wolf. Just as she reached her hand up to touch it…the wolf bolted back into the shadows of the forest, far away from where she stood. Bonnie stood frozen in astonishment and confusion as to what exactly had just occurred.

"Bonnie?" She heard a few familiar voices call, searching for her.

A pair of cold and warm hands grabbed her by the arms and shook her a little, "Bonnie?" Meredith and Damon called, softer now, trying to get her to respond to them.

Bonnie raised her hand and pointed to the forest where the wolf had disappeared, "T-There was a w-wolf."

"A wolf?" Meredith asked. "Are you ok?" Damon asked second.

Finally, Bonnie tore her gaze away from the shadows and looked at Damon, "I'm alright." She confirmed.

Damon's slightly panicked expression softened to relief, "What did this wolf look like? Was it a werewolf?"he questioned.

"It had bright blue eyes, like flooded crystals…and it had white fur, but not quite white, just a shade off, like the moonlight. It was big too…definitely a werewolf." Bonnie describe vividly.

Damon looked over Bonnie's head at Meredith, "Get her back to the house. I'm gonna go look for this wolf." He commanded.

Meredith started to lead Bonnie back to the boarding house, but Bonnie suddenly reached out for Damon frantically.

"No, Damon! Don't go looking for the wolf!" Bonnie pleaded.

Damon turned back to look at her as Meredith had her around the waist, restraining her. Damon walked towards her, and Meredith released her hold on Bonnie's waist. Bonnie ran forward into Damon's arms and clung to him.

"I just don't want you to get hurt." Bonnie mumbled into his chest.

Damon took her by the shoulders and pushed her back, looking into her eyes, "I'll be fine. Stefan will come with me. I'll return to the house in a little while. I promise." he told her calmly.

Bonnie nodded, feeling a little embarrassed by her outburst. Damon let her go and she stepped back a little, "J-just…be careful." She told him as she rubbed at her arm a bit nervously.

Bonnie turned and walked back over to Meredith's side. They both began walking back towards the house. They passed Stefan as he and Damon whooshed off in vampire speed in search of the wolf.

Bonnie looked at Meredith, who was giving her a worried look.

"What?" Bonnie asked.

Meredith paused before saying, "Bonnie, you do realize that, maybe getting involved with Damon isn't the best thing for you?"

"We aren't involved, Meredith." Bonnie clarified in a rather sad tone.

Meredith gave Bonnie a sorrowful look, she felt bad for her sweet little friend. She knew Bonnie was in love with Damon, and she wished they could be together. But…Elena was just too important of a topic on Damon's mind for him to treat Bonnie the way she deserved. Meredith knew, by Bonnie trying to squeeze her way into Damon's heart, alongside Elena, it would just end up in heartbreak for her. Although she knew Damon had a sort of weak spot for Bonnie too, ultimately he was too hung up on Elena to even consider that maybe Bonnie was his better choice. It was a shame, and Meredith kind of hated him for it. She knew Bonnie would be a good, if not better, option for him than Elena! He was just too much of a love sick fool to see it. Therefore, she had to protect her sweet, innocent friend from Damon's stupidity. She had to try anyhow.

"Bonnie…I know you love him, but…you know he loves Ele-" she began, but Bonnie cut her off.

"I know! Elena will always be the one he loves! It will always be Elena who has his heart! I know, ok?" Bonnie's voice dropped to a whisper, "But…I c-can't help the way I feel." Her voice cracked as she hung her head down, staring at the grass beneath her feet.

Meredith saw as a few tears dropped from Bonnie's hidden face. She heard her sniff as Bonnie quickly reached up and wiped her eyes. Meredith was about in tears as she watched her friend breaking in front of her.

Slowly, Meredith touched Bonnie's shoulder in an effort to console her. Bonnie swiftly wrapped her arms tight around her best friend as she cried softly. Meredith rubbed Bonnie's back comfortingly as she hugged her tight in return, trying her best to soften the blow to Bonnie's fragile, broken heart.

After a few minutes, Bonnie and Meredith started back to the boarding house again. In about five minutes, they arrived back and Meredith was sitting on the couch next to a curled up, tear stained, Bonnie, just giving her some company. Elena came down the stairs, as soon as she walked into the living room and saw Bonnie a mess, she stopped.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Bonnie's eyes widened and she looked at Meredith for help. She had no idea what to tell her. She just knew she definitely was not gonna tell her that she was in love with Damon.

"Um…Bonnie just got scared because of the wolf. You know how sensitive she is." Meredith cleverly lied, covering for Bonnie.

Elena's concerned expression turned to relief as she sat down on the other side of Bonnie, "It's ok, Bonnie. No one here will let the wolf hurt you, alright?" she offered, trying to comfort her.

Bonnie put on a fake smile, "Thanks."

Elena smiled brightly.

Bonnie turned to look at Meredith, giving her a small smile of appreciation. Meredith smiled in return as she patted Bonnie's leg.

Damon and Stefan returned later on that evening.

"Well…that was a waste of a trip. I didn't find anything! How could that stupid wolf have disappeared that fast?" Damon ranted as he burst through the door and into the living room.

"Calm down. We'll go looking again tomorrow." Stefan said in his usual calm tone.

Damon huffed, rolling his eyes in annoyance at his brother's nonchalant attitude.

Meredith looked over at Bonnie to see her gazing almost longingly at Damon. She smashed her lips together and sighed. She knew more heartbreak was sure to ensue for poor Bonnie tonight. Stupid Damon! She muttered in her mind.

Stefan sat down beside Elena on the love seat she was sitting on across from Meredith and Bonnie. Damon came and plopped down beside Bonnie. He only glanced in her direction once before all his attention was on Elena. Bonnie, on the other hand, could barely stop herself from staring at him.

They were all silent for a moment before Damon spoke.

"I'm thirsty." He announced to know one in particular.

Casually, he grabbed Bonnie's wrist and pulled her arm straight out in front of his face. He took her hand and maneuvered her arm so that the inside of her wrist was facing his mouth.

Bonnie stared at him wide eyed and mouth agape. Damon ran his lips across her arm and then looked at her with a devilish grin.

"I wonder if Bonnie would mind to spare a few drops…" he teased.

Bonnie's lips made an 'O' shape as she was about to reply, but Stefan beat her to it.

"Damon!" he scolded.

Damon rolled his eyes and dropped her hand as his expression returned back to his natural sexy care-free one, "Relax! I wasn't actually gonna bite her."

Bonnie sighed, for minute there; she had actually wanted him to bite her. But at the same time, she was extremely glad he hadn't.

"That wasn't funny, Damon!" Matt's voiced yelled from the doorway. He had just returned from his job.

Damon rolled his eyes, "Oh good, Mutt's here!" he spoke sarcastically without even turning to look at him.

Damon smiled cockily as his vampire hearing picked up the increase of Matt's heart rate, determining anger.

"Damon, stop." Elena scolded him softly before gesturing for Matt to sit in the chair beside the couch. "Come on and sit with us." She smiled friendly.

Damon simply sighed.

A little bit later, they all sat down in Stefan and Elena's room to watch a movie. Meredith put in something scary, which Bonnie wasn't too thrilled about. Elena cuddled up with Stefan on the bed, as she always did during scary movies. The rest of them were scattered around the room. Damon had made a little sort-of-seat in the floor out of three body pillows. One propped up in the back, and one on either side of him. It didn't escape Bonnie's notice that Damon had made his makeshift seat near Elena's side of the bed. Meredith was on the other side of the bed sitting in a velvet, red chair. At the foot of the bed on the floor sat Bonnie, who was leaning back against the bed for support, and Matt was seated next to her doing the same. Bonnie looked to her left around the corner of the huge king size bed at Damon, who looked comfortable relaxing back into the giant pillows. Bonnie focused her gaze back to the flat screen tv in front of her. She wished more than anything she was cuddled up with Damon in those pillows right now. However, she knew that that just wouldn't happen. She shook her head, trying to rid it of the thought.

As the movie progressed, Bonnie had been hiding her face into her arms most of the time as she had kept her knees curled up to her chest. Bonnie looked to her right at Matt and saw his head flopped back against the bed and his eyes closed. He was asleep. Probably a hard day at work for him. Carefully, not wanting to get caught, Bonnie peeked up over the top of the bed and saw Stefan mesmerized with Elena as she slept curled up against him. She faced forward again before peeking over to her left at Damon. She saw him awake by a quick flash on the tv that lit up the dark room.

She sat, debating whether to try it or not. She desperately wanted to go over there with Damon, and with the people that could see her more easily asleep, she had the perfect opportunity. She sighed almost silently. She was about to attempt something that would just end up in more heartbreak for her. She just couldn't stay away.

Taking a calming breath, she slowly sunk down in the floor and crawled over to Damon. Luckily for her, most of the movie was so dark and dingy that the screen hardly lit the room at all.

"What are you doing?" Damon mouthed to her as she crawled up next to him.

"I was scared. I don't like this movie. I just wanted someone to sit with." She explained in the lowest whisper she could manage.

Damon narrowed his eyes at her, "What was wrong with Mutt?" he whispered his name in disgust.

"He's asleep."

They just stared at one another then, Damon analyzing the situation and Bonnie begging wordlessly with her big brown eyes and the unintentional little pout of her lips.

"Please?" she mouthed.

Damon sighed and pushed the body pillow separating them away so she could slide in next to him. Bonnie smiled in appreciation and scooted up close to him before pulling the pillow in front of her and leaning against it. Suddenly, Damon slid his right under her head, allowing her to lay her head against it so that she could be more comfortable. Bonnie smiled and cuddled into him maybe a little more than she should've.

A little over half way into the movie, Bonnie had been trying incredibly hard to keep her gaze focused on the movie, but she could feel Damon's gaze just studying her every feature. She could even see it slightly out of her peripheral vision, which was making her very nervous.

Seconds later, Damon's fingers of his left hand brushed her red curls back from her ear, exposing it to him. She felt his lips brush her ear and she flinched slightly as her cheeks flushed rose.

His chest was pressed more firmly against her back suddenly as she felt his left hand touch her side then slide down to rest over her stomach.

Her breath hitched just as she felt his warm breath washing over her cheek as he spoke softly into her ear.

"Your heart just beats faster and faster the closer I get to you." He whispered seductively. He slid his hand up her stomach rather sensually, stopping just below her breasts. "Do you feel how fast it's beating?"

Bonnie gulped. She didn't know what to say or do! Taking a chance once again, she reached up and covered his left hand with hers.

"This is normal for me when I'm around you." She whispered.

Before she even knew what had happened, Damon had soundlessly and flawlessly flipped her onto her back and was hovering above her. His arms were like a cage around her, keeping her from moving one inch. His midnight eyes bore into hers and she was lost in them.

"Why do you keep this up? What about me keeps drawing you in over and over again? Haven't I broken your heart enough times already?" he whispered a bit harshly.

"I can't help it." Bonnie whispered, her bottom lip trembling as tears filled her eyes.

Damon searched her eyes, "You don't even try to help it."

Bonnie broke their intense gaze and looked down at his black v-neck t-shirt. She reached up with her right hand and fiddled with the dip of the shirt, trying to avoid talking. Damon continued staring down at her as she played with the neck-line of his shirt. He saw a tear drop from her eye and down the side of her face. She squeezed her eyes shut hard and fisted her hand in his shirt. She was trying so hard not to cry.

"Damn it." Damon muttered to himself and sighed.

"Redbird." He whispered in a kind tone.

Her big brown doe eyes looked up into his, glistening with unshed tears. He looked down at her trembling bottom lip and before he could stop himself, he took it between his. Bonnie moaned so softly that only he could hear it, and her tense form relaxed as she pursed her lips to kiss him back.

Damon released her lips and paused shortly before pressing his lips back to hers a second time. He lowered himself so his entire body was pressed against hers. She was now trapped between him and the floor. He took notice of how she melted into him quickly, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Elena woke up just slightly as the movie was about at its end, she smiled as she snuggled into Stefan. Casually, she looked around the room at everyone. Her eyes about popped out of her head as a series of flashes from the tv lit up the room just enough for her to get a good look at the vampire and the red-head making out on the floor. With each bright flash that lit the room from the climax of the movie, Elena could see exactly what was going on. She saw as Damon placed slow, lingering kisses to Bonnie's lips over and over. Something bubbled up in her and their kisses bothered her greatly. In an attempt to let it go, she cuddled back into Stefan and closed her eyes in an effort to fall back asleep.

Damon was beginning to lose himself in Bonnie's kiss, something he couldn't let happen. He had to break the kiss. This had to stop! This shouldn't have even started!

With reluctance, Damon pulled away from Bonnie. They both made small noises of protest at the loss of contact. Damon touched his forehead to hers as they both lied there, breathing heavy.

"The movie's almost over." Damon whispered.

"Right." Bonnie said in a disappointed tone. She didn't wanna leave Damon yet, but she knew what was inevitably coming. He would put all his walls back up and push her away again.

Reluctantly, she sat up and crawled out from underneath Damon. He gave her an apologetic glance as she sneakily crawled back into the spot she had started at.

Just as she settled back into her previous position on the floor at the foot of the bed, they heard a wolf's cry. Everyone, even if previously asleep, shot up. They all looked towards the window which faced the front of the house. The agonized howl sounded much too close.

Stefan untangled himself from Elena and stood up, "That sounds way too close for my liking."

Damon ran a hand through his hair quickly, trying to fix the mess Bonnie had made of it. "Mine too." He agreed and then stalked out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the front door.

Stefan followed. Once he left the room, everyone else got up and followed after them as well.

Damon ripped the front door open to see a magnificent white wolf standing just a few feet away from them. It hesitantly limped towards them. Damon and Stefan looked down to see that its left back leg was bloody and mangled.

Elena gasped from behind them at the sight of the wolf's paw, "We have to help it!"

"Elena…it's a werewolf. I'm not helping it!" Damon shot back, stubbornly.

Bonnie stared at him with wide eyes, having seen the wolf too, "Damon…we have to help it! It could die if we don't!"

Damon huffed. "Move!" he commanded Stefan as he passed him.

Damon walked closer to the wolf then stopped and crossed his arms, "If you want help, you will phase back to human form."

The wolf limped backwards and hung its head down, becoming frightened. Bonnie, instantly feeling sympathy for the creature, dashed out the front door and walked slowly up to the wolf. The wolf raised its head up again to look at Bonnie.

"It's ok. You don't have to be afraid. Please phase back into a human so we can help you." Bonnie said politely and gently.

The wolf, sensing Bonnie's kindness, phased back into human form. Damon, Stefan, and Elena quickly ran to the boy lying on the ground in searing pain and Elena wrapped him in a blanket before Stefan and Damon carried him into the house.

That's the end of the first part! I'll be posting the second part either later tonight…or tomorrow sometime. Probably more likely later tonight. So keep an eye out for it! ;)