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Lieutenant Korin Kenesu entered the Squad 14 Barracks and Approached his captains office. He was a young man with short dark brown hair, and he wore the normal Shingami uniform, with his Zanpakutō at his side. Other members sat around and watched him. Usually when the Lieutenant was summoned to captains office, there is usually a show. Korin entered the office and closed the door behind him. The Squad all Gathered around the door and stayed very Quiet and listened to very carefully.

"I will not Stand for this Anymore Lieutenant!"

"But Captain! I am THIS Close to finding the truth!"

"We are an 'Internal Investigation' Squad! Not a 'Crazy Conspiracy Theorist' Squad!"

"But Captain Unohana IS EVIL! I Can Prove it Too if I just-"

"I will hear No More about this Lieutenant! You are to drop your 'Investigation' and are not permitted anywhere near the Squad 4 barracks anymore! Dismissed."

"But Captain-"


The Squad quickly scattered back to their original positions just before Korin kicked the door opened and slammed it shut behind him.

"OOOH That Crazy...GAAH!"

"Heheh, you never know when to give up do you?" A sweet feminine voice said. Korin turned to 3rd Seat Yuki Kanari. She was a pretty, young women, with long dark hair, and sapphire blue eyes. "There is nothing suspicious about Captain Unohana."

"Thats not true!" Korin protested. "She gave this Glare that struck terror into the hearts who saw it."

"Thats because you broke into her Private room!" Yuki scolded him.

"...So?" Korin asked.

Yuki sighed. "Theres no getting through that thick skull of yours."

"Well I'm sorry Yuki," Korin told her. "I'm just sick of stupid paper Work! I want to go out and Do something!"

"If you don't want to do paperwork, just go back to Squad 11!" Yuki told him.

"Squad Elev-..."


"So, you're the guy who keeps boasting about his Zanpakutō?" Kenpachi said as he smirked evilly. "Why don't we test that Blade of yours Out! YRAAAAH!"

Kenpachi swings down his sword-

(End Flashback)

Korin started Shaking at the very Idea of going back...there!

"Korin?" Yuki asked him. She poked him to see if he was still alive. Korin quickly jumped up and acted normal.

"I'm fine!" He lied. "I'm sorry Yuki, but I got A LOT of Paperwork to do. I'll see ya later?"

Yuki nodded. "Later."

Korin walked away and Yuki watched, with a sigh she smiled.

Squad 14

Internal affairs. After Aizen's betrayal this squad was founded to seek and root out traitors and corruption within the Court guard squads. They are given records on every Soul Reaper and are allowed access to the most classified files. However, the squad Refuses to share any of the Information with the other Squads causing distrust and skepticism and isolating the members of this squad from the others.

Squad 15

Scattered recon of the World of the living. The 15th squad's duty is to watch over the more spatially active parts of the world of the living. The squad is mostly scattered operating in small groups or on there own. Each member can handle themselves if cornered, more so then the average soul reaper, and can take on a hoard of Hollows with ease. They missions usually observation of area's and reporting back to members of the 2nd squads stealth force. They are not allowed to engage under any circumstances unless ordered too, or threatened.

Squad 16

The 16th squad specializes in recovering lost History of the Soul Society and the recovery of lost artifacts. The squad often closes the more dangerous and unknown artifacts in a vault made out of Sekkisekki. The only way into the vault is with 3 keys; 1 held by the squads captain, 1 held by the squads Lieutenant, and 1 held by a person the captain trusts.