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Quirino di Roba Corta was standing on the top of a building, looking down at the people on the streets. Behind him, where an assortment of Peccatore Feudatario all held together by a single chain.

"Now here... we... go." Quirino took his Zanpakutō and cut the chain holding the Feudatario.

The chain dissolved into energy and the Feudatario started to scatter and wreak havoc.

"Fly, my pretties! Fly!" Quirino laughed heartily.

Beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep.

Rukia's cell phone began beeping as she went to check it.

"What is it?" Ichigo asked. "A Hollow?"

"No..." Rukia said with confusion. "I don't know what this signature is, but there's a lot of them."

"Oh, those are Peccatore." Asharu said. "I modified your phones so they could pick up Peccatore blood. You see, with their lack of Reiatsu, they can't-"

Rukia grabbed Asharu by his collar. "Who gave you permission to tamper with my phone?!"

"Urahara said you wouldn't mind." Asharu answered. "By the way, he also said he has to charge you for the upgrade."


Asharu pulled himself from Rukia. "Anyway, now's the best chance for you to get back at the Peccatore. We can hitch a ride the second they decide to go back through the Leluche Bianca."

"We haven't even fully recovered from the last fight." Tōshirō pointed out. "You think we'll all be able to handle it?"

Asharu scratched his head. "I'll admit, I wasn't expecting them to attack THIS soon. Normally, they would increase their numbers and heal their wounded. I wonder... why the change in tactics?"


Everyone's attention turned to above them where Peccatore Soldato Niccolo descended upon them.

"Stay your swords, I come as a messenger." Niccolo stated. "From Signore Casanova de Lussurioso. Please listen to what I have to say."

"Thanks, but I think we're fine with just killing you." Asharu said. "Nothing personal. Wife's idea really. It's not smart to say 'no' to her."

Kisha punched Asharu in the arm. "Jackass..."

"An Espada... disgusting..." Niccolo murmured. "Anyway, killing me wouldn't be a bright idea, because then you wouldn't know the danger of one of your own."

"Speak! What do you mean?" Tōshirō asked.

"Maybe not one of YOUR own, Captain." Niccolo then turned to Ichigo. "We have captured one Karin Kurosaki and have hidden her away."

"You did what?!" Ichigo shouted.

"She is passed out, hidden somewhere in this town." Niccolo stated. "We have released several large groups of Feudataro within the town. The Feudataro who find and kill this girl will have the honor of becoming Saldato."

Ichigo quickly grabbed Niccolo by the neck. "WHERE IS SHE?!"

Niccolo kept his composure as he was being choked. "That's... the game. I've handed her off to one of my Soldato brothers. He in turn handed her off to another of my brothers. And so on and so forth. Only the last Peccatore who received her knows where she is. Find him, and you'll find your precious sister."

Ichigo's rage built up inside. He wanted to snap Niccolo's head clean off.

"Better hurry," Niccolo taunted. "Time is of the essence."

Karin was more important. He threw Niccolo down, flew off, and immediately released his Bankai to begin the search.

"Ichigo! Wait up!" Rukia followed after Ichigo as fast as she could.

Asharu stood there, scratching the back of his head, then turned to Tōshirō. "Look, I know it's not a Soul Reaper's priority to save one human girl, but Peccatore aren't like us or Hollows. Humans can see them. There can be serious ramifications if this is not dealt with and fast."

Tōshirō drew his sword and held it to Niccolo's neck. "How many of you are there?"

"There are 40 Feudataro, ten for each brother whom brought them here, myself included." Niccolo stated. "There's also Signore Casanova."

"Rangiku!" Tōshirō spoke to his Lieutenant. "Gather all of the Soul Reapers who are healed and can fight and send them out!"

"Yes, Captain." Rangiku said before disappearing.

Tōshirō turned to Renji. "You need to find Captain Kuchiki. He is powerful enough to keep this situation in check on his own."

"Got it." Renji nodded.

"We'll go with you." Mai said.

Isao nodded and the three of them vanished.

Tōshirō turned to Laria. "Laria, you need to find Captains Tachi and Zeraki and convince them to come back as soon as possible."

"Yes, Captain!" Laria saluted and paused for a moment. *Aw, Estrella was right! I am his little yesman!*

"Laria, hurry!" Tōshirō ordered.

Laria perked up. "Yes, Captain!" She disappeared.

"All right, I'll go find this Casanova guy." Asharu said. "I've fought Signores before, I can handle him."

"What about me?" Kisha asked.

"You... go home and bake us some cookies." Asharu answered.

As soon as Asharu said the word 'cookies', Kisha's Zanpakuto blade was hovering in his mouth just right between his tongue and cheek.

"What did you say?" Kisha asked, briefly removing the blade so it wouldn't cut his tongue when he spoke.

"What I said was 'Listen to Tōshirō. He's a smart kid and a good leader.' Bye!" Asharu ran away before Kisha could cut his head off.

Kisha turned to Tōshirō and the two just glare at each other for a moment.

"Can you fight?" Tōshirō asked.

"Can you, little boy?" Kisha retorted.

A Feudataro, with a Gorilla's Body, with mantis wings and pincers, hung from it's foot, on the side of a building scanning through the windows at the terrified people.

"No girl here..." It mumbled to itself.

While the gorilla-mantis scanned the windows, Police on the street below had set up a blockade around the building. Two cops just stood where they were scratching their heads.

"What the hell is that thing?" One of the cops wondered.

"I don't know. Some prop for that Don Kanonji show or something?" The other cop responded.

A cop comes running up with a radio. "They spotted two more of those things just a few blocks away!"

"What the hell is going on?"


A rhino with six, reptilian legs charged at the police car, flipping it over and the cops jumped out of the monster's path as it went on a rampage. On the roof of the tallest building in the area, Quirino began laughing.

"Har har har! This is too much!" Quirino heartily laughed. "We've got to do more stuff like this more often!"

He looks off in the distance and sees a black speck getting closer and closer at a great rate.

"Oh, looks like the Substitute Soul Reaper." Quirino said. "I'll smash him like a-"

Suddenly, a blast of black energy hit Quirino, lobbing off the entire left side of his body. Arm, leg, part of his stomach and torso, gone. Quirino felt a hand grab his neck and smashed him through a wall of the building, which was followed by a smash through another wall. Before Quirino ever realized it, he was staring into the eyes of Ichigo's Hollow mask.

"WHERE IS MY SISTER?!" Ichigo shouted with his mask on.

"What sister? I don't know what you're talking a-AAAAGGH!"

Ichigo stabbed his sword into Quirino's wound.


Ichigo pulls out his sword and some of the blood splattered onto his Bankai robe. Quirino smirked and placed his hand where the blood on Ichigo's robe was. Ichigo was then sent flying into a wall.

"That's my Ketsueki Tekunikku." Quirino explained, standing up on his one foot and picked up his Zanpakuto. "It amplifies all damage by 1000%! So if I were to cut you a little bit, I could cut you completely in half! Since you're all covered in my blood now, slaughter him in half, Barukan!" His Zanpakutō transformed into its axe form.

Ichigo got to his feet, ready to strike, when the gorilla-mantis Feudataro tried to attack him. Ichigo simply turned around once, swung his sword and one Getsuga Tensho attack cut the Feudataro in half. Quirino just stood there, scared as the dead beast fell to the ground.

Ichigo turned back to Quirino. "I'll ask you one more time. Where is my sister?"

"Ichigo!" Rukia called out, heading toward them.

Ichigo turned his head back halfway to see her approach. When Quirino saw her, he quickly scooped up his spilling blood with his axe and flung it into the air outside the building. The blood ignited and shot up like a flare signal. Rukia had dodged the blood, thinking it was an attack on her. Ichigo quickly turned back to Quirino and away from Rukia. Quirino jumped at Ichigo, swinging his axe upward and Ichigo blocked it with his Zanpakutō. The momentum of Quirino's charge caused some more of his blood to splash on Ichigo. Quirino then poked Ichigo in the shoulder using the handle of the axe, which to Ichigo felt like a sword had pierced through. Quirino then used his momentum to push Ichigo into a wall.

"Really hurts, don't it?" Quirino asked. "That's just my weapon's handle. Imagine if my axe chops ya!"

Ichigo got up and a black aura engulfed his sword. "I don't have time for this!"

Rangiku checked into the warehouse and saw Shin sitting next to the door.

"We have a situation." Rangiku reported. "We need to mobilize everyone we can now."

"What's up?" Shin asked.

"The Peccatore are no longer burning down the forest." Rangiku answered. "They're attacking the town now. Are you the only one here?"

"I think Korin's in the back somewhere." Shin replied.

"You go get him, I'm going to inform the others." Rangiku said.

Rangiku ran out and Shin goes to the back of the warehouse. He found Korin sitting with his Zanpakuto in his lap performing Jisen. Shin stopped when he saw that the wounds on Korin's arm had all reopened and the entire thing was covered in blood, dripping and creating a puddle of it around Korin.

*What the hell...* Shin thought. *He can't fight like that. Guess I'll have to leave him...but I guess I need to get Hanataro and that Inoue girl to look after him.* Shin leaves.

The rhino Feudataro was rampaging through the evacuated streets. It turned down an avenue where Asharu stood in the middle of the street.

"You are one ugly motherf-"


The Feudataro charged at Asharu. He stood there and as it charged, it flipped a car and sent it flying into a building. Asharu held out two of his fingers with a small blue dot of energy at the tips.

"I know what you're thinking," Asharu murmured as the Feudataro got closer. "Was that 5 shot's or 6? Well you gotta ask yourself a question...'Do I feel lucky?'...well do ya punk?!"

Once the Feudataro got close enough...

"Hadō #33 Soukatsui."

The attack was a precise laser strike and it fell down mid-charge, so its momentum kept it moving forward across the ground. As it continued to approach Asharu, it split in half and both halves past by Asharu, not touching him at all.

"Oh yeah, I'm so badass." Asharu grinned and blew on his fingers like they were a gun.


Asharu heard the words, felt the burst of energy and jumped up as the attack just missed him. Asharu saw on one of the streetlights, Peccatore Orsino di Veleno, with his magical staff Zanpakuto. Asharu just landed on the streetlight across from him.

"Hey, that was a Kidō you just used." Asharu said. "I seem to recall Peccatore can't use real Kidō."

"Kidō?" Orsino questioned. "This isn't your Soul Reaper magic! This is a gift bestowed upon me by God almighty! And it is more powerful than any one of your 'Kidō'!"

"You used the same attack I just did." Asharu pointed out. "Hate to tell you, your God screwed you. That was definitely Kidō."

"BLASPHEMY!" Orsino yelled as his staff charged with energy. "Raikōhō!"

"Hadō #63 Raikōhō."

Both fighters shot lightning that collided with each other and the bolts of electricity splattered over the streets, damaging cars, shops, streetlights and so on.

Rukia continued to watch the fight between Ichigo and Quirino as it continued back and forth. Quirnio's blood had been spilling out constantly. She noticed that Quirino would stumble back, catch his breath and then continue to cross weapons, but never made a real counter strike on Ichigo.

"Somethings not right." she muttered to herself. "He's not trying to fight Ichigo. He's just stalling him."

She thought about moving on, to search for Karin, but she couldn't abandon Ichigo in this blind rage. Quirino wasn't going to let him move on though. As Rukia thought about intervene, a brief change in the spiritual pressure caused Rukia to rase her guard. A sword came flying at her side and struck her near the belt. She moved away, but the sword cut the tie of her sword sheath and her Zanpaktuō fell to the ground.

She was attacked by an unrecognized Peccatore Soldato. A Tall man, wearing a blue masquerade mask, with jewels encrusted along the mask's edges. A robe covered the rest of his body. He had snuck behind Rukia and used a string to tie her up.

"Guu-What are you doing?!" Rukia shouted, struggling to move her hands witch pressed back and crossed across her chest.

Ichigo had just pushed Quirino back again and turned to see Rukia in peril. "Rukia!"

Ichigo jumped at the Peccatore, but the Peccatore cut his wrist and his blood gave off bright flash, blinding Ichigo for only a moment as the Peccatore and Rukia were gone.

Ichigo looked around, but couldn't find the Peccatore anywhere."Damn it!"

"Ha ha...ha..." Quirino laughed as he fell over against the wall. "I did my job...HaCQ..." he spat up a chuck of blood from his mouth as Ichigo looked back at him. "You little girlfriend...She belongs to Signore Casanova now..."

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo demanded to know.

"She's the whole reason we're here." Quirino continued. "He just wants another toy to throw away. Probably gonna take her back to the caverns soon..."

Ichigo grabbed Quirino by his collar and lifted him off the ground. "Where are they?!"

"You gonna go save her? Be hero?..." Quirino asked. "...Or are you going to save your sister? Looks to me you can only save one."

Ichigo threw him down and flew off in search. Quirino smirked as the world began to grow cold and dark...

At an undisclosed location, Rukia kept shaking her head trying get her senses back. The flash was disorienting to her. When she could see again, she noticed she was on the ground, still tied with that string. She looked up and saw the masked Peccatore speaking with Signore Casanova.

"Amato di Levati Dalle Palle," The Signore spoke putting his hands on the Peccatore's shoulders. "You...are my number one...guy!"

"You honor me Signore" Amato spoke.

Casanova walked past Amato and knelt down to Rukia. "Hello you pretty creature." he said. "You comfortable?"

"Oh bite me!" Rukia snapped. "You're kidnapping me? What do you think this will accomplish?"

"Because I want to save you." Casanova smiled. "I wish to save your un pure soul so you can be welcomed as a sister among our kind."

"My soul is fine! Whatever sick delusions you have aren't happening!"

"What makes you say that?"

"You kidnap a young girl and are destroying the town. Do you have any idea what's going to happen when Ichigo finds you?"

Casanova smirked. "Quite frankly my dear..." he then gently stroke the top of her hair. "...I don't give a damn..."

(To be continued...)