If you can pick up the peacises to my heart, then why can't I pick up yours. You're the only man I have for my kids to look up to. If you love me , then why don't you say it. Show me you're going to be in my kids life. Lest spend some time with them while we got the chance. Go ahead and leave, but don't ask me to come back. Life is too short... to fix... anything. Life is too short... to fix any problems in this world. It's too late, life has already come and gone that fast. People may say it isn't fair, well lest see about that. God sent his only son to die on the cross for us. Life isn't fair because our life is too short. Live for what we already did. We've already accomplish everything we needed to learn. So why not die and just start over again. Do I Forgive You...? I will never forgive you. I don't care how much you beg and beg me, I 'am still going to say NO ! , you've done and messed up my life. I don't need you any more, I' VE found me a new man and his name is, uncle Dave. I love like a brother and a uncle. If I could say one thing to him is that... thank you for giving me a ''BEAUTIFUL''! aunt and cousins as well. I love you Aunt Sharon, Uncle Dave and Aunt Norma. If you... I' mma ? If you' re a girl and you thinking you cute, nawh you're not. Don't Eva come up to my man and say do you wanna go out. He' ll be like nope you too dang ugly. I have a girl friend and she's sexy too. Don't Eva in your life go up to my man and say do you wanna be my boyfriend. Best Friend's. Aren't best friend's suppose to be there when you need them the most? Best friend's are people that stick up for you. People may think it's funny to see you get your feelings hurt. If so, then they aren't true friend's now aren't they? Friend's are people that do things for them when they need help. Be nice and help out your friend's. Beautiful. You may call yourself ugly. I don't think anyone is ugly. We' re all beautiful in our own way. Other people can call you ugly because they don't understand the true meaning of the word BEAUTIFUL. I do cause god made us, beautiful in our own way. I thank god in my head for making me for me and not someone I' am not. So lest just be us and let the people who call us ugly stick out like a sore thumb. I don't understand. There are something's in life I don't understand in this world, like ''MATH''!. I may not be the smartest kid, but at least I know what I' am doing. People can call me slow, but I know I' am not slow or dumb. I hate it when people call me that because it feels like they're treating me like a dog that I know I' am not one, because they stick out more than I do. So if you don't like being called slow or dumb, then don't someone that because they can do the same to you as well. Family. When family comes around, you sit and think that every time you turn one age then your family is getting old and they are ready to die. Most families say your growing on me. I'll be like you want me small? It may be the hardest thing to do when they're not around to watch you grow up and graduate high school and college. But at least they was around long euogth to watch you grow up into a young man of lady. Family doesn't last forever like you want it to. Just thank god for what he had given you.


This story was written by: Kira Vaccaro