Chapter 3


(Meredith is lying in her bed reading when she sees Lexie walking down the hallway.)

Meredith: Hey Lex, come here for a minute.

(She pats an empty spot on the bed and Lexie comes in and sits down.)

Meredith: I heard you had a rough day, I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Lexie: Thanks, I'm okay, I'm just done with men.

Meredith: (Laughing) I've been there, it won't last long.

Lexie: Ugh, (She lies down next to Meredith.) Why are men such idiots?

Meredith: I don't know, I think it has something to do with that Y chromosome they have.

Lexie: (Laughing) Yeah, it probably was partially my fault. I shouldn't have tried to have a relationship with Alex. I was getting out of a relationship, he was getting out of a marriage. I was just setting myself up for a disaster. I just didn't think it would be too much of an issue on my end. Mark was looking at me like I had the plague and sleeping with every woman in the hospital. Then all of the sudden he makes a big declaration of love and wants to fight for me. He had plenty of chances to fight for me but he didn't.

Meredith: I understand, I was in a similar situation. Derek and I were a mess. We had started this thing and then I find out he's married. So at first I get furious with him but then I make this ridiculous "Pick me, choose me, love me" speech but he goes back to his wife anyway. Then I stupidly try to get over it by having meaningless one night stands and Derek basically calls me a whore.

Lexie: Derek did what?

Meredith: Well, he didn't use that word but he basically implied it.

Lexie: Huh, no wonder he and Mark are best friends, they can sleep with anyone else they want but when we do it all of the sudden we're whores.

Meredith: And then when we move on all of the sudden they love us.

Lexie: They suck.

Meredith: Tell me about it.

(Just then Derek walks in.)

Derek: Hey.

(Lexie and Meredith look up.)

Lexie and Meredith: Get out!

(They throw pillows at him as he leaves the room.)


(Mark walks to the door when he hears a knock and opens it to see Derek.)

Derek: I'm sleeping here tonight.

(He walks past Mark.)

Mark: Why?

Derek: I've been kicked out of my own bedroom because my wife and her sister have decided to have a "Men Suck" fest. And since I blame you for this I'll be taking your bed and you will be sleeping on the couch.

Mark: Why is this my fault?

Derek: Because Lexie wouldn't have a reason to say men suck if it weren't for you.

Mark: It's not my fault, well not all my fault. Karev was there too, why don't you kick him out of his bed?

Derek: Because we live in the same house and I don't think I should be within 100 yards of that place right now.

(Mark sighs and sits down on the couch.)

Mark: I really screwed this up.

(Derek sits down next to him.)

Mark: How do I fix this?

Derek: I don't know, why are you asking me? With everything I put Meredith through I don't know how she was able to forgive me, hell I don't know why she never killed me.

Mark: How did you get her to forgive you?

Derek: I don't know. I guess after a while I somehow showed her how much I cared, how much I love her.

Mark: I want to show Lexie how much I love her, but I don't know how. I've never been good at expressing my feelings. I never cared enough to want to. But Lexie changed all of that, she changed me for the better.

Derek: Then tell her that.

Mark: I don't know if she'd listen to me. After the way I've treated her in the last few months I'm scared I'll never get the chance to. I'm scared she's really done with me.

Derek: Wow, I've never seen you like this before.

Mark: She's changed me Derek, but I let her walk away. Worst mistake of my life. (Sighs) You know I'm not sorry for going behind your back this time.

Derek: I know. Clearly I was wrong though, Lexie brought out a whole different side of you, a side I'd never seen before.

Mark: That's because I've never loved anyone like I love Lexie. I need to win her back Derek, she's my whole world, I can't breathe without her. I need to make her see that.

Derek: Well, I may get kicked out of my bedroom more often for this, but I'm going to help you.

A/N: Sorry, no Lexie and Mark interaction in this chapter and it was mostly a filler but I wanted to show Lexie and Mark have someone to confide in. I promise there will be more to this story in the next chapter. I hope you liked it! Please let me know what you think!