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Chapter12: Conversation

After their breakfast was over they went to the sitting room with teas and coffees in their hand.

"Okay, Harry. Now tell us about the training you did with your ancestors. So, that we can schedule you with our forms of training session in modern ways," said Severus.

"I'm ready for the training session," said harry I need to know about the modern spells and different other magic types that are been introduced after the 1000 years."

After Harry told them about the different types of spell, combat and magic that he has done and practiced. They decided that they would give harry training in different field of blood magic runes, defensive and offensive magic along with the healing and transfiguration magic in dueling.

"Okay, Harry from today onwards your lessons will be started." said Remus calmly. " Severus and Albus will train you in potions and alchemy, Sirius and I'll teach and train you in transfiguration and runes that offensive and defensive and Minerva will help you in using Transfiguration dueling during the dueling. Poppy will help you in new healing method. And be sure that you'll be dueling on daily basis with any two members either in Hogwarts or we may call from outside."

Harry looked over at Severus, who smiled and nodded his agreement. Unable to withhold a grin himself, Harry agreed.

"Harry," Sirius added. " Let's go and meet with Albus and the others before they come here for searching us."

Harry nodded his agreement and left their room together to meet with his grandparents in the Headmaster's Office for the lunch and meeting that will be held in the staff room. As they reached in the Office of Albus after giving the password they sat there for the meeting.

" Good morning Grandpa, How are you these morning?" asked Harry.

"I' m fine son," told Albus smiling at Harry. "Now why don't we have an early lunch before the start of the meeting. And while doing so we can also discuss your schedule for the year."

Harry Nodded.

Harry said, "Grandpa can we make the Staff, wand and give the dragon skin to make the vest first. So that I can start the training with them, If you are free today. Of course."

"Yes, Harry we'll make your wand and staff today," told Albus. "And we can send to make the dragon vest to Madam Malkin's and also we can get some of new wardrobes for each of us. As I know for Severus needs to get more color and Remus to needs one."

Harry nodded.

Harry asked, " Grandpa can we do a small duel, so that with can make a time table about which subjects need more attentions. And to see how flexible I'm in the dueling."

After an hour of dueling with Albus, Severus, Remus and Sirius they freshen up and then took a light snacks.

"Harry I'll give you advanced material of transfiguration and alchemy, " said Albus. Severus can give you the potion and parsel magic material and tombs, After you complete these study materials. We can further your study in more practical manner, and you'll do the studying in your regular class. You'll also always have dueling practice with either of us daily at 9pm. Is that Understood Harry?"

Harry nodded and went to his first class that was potions which was about to start in 5 minutes an he ran to his quarter to take his bag and ran toward his Husbands class. As, he didn't want to disappoint Severus after they have come to a truce.

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