The King siting under a palm tree: Hello readers, mobs, and trolls. It's the middle of summer and I know a lot of people are going to London for the Olympics or the Caribbean. I'm going to make another Spyro crossover, but what should it be.

A bunch of bananas falls on The King: That's it's. Remember I own nothing.

Chapter 1

Story of DK Isle

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean, an island sits with the face of an ape. On this island a family of apes called Kongs lives in happiness. Cranky the elder, Chunky the big guy, Tiny the little gal, Lanky the… um… oh, Lanky the stretcher, Candy the musician, Funky the… well funky, Kiddy the baby, Dixie the speed boater, Diddy the rock star, and finally Donkey the Strong. The family was called the DK crew. Their greatest treasure is a hoard of two hundred and one golden bananas. The Golden bananas can't be eaten, but the hoard is worth more than all the gold that you can put into a treasure chest. Over the years countless reptiles called Kremlings and their king, King K Rool, have tried to steal the hoard, and created the war between apes and all Kremlings. But what would happen if there was another war with apes and reptiles happening and it crossed over with the Kong's war with the Kremlings? The story now unfolds…

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